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March 25, 2004


Have we got the productivity-enhancing application for you! It's just like the real thing.

(Thanks to Steve Lancaster)


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*sob* I can't enjoy the game, alas, I am American, and know not of the million rules of cricket.


I'd like to see more sports incorporate gopher-thwaking. Street luge, for example.

That was, by far, the best cricket simulation I've ever played on the web.

You were supposed to thwack them? They just killed my batter guys. Alas.

I like the way the guys scrtached their butts before you start. Maybe that's just me.


clearly BBW-bite before wicket....er does anyone here *watch* cricket?

Never seen real cricket. Told it takes days. Doesn't it take days, B_gurl?

Didn't India just beat Pakistan at cricket?

Now if cricket was really like this, Americans would watch!

Finally, I understand cricket. I had never watched it long enough to see the badgers take the field. Score: 11,500. Do the badgers always win?

Badger runs up...

test cricket takes days-one day matches take a day
( surprise!)

and new zealand has the hottest looking team

badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!

What's the cheat code to get the Yeti out on the field pitching penguins?

And again, this blog has shown it's utter contempt for all things Badger. At least this time the Badgers win in the end...

How bout them Badgers! Go Wisconsin! Yah-boo!
(I'm baaaack!)

I missed everyone too! I'm bushed. I hauled logs and rocks. My son sent me a copy of a paper he assisted his professor on nuclear fusion technology, along with a guy from MIT. My son's name is listed as a researcher. I haul rocks, and my son collaborates with guys from MIT. I may be a screwup, but I sure can breed em!

Heck, yes, B_Gurl. Lots of cricket fans out here.
You Yanks should know that the USA just won the ICC 6 Nations Trophy (Official motto: "The tournament for countries whose citizens don't know they have cricket teams"), beating out such powerhouse countries as Namibia, the United Arab Emirates, and my own beloved Canada. Howzat!

I resent cricket being compared to any other game.
welcome back TP

Hi, I'm new here..been trying for hours to play cricket but can't connect to channel4.com.. anybody knows whats going on??

it's working now...thanx.. gotta play cricket..see ya

I thought that bashing the brains out of little critters was a southern thang..glad to see the british are into it too

Given Dave's experience with synchronized swimming, I think someone should present him with an analagous flash game involving the olympic swimming team and . . .some Florida wildlife.

"Well, Played!"

"Right at the throat!"

Gawd... that just cracked me up.

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