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March 26, 2004


This is a joke, right? Right?

(Thanks to Claire Martin)

UPDATE: Commenter "The Bob" sends this terrifying link, proving that this is NOT a joke, and the end is indeed nigh.


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Dave, as a college student, I'll be the first one to say: They are completely serious.

How silly. It'd be far more effective to have them paint their entire face.

Start here:

Microsoft: We Own You; there's NO escape.

That, strangely, is also Conglom-O's motto ("We Own You").

I just applied to be considered. It must be an elite line of work.

This along with that Oral Disco thing would really draw attention. This would look great on a resume!
Marketing Experience: Directly contributed to sales growth in 2Q 2004 by having a frikkin' billboard for a head. My big noggin' currently reads "This SPace for Rent."

I'll advertise your blog on my forehead, Dave.

I just thought of something: imagine how much John Kerry could make! He's always on TV so advertisers would pay big money, and his forehead could fit like 3 of them on at once!

Heinz: we only outsource 57 of our factories!

I predict foreskin adverstising is near at hand in certain niche markets. Contact judi for demograhic research.

...my sincere apologies to judi and all.....

Doug, you keep at it. I'm sure you'll make it...if you try.

Better yet, what if you could get your forehead to use/display the advertised product? For example:

- Display a new hue of pink lipstick.
- Affix carpet color swatches.
- Apply travel destination photos

So many possibilities!

Like cookies. Whenever I find a cookie, a tiger eats that cookie. That reminds me of George Papoon's slogan in his candidacy for the presidency back in 1932, which was: "Not insane!" Although I have a sneaking suspicion he or one of his advisors was brewing his own beer on the sly.

Justin Kapust: Put as just ink
Headvertisers: See shirt ad, 'Rev

Either that or moonshine is an acquired taste as well.

I guess that campaign slogan is the direct opposite of the slogan popular for a New York electronics store called "Crazy Eddie's" around in the 80's saying their prices were "insaaaaannneeee!" They made money (as opposed to not being elected), so maybe stating insanity is more effective. This is obviously true, taking the whole advertising-on-one's-head thing into consideration.

Now, I'm kind of glad I didn't go to college in my home state of Rhode Island, since according to that list it looks like every college in the state is on there.

"this may be the only productive use of a college student's head (or any other part, for that matter!)"

As a current student at the University of Michigan, The Bob, I heartily agree.

This has to be said--maybe you already know this, but--"danbert" anagrams to "bartend."

There's a "Crazy Gideon's" tv (and possibly appliance) store near here. The ads feature Gideon yelling at 5.9 decibels per square foot and lots of broken televisions. That's probably my favorite commercial.

danbert also anagrams to bertdan

that was too easy, and useless....

and, bertdan, sorry about the UM thing...but after 30 years of avoiding jaywalking students on state street, I've become a bit cynical!

Wow, think of how much a well-endowed co-ed could get for advertising on her cleavage. Since guys usually look there first anyway, that advertising space would be quite sought after.

Something like, "www.pillowsoft.com"

Wow, think of how much a well-endowed co-ed could get for advertising on her cleavage. Since guys usually look there first anyway, that advertising space would be quite sought after.

Something like, "www.drinkmilk.com" ??

damn school-i feel like i've stopped doing everything that is meaningful in life. that would be spending time at this site.

eadn-would luv a room.may i bring a room mate?can he wear a metal...
Mel-gr8 idea.punky can edit.we can be on Oprah.
alex-thou shalt not make fun of cricket.
2P-I er...punky says she misses u.u should write..er post..more often.

Fact: 90% of those yelling at boxes of TiVos release pent-up stress.

Uh oh, I better stear clear of adressing Alex's comment about GWB. Things could get ugly if this turns politcal.
::restraining self::

If college didn't cost so damn much, maybe we wouldn't have to do things like this.

Hey, she's in college. I'd think material "of a direct sexual nature" is EXACTLY what she'd be looking for. Anyway, maybe it can help her parents defray a little of the cost of college. Naah, probably not, maybe it can pay her bar tab.

OR, Jeff, she could pay off some of the loans that we ALL HAVE.

Did you know that it's actually cheaper for me to fly to New Zealand and go to school for a semester, than it is to just go where I'm going? That's what I'm doing next semester...

Wasn't there something kind of like this where you could decorate your entire automobile to advertise a product? It sounded like a really good idea for the person doing it, because they gave you a car to drive around or something? I don't know. Somebody told me about it. It would kinda suck though if you got asked to advertise something like Preparation H. (Oh I know where I saw you; you were driving the preparation H car. Your forehead gave you away.)

Wow, this whole concept makes frat parties that much more unpredictable. Now I can wake up saying, "Who is she?????" and "Why does it say 'Lysol' on my head?"

Gfunk: Damn, that just vanished before I could finish. As I was saying, my mother in law was a teacher, so she actually got reimbursed for her daughters' books (this was 30 or so years ago). Now college costs are beyond astronomical. I can almost understand that girl in England auctioning off her virginity to pay off her loans.

Brad: yeah, those advertising cars do exist and generally look pretty stupid. I see one with a giant tilted malt liquor can on the top and I always wonder if he gets pulled over by the cops more than the average Joe.

Nuclear Zombie: What a great name for a (hard) rock band.

This is great news for parents! My son wants a tatoo. I want him to earn some money to help pay his tuition & expenses.

Before this, neither of us was too thrilled with the other's desires. But now....

I think these people deserve some sort of major international humanitarian award. Or something.

Jeff, what made that whole virginity auction thing even sadder is, the cost of her entire loan for all 4 years of college is less than the cost of one year of college at some schools. (20K)

I don't even know what annual tuition for my alma mater is these days, but I know the price has gone up...

Yeah, I know. Why do you think I started SMFTC? Believe me. I wrote to my friend and told him he should talk to this company about expanding into other regions of the country!

reminds me of rufus the stuntbum of www.stuntbums.com infamy. they got him to tattoo their logo across his forehead. ouch.

reminds me of rufus the stuntbum of www.bumfights.com infamy. they got him to tattoo their logo across his forehead. ouch.

oh yeah, be sure to check that page out, some sick stuff there.

The end is indeed nigh: seems no Bible readers also read this blog, or someone would have mentioned the Mark of the Beast from the Apocalypse. Revelation 13:16 says:

And he [the Beast] causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.

I'm beginning to worry about this blog's frequentations. Does this blog take strong drink, or indulge in dancing or card playing or other frivolous pastimes? Does this blog have an Idle Mind? What is this blog going to say to St. Peter when it arrives at the gates of Blog Heaven?

Um, Voice of one? If you had been paying attention at all, you would know that this blog will never come anywhere near blog heaven. It is going on a non-stop trip to blog hell in a blog handbasket. There's room for you, too, if yer interested.

Since I am in student loan hell, this almost seemed like an OK idea for half a second. I definetly knew people in college at the U of MN who would have done this.

Umm, "voice of one" I have read The Bible and found that it is holy and wholly subject to an analysis of interpretation. That said, though I have a condo in Hell, (yes, I will leave a place for you given your desperation) Self-responsibility is key and devil take the hindmost....

P.S. that's the "paraphrased" version ;-)

Yes, completely serious Dave. I am suprised that you didn't catch this around December 10th, when many Knight-Ridder Papers ran the story. I am not sure if it made the Herald when it first ran, but it did make the Tampa Tribune.

If you think we are just plain nuts (much like Dave is) please drop me a line. jkapust@headvertise.com


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