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March 24, 2004


Actually, the site appears to be for guys ("For Guys that Care about how they Look & Feel," in fact), but if you click here... don't say you weren't warned.

(Thanks to Leah Bach)


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Judi, thanks a bunch. I just ordered 3 pair each color of the "rib knit briefs" (the long-legged style) for my husband! You make my shopping and viewing so much easier~

That armpit whiff pose on the right just reeks of "success."

bangladeshi_gurl bursts into flames-once again-
*sigh of content*

These guys aren't too intimidating - not up to Judi's standards. Especially when I noticed what they do with their "lycra reinforced collars."

Did anyone click on "underwear"? Woohoo, thanks judi!!

I am trying to figure out the encoding thingy. I found a cool productivity enhancer in that last post's Website.

Rib y-strap jock!! judi, you rock!

In the underwear section, why are those two dudes doing squats in their undies? And was it necessary for one guy to be spotting the other?

Mike, he was spotting some fine scenery. How many pairs did you buy?

Attack of the package boys.

willing victim

YAY! The underwear guys are back!

Dave needs to hurry up and get back and make Judi go back to doing woman's work.

woohoo!! judi's back!!

*I* care about how those guys look, and I'd Love to feel them!!!

Come on, ladies, fan yourself or take a drink of water or whatever that woman in Mexico recommends when you get overexcited.

Congrats Judi, you get a free pair of underwear courtesy of the "Tell A Friend" program!

Personally, I love that night shirt... for "sleeping, lounging, and other special moments". Cuz nothing says lovin' like a man in a nightgown!

"It stays up." Well, that's all I needed to hear.


Meanwhile, can out-of-shape guys wear that stuff, since it's "The Choice of Successful Body Builders and In-Shape Guys?" Or are they not allowed?

I think the site is really "For Guys that Care about how how other guys Look & Feel..."

Well, judi's back in form again and the ladies are all excited! That's the only think I appreciate about a men's underwear site on the blog. Nuttin' like a happy kitty ;-)

It is just me or is the guy in the lower right-hand corner.......
well you know what I mean...

What a terrible sight to see while relaxing with your Marmite yoghourt. My cats were stunned, really, totally stunned.

Arthur Dick, Siscup, Kent.

What a terrible sight to see while relaxing with your Marmite yoghourt. My cats were stunned, really, totally stunned.

Arthur Dick, Sidcup, Kent.

I'd like to point out that the location of this company and gym pictures were taken in Chelsea, New York City. Chelsea is known for having approximately 3 straight men out of the million that live there. Ladies, keep dreaming!

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