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March 24, 2004


The stealth bloggerette is taking a trip, courtesy of Stephan Forseilles.


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i would have a difficult time utilizing one of those.....

It would take the term "holy crap" to a new level if they could manufacture a toilet as well.

Sorry to have to ask, but can I get a description? Didn't see any useful text with this one.

This is as creepy as the "red lipstick" urinal. 'Think my trip is going to the New Orleans JazzFest and I will leave St. Louis Cathedral out of the plan, just in case.........

bangladeshi_gurl bursts into flames.not only her pants.the whole of her.Judi--may i say what a pleasure it is to have met u.

Nun's head on top of a urnial, opening in the abdomen. Dimly lit from above, as if to cast a holy light on the, er, subject slash object.

sorry..posted right comment-wrong place

where do you put the penny? is it a balancing act or is there a slot somewhere?

That is just so wrong. Definitely involves some folks with places reserved in hell. Who are these people? Please tell me this isn't in the good ol' US of A.

I for one am grateful to have never seen a toilet penny.

The nearest one appears to have cellulite.

What's really shocking about this photo is it was taken in Mel Gibson's bathroom.

I wish there was some context for this. This is way worse than the lipstick urinals (I thought those were pretty funny). I almost came close to nearly being offended by this. And that's hard to do!

How in the world could anyone actually use these with her just staring down at you?

Nuns, apparently not just for populating productivity enhancing games anymore.

All I know is when I gotta go, I gotta GO! And devil take the hindmost if the urinal looks like a pair of lips or the Virgin Mary!

Incidentally, I have a friend who is a nun, and I don't think I could show this to her. EVER!

Must be for Episscopalians.

MY GOSH, Tessie! You owe me a keyboard!

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