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February 23, 2004


Yeti could be lurking on any mountainside.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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Your very own Beaver spread, Fish. *ponders the way that sounds*

Ok, I'm here instead of work: I'm stalling. Why, you ask? Ok, so you didn't ask, but I'm feeling contrary, so I'm going to tell you anyway.

While I was home, I messed with broken fiberglass (no, not intentionally; who knew?) and still can't get it all out of my hands. Certain things hurt; snagging these tiny slivers of glass on paper is one of them, gripping the steering wheel is another.

But mainly, I was at work at my new job all of three days before I left for vacation. My boss was there for approximately an hour and a half of that time, total. While in Kansas, I got a call; my boss said that he had a whole bunch more contracts coming in, got several new properties and turned several properties over, and he apologized for leaving the office in a shambles, but he didn't have time to leave me a note. He is on vacation this week and is unreachable.

I have had no training, and been given absolutely no direction. I don't even know what my job description is. What he does is very different from what my old boss did, so I simply don't know how to DO anything in this new office. (Yes, I made sure to tell the new boss this when he interviewed me.) I don't even know what he wants me to do!

Everybody raves about him because he is so laid back, but I don't know if I can handle it. I have asked him for direction, but while I was there he was too busy to give it, and this week he is unreachable. There is nobody else that I can ask. So I'm here, griping instead of going in and trying to make the best of it.

*whimpers and slowly forces self out the door*
I don't wanna go to work.

Fish, czech your e-mail...

Paging Lab, paging Lab... czech your e-mail in 2 minutes. :)

I'm back at last. Drove Jackie to school, ran errands (bank, post office), then came back and found the guy was here changing some of our old windows at last! Apparently (according to the window guy) these apartment building owners go for the cheaper quality windows, so instead of the lifetime guarantee they last 15 years tops. As he put it, some are so cloudy they look like bathroom glass.

Anyway, he changed the two in the den and the (really bad) kitchen window, but had to measure the two bad bedroom windows and will come back another day. He was a really nice guy who seemed to enjoy his work, always a plus, and he was singing along to the oldies I was playing so you know he's OK!

Kaf (when you wake up), to return to your cousin's story. Jackie's friend Sheila has a daughter who was in a hurry to get married because she wanted a child badly and the doctor told her she had endometriosis and had a very short window of opportunity to carry out a successful pregnancy.

She married this guy she was dating (not to sly: this guy was the waiter at the uptown Carmine's that Jackie mentioned) even though everyone had doubts about the marriage. They spent thousands on fertility treatments to no avail, and after a few years they got divorced.

Recently we heard she married someone else, got pregnant right away, and had a baby!

Insom's vile pun is listed here.


Insom, you were robbed! Yours was MUCH better!

Bravo, insom!!

Fish, that sucks. DOn't know if you've heard about our own NY style vicious divorce. This doctor blew up his mansion on Madison & 62nd so his wife wouldn't get her share.

Fish! Let me know if you need me to come over n drag her backwards thru one of the pockets on that pool table. Absconding with a persons ability to shoot pool is just.. just.. sooooo wrong.
she may have the fishpond furnishings, but you got the beaver ;)
neo ~ I don't have a pole long enough to touch and move those pants

Bravo, insom!

El, unlike you (apparently), I am constantly in contact with my email via a pop-up when mail is received. Work and all that.

Anyway, that was a subtle hint for you to check YOUR email. *snicker*

Damn raccoons are going to be the death of me. Or alcohol. Or my son. Or Geico.

Wolfie, perhaps you could quietly throw the ginormous pants in the trash, and replace them with something else? Like the same pants, only in a smaller size?

neo, didn't B.J. do that to Charles in M*A*S*H? First he makes him think he's lost weight with big pants, then gained weight with a smaller size. Last line: "Next time, he gets taller."

Should have read "note to sly" up there

Fish, that is EXACTLY the problem: i'm trying to play by the rules here damnit! and i'm playin against a habitual headbutter who never gets caught by the Refs.

Wish I had some help to offer.

Maybe you could get some sparkly girly decorative glue and draw all over the pants. Of course, that would involve touching them, but you can always use gloves.

private note to Lab - *sigh* I wish I had that feature

jeff- what an explosive story. that guy let his indigestion problems get the better of him. I'm taking Gas-x (with Maalox) so, I should be ok.

actually you all help more than you know.

i don't say that lightly.

i let out, here at the outlet.

*zips in from dressing and brushing teeth*

WHEW! I was a little LTTG in turning on WCRE, so I'm glad I didn't miss all the Tech Report! *giggles*

Susan, in honor of insom's 2nd place (should have been FIRST!) in the contest, can you please play American Pie?

thanks all... esp. Leetie for posting the link which wasn't there earlier... and i promise to reach even lower depths of bad writing next year!

Why is it that no matter how interesting what he has to say is, listening to Atticus for more than 60 seconds saps my will to live?

Rock & roll trivia: Robert Knight did the original version of "Everlasting Love" in 1967 and it was a modest hit. In 1974 Knight produced the Carl Carlton version, with virtually the EXACT SAME arrangement, this time taking it to #6 nationally.

Am I the only one getting tired of the robot and the long post times?

Truly vile, Insom, truly vile! You're no. 1 with us - and I remember that you posted that one on the MOAT at one time.



Come Monday.

Haven't heard it for a while. :)

(((FISH))) *loves Fish a new Pool Table, but installs it in the Beaver Spread!

Jeff, is that a move suggestion? I did the last one, but I don't feel at all bad about finding the next home, too.

Jeff- what's your take on Doug Clark and the HOT NUTS?

Rack 'em?
Sack 'em?

I ask, because that's what I currently have on the corner of my desk. I'm wondering who should be more afraid, me or Wolfie?


Thanks, Susan.





*starts packing puppies into their crates*

Come along, guys. We're moving to the Blog Move MOAT

*grabs Fish's hot nuts*

You'll follow me now, won't ya?


And not a moment too soon.

Yes, Lab, please. Moving day.

Fish, just know them by reputation.

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