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March 26, 2004


The ladies' version.

(NOT for the men.)

(Or for all the "oh, my poor eyes" whiners.)

(Do you understand? Don't click the link! DON'T CLICK THE LINK.)

(Everybody else, click it.)

p.s. We sincerely hope no penguins were offended in the posting of this link.

(Thanks to Beth Atkinson)


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BLAST MY FIREWALL!! how dare they not let me look at innappropriate things at work!!

judi, as a supportive, though heterosexual, male commenter, WAYTAGO!!!!

As a man, I already worry enough about a lass laughing at me ;-)

On the other hand, this just might alleviate that stress....

it would certainly eliminate all doubt.

P.S. I'll be back after looking at the women's lingerie portion of the site :-)

Back! And so soon too! Attention all men who check out the women's lingerie section!: The blur the good parts out...DAMN!

This blogger now realizes how stupid she sounds complaining when it states quite clearly not to open at work...but i haven't got the internet at home....ew, now this blogger realizes she might be on the verge of whining...damn, this blogger can't win

I'm with eadn. Thanks for the equal opportunity links, judi :)

jen, an appropriate whine, appropriately spoken, regarding an appropriate difficulty. Now considering all that and if you're the "jen" Lee and I were fencing with yesterday, would you consider being an appropriate poster-girl? ;-)

No worries, jen, you are a winner, not a whiner.

thanx to both :o) now...poster girl for what? inappropriate use of company time??

is this blog for guys or gals? we have a right to know. i think. some more funny links and less male underwear links please.

although this one was kinda funny...

Jen, I to am at work with a stupid firewall. And I am whining, dammit!

I guess it would be kind of hard (no pun) to wear that under something, so I guess it's for at-home wear. I'll have to ask my wife if I should get one. (What the hell am I saying?) Judi, you are dangerous.

Keep the yeti FAR away from this penguin!

good, i say death to all firewalls! if your dumb enough to look at porn at work you should get caught! oh, wait....that might put me out of a job. hmm, what a catch 22.

No jen, I was actually thinking of well...(Down! pup-tent!)...'scuse me...appropriate use of the blog for complaining.

Jeff, you've got an interesting thought there...might just beat a roll of quarters for impressing the ladies!

Hiya Punky! Did you have a nice happy hour? :-)

I did, Eadn, thank you sweetheart for asking. In fact, I am one happy Punky right now. :)

And now I'm off to dinner.

Be back soon! Give me something good to read when I get back Eadn. ;-)

oh, good, i was,uh, worried for a min there. and do you really want to use the phase "pup" tent. eh?

hmm, please strike previous comment from the record. that could so open a big ol can of worms.

Uh, jen, presuming you are female and a delightful lass, pup-tent: /.).\ for me means aroused but I still have my pants on. Dunno if it's been used before, don't care, but it works for me and I can still keep typing ;-)

oh,i am, and i do know what you mean, hence "can of worms"

Too late, jen, but if nothing else I hope I gave Punky something for comment when she gets back from dinner. No offense and all respect meant. I may sound like a cad, but have much more integrity than that!!!!

of course not, no worries man, i'll letcha know if it bothers me. i've met far more offensive people....and dated a few...

geez. i have a friend who is obsessed with penguins, but i'm not sure this would necessarily do anything for her. it certainly didn't for me. maybe someone could find me a shark one.

I think the weasel version would be cute.

happy sharkie, I cannot touch your last comment. I have thoughts, but I'm trying to be...be...Oh, Hell, she might like the penguin and a toothless shark!

Bad me, maybe, I was just tryna help!

BarryFS, Hello! And I've still gotta ask if that first cat? doesn't have multiple personalities (from your previous posts elsewhere here) or if you only have Sidcup and Kent and I'm lost in a sea of kitty litter?! Thanks

To the batcave.

eadn, if you can actually find one, i will be dreadfully impressed.

i'll have to 'fess up and say i ventured past that first page...i saw an ad. that had four words that should NEVER be in the same sentence when referring to underwear...THONG>>MEN'S>>>PLUS SIZES....boy did that stir up some disturbing visuals!!! ewww

After taking a closer look at the penguin ...

I think the model STUFFED his pouch with something more then his own natural born twinkie. That is one PLUMP penguin, if you catch what I'm sayin'...

I wonder if I can get locate that model and go check out the extra stuffing theory for myself.

Perhaps penguins have large nuts?

No they don't .......??

Punky- You are the wind beneath my wings.

Mel, I'm sitting here in my boxers. Does that count?

they're blue...

we need more details

um, well...

a light blue, cotton, with a white crosshatch design, button fly. Quite nice, really.

no animals sewn on, however.

penguin, absolutely. Chain mail sounds like it could have unintended consequences.

During pledging, I ran through the sororities in a loincloth. Maybe that's more to your liking?

after about 30 whacks, i achieved my high score of 11 inches. tough game, judy.

Brad-what the hell? Considering the rest of the conversation we were having, that statement was... odd.

Mel, this loincloth was really just a washcloth stapled to an elastic band. Covered very little. And it said "free breathalyzer" on it.

You don't know the half of it. The girls quickly got shaving cream and chocolate sauce involved. I lost a lot of my dignity that night. And no, as Dave says, I'm not making this up...

That's a great point. Which is also probably the reason why I'm sharing it on the internet, where, as Tinky will attest, anybody can see it.

well, sure. as long as people ask permission anyway.

everyone can see gfunk's tinky?

oh, dear...

well, no. I always had warning before things like that happened.

judi, after that comment, you damn well better post the next thing I send you...

yes, but at least I didn't bring up the incident where I was standing in a sorority house on a seperate campus with my pants down while girls signed my ass with a paint pen.

pledging requirement. stone sober. about 1 in the afternoon.

yep. well worth it.

Wow. Brad- 11 inches? You don't happen to live in Austin, do you?

Judi- Why are you up in the middle of the night reading the blog? We must be more entertaining than I thought!

where in TX are you?

barbi: i'm a computer geek, and it's friday night. where do you want me to be? ;)

gfunk: you are the one who brought up your tinky.
and i don't know which links you've sent in, do i?

Well, Judi, considering I'm up in the middle of the night reading the blog, I really don't have any room to judge. And I have to be at work at 7am tomorrow.

I've heard of Kilgore but I don't know anything about it. Is it a small town?


well keep it up, I"m going to bed. three tests next week. grrrr...

Mel-KIlGore sounds vaguely anti-democratic

Our male entertainment is leaving :-(
Sleep tight, Gfunk.

Abt animal undies:my friend once bought one for her bf -it was shaped like a crocodile mouth.the top jaw fit the,er main actor,and the lower jaw was to contain the..er..supporting actors.so when he er...got happy...the croc would um...yawn.

Mel, I grew up in a town in the panhandle
called "Borger". about 60 miles nrth of Amarillo.
It was located next to a huge Phillips 66
plant. and that was pretty much all it had. small
town, nothing to do, polluted, unpleasant people.
when we moved to Austin i thought it was heaven.
still do, for that matter.

Bang_grl: That's awesome.
The moral of that Borger story, BTW, was "always
be thankful you don't live in the TX panhandle".

You'd probably like some of the other towns in
central TX. I used to live in San Marcos, which
is pretty cool. New Braunfuls, Wimberley, and
Gruene are all great little towns too.

Is Manchaca a town? We have a street named
Manchaca in Austin. For some reason we pronounce
it "Mancheck".

Ok, it sounds like it must be a town. I'm not
always so great with geography.
anyway, I guess I gotta go to bed. seeya.

anyone who reads this when they check back
tomorrow is gonna be really bored. Texas towns,
how fascinating!

I find this "Rating" under Customer Testimonials to be very intriguing. What kind of "emergency" could this person be referring to?

Rating: Excellent THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I had an emergency and needed my merchandise before going on my trip to Spain. My order was place in the days before christmas and all arrived on time for my trip. Thank you again. The bodystocking are no where to be found locally. So i was in a panic. Thanks again!!!

Couldn't you have WARNED me about that?

barbi: did you see the rock bottom remainders last year at the austin book festival?

Judi, (if you get back to reading this)-
I didn't get to see the Rock Bottom Remainders, which really sucks. I remember when I first heard they were going to be here and I was really excited. I can't remember why I ended up not being able to go. It was either a matter of not being able to afford the ticket or having a major schedule conflict. It must have been something I really couldn't help because I wanted to go very bad.


velvel, I've had it with you!

Get your own damned email address and quit using mine!

Whose address am I using?

Congratulations velvel! I see you've found an email address of your own.

I figured you'd get around to using my moniker too. Suffice to say my tone, style, history here, and CYA abilities far exceed yours.

That wasn't my post.

You just stepped on yourself, velvel.

If it wasn't your post, then why did you respond to my comment? Nice try though. I don't have a split personality and, except for this last true post from me, regular bloggers move on to the current posts. So now I leave you here all alone.

No, I didn't.

The ladies' version? I wonder what the difference is. I think there are two main differences between men and women - cosmetics and lingerie.

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