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January 12, 2004


Testing... testing... Is this thing on?

I am interrupting my hiatus here to alert you -- if there is anybody still out there -- that I'll be continuing my hiatus for a bit longer. I'm still working on some book stuff, and the Miami Herald is sending me to Iowa and New Hampshire, where apparently there is some kind of election or something (I will have more details on this as I make them up). I'll be starting my reports from Iowa at the end of this week, and will link to them on this blog. Also, there may be a guest Stealth Blogger coming on here from time to time to post items in a stealthy manner. So you might want to check in every now and then. when you get tired of viewing other web content.

Also: Happy New Year.


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Gimme my WMD badge?

Guess not?


Gimme my WMD badge?


too light?


test yet again.

Are my tags closed?


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