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March 25, 2004


....this savvy motorist.

(Thanks to an alert journalist in Lodi)


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So, she could fake IDs well enough for OTHER people, bt she couldn't fake a propper one for herself?


not fair!they're doing maintenance work on the site now...what is it abt ppl?

$13,333 bail? Will it be harder to make if it's an odd number?

I got the "maintenance" notice too. Gee, makes me wonder if Dave couldn't subsidize us as server-testers. He posts and us fans hammer the site 'til it falls down.

WHat do you mean, doing maintenance? I want to read it now! Sorry, I'll go lie down.

Dave, isn't putting a Florida Driver's License in the mail to this woman a little bit pointless? OK a lot bit???

Mel Mel Mel,if it were only that easy.
not everything in life is so black and white.
but ur right abt the car.

Spoken like a true MeL-ism. You're gonna go far after college!

Book 'em Dano

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