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March 26, 2004


There's also this.

Advisory: Your comments could cause this cat to become deeply offended.

(Thanks to Kendall Avery)


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"We've found a completely normal family for her that has already adopted cats from us in the past."

HAH! how could they be normal if they have cats?

... *apologizes in advance to the cat owners on this blog, but deep in your hearts you know your cat would treat you like a tiny yummy mouse if it was the same size as you.*

"Tessy Loedermann, head of the shelter, said Lilly
will first be spayed..."

Sure, evolve some extra ears, and what do they do to you?

Of course, you realize that there won't be a can opened for several miles that will go undetected...


But my cat won't eat mice. She just stares at them curiously. She does, however, eat bugs right out of the air.

Today's BarryBlog theme: mutant animals and the undead who love them...

punky, are you sure your neighbor's not a vampire? Maybe you should burn their heart, just to be sure...

rottweiler - speaking for myself, and all felines (mutant or not,) we are deeply, deeply offended. Or disturbed! However, your point is well taken and recently proven by the Sigfried & Roy/Manticore event. Yah, it grabbed him and drug him off to protect him...

On behalf of all cats, I am deeply, deeply offended by all the hurtful, hateful, mean, spiteful comments about cats that have been made or will be made by blogfolks...

Well, actually not.

Even with 4 ears, that kitty was cute!

A kid on my middle school bus route used to have a kitten infestation. At home, not on the bus. One time, as we dropped him off, we bumped over a kitten, but he wasn't concerned. I guess he had plenty more.

oh, this is nothing. my best friend once raised a mutant strain of 6 toed kitties. they were a bit strange to look at, sure, but you could always here them coming.

Hear, kitty kitty!

What is a "totally normal family"? That's kind of creepy to me.......

Dear Sir,
my cats are beside thereselves with grief over this exploitation of a handicapped pussy.

A L'Itter, Sidcup, Kent

that's admittedly pretty crazy. but it's not like you can have too many pets. you can, however, have too many people quite easily.

I'm looking for links to Bonanza? Is there any consumer info available regarding the strenght of twenty mule team borax?

Funny so many cat topics today. And it just so happens that I'm going to pick out a kitty at the shelter tomorrow. I hope to get a c c c calico.

jen--I have a friend who has a 6-toed cat (on each paw). She calls him Goliath.

cwoman-yep, i understand now it not such an uncommen phenomenon, but at first glance at a houseful of such creatures, i began to wonder if there might be a bit to many powerlines around the neighborhood.


Try www.dialcorp.com for 20 Mule Team Borax or call Ronald Reagan. He was host of the show on Saturday nights back in the day, BEFORE SNL, called Death Valley Days!

>>call Ronald Reagan

Hi All! Obviously if I were much more late to the gate I'd be into tomorrow even for me.

rottweiler, even though I'm cat people, my little kitty does most frequently have that look to give me a good whapping with a full pounce since I told her my world didn't completely revolve around her.

BarryFS, could you please clarify. Do you have 2 cats or 3 and the first one has multiple personalities? Thanks

MeL, on the subject of WWII, I'll stop, at least for awhile ;-) No joke or inuendo is worth being deliberately uncomfortable.

And if Bangladeshi_gurl shows up, please tell her I will make room in my condo for her and her friend. However, I will hope for a special flaming presentation! :-)

hmm, this thread could potentially fire up a flurry of overly exicited pet owners posting photos of their overly adorable(mutant and otherwise)pets. be afraid, be very afraid...

...and i say this as a owner of a super cute kitty AND Puppy

I guess this cat's in luck if it ever needs to wear two pair of glasses.

//got nothing

I have two calico sisters. Minou and Princess. Skilled at horking, flatulance and looking shocked.

OK, BarryFS, I'm gonna go with that for your kitties. Dog flatulence is a rather stultifying experience from the ones I've been too close to. Kitty flatulence, is a rather HARD smell to dissipate. Never seen any of my cats look shocked. Like they been there, saw that disinterestedly, and ripped up the T-shirt while I was asleep. Thanks though

I think that "We've found a completely normal family" should be the main story and then include a little bit about them getting a 4 eared cat.

The silence of the prairie broken by the call of the loon. Then Minou starts horking.

What is the point of a four-eared cat? It still won't come when you call it!

Brad. Now, that's funny.

And on the topic of cats ... I had a cat with double paws, I called it Hitch (short for hitchhiker) It liked to meow ALL day long. I think it had to meow in order to breath. Clearly, it had a few problems. So, Hitch didn't last very long in my house ... But it's a happy ending.

I gave her to a deaf woman. Problem solved.

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