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March 26, 2004


We report; you decide.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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it ain't just the criminals that are dumb... these people didn't even know he was in bed with them......

Who steals 4 bucks....aim higher buddy, there must be SOME nice neighbor hoods around there.

Man, y'all are hitting very close to home today. Ardmore is just across the Red River.

But these folks sound a bit above average for this area. And, no, Ardmore doesn't have anything big enough to be called neighborhoods.

how did they know the $4 was "apparently stolen"?

The burglar was "apparently" going to send it to Twink to finance her anti-defamation suit.

This would make for a very boring C.O.P.S. episode.

The answer to your question, Dave, is: YES!

The entire episode was the order of a Mafia don. The wiseguy, however, was unable to locate a horse on short notice.

Sadly this is much more common than one would think here in the "buckle of the Bible Belt".

My parents would sleep thru the 2nd coming of Christ, but even THEY would wake up if some one jumped in bed with them!! Makes one wonder what those 2 had been drinking before they hit the sack....


Well, yeah! I mean, what else is there to do in Oklahoma.

Matter of fact, what else is there to do in Connecticut. Speaking of which, I think I hear a drink calling my name right now ...

I know this is 2 years after this was written, I was searching google and found this.

I live in Oklahoma City and you guys make it seem like we are all back woods rednecks. I'm tired of this stereo type, do you guys not get that the show goes to great links to find the few people who are rednecks?

We don't ride horses around, that only a few farms in the southwest mainly.

Oklahoma is the same as any other state, do you guys not get that even California, New York, Florida, ect. has rednecks with farms and horses.

By the way I'm not trying to stir trouble with this post, so please don't think I'm a mean person. i just want to clear things up.

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