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March 25, 2004


Here's a tool to make your job easier.

(Thanks to Leah Bach)


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I like the voice thing better. Actually, the Pingu games are the greatest of all productivity enhancers, for my line of work, which is telecommuting underwear model.

This is weird. I think they're looking at me.

I swear I caught my pair of garden gnomes peering in the window, watching those damned Travelocity commercials. Now they *want* to be kidnapped to glamorous, exotic locales. No doubt they'll sneak in tonite to type letters TO the kidnappers.

"Please kidnap us - she's a gnome nut, she'll pay scads of bucks to ransom us - just slide in through the side gate and take us to Mazatlan. Don't forget your hat."

See I did it create a unique love note for my girl, which I then e-mailed to her.

Not a ransom note in site. Does this make me strange?

Interesting. Methinks the frantic movement of the letters might send one into a grand mal seizure, though.

I'm very surprised this didn't happen in either Florida or California.

'at's one McLoogie and a Coke. You wanna Super Size that?

reporter: "The officer took a couple bites and noticed something was wrong. But when he ran into the men's room to spit the food out of his mouth, he ran into two employees who were taking a bath in the sink."

" I'm holding your daughter until my demands are met!!!!... one size eight suede pump and a chili dog with onions"

Sorry, Punky, but I warned ya!

thanks, Rott... I needed some help here......


Please come back!

We'll be good!

Well....we'll TRY....

"Jesus" looks like a potato with a grass skirt on
to me. But I am glad we are getting back to tree worship.

....and, by the way, 6:00 PM is the best time because the first six pack is kicking in about then.

The Bob - thanks for the Jesus-Elvis similarities. Works for me.

As to the original site, don't look at it if you're epileptic as that sucker could definitely set off a seizure.

MeL ... errr ... exactly "why" and "how" were you on top of Jesus while in a tree?

Hey, how did I get back to the past? It's March 31! I mean, I just clicked on the blog link and I'm transported to last week!

Do deee do do, do dee do do . . .

To bad I can't think of anything bad to warn you citizens of the past about. Lessee, "it shall be warm, and then unexpectedly cool in the next few days in the Northeast!"

You are welcome

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