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March 24, 2004


Come on, everyone, time for a sna....>ackkkkkkkkkkkkkk<

(Thanks to David Van Slyke)


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There's not much that can't be made better by deepfrying, in my opinion. I try to fry everything.

Now excuse me, I have by-pass surgery scheduled.

Death by Chocolate, indeed.

This seems pretty normal compared to some things they eat in that part of the world. Haggis anyone?

Laugh out loud. Give me anything friend: chicken, potatoes, ice cream.

Well, I appropriately believe no one has posted because they are throwing up. Just an observation.

Has my request to be removed form further participation in these hearings been appropriated? Am I being sent to San Francisco with flowers in my hair? Sock it to me.

As a simple man, I can handle basic cooking, and some of this deep-fry stuff might be a gastronomic trip, but I'm really thinking we should re-design the food pyramid. So one extra-sweet deep-fried chocolate thingie takes care of x amount of nutrients, taste bud satisfaction, etc. Then sell it with extra vitamins added and call it a Power Meal.

(Late-to-the-gate is trying to catch up! :-)

Judi, what the heck is Cod Goujons? Do I even want to know? What makes the Cheese and Tomatoe Pizza a Classic Margharita? They were voted 1 of the Top 3 Chippies in Scotland? I always thought Chippies meant, in a way, women. Althought, with a website named misschips, I suppose it's still possible for the Scottish Finalist for Young Fish Frier of the Year Award...

I've always said they got it wrong. The 4 major food groups are sugar, salt, grease, and caffeine. Given those parameters, throw a little salt on this fried chocolate sandwitch thing, and you've got a balanced meal!

Did I write sandwitch? Yes, I am college educated. Actually the problem is that sometimes JAWS won't read what I've typed, so I have to guess at what I've written until I post it, and then I look like an idiot. Yes, that's it. I'll blame the software. Sure sounds better than saying Brad can't spell sandwich.

Alex, in my younger days (I'm 29 now) a balanced meal could also mean:
3. Eat an equal amount of food from everyone else's plate that they weren't going to eat.
What am I saying? I'm still a human garbage disposal.

>>should i feel even dumber for not noticing?

This happened to a friend of a friend. He (friend's friend) had a delicate stomach and was travelling on business in Scotland where EVERYTHING was fried. He finally found a pizza place and the guy behind the counter said "pizza supper"? When he said yes, the guy threw the pizza in the deep fryer! That place is a heart attack waiting to happen!

P.S. - I've eaten haggis. Good stuff.

It's pretty tough to eat right here at school. So I've narrowed it down to two food groups-things that are healthy and things that aren't. I try to have some of each at each meal. Once or twice I actually had to resort to ketchup being healthy.

Alex, phone home. Jest trying to help ;-) Maybe if you put them phones in the halls of your mind. You remember? Hello? It's me, alex. I'm lost again. Last time I saw me, I tripped and fell down some stairs. Does that help find me?

Off course, on a Hellish note as I read this, tripping down the stairs might just be your quickest way to my condo....

"One sandwich has half the calories the average woman should have each day."

Which must mean that the average woman could eat two of these a day without any side effects (as long as she only ate celery for the rest of the day).

Atkins be damned - I'm starting the 'deep fried chocolate sandwich and celery diet'. It's gonna make me a millionaire!!!

Beats a bacon cheese donut!!!

/Dougie? Oh Dougie??? Hmmm, still safe out I guess.

Damn! I hate reading my own words in the fire-light of modern misinterpretation!

alex, don't get me wrong! I done saved a place for you on the far side of my condo. Felt bad given your youth and hallway-disability. Punky and Barbiguiness are up close next to me...with a little more lubrication, I hope, I hope! ;-)

By the way, with all this blog-commenting, I've noticed new construction going on down here. Not to mention fighting off all the fresh real estate agents that don't yet know I got this place with a lifetime contract.

Actually, Scotland is the home of some of the finest seafood and legumes (vegetables/salads) on the face of the earth.
Not surprising that they make up for it by eating bacon-wrapped lard dipped in chocolate followed by a coffee and cigarette.
No wonder they're so pissed off all the time . . .
"If it's not Scottish, IT'S CRAAAPPPP!!!!"

I dunno, Robert W. Leu, the more fried I get, the better the food sounds *hic* *cup* *runneth over* :-)~

SLAM SLAM... I can hear the arteries slamming shut!

That's a great idea, Jacob. I have been trying to dream up a fad diet for about 5 years now. That is definitely the way to get rich quick right now as long as you can avoid the obvious lawsuits that may come your way as a result of the tightly clogged arteries of your former clients.

I can't believe Doug is being conjured up. Let the poor boy sleep!

Lil admission of guilt, yeah catbird, I saw this on another site with a picture even. Can't take you there for member rules, but the pic was like an old hair-dryer converted to a textured padded leather "tip". No hot air, but I'm still wondering about them "medical" tips for lass' genital massage.

Ladies, MMMPH!, s'pose you can't submit your private frequent-flyer miles here!

Leetie, You are kind. I will certainly appreciate your helping Doug back to "Nermal". For once, I withhold my my...well, after all that, You're still with him while I'm just looking to tranquilize him if need be. Grace and Gratis to You!

Hi everyone. My first time posting, but I've been reading y'all for a couple of weeks and you seem pretty cool. Will you let me join your club if I bring a gift? www.boohbah.com Click on everything, and be sure to have the volume on!

hey scotsman, you from there?

Naw..the Usual Suspects were quiet tonight.

ooh, boohbah.com is cool. Look at the pretty colors....
Welcome, evil pixie. This comment section is in need of more pixies and more evil.

Here I am.
Evilly urs,

I wonder if one washes down the chocolate sandwich with some expresso and a wee dram of single-malt.

comments broken??

ignore that last post....sheesh

I think so.

Bangi_gurl gasps:Whodunnit The Bob?

Thanks a million for making me groan, smile, laugh and the occasional ROTFLMAOPMP.

The comments are sometimes/often/always as interesting or moreso than the postings.

PS: When you get to Hell in that handbasket, come by and say "hello".

The chocolate sandwhich would be incomplete with the Hamdog.

Wow, that's evil. I'll save a few calories and just eat my chocolate by itself.

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