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March 25, 2004


Mouse breasts.

(Thanks to Bennett Smith, who notes "Minnie has a surprise for Mickey.")


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Finally, a mouse my friend Dave C. can love.

These mice will be on the cover of Maxim next month.

I think wives may also expect husbands to stop placing mousetraps around.

"The cells grow into human-like breast tissues, complete with milk ducts. Unlike human breasts, however, the mice's growths sit flush to the chest. Humans are unusual in this respect, says Daniel Medina who studies breast cancer at Baylor College of Medicine at Houston, Texas: "In few other species are breasts pendulous."

obviously has never seen a cow.

Ummm. I think a cow qualifies as on of the 'few other species'. But that would be quibbling. It would be much more annoying if I went:

It's nice to hear a scientist in this line of work admitting that "It's Hocus Pocus." I always thought it sounded strange and fantastic to be giving flies extra legs for eyes, or growing human ears on the backs of mice. Now I know.

Perhaps these researchers could spend less time working out how cancer develops and more time working out how breasts develop. That might replace implant surgery for a more natural alternative.

And we thought it was funny when we got the ancient supposed memo about "mouse balls." Haven't seen it? Look it up!

"In few other species are breasts pendulous." - That's not exactly the terminology I would use...

One more thing to say, and then I'm going back to work--really!



Oh wait, I said I was going back to work didn't I? Sowwy!

I should point out that "pendulous breasts" would be a good name for pop "band."

their first track could be `The Dangling Conversation'

so... can you milk these mice, focker?


how else would a self respecting scientist describe them

There could be a whole new market in mice lingerie.

Imagine the LED bras...

Punky - sure, as long as they are pendulous...

It is gratifying and humbling to know that mice will volunteer for these experiments. The badgers are all too busy playing cricket, I guess.

Can you imagine the excitement Mickey must be experiencing right about now? Finally!!!

I would have said "Science LUNGES Forward," but I don't own the world.

Also, John Kerry is from Massachusetts.


(This annoying bird is distracting me.)

(And by "annoying bird," I certainly do not mean "pornographic webpage.")

And HOW are you going to do that?

I have no idea who in sam-hell Dade or Skeletor is, but "Dade" and "Skeletor" would be good names for skinny guys who wear shirts that say "I love Emeril LaGasse" who are also, obviously, members of punk rock bands. I personally like "Otto," too.

And everyone says I'm the lunatic.

WaytaGo MeL! And alex for getting your meds! Dunno beyond having been there for (NOT ME!), but a kinder , gentler, sometimes the overboard gets too much to such as me who has (literally) had to deal with it minus the requisite self-responsibility due to a physical ELSE!

MeL, now you know why I was pushing meds yesterday....

Okay I did look it up.

How to clean mouse balls.

So YOU don't have to.

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