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August 31, 2003


Because this is the best they've got.

(Thanks to Michelle Tourigny)


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Thank you crash.

If there were nekkid people and chocolate at the games I'd be there.

I, instead, am here at the station. (although I have been known to have nutella during no pants night...)

27 calendars are now on their way to Eleanor. Can we trust the post offices of 2 countries AND the customs people to take care of them?

I've already got the Godiva. Thank you neo *smooch*

If there were nekkid people at the games, none of the players would be allowed by their parents to attend. But it might be the most popular grown up thing going on in Cheraw on a Friday night.
Then again, there's the whole good naked vs bad naked thing.
Naked crouching = bad naked.

Baseball is not a fun naked sport.

(although I have been known to have nutella during no pants night...)

I see Cheraw ROCKS!! on Friday nights.

Susan? Want to give Jane our suggestions? It might cheer her up a little.

Golf is not a fun nekid sport either.

Thanks a million, Trillian.

Morning Moaties.

I'd say it's good, but I'm still not sure about that yet.

Hope everyone elses is.

Chow mein.

Susan- Do you have Lit-My Own Worst Enemy, or maybe something a little mroe mellow and retro like the Clash- Should I stay or go now or Dave Matthews - Too Much.


Chief Bologna, Chief Toot, Chief Scorer, Chief I'd stop goofing off here I could get some actual work done.

*blasts from the past*

kibby ~ depends how close you are to the beer wench or the ball washer.

naked beach volleyball ~ fun, except for sand in bad places.

Kibby...if I gave her some of those names, she'd REALLY wonder about some of the people listening (I liked them though)...but she has gone...at least for now. She'll be back, sometime. We have to record something for the game Friday, but who knows when that will be done.

On the plus side, the bleach fumes are dispersing. I can breathe again.

I try to do that every day.

wolfie...that is my worry when I see movies with people cavorting nekkid, or nearly so, in the sand and/or waves. Wouldn't you end up with an awful lot of sand in less than ideal places?

MrFishair...I do have the Clash. May be able to find the Dave Matthews.

*snork* We can't name the Brave on the horse Cheif Scorer...that would be player Chris Massey...I think he had 7 touchdowns last Friday...

Back in a bit...vacuuming in the main studio. I think I'll try to shorten the blinds in the front window.

Bis, I submitted "kibby"....but it didn't even make the short list...

Kibby, normally, that's a GOOD thing, right?

Susan ~ yes. *twitch*

Chief Mounter?

Susan - how about The Space Between, Dave Matthews?

In Munich they have an enormous park called the Englishgarten and walking through it we saw totally (!) naked people playing volleyball! I was shocked because I knew we would see topless women on the beaches in the south of France, but no one mentioned naked volleyball players in Germany!!! My ex wouldn't let me take a picture, said it would be an invasion of their privacy!
Me: What privacy, they're naked!!

Naked People get angry when you take their picture.

Sometimes they chase you. This is why I have learned to run backwards. Running naked people are fun to watch.

Eleanor, our office was on the border of Englishergareten. To get to the Chineese Tower you'd walk right past it.

Yep, the south end was for the nekid-type folks. Some of my co-works would spend lunch out there - nekid. NOT A SIGHT I WANTED TO SEE!

Now, the co-ed nekid saunas - THOSE WERE COOL!

cool saunas?

There was a story about a woman that skinny dipped in the canals in the park. The current would take her out of the park and she'd catch a bus to come back.

She was busted (he he) on the bus, not because she was naked, she didn't have a valid pass.

cool saunas? yep, kept the gals "perky" and the guys hidden!

Anyplace where she might keep the pass would tend to make it invalid, IMHO.

Great beginning, Susan!!
Whiter Shade of Pale


Fishair! are ya still here? Thanks!
My talents are fare better endowed than my tatas

kibby, when we were there it was a national holiday (which Germany seems to have lots of), and at the Chinese Tower they had an oompah band wearing lederhosen and a snack bar with pretzels soooo big you used them for trays to hold your plate of brats! And very large mugs of PIVO, of course. It was a lot of fun! Good times....

Germans like to have their beer by the liter! They call it a "Mas" and boy is it!

We'd go out the tower for lunch and meetings with vendors - yea, good times ...

... sometimes we'd even come back to the office.

Can't find any Dave Matthews around here.

I keep meaning to buy a cd or something...maybe this weekend.

*fans self*

*takes a drag off a candy cigarette*

Thanks Crash. He was getting a little heavy.

*gives Drag Queen a dirty look*

candy cigarette!?

Where'd you get that!?

You know...I haven't actually SEEN candy cigarattes in years. All I see are candy sticks. Couldn't have the cigarettes...they made kids want to smoke.

Bull. I LOVED candy cigarettes, used to pretend I was smoking...NEVER EVER had any desire to smoke for real.

You can buy them here
And lots of other blasts from your past too.


I think that site ought to be called oldtimeYcandy.com.

To find the Munich Chineese Tower GO HERE and type Oettingenstr into the "Suche" window.

The building that says "Inst. der Universit" was our offices. "Chinesischer Trum" is the beer garden (tower).

Seems like I've seen them somewhere...but I don't remember where.

*snork* I may be buying some silly candy this afternoon.

I saw some candy cigarettes at The Show. More expensive than the ones at the local dairy. I used to love em when I was a kid. The trick was getting them past my parents because Dad smoked and Mum hated it. (He quit when I was about 10 because she said "It's them or me." I think he made the right [more expensive, but right] choice). A couple of years back, I bought a packet just because I could.

Wolfie... 3 and 17. I can send you more numbers if you want em.

Susan.. How can they name the Brave Chief Running Brave when he's not running, he's riding a horse? Which is his entire job, let me remind you. No running involved at all, that I can see. I vote for Chief Cook-and-Bottle-Washer.
Also.. Bouganvillea. Or Chief Bouganvillea. Some chiefs are like that, you know.
I didn't realise everyone (or most of you) knew what a budgie was. I guess you're all smarter than the people I used to hang out with, where if I ever told the story about Billy, I had to explain what a budgie was.

Crash. LJ hates me. It took 5 minutes to open your page, then froze and had to be reset every time I tried to scroll down/page down. It's an improvement on Bis's, which I can't get into at all, so there's something to be said for that.
Running naked.` Definitely not good if you (M or F) have anything that will either flap in the breeze or bounce up and hit you in the chin. Longterm, that makes things sag. Which is very sad. It's also why I try not to run.

AAaaaaawwww.. I just checked the link. We didn't have candy cigarettes in proper boxes like that. They never actually looked like cigarette boxes. I'll see if I can find a picture of what we got.. not that I'm complaining, you understand.

*returns from long and valiant (2 second Google) search*

Waaaaaahhh! No pictures! We had candy cigarettes, just like the ones in your pic, but shorter, and in a not-shaped-like-a-cigarette-packet box. They were called Spaceman cigarettes. Later, they were called Spaceman candy sticks so that no one got the idea that the makers were encouraging children to smoke.

kibby - I SAW IT, I SAW IT!

Very cool map!

*zips out to get ready for CG coming over for lunch*

I'm sorry Lt. Woman.
There's nothing I can do about that... I wish I could fix it.

Crash.. you could buy me a new laptop (*looks hopeful*) That would fix it. If it didn't, I'd definitely stop complaining, though.


Funny ones for Lt. Woman:
Ha, we made a kid move out of the way for this one.
Window shopping
Smokey Star?
More insulted than amused
Great pose!
The one that jumped right on No questions asked.
Dance Dance Revolution

We went to Universal Studios with a special friend.

*hopes not to be flagged for spam...*

For those who don't know what a candy ciggy is.

I bet the ladies here would like a Candy Higgy.

Am I right?

That's what I thought.

Who can resist the Higster, the Higgaramma, slipping in the jello. The Higgy man.

(you're welcome Crash, and although you're talents may be more endowed as you put it, your tatas are A 1 in my book ;)

Hey, you gonna eat those tots?

You can have them if you don't shove them in your pockets...

Ugh.. I tried, Crash, I truly did. I saw up to the Spiderman pic, then I clicked on the next one and my computer rebooted itself. Then when it restarted, it had a "fatal error" and I had to reboot all over again. The ones I saw were really funny, though. The size of the pics is enough to help me understand why it took quite a while for the page to load the first time!

Your tatas?!

Oh no, unless you're calling my mouth a pocket.

*takes off with cRaSh's Tatas*

Yes this is true, but they are much smaller on the LJ, for efficiency sake.

NOOOOooo You said, and I quote: "tots"
Tots are tater-tots. Not tits or tatas.



Well, ya can't blame a Fish for trying.

*takes tots and pouts*


*still waiting on El to check her bank account*


It was a good try.
*pats Fish's shoulder*

I checked mine Fish. Would you be willing to drive up?

Fish for Thanksgiving dinner.... yum! Just drive up to Kansas and hop a ride with my folks, Fishair.

ugh. Real life. Somedays it's just too much to believe.

I have to get dressed and go out soon. Hopefully the sun will stay out of sight for a while. I have to buy stuff today, which is not what I want to do, because it's not fun "for-me" type stuff. Which is what I really want.

I'm better at buying things for other people than myself. As I just discovered trolling ebay for bargains.
I was browsing thru the charms for my bracelets and kept finding nice ones and thinking.. nope.. 6 bucks is too much for that. And then I went and spent 60 bucks on one for someone else. Of course it's a special one for my mother to replace one she had on her bracelet from the time she was a teenager till the time my brother (see #9 on the list on my den) destroyed it. She has been hunting for a replacement for years. I found one, and she's getting it for Christmas.

Yes, I've been productive today haven't I?

Did I mention this is all my bossman's fault? He keeps loaning me his paypal account number.

Wolfie, you've been more productive than me today. I don't think I've really done anything at all.

No...I did shorten the blinds in the lobby. The window is close to 6 feet wide...big honkin' two inch wide slats...and I had close to a dozen to take out. And each and every one was notched in 6 places on each edge...meaning that I couldn't just slide them out...I had to unhook them as I slid.


Well, ------
The rest of that sentence was going to be that it was 1pm PST and I'd been stood up by CG, who didn't even call -
BUT - where the dotted line is the phone rang - CG with some sob story about getting stuck late in Court - right. Like judges don't eat lunch - hmmmph!

SO- whatever. Frankly, I've lost interest in the whole project AND I'm having a bad hair day because I went out to run an errand earlier and it was raining.

Rain + El's hair = frizz.
Baseball cap time.

Bleh, indeed Susan.

Well, it turns out that I didn't go when I said I would. I was about to walk out the door and the phone rang. My mother. Did I want to go shopping this morning instead of tonight? Okay. That's pretty much what I was going to do anyway. Gonna look for more Wolfie candy. I told my mother about the candy thing the other day, and she said "Well, you could always get this.. and this.. and this.. and this.." and I've had random phonecalls to say "Would she like this, do you think?" My mother is very excited. Can you tell? She also likes buying people gifts. A lot.

Speaking of things to buy, my jug is leaking. No, not my jugs, my electric kettle type jug. Gonna see if I can con my sister or brother or both into buying a new one for me for Christmas. Mum's had my Christmas present for months already (see previous paragraph)

Wolfie- I would be willing, but unfortunately my old pick up would not.

That and the fact that I checked my bank account and it just laughed at me. ;(

Stoopid wekin for a living.

I need some PERKS damnit!

and a nap.

*laughing at the thought of Neo's Mom holding a Fish bowl in her lap while driving down the highway to Neo's*

*goes to the basement to finish plotting bank robbery*

*flashes MrFisher*

Enough of a perk for you?

*goes back to being surly*

(but not for long)

Imagine having to Perk for a living. I wonder if you'd ever get bored?


Kibby- thanks for the cuddle last night.

It got really cold here today. Brrrrrrr! I'm venturing back out to meet Rita and Tom for dinner! woo hoo!

Talk to y'all later.

Gonna get cold here tonight...down in the 30's...and even colder Friday night.

I'm off...another meeting.

I just realized...I haven't had any soda or caffeine today. Maybe my mood is in part due to that?

I'm off...

*perks one last time*

ah much better. thanks ladies.


I missed Cuddling with a Dr.Mad Scientist last night and again just now. (have a good time MAD!)


Weasel? Wanna cuddle?

Ok, so this is, like, Friday nite for me? 'Cause I don't have to, like, work tomorrow? So are some of you guys going to, like, hang out with me?

(I rode home on a bus full of teens. I barely made it off the bus before I smacked the next girl that said 'like'.)

I promise that I don't have a big ole box o' wine.

I have PARALYZERS! And I'm in a VERY good mood =)!

*kisses the ground* I took my son out for a driving lesson today. And I lived to tell about it! (details for those who are interested at my blog)

Also... tonight is the first time the kids are staying all night at my husband's. They just left. It is already FAR too quiet. So let's have some noise around this joint!

(heh heh, I said joint)

I have some of those, too.

I can't do anything about it, though, since this place is overrun with giggling girls.

*grins* Giggling girls sounds like fun. I had a house full of boisterous boys all day. But now I'm heading out to help a friend finish moving. At least it won't be quite so quiet there!

*runs down the street after neo but it's too late - she's gone*

OK. I'm outta here too. I'm sorry to tell y'all this but I've been cheating on you with another forum. I even use an alias to check in - they know me as Angel. I'll always be Peri in my heart but they're there when you're not, you know? And so's my sweetie - it's him that's me led into these scurrilous ways. I'll check back in here after 'Survivor' is over.

Peri.. I'm here, but I can only stay for 40 mins or so. I've still got shopping to do. Hoping to HP a microwave today. I neeeed me one of those. You can live without one easily enough, but it's far easier to live with one.

*runs in*

I'm here...sort of...for now. Putting together news...and all that kind of fun thing.

Enjoying dinner. Mmmmmm...feta.

mmmmm Susan. I've got chicken steak and a Greek Salad for dinner. Yum. That's what happens when you go shopping. You get exciting edible type food in the house!

I was out of town at a meeting...and called in an order to go for supper. Greek salad...and the Grecian pasta combination...pasta with olive oil, topped with ham, mushrooms and feta. *drool*

And I lived on the edge and got dessert...a truely wonderful piece of carrot cake.

Living on the edge has some advantages. Dessert is only one of them.

*looks for dessert*

Nope... didn't get that, apparently.

I've got to disappear, my lovelies. Time and the bus service wait for no man or Moatie.

*adjusts cocobra*

'Survivor' was good - and unexpected. I like it when's it's like that.

My sweetie is the greatest sweetie ever! He has to go to Calgary on Monday but he's going to take a very early flight so he can stop in Winnipeg. He told me that this was NOT a booty call - he just wants to see me. (That's what he thinks!) I'm just crazy about this sweetie!

He makes me so happy and so afraid. What happens if he goes away? I know how it feels and I know how to deal with it - but I don't want to do it again. He runs around my defences by taking them out before I can put them up. He feels a bit strange bringing his daughter into a new relationship and so do I. He doesn't like that we both have careers in different cities and neither one of us is prepared to to leave it. So do I. He loves me, he enjoys me, he waits to hear from me - so do I.

Does a man who isn't in your face every day make more of an impression on you than one who brings his habits, his smells, his - vacuousness - to you every day? I thought I loved once - and then I had to live with him. Reality was WAY off what I thought it would be. Know what? I don't think men are that smart. I apologize right now, because I think the men here probably are - but I've never known a guy who liked what I liked - not all of it. It's not as weird as I thought, though. Trinity and Rick have never seen anything like us before. They are both VERY impressed but are not likely to hang out here. (I have some thoughts about that but I guess I'll keep them to myself.)

How off-the-charts are we? I'm so proud of us. We are the kindest and most giving forum there has ever been. People that don't know us and who only skimmed us say that we are unique.

Mind you, the people that told me these things are an engineer and a nurse. Their perspective is probably a little off. Just like us =)!

This is indeed a unique and truely wonderful group.


(yes...I snuck in a little groping too...this group, while fun to hug, is fun to grope too)

*sneaking out before I get all weepy at the thought of these wonderful people here...* (yes...that is something that can get me weepy at times...and this is one of them)(sometimes I'm just in the mood for a good cry...however that's usually best avoided...if only for the way my sinuses clog up soooooo horribly at the first tear)

*shakes that mood off a bit...* I just got an invite to my sisters (and her husbands) New Years Eve Party...Now I wanna go to Philly for New Years!

I just got back from meeting Tom and Rita. Great couple. Tom was pretty quiet. Rita is witty and charming. Dinner was good. I forgot how cold the nights here get and how dark those mountain roads are. In L.A. there is so much light polution they hardly even need to put street lights up out there. Here you only have the stars and your headlights.

*pinches peri* - sounds like you are falling head over heels. Yes sometimes it is scary, but don't sell love short.

*cuddles fish* oh you would rather cuddle weasel? Ok then.

Weasel's evil bosses have cut off internet use during work hours so you might not see him around much.

*goes off to iron her dress for tomorrow.*



Yes, we are unique. And this is the Rabbit Moat. That makes us Unique Rabbits. And do you know how you catch a Unique Rabbit?

Unique up on him.

*ducks and runs*

*focuses an evil eye on weasels's employers*
*grabs hold of Mad tightly and feels around*

I just spoke to my best friend from high school and later years. Did I ever mention the wedding I went to at Stony Mountain, the local federal prison? My roommate, Ann, married a guy who was in jail for robbing some gas stations and corrupting a minor. No one but me went to the wedding and I had to get special permission. It was extremely weird. Hubby was a former Mr Manitoba and extremely built. He was also a Sid Vicious fan and did his best to emulate him. The fact that he robbed gas stations was apparently a seperate vice. Ann married him and later had his son. I loved Ann and stood with her.
I don't know what to think. I really liked Dave, he was the reason I saw, and now love, 'Sid and Nancy'. I stood up at his wedding. In a federal prison. I saw his son born and I saw Dave throw it all away. He's dead from an overdose. Ann later met Brian, her current husband, and he is a good man. She married him and had another son. So how come she cried when she told me Dave was dead?

I cried, too.

But Annie and I are going to go shopping next weekend, so I guess we're over it, huh? (NEVER underestimate the healing power of shopping!{Or the getting together of old best friends!}.)

what do you put on a pig with a rash?


There is a major party going on in my parking lot. It's unbelievably good weather and we Winterpeggers know how to appreciate it. Shall I go out and meet them?

Yep - I'm going out. Tell y'all how it went later!

Peri.. enjoy the party!

Mad.. are they planning on rationing oxygen to the workers as well? That's just wrong!
*loves Weasel some love for when he can get back*

Okay.. it's lame joke night on the Moat, huh? Here's my contribution...
What do a blonde and a turtle have in common?
If they're on their backs, they're both ****ed.

Heh heh heh! The cops came! Because I live here I was able to just fade into the building. J is spending the nite with a friend so I'm not being a bad mama. Still - it brings back memories....the baseball cap in the purse so they don't know who was fighting who outside the 7-11; sitting quietly at your table at the bar when there was blood splattered on your glass....these things happened in a small town, which is always bigger than the police force. No one saw anything and nothing happened - we're just having a good time!

*checks cookie jar for bail money in case it's needed in Winterpeg*

Paul Teutel Sr and Jr are on Letterman. WHY does Sr. give me a case of the hominahomina's? If I were to run into him on the street, I'd scream and run the other direction, but when viewed from the safety of tvland....hominahomina.

I think it's the biceps.

ooooooo, he just flexed them.

Yup, it's the biceps.

Hominahomina.....huh? What's up, sly? I'm not getting it. (Said from her ultra-respectable and unimpeachable homefront. These kids - what can you say? They're fine - no trouble at all, I say.)

Ha! Cops gone, neighbors at my place - turn the music up LOUD!!!!

(These kids are gonna learn about KISS! And Nickelback.)

Turns out they know about KISS...and AD/DC and Ozzie and Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and Sweet...I LOVE these kids!! We have some MAJOR Nickelback fans here. See y'all in the morning! Or, more likely, tomorrow afternoon!

wOOt! for the innocent Peri!

Sly... I feel the same way about George Clooney. In my dreams, I'm licking liquid honey off his.. well, never you mind, but if I had the chance in reality, I'd want to disinfect him and see the results of a comprehensive blood test first.

OY! Pay attention, Angel/Peri! I see this was the last place you were. I'm trying to get you on MSN. You seem to be having a party - can you stop dancing for a minute and talk to me?

(from Rick, who as my msn id?)

I'm coming over to your place. Don't let the kids go.

Trin.. do you have Yahell Messenger? She may be on there... that is presuming she can hear message alerts over the music.

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