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March 24, 2004


Or, she was looking at the page for Guys who Care about How they Look and Feel.

(Thanks to DWPaul)


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a new definition of hot pants

CAUTION: Hey, Genius! This heater's hot!

mmmmmm..... rump roast......

was it REALLY the heater that caused this problem?

No, The Bob. As it says in the article: "What she was wearing, she had to catch on fire," said the clerk, who declined to give her name.

Well, it melts plastic bags.

How did she not notice the heat for so long? What WAS she looking at?

Methinks it was not what she was looking at, but perhaps what she was ON, if you catch my drift. Translation: Maybe she was lit in more ways than one.

What I want to know is, where can I get a heater that is so hot that it turns hairclips red with heat? Cuz my apartment is COLD.

I think if I was the "older-looking woman" who accompanied her home from the hospital, I'd be offended.

what of lying? is it possible that the entire heater story was a ruse, in fact an outright lie that itself gave way to combustible trousers?

combustible trousers wbagnfarb.

Matt... excellent! :-)

"Nothing really bursts into flames."

That's not what I see in the movies.

You may be on to something matt. Self-combusting trousers may be the next step down from a suicide bomber.

heh. liar, liar... holy crap my pants really are on fire!

Good one, Peter.

Did anyone else notice the excessive details in this article??

This one is just too easy. I'm going to decline comment at this time.

I once had my pants catch on fire after eating some particularly potent kimchee. At least they felt like they were on fire, if you follow my drift.

Maybe this explains why she hid her face from the TV camera.

Judi's right, it would be a great name for a rock band (Ladies and Gents, COMBUSTIBLE TROUSERS!).

But seriously, where's your compassion? The stupid heaters on the subways (which normally only work in the summer; the air conditioning works in the winter)are not supposed to get hot enough to set you on fire, for gosh sakes!

I can just hear it now: "Young lady, you're telling me that the reason you're late is that your pants caught fire, and you expect me to believe that you're telling the truth"?

How about the clerk who was making fun of the girl's clothes? I always find that victims of dangerous accidents make great targets for ridicule.

Then again, I guess that's not any different than what we're doing...

I'm taking my lead from twopups.

MeL, *ouch*! Should've known better than to leave my self open to a lass who thinks 186 pounds ain't heavy-lifting!

"It was not clear if those were the same pants that had caught on fire."
How many pairs of pants did she have with her?

"describing the jeans as similar in appearance to chaps that a cowboy might wear"
Would that be ... crotchless? She's lucky the guys on the subway didn't burst into flames...

"Nothing really bursts into flames" Not true on this blog! I think we need to pitch in and buy Bangladeshi_gurl a fire extinguisher. You shouldn't fool around with Spontaneous Human Combustion...

Hey Barbiguinness! ;-) We're not prejudiced! We ridicule everyone... Including each other and ourselves... In fact, I think I just did ridicule myself. Dang! I did it again!

Lee, It's hard, but I'm not touching your last comment about Bangladeshi_gurl with my pole ;-)

Hell, MeL, might just pick me up and throw me!

Very punny, eadn!

I think it's getting more dangerous to live in New York than ever (I know those of you from elsewhere think it's always been dangerous, but trust me). First this girl catches on fire on the subway, now we have wackos throwing bowling balls off their 17th floor balconies (obviulsy inspired by Dave's airplane bowling item). You have to be awake and aware at all times, let me tell you.

I can't believe no one brought up Barbie's roller skates . . .

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