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February 23, 2004


Yeti could be lurking on any mountainside.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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Akk, the wifester was peeling 'taters last night for a soup I made. The little metal "peeler" thing fell out, so I put it back. Unfortunately my hands were wet and I ended up partially "peeling" a part of my thumb putting it back together. Dang it hurts!

Just dropping by with italian ice (you guys ever had this stuff? It's really good)

Hey, we're from New York - we LIVE on Italian ice!

Unfortunately my hands were wet and I ended up partially "peeling" a part of my thumb putting it back together. Dang it hurts!

OUCH! I'm sorry I read that, BigD.

At least thumbs heal well!

Comments regarding the Cyst/diet pills

in 2004 I had a 21 CM 15lb cyst removed. No doctor diagnosed it until after I had an MRI for my back surgery and the Docs all said my bladder was messed up. They assumed that the disc in my back was pinching nerves to the bladder and that was what they were seeing on the MRI. After the surgery I insisted they follow up and after 3 or 4 months of further testing they figured it out. I'm just saying even though that sound big and something you would easily notice it isn't always the case. I can't tell you how many doctors I went to who said lose weight and your back will be better before I finally got someone to X-ray me and find the cracked bone.
Sadly it is mostly Male doctors I get this attitude from. My female doctor actually gave me advice, referals and help when she wanted me to lose a few pounds. And no I don't mean diet pills.

/medical rant

Later moaties

Hi KDF!! *waves*

I'm back from babysitting! (Yes, in my time off from looking after children for profit, I also do it for love. I AM officially insane.)

All this talk of fries is giving me the munchies, so I'm roasting some potato wedges at the moment. Going to try some with mayo, and I'll let you know how it goes for me.

Ouchie BigD - you really are a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy, aren't you?

Mad - thanks for that. It sounds like a lot to miss, but I guess it happens more easily and more often than we think or know about.

I'm glad you came through it all okay *hughug*

Warning: Bloody Thumb Story to follow

Big D, I did that to my thumb once while slicing tomatoes on a mandoline. Ya ever use one? The tomato blades on those suckers are sharp. And it was New Year's Eve. Remember that old Saturday Night Live sketch where a (fake) Julia Child cuts herself? Blood spurting everywhere? Yeah, kinda like that. Maybe my little situation wasn't quite that dramatic, but after two hours, it still hadn't stopped.

But it was New Year's Eve! There was no way I was going to the ER, because I knew it would be an eight hour wait. So I didn't. And I lived to tell.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended as an endorsement of the "do it yourself" approach to serious kitchen injuries. If you have a cut that continues bleeding for two or more hours, please seek medical attention. I'm just very, very stubborn.

Please resume non-bloody blogging.

*waves back at Kaf, and everyone else who is here* :)

Ouch, BigD. Hope it heals soon. I get all kinds of stupid cuts like that on my fingers, and know how they hurt!

KDF- superglue would have fixed that right up! (so says my doctor after I went and got stitches)

Eeeew. My fingers hurt now...cause I've been cut like that. I have an odd cheese slicer...that is pulled across the cheese...and I've hacked my hand well with it a time or two.

Did I tell you about the time I almost completely severed my sister's thumb? Maybe another day, when our collective gorges have settled.

My parents have these vegetable peelers. There has virtually never been a time when I haven't cut myself on them. They're just lethal. I prefer something more like this - safety blade and an ergonomic handle. Although it doesn't get a lot of use, because I'm a big fan of leaving skins on food. There's lots of nutrients in the skin as long as it's clean.


I just searched Google Images looking for a picture of a child's toy-type plastic knife so I could link to it here and suggest that we all start using those instead of subjecting digits to sharp kitchen implements.

So my I searched "Plastic Toy Knife" thinking I'd hit some educational toy catalogue or something. I'm howling over here, because this was the very first hit?

Is it wrong that I find this so funny? Should I seek professional help?

No, really, don't answer.

Sorry, evidently laughing too hard to proofread.

My peelers look a lot like this. They're great, peel thinly, and are hard to cut yourself on (unless you're touching the blade for some reason)


*runs away screaming* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Please fortheloveofholysweetMaryJosephandJesus please make him go awayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

We have no peelers here. We use knives. I wish we had peelers, though, because I get the heebie-jeebies using knives.

My aunt's peeler looks just like the one in Kaf's second link. It works really well, and not even klutzes can get injured with it.

Marie.. why do you think I got that one?

*realizes she can't make him go away*

Oops. Sorry, Marie.

*sheepish grin*

Aaaaahhhhhhhh! I regret peeking at the TV when the Chucky movie(s) were on. Seriously scary stuff.

Kaf... You can't possibly be more of a klutz than poor ol' me. I have the worst sense of balance ever, partly, of course, due to my hearing impairment, but still... it's amazing I don't poke my eye out just getting up in the mornings.

Gee, wasn't I telling you about the fingers-in-the-blender story just the other day?

Well, no need to bring that up again. And the scars are almost invisible now.

Kaf, your parents' peeler looks like a medieval torture device! I'd expect them to be saying "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

Ours are more like your second one.

I think it benefits enormously from the visual aids, don't you?


*snork* Jeff!

I always thought the same thing (about the peeler, that is..) I tried to avoid it as much as was humanly possible..

Single Moatettes.. have you ever thought of trying this to get yourself a guy?



Um, no. I don't have a Ferari.

Neither do I, but I don't think a guy would be tooo disappointed to get me and not the Ferrari, do you?

Okay.. I was being facetious.. no one has to answer that.

Update: Today, it didn't rain. Fingers crossed, the trend continues!

They said in the news this was a 200-year record for rainfall.

I've started my job. It's easy. I just have to transcribe meetings and xerox stuff. The hardest two things about my job are: 1) finding clothes to wear in the morning (since the only pair of pants that still fit are my jeans, and hence unacceptable- all my dress pants are too small), and 2) getting myself to the office on time. Item 2 is working out fine, Item 1 has been a challenge, a bit hit or miss.

I need to send myself a MOAT link to my work email address so I can read it there...I'll probably mostly blurk though.

Of course, I don't like the Brazilian people much in general, so... *snork* I may be biased.

This seems to be a common trend among Argentines...there is a history of rivalry between Brazil and Argentina- there was even a war once.

I studied (Brazilian) Portuguese in college, so I'm kind of a vicarious fan of things Brazilian. Besides, it's a good excuse to support the Brazil team in the World Cup. I get annoyed at the way the announcers pronounce the players' names though- both in Spanish and in English. I know it's a normal thing to do, but I wish I could pronounce Ronaldinho "Honal-JEEN-yu" and have everybody know who I'm talking about, ya know? Honaljeenyu, Honaldu, Zhilbertu, Hobeenyu, Jeeda, Zhuneenyu...etc...(Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Gilberto, Robinho, Dida, Juninho) Vai o Brasil! Vai, vai, vai!

I bought a gym membership today (Gold's Gym)- a college student summer membership. It was a good deal. The girl selling it to me turned out to be Brazilian so we wound up talking World Cup soccer a little bit. She's preternaturally perky. I liked her anyway though.

I had a very bummed-out moment this afternoon, but then I had dinner with my best friend M. and she cheered me up big time! Yay for M.! (Now I am channeling Sarah J. Yay for Sarah J.!)

Nice thing happened at work today- my supervisor was saying she was lucky to have me since she was impressed with the transcription job I had done for another lady in the office. She'd 'loaned' me to her to give me something to do. I was going nuts. There are only so many articles about the World Cup you can read without one's attention starting to stray.

Well, I have a 9 am meeting tomorrow, so I have to try to get to work by 8:30 am tomorrow...which means I'm going to be a very sleepy person tomorrow. Off to bed!

*hughug* Hi Blogchik! It sounds like things are going well for you! You can always mail yourself the Y Group Linkie and keep that.. a link to whatever the current moat is will be on the main page.. no fuss, no muss.

oh.. and I came here to give Lab a little gift for when he gets tired of kicking puppies

Kaf, that second peeler you linked to looks just like the one that bit me. The blade popped out and I was trying to put it back, so the ergonomic non-lethal peelers are still dangerous.

Well, mine hasn't bitten me yet. There's still time.

Yeah, Kaf, but you can cook!

Anyway, Ferraris are not very practical in the city.

If you've got enough to drop 1 million quid on a woman and a car, you can afford a house a little bit out of town. The price is a bit steep though.

ooh.. Overheard at the Beach is finally up and running...

Tanned man #1: Look at those fags over there!
Tanned man #2: Which ones?
Tanned man #1: The two over there, sitting with those four hot girls with the fine asses, big tits, and tiny bikinis.
Tanned man #2: Wait. You and I are alone. Those two guys have two girls each. Sounds like we're the fags.

--Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Semi-speed-skim-heinzed up to Kaf's "overheard at Myrtle Beach" comment which reminded me:

The ocean temp here in North Myrtle Beach is 82 degrees F.

I wonder what the water temperature is in my basement back home?

I'll vouch for Jeff's Rio Grande comments. Yum.

I wonder what the water temperature is in my basement back home?

Don't even think about it, Leetie. Plenty of time to worry about it when you get home.

Girl #1: This guy sitting next to me on the plane, he told me he was on his way to prison. And you could just tell he was psycho, you know? I had never been so scared in my life.
Girl #2: Oh my god! That’s so scary!
Girl #1: I know, and he asked where I went to school, and I said Boston University, and he said he was going to add me on Facebook. I’m afraid to look!
Girl #2: Wow! Do they have Facebook for prison?

Hi Blogchik! It sounds like things are going well for you! You can always mail yourself the Y Group Linkie

Yes, that would be my usual method, but I can't get to Yahoo mail or Yahoo groups from work. So I emailed the MOAT link to my work email address, since I can't access the other one from here.

I think I'll have to mostly blurk from here, but I'll post when I can.

BTW, the 9:00 meeting I thought I had today? It's next week. Darn.

Call Her “The Admissions Office”

Incoming chick: Just don’t drink a lot and have sex with random guys; I’ve done that already.


yes I know, I'm going to h3ll. Level 15, ring 7 and falling fast.

Good morning moaties. Took the day off yesterday, needed a mental holiday. So, I'm no where near fancy catsup'd yet. Have some werk *shudder* stuff to do and then will run back to the old moat...

*hugs moaties*
*kicks a puppy*

Mother Nature is one crazy bitch.
I wonder if she knows Lab.

Jeff: I fully believe the coffee reached terminal velocity before striking the monitor.

I've never seen the Chucky movies, but I love Brad Dourif. He, along with William Sanderson and Ian McShane make Deadwood my favorite series in a LONG time. Anybody else remember the show Lovejoy?

Everybody should own two vegetable peelers. A swivel peeler and a Y style.

"I don't know who did this to me. Police or other prisoners."

Gee, I don't know why they don't believe this guy. I'm sure most of us have woken up at one time or another with an intact light bulb in our anus.


Yeah, Deadwood is a classic show. Many of the characters are based on real people, but it is interesting the changes they've chosen to make. For instance, the real Bullock's wife was NOT his brother's widow but his own childhood sweetheart, and I guess Alma Garrett didn't exist.

What I've read said Bullock had great success in cleaning up Deadwood...except for Al Swearengen.

Thanks for the Inquisition link, Jeff. I really should get some Monty Python DVDs sometime soon.

Blogchik, you'd be right about the Argie-Brazilian rivalry, except that I dislike the Argies even more. I just find both obnoxious (very few members of my family excepted).

You're right about the pronunciation of the players' names, though I guess not every sportscaster can be a linguist!

On Wolfie's link... The guy had an entire lightbulb up his ass and didn't know it? I think he needs a lightbulb for his brain.

*stumbles back in, dazed*

Wow. So much happened in such little time...

{{Leets}} I agree with Jeff, don't even worry about it till you get home. There's no point. Though, if it were me, I'd be stocking up on arm floaties and beach balls just in case. ;)

Had more to say, just don't feel up to it right now. Am still a vegetable after that review, or lack there of rather.

Last night, B and I took a drive through one of the neighborhoods we like to see what houses might be on the market that aren't showing online. A lovely ranch style home on a big piece of property was marked for sale, so B pulled the car over and yours truly got out to grab one of the fliers on the sale sign. Just as I got to the sign, about 100 feet from the car, 2 dogs come charging down the yard right at me! A huge black lab and some mutt that looked like a hound but was as wide as a linebacker!!!!

I jumped back into the car and rolled down the window a crack to yell to the owner... "Hey, are they friendly?!" to which he replied "Yeah, but they're DUMB!". Ya don't say? B of course was ready to have a fit, he's terrified of dogs and almost messed his drawers when he saw the two of them running towards me and the car. Mostly he was afraid because I had left the door open and he thought one might jump in and want to ride shot gun with him. *snork* MEN!

As long as we're hatin' on countries today, I have a strong dislike of Chileans. Of the three or four I've met (none of them knew each other), I didn't like any of them.

You know what's weird? I still really want to go to Chile. Guess I just won't talk to anyone while I'm there.

Oh, and Morning MOATies!

I also wanted to add this about Chipotle: I understand from all here that the food is good. Sounds like it is devoid of atmosphere, though. That's why I'd get take-out. But the closest one is 11 miles away. Not terribly convenient.


I've been MIA lately due to a strong Southernly ReaLife Tornado. But I'm OK! er, will be soon.

My apologies dear Moat Mates.

I still have no time to play
just wanted to stop in n' say
Moats! I love Moats!
now, please carry on in your usual way

Oh, and then there's that whole penis thing.

If we're going to hate, I say we hate everyone, equally.

D: Been there. Done that. Have the tee shirt.

Lab, I *hate* (read:*heart*) you!

Hate is the new loooooove people! Come on everyone, braid your hair, quit bathing, wear tie dye, smoke clove cigs!


I really *hate* hippies.

Can somebody hate me some motivation?

No way man... Just sit back and relax... it'll come to you when it comes to you....

Just to add one more nail to the coffin, the useless, pulseless idgit sent me an email asking ME what is going on with MY review. Um, isn't that HIS problem?

*hates Lab a cookie*

That should motivate you!

DDi- May I suggest you tell him, "If it was up your ass you'd know!"

Although, by the sounds of things, he may very well already have a lightbulb in it's place.

I hate being sarcastic!

For some reason this "hate" thing reminds me of my seventh grade science teacher saying "I love your guts."

*still not zipping but here*
And heinzed.

I'm glad to see a Fish sighting; you e-mail, you call and what - nothing. No, I'm not upset about it AT ALL!!!! really.
private to Fish, pssst, not to worry, just take care of yourself *smooch*

Brian, there are 2 Chileans in the tennis world and they both cheat, so I don't much care for their slimy tactics either. CG calls to get tennis updates during the day and I say that the Cheating Chileans are playing!

Lab, you're absolutely right. It's an overstatement to even say that Chipotle has no atmosphere. You might as well eat in an empty warehouse. But the food is worth it when you get home!

Di, I'm with B on the terrified of dogs thing. IMO, you're lucky he didn't drive off and leave you when he saw them coming! :)

Still unbelieavably hot here, and I don't care that I misspelled it.

D, that's when I reply to them "I'm not sure what you're asking. Can you clarify for me?"

My boss hates me, btw.

OMGWTFBBQ! I forgot to comment on the Chipotle thingy!

I *hate* Chipotle! And I agree with El, it's totally worth it if you take it home, otherwise the dining room itself leaves you with nothing short of an aluminum taste in your mouth. The pork tacos used to be my favorite. Mmmmm....

Pork tacos! I hate to pork tacos!

also, I hate El.

*hatehugs everyone*

I'm getting carried away again huh?

I'm very happy, btw. Last night, I popped open the computer, disconnected the ribbon cable with the CD drive and DVD drive on it, and plugged it into the extra spot on my IDE card. Now everything works! Ready to start reinstalling software!

Tonight I'm going to reinstall my RSS Argonator and resubscribe to everyone's blogs so I can catch up.

I hate it when you get carried away, Fish.

I've been posting stuff lately!! YAY! for posting stuff!! and I have names for some counselors to try (finally) YAY! for my cousin finally getting back to me!!

Sheesh!! It was a good thing I went back and re-heinzed (?) because the FIRST thing I saw was Mr. Fisher saying "I hate El."

After I stopped sobbing, I went back and looked at figured it out. I can only hope there are no emotional permanent scars left from this.

9:28a.m. Turned on a/c

*not heinzed*
Swallow Alert, level III
For DDi

ROFLMAO!!! Thanks MOTW! {{MOTW}}

I have a Dilbert calendar on my desk, and everyday, I hope and pray for that one... Teehee. I've printed it and taped it to my cabinet. :)

As a matter of fact, the very hot, hunky Marat Safin is playing one of the Cheating Chileans right now - and winning!!

slow afternoon on the MOAT, huh?


I do not like getting called at home...on my lunch break...to hear the station is off the air.

So I run back in. Oh, it wasn't off the air. The modulation monitor that controls what is on the air had gone out...but the transmitter was up and running. It just wasn't getting anything to broadcast.

Apparently there was a hiccough in the power earlier...which rebooted the computers...and knocked out the modulation monitor. Which can only be recovered by unplugging the power cord from the unit, popping the fuse out(it hasn't blown), popping it back in and plugging the cord back in.


At least I have espresso. In my little teeny espresso cup too.

Wasn't there anyone there who could fix it? Could there be a troubleshooting guide?

*loves Susan some biscotti to go with her espresso*

Sarah...everyone else was out.

The morning guy was back across the river for the day.

My boss, who called me, had gotten a call about it, and she was out of town.

My afternoon sidekick doesn't have a key to the building right now.

Pretty much leaves only me...


*looks at clock*

Time to run to IGA!!!


Sarah J - grocery store

And no biscotti. Booger.


Pepperidge Farm Pirouette chocolate hazelnut "entertaining cookies."

But do you serve them when you are entertaining, or are they entertaining? Do they sing? Do they dance?

oh. Duh, we shop at an IGA in Montpelier, ID when we stay at our cabin (it's 40 minutes away) We used to call it the "International Garbage Association" and had a song and made up foods that were made of trash (eg that the chocolate covered graham crackers were cardboard covered in tar) I think I was about 8 years old when we did that.

And a bit of real food for the day...a "cold plate".

Lettuce, tomato, celery, pickles, chicken salad, and some slightly soggy crackers.

I will even eat the celery.

Raw celery is not one of my all time favorites. Or even anywhere on the list. But I will eat it...and possibly skip the crackers.

Healthier that way.

Thin sliced sauteed celery I like...

*eyes bulge*

Susan! The cookies entertain your taste buds!

Please excuse me. I need something.
If anyone can think of what it is I need, please submit those suggestions to the local suggestion box. Or something. Thank thee.

The whole penis thing?

*lights up*

Hmm, I wonder where that glow is coming from...?

I believe the cookies stack rocks as performace art. But if they mess up you end up with crumbs instead of cookies.

*runs in, speed heinzes, hates everyone here tremendously, smooches everybody soundly*

I'm off to Kansas for the next 10 days or so. Home home home home home!

*smooches everybody again, quietly this time*

Bye everybody; take care!

*skips thru scattering M&Ms (the pirate ones)*
I just got Monday off. w00t!
*skips out*

*hates neo back*

have a great time!

wolfie, who's Monday? ;)

*snork* @ s'girl

puddle of drool over in the corner. he was a functional person before i got ahold of him.

*snork* at southerngirl

LTTG but you guys weren't there when I commented.


I will be out for the next 10 days taking vacation time as my dad comes for a visit. Prolly won't be czeching in. I will miss you all.
*does an elegant swan dive into the MOAT*

Judge: 8.2 ... she had a bit of a splash on entry

Everybody's going away except me...and El.


Oh wait, sly is coming to town this weekend!

(*does happy dance*)

I'll be around! I don't go out of town until July 11, and then gone for two weeks, and leave again on August 8 and get back on the 17th. YAY! for vacation time with my family!!


Back again.

The internet was apparently gone from all the computers...except the one I was using.

Following a lengthy process of shutting them all down...six computers in four rooms...and shutting down the router and things...then turning everything back on...we have internet again...and are back online as well.

And I didn't post the playlist for today yet...

(Good thing I did at least save the list before I left for lunch)

Thursday 6-29-06 All Request Lunch Hour
“Midnight Confessions” Grass Roots
“Whipping Post” Allman Brothers Band---Dennis
“American Girl” Tom Petty
“Sweet Emotion” Aerosmith
“Dancing in The Dark” Bruce Springsteen
“Man On The Corner” Genesis
“Good Vibrations” Beach Boys
“In The Mood” Robert Plant
“Amie” Pure Prairie League
“Wish You Were Here” Pink Floyd
“Blinded By The Light” Manfred Man

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