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March 26, 2004


Hot dogs are now safe from power saws.

(Thanks to Saheli Datta)


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I'd say removing the safety features from the saw and grinding through the hands of people who post offensive comments about others would be a top idea.


but, check out the graphic on this page! . Then tell me you need a bigger chain saw...

"The average chainsaw injury requires 110 stitches"........

Do those figures include that massacre movie?

What if you want to slice up some hot dogs with your table saw?

Having eaten the hot dogs at The Ballpark in Arlington (yes, the best thing about the Rangers is the creative name of the field), I am not surprised that the saw won't cut through them.

And by the way Texas Rangers anagrams to "go to hell Tom Hicks," or it should, anyway.

Yes, the days of cutting meat with a table saw are drawing to a close. End of an era. Out of luck, Tinks.

This is exciting news, especially considering the vast amounts of cash I've spent on hospital bills for the purpose of having one end of my hot dog reattached to the other...

Hot dogs may be safe but what about your fingers? My idiot ex-brother in law always used to use his chainsaw one0handed, often without safety goggles. Amazingly, he's survived unscathed (at least so far).

Tinks, for the record, my comments were inoffensive.*

Please disallow the use of powertools on my appendages.

* Just in case, viva the U.K.!

I found those videos strangely exciting. brrr...shivers!

gives new meaning to the phrase, "stay away from that power saw, you weinie"

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