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March 24, 2004


Some kids benefit from a preschool program before going to kindergarten.

(Thanks to Thad Humphries and Joe Schumacher)


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It's obvious that the kid really didn't know that he had marajuana in the bag.

Had he known, he would have sprinkled them INSIDE brownies, not on top of lasagna.

Kids know so much more than we did at their age. And I have to ask myself, "Is that really a good thing?"

I wonder where the parents of these kids leave the drugs. Seriously:

Father: "Hey Jimmy, check out this neat ball of flour. Daddy keeps it right here."

Jimmy: "A ball of flour! I'll borrow that for show-and-tell."

Perhaps the parents were under the influence of said drugs?

The only thing people in my high school set off was fart spray, which was strong enough to clear the entire 3rd floor (also the busiest floor in the school with the history, science, and math wings) for the afternoon. I wish that we had cool stuff like rockets (other than the ones that the science teachers set off using assorted gases). Yeah, my high school was just basically full of various types and forms of gases.

Oh, well that explains it. Thanks Mel. I was worried that the parents may actually be dysfunctional, but that clears things up.

>''The boy is not going to be charged,'' said Mayco Villafaña

It's great when they have to clarily that they aren't charging a 5 year old with possesion.
Also, I wonder how the police "field tested" the drug? Hmmm...

Usually when police are testing for a possible banned substance, they smoke it.

Sad...just sad. Not really funny, just plain sad.

``The focus is on the child's environment and what issues could have led to a child having a bag of marijuana in school.''

I'm thinking that the issues may include that the child has access to marijuana. Just a guess, I'm no Sherlock.

The closest thing to a "prank" I remember in school was some kid who lit a can of hairspray. Not that this wasn't bad, but in light of today's good news....

Yeah, eh, Mel? The worst thing that my parents ever did to me was send me to school on St. Patrick's day with brownies in my lunch that my mother had added green food colouring to. I was temporarily ostracized from the prominent social circles, but at least I don't have a record!

What I remember were snap bracelets. Man, those were the coolest things in 5th grade. Thin sheet metal covered with fabric, and you slap them on your wrist and they bend into bracelet form. It was actually kind of violent, come to think of it. They must be entirely responsible for the wave of violence in 20-somethings.

Do you remember friendship bracelets and friendship beads? Very '80s. Or were you too young?

Rachel, those are still around, given as party favors at birthday parties and prizes at camps.

We're creating monsters! (mwa-ha-ha-)

Not too young. I think I still have some stuffed in a drawer somewhere. I loved making friendship bracelets out of gimp. That weird plastic string stuff.

Seriously, snap bracelets are still around? Where can I get some? I loved those! Especially the ones in the neon colours!

Yeah, we have memories of assorted bracelets. These kids have memories of balls of flour that get mommy and daddy in trouble with the policeman.

Ah, childhood. *SNAP* Ouch! "But we're friends."

...or a little marijuana, eh MeL?

i'm very depressed. i sent this to you YESTERDAY and i get no shout-out lovin'?

The key in my childhood was to have the snap bracelets, the friendship bracelets, the puff paint tee shirts, and the side pony tails. Oh, and those stirrup pants, you know, the cotton-y pants with the elastic that went under your heal so you could have your bright colored socks slouched around your ankles over the pants? Or was that just a southern California thing?

Nope- those are just 80s things Lynsey- we had them in here in the flat Midwest too!
D*mn I feel old right now!!

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