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March 27, 2004


It's good to have a cause.

(Thanks to Chris Miller)


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All I can say to this is "Omnidon". My sister has the books, but she's two states away from me (thank God and let it go!) But for those who have read the early books (sortof like the original series) That is one bad guy I respected.

Anyone for quibbles and bits? :-)

P.S. Since in space, no one can hear you scream, I am not going to bother downloading or watching the presentation presented. Actually, I stopped Trekking the Stars after the originals. Read the books and sent them to my sister until...anyways, the whole "new to me thing" of Generations et al, I didn't pay attention to. C'est la me.

Feel free to aim phasers when ready ;-)

It's TimetoGetaLife.com.

"Who, said, I, want, to, come back?'

- Bill S.

I think anyone who contemplates William Shatner's acting and thinks "I gotta get me some more of that! Let's get everyone I know organized!" is to be pitied, not mocked.

Besides, we might hurt his feelings.....

William Shatner needs something though. I think his priceline.com thing is starting to wane. He probably dreams of being able to score with green alien chicks again.

What happened to fighting for real social causes like:

Save the Albino Squirrel


Save the Three Headed Frog


Save Freckles the Chicken from social injustice


Make Sour Patch Kids it's own food group!

Let's fight for the real important issues here people?!

I say bring back the animated series, that fixes everything that is fixable about Star Trek. Also, change the Klingons back to how they were before their whole empire turned into one giant Viking leather bar!

I'm actually one level nerdier than a Trekkie, so I know what went wrong. Larry Niven, one of the writters of the animated series, upon which the earliest books were based, made up a speicies called the Kzinti, sort of tiger men who were pretty much the opposite of classical Klingons; striving to live up to a harsh code of honor, etc, whereas the original Klingons were total Machiavelian caricatures of DISHONOR who always consider Kirk's own Kzinti like traits to be his big weakness. The Kzinti live on in every big, mean, honorable giant alien aggressive cat man in video games etc (Kilrathi, Kmongpo, Kblahblah...) Anyway, the INCREDIBLY UNIMAGINITIVE writters thought the Kzinti where cooler than the Klingons, so they just started writting Klingons that way. They didn't have the budget to do Kzinti as written, and apparently the galaxy didn't have room for another speicies that differs from humans only in facial features and a single, distinguishing, racially universal neurosis.

Anyway, did anyone see what I posted in the "Tinkerbell is offended" comments area? I'm pretty clever! I'm hoping the Big Dave discovers me as a humor writter now.

I think some of you aren't really taking this whole "Bring Back Kirk" thing seriously. What's next, are you just going to ignore my write in campaign to bring out "TJ Hooker" complete on DVD.? Come on people! The time is now! NO HOOKER! NO PEACE!

Oh, TJ Hooker! Rock on. I'll sign up for that petition. That's what I'm talking about, Mike! A cause worth fighting for!

High five for MeL. MeL MeL MeL.

Hee! This link was also the Awful Link of the Day a few days back on somethingawful.com. And if Tink thinks we're mean... whoo boy! She better hope she never finds herself in their radar.

Seriously though, Dave's blog rocks. Beats writing my essay. I've read everything but never posted before, so hi everybody!

I suppose you mean Dave BARRY'S blog. Coincidentally, I was going to go out this very evening, but then I didn't. Read butloads of Larry Niven stories in my callow youth.

is tom paris involved? no? then this trekkie dork is not interested.

Their short film trailer is better than anything Rick Berman or Brannon Braga could come up with.

Best Trek in over a decade, and it's only 10 minutes long.

Any snotty reply comments on this blog are laughable, considering they aren't backing up their comments with ANYTHING. LOL

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