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March 23, 2004


Inside a giant what?!

(Thanks to Bob Hopf)


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What, no driving directions to this place? I gotta go check MapQuest.

lol - you stole my comment MeL

anything that raises questions is good

That's not what Clinton said.

What?! No pictures?!

Strap a board across your a** and dive right in, I always say.

"students could pay a dollar to stick their head in"

sheesh, when I was in college, it didn't cost this much!

somebody sponser me for citizenship in ur gr8 country.quick-b4 that fair ends

I'll bet the Colossal Colon could kick the Giant Vagina's a$$!

Click on the pictures on the right:"they sold chocolat penis's and lolipop vaginas"? Cant wait to see what shows up at trick or treat.

"When the cat's away, the mice will play inside a giant vagina with chocolate penises."

Dave is so never going on vacation again.

Maybe that's where the "eat my testicles" came from?

I'll bet their parents are SO happy they're spending their hard earned money to send their kids to college for this: the Sex Fair.

ooo, Sean! A chocolate penis, I want to BITE one! What a fundraiser!

I'd like to see "Giant Vagina creator" on those students' college transcripts.

Ivy leage transfer, here they come!! (Puns minimally intended.)

hee hee hee, enlarge, hee hee hee

And just when I thought things could not get any weirder!

Jessica, you might want to curb your enthusiasm a bit on that one!

I'll bet the crew party at the end of the sex fair is fantastic!

Wasn't the xxxchurch the one with the Porno puppet?





Exactly my point, Alex!

Hypocrites! The whole lot of 'em.

"There are a lot of phallic symbols in society, and we wanted to put a vaginal one out there," Pruis said...
they're already out there, you know--they're called flowers...

You know, this could help the fat guys. I bet this is gonna destroy the damn appetite for atleast a week.

Yes, I know 2pups. I just wanted to see how many guys I could make cringe. I had another comment along those lines, but I didn't think that the filters, such as they are, would let it through.

No problem Jess. Just looking out for yah!

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