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March 24, 2004


It means peep pranks.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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If there is one thing I like, it's seasonal candy. If there is another thing I like, it's using seasonal candy in a totally inappropriate way.

Also, I like never doing any work.

Wow, that's great seeing an army of peeps on the ceiling. But people eating stale peeps? I don't know about that part.

The only peepranks we ever pulled were to put the hand of the sleeping person in warm water. Oh, and the recycled beer bottles.

Microwave them, they grow to extraordinary proportions.

Jeeps, creeps, where'd you get those Peeps?

....that workplace deserves a fitting productivity enhancement award: The Golden Peep.

Punky is right...the best way to eat them is stale! I have a Peep Cellar (okay, its a cabinet in our house that my husband leaves off the tour when we have company...probably afraid of theft) in my home to age them perfectly. As I type, I am chewing on a vintage Valentine's Day 2003. It was a good year.

Question: If you can buy Peeps at the store, why can't you buy homies?

No homies on the shelves? Can you say "marketing niche"? Go for it,Jon, before Hostess beats you to it.

Oh man, my sister loves peeps. I should tell her five-year-old about this. Oh the fun the five-year-old and her friends could have decorating the house, upstairs and down, with peeps. And just in time for the real estate agent to come over too. Smashing (or smooshing) idea!

OK, someone has WAY too much time on their hands. I thought I made up excuses not to work, but I'm NOTHIN' compared to these guys.

And I thought my office was full of slackers! This is a whole new level!

Not only did they take the time to do the peep prank, but then they decided to make a website about it. That's dedication to avoiding work.

As someone who pretty much took the day off of work to do nothing but go to lunch and read this Blog, I have to respect that.

I haven't had a peep in years, but I did work in an office once that used to have marshmallow fights before my time. Anyways, they renovated. Can you imagine finding hardened marshmallows in the unlikeliest places?

I once read a serious journal article about a prof and his grad students who tried to determine what Peeps were soluble in. They tried water, full strength acids and various laboratory solvents and frightenly enough, the peeps floated happily in the beakers, oblivious to the noxious substances underneath them. No wonder they last so long.

Have any doctors ever been able to successfully separate joined sextuplets? I have! Give me the Nobel Prize, Norwegian jackasses!

Funny thing . . .Peeps used to just come in two colors, pink and yellow-coincidentally the same colors used in "fiberglass" house insulation. I always thought that was where leftover Peeps went to die. God knows, I never saw anybody actually eat one . . .

Anybody know if "fiberglass" insulation now comes in purple?

I only have one thing to say:

Gregg: That Boobah is freaky.

We actaully did this in a way last year for April Fools day. My friend and I used the Peep rabbits and put them all over someone's office, including tacking them to the wall. This outdoes us though.. something to aim for.....

Go to Epicurious.com, they have recipes for peeps...you can do all sorts of things to them...

Does anyone remember when around easter they used to sell actual live baby chicks dyed in different colors? I remember thinking that was so cool, then they would die and you had to bury them.

What was the deal with that?

In case you wanted to know, here's how to color them.

(Isn't the internet wunnerful?)

I really don't know how attractive gay dancing unicorns can be, but, hakuna matata, I guess.

They need to do something with the creepy Halloween Peeps.

I mean, marshmallow chickens is one thing, but cats?

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