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August 31, 2003


Because this is the best they've got.

(Thanks to Michelle Tourigny)


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Wow, Wolfie (humbled) you know everything

*undoes two buttons on Wolfies shirt*

Trying to spoil my fun, Kaf?


Wolfie...you win...

*looks around*

Wurm for an evening...enjoy!


*undoes two more buttons*

*is rapidly running out of button*

Josh...just come visit the radio station...impress my boss with the fact that you came across the country, and I feel sure you'd get a Cheraw Braves polo shirt.

Or at the very least I'd buy you a Cheraw shirt...

Sorry Wurm.. I wrote a note about nonsense emails right next to the RHMS comment and I forgot to make a note that the message was for BigD. So BigD.. take care out there.. and if any (this includes ALL) of you get weird emails, DON'T OPEN THE ATTACHMENTS..... I'M BEGGING YOU!!! I like talking to you and I don't want your computers to be destroyed.

Wolfie.. isn't that taking the whole "Wednesday = Hump Day" thing a bit literally? NTTAWWT, of course.

I am so stopping in Cheraw if I drive down to Florida again. I'm not as far away as Josh, but can I have a shirt too? I'll even talk on the mic. Do you have a delay on your station? In case I say a bad word by accident? Can I record an ad for Mitch and Jane? Something that doesn't sound like the MidgetJay show?
Can I? Huh? Huh?

Yes. Wolfie. You may.

Keep unbuttoning your blouse I mean.

Werk = Rotten Toots

That is all for now.

(Sup Josh, been awhile. Hope everything's cool in SeattleLand)

Red Hot Monkey Sex and Booger Jello &larr& do a google search on that. 7th result it gives you.

Kat ~ one can never take Wednesday the hump day too literally. Unless you'd rather celebrate whip it out Wednesday. I'm all for that as well.

*whips it out*

*sound of gravitational pull sending me crashing to the floor*

OUCH, damnit. I forgot that I can't do that unless I have some underwire to back it up.

My daughter applied for a tacher's grant for college. She had her first interview and she 3 more with the last 2 in Raleigh. Cheraw is only 117 miles out of the way. Since I have to take the time and effort to chauffer her there I might do something for myself and stop by to see Susan. I don't know when this will happen tho, but probably within the next month or two.

The Monkey Moat comes in at #9, and The Fluffy Bunny Moat doesn't even get a mention? What the Freak?

Then again, my results were from Google.co.nz, not .com, so that may be where the difference lies. At least we got in there somewhere.

*goes off to shower, moisturise and remedy lack of underwire*

Teacher's Grant for pete's sake. And I type for a living - sheesh.

Some of us look young but are secretly ancient...

Yours truly, in fact. I look 34, but I'm really.... 34....


Midget - join the ranks of the two-fisters!
(insert dirty joke about two-fisting here)

Posted by: Higgy | 01:36 PM on September 1, 2004

Ooooh!!! I could meet BigD!!!

And wolfie later on too!!!

Yes, wolfie...I'd let you on the air. No delay, though...maybe live wouldn't really work...might be a dangerous thing. We could record...

Never got the playlist on from yesterday (makes it hard for Sarcasmo to sing the songs if I wait so long to post them...)

So here is yesterday's and today's...

Tuesday 11-8-05 All Request Lunch Hour
Tec report
“Follow Me” Uncle Kracker---for wolfie’s boss
“Don’t Bring Me Down” Electric Light Orchestra
“Snoopy vs. The Red Baron” Royal Guardsmen---Vicky
“Jet Airliner” Steve Miller Band---Trillian
“Freeway Of Love” Aretha Franklin
“Leavin’ On A Jet Plane” Peter Paul and Mary---for Jeff
“Saturday In The Park” Chicago
“Burning Love” Elvis Presley---Betsey
“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” Poison
“You Can Call Me Al” Paul Simon
“Give Me Love” George Harrison
“Make Me Lose Control” Eric Carmen

Wednesday 11-9-05 All Request Lunch Hour
“Honky Tonk Women” Rolling Stones
“Hot In The City” Billy Idol
“Your Wildest Dreams” Moody Blues
“I Feel The Earth Move” Carol King---josh
“Margaritaville” Jimmy Buffett
“Red Barchetta” Rush
“Rocky Mountain High” John Denver---Eleanor
“Fire and Rain” James Taylor
“Werewolves of London” Warren Zevon---wolfie
“Maggie May” Rod Stewart
“Love Me Two Times” Doors
“Dust In The Wind” Kansas

Off to lunch...

It's very strange reading old moats where half the people have been stripped. And not the good kind of stripped.
I keep having to insert Joshkr into spots I know someone was responding to him, and imagining something he might have said to get such a response.


*Fires dart into Joshkr's left rump.*

You know, Joshkr, it's not much a challenge if you pull down your pants and bend over three feet from me.

*Watches Joshkr sway on his feet*

Posted by: Polly | 10:33 AM on September 1, 2004

*watches everyone run to pick Josh up off the floor*

*snorking* at monkey sex and booger jello google search!

A google of Booger Jello Ramparts turns us up in the top 2 with a blog entry and a field trip. :)

You've gotta keep Google on their toes, Leetie. I'd love to find the Google guys and see what the weirdest search request that ever turned up anything was.

*packs lunch and heads out the door for work.*

New Game: come up with a search that ONLY results in a DB blog thread, bloglit site, and/or field trip thread.

"Beboogered" works.

Oooo that's hard Leetie.
Monkey doots and Moataritas.

Fluffy, Pliskin and greenhouse, oddly turn up lots of other things too.

alot of word lists turn up... we can just ignore them.

'bwang schwacket' turns-up mostly us, but I bet the other one is somebody we know. :)

bwang schwacket booger
beaver doots boogers
goat sex gnfarb

Ack! Help!

Dear Abby/Heloise/Moaties,

I have been the victim of a savage and brutal haircutting accident..does anybody know a way to make hair grow faster? Otherwise I'm gonna be baseball cappin' it for a few weeks....

1 - Cover all mirrors in house.
2 - Repeat 10 times 3 times a day:
It will grow out.
3 - Wear baseball cap at all times.
4 - IF you have a trusted friend you can show them, so they will say (in a very sympathetic tone of voice): It will grow out. OR It's not as bad as you think it is. Which or course means that it is.



The caveat on #4 needs to be that it is a trusted FEMALE friend.

A trusted male friend will just point, laugh, then call all his buddies and let them know to do the same when they see him next time.

Wurm, it will grow back quickly. Or, depending on your age, maybe it will fall out instead.

Feel better?

1)Collect all the sympathy hugs you can get from your female friends.
2)Proceed to nearest barber and get a buzz cut and claim you meant you wanted it that short. Just to see what it would like. Also, so you wouldn't have to deal with hat hair come snow and freezing temps.

Chants to self: ItwillgrowoutItwillgrowoutItwillgrowoutItwillgrowoutItwillgrowoutItwillgrowoutItwillgrowoutItwillgrowoutItwillgrowoutItwillgrowout.

It's not likely to fall out Sly. Given my family history, if my hairline was gonna recede it woulda already started.

Not that there's much hair left to fall out. I look like a chemo patient. Or a new marine. Or a moldy cueball.

I told the $^!#^@! barber how I wanted my hair cut (short, but not anything like this) and he got out the clippers without checking what blade was in them and went WHHOOOOOM down the top of my head. I cried out in horror, but the damage was done. The choice was go through with a fuzzball cut or be left with a reverse mohawk.

I think somebody told me once that drinking protein shakes would make hair grow faster. Anybody know if that's true?

PS- It's nice to have friends to tell about this who I know won't see me in person for the next few weeks.

Oops, sorry the webcam is also gonna be in the shop for awhile.

Wolfie- yeah, I'm at the kinda-long buzz cut stage now.

Wurm - the protein shakes rumor is, sad to say, just another urban myth. :(
And BrianB is right that the trusted friend should be female.


In addition to DB being on PBS tonight (see MB), Lewis Black is going to do a routine on THE WEATHER CHANNEL - who knew??
Check your local listings for times in your area.

Yes, wurm...act like the buzzcut was the idea...better to just be really short all over and let it grow out.

It will grow back.

No Wurmmie, erm Worries Wrum. I got mine cut just like that today. I'm just gonna go with it and say, "what? it's all the rage in Hollywood." Just ask Paris Hilton. Nevermind askin, You know she's say it was HAWT!

Of course, they may all still laugh. But, I get that alot anyway, so I'm quite used to it.

And another option which I'm sure is obvious, is to just drink. Heavily for the next couple of months.

Ok, so no one like to play shuffle board any more.

Fine. I'll play with myself.

(yes, I just typed that)

Also, during Thanksgiving break, if anyone wants to buy me a round trip ticket to their place, I'm willing to make the sacrifice to fly out for a few days. Really. I wouldn't mind.

*zips in*

*sees Mr.Fish's Thanksgiving offer*

*zips out to check bank account*

Fish do you do dishes?

Special *hugzzz* for two unexpected packages that showed up in my mailbox today. Ya'll make me smile.
*smooch* for neo
*smooch* for Susan

I love you people. All of you.

*gets the warm fuzzies for all the Moaties*

I do do dishes. With nothing but a smile on.


Remind me to call before I drop by, I wouldn't want to interrupt someone washing dishes.

Would that be considered "bad naked" ??

*strolls in*

What's going on at the MOAT tod . . . WHOA, sorry Mr. Fishair, didn't mean to interrupt.

Carry on. (you said Do Do)

Good to see that some folks are walking around nekkid, as per usual..

They say my DSL is fixed. I'll believe them when its been 24 hours and I'm still online....

This is the link a dozen people will send you at work tomorrow:

Arnold's Neighborhood
That's http://www.arnoldsneighborhood.com.

Flash cartoon parody of the Governator singing the song from Sesame Street with conservative figures as the muppets. Very funny, at least for liberals.

My cat is sick. We saw the vet this morning. But she's been getting worse all day. Now she can barely stagger. And she is crying.

neo - Maybe a Fish would make your cat feel better!!! Fish always makes me happy! :)

Wurm, good one!

Higgy, hang in there, we miss you....

I am not going to make the jump to the inevitable cat/fish jokes. Nope, not going to do it.

Anyone watching the Steve Martin tribute on PBS?

"I was born a poor black child"

Awww...{{{neo}}} And a gentle hug for the poor fuzzy. Did the vet have any idea what the problem was?

Oh Fish...I've usually got dishes that need washing...but how are you on laundry?

Neo, sorry to hear about your cat.

There was supposed to be a post about that before my Steve Martin post, but I have no idea where it went.



OH! Thanks for reminding me about Steve Martin. I planned to tape The Weather Channel because Lewis Black is on it, but I'll switch to PBS because as you all know it won't be on here until 9pm PST!
It's a good thing I decided to take one last *zip* in here!


I THINK most of Dave's monologue tonight was culled from the article he wrote about working with Steve Martin on the Oscars.....in fact, I think it was most of the article.

Still funny, tho.

*whispers*hey, Sly...I think there's a typo on your blog spelling on your name. I get an error when I click on it...but I can get to your blog from other ones...I think you need an L...

(unless you want it that way to mess with us...)

*goes to record stuff*

Thanks, Susan

My good deed for the day. Now I can be bad the rest of the day.

Oh. My.

I just looked at the link at the top of this thread. (I'm bored...I'm waiting for the local paper...and they are waaaaaaaaay late tonight.)

I had not seen that. Those are rabbits? Yikes.

Not rabbits, Susan. Those poor creatures have been bred for fluffiness for so long that in two generations they will be Tribbles.

I have fluffy bedroom slippers that aren't that fluffy.



Having gotten the Latin out of the way for the day, I just want to have a moan... it's hot! In fact, at *checks clock* 7:35pm, it's still hovering around 90F. It hasn't been much hotter today, but it is supposed to cool in the evenings. Naturally, because my house has been shut up all day, it's closer to 100F inside, and I've stripped down to almost nothing. I refuse, however, to contemplate any cleaning at this point in time.

Plisskin or versions thereof will always get you extra results - Snake Plissken was the name of Kurt Russell's character in "Escape from LA". I've never seen the movie, but I remember that I found the name when Googling for something else around about this time last year when Cbol was finishing up the Snake Chronicles.

Wurm. Shave yourself bald and then you have a few options.
1. (only for the really insensitive) Tell everyone you're recovering from chemotherapy
2. Claim you dressed as a giant thumb for Halloween and you're just waiting for it to grow back
3. Tell people that job stress made it all fall out
4. Say that you did it to stop the hair from distracting the women from your dazzing good looks (you know it's true!)
5. Say you've joined a religious sect that believes that if you keep your head shaved it makes it easier for the aliens to probe your brain.
6. Declare this week Yul Brynner Appreciation and Memorial Week and say you shaved all your hair off as an homage. Bonus to this approach is that you get to eat lollipops.

I have more ideas, or I will by the time this posts. Ask if you need more inspirations tomorrow. It's a public holiday here and I've got lots to get done, because I have to work Saturday instead of tomorrow. Theoretically, I should have both days off, but it hasn't worked out that way.

Bad naked (as defined by Seinfeld - from the episode with the naturist GF) is when you do things for which you really should be wearing clothes and you're not. Stuff like bending down to pick up stuff, calisthenics, anything that involves excessive stretching from odd angles. You think it would be exciting to be naked all the time, but really, it's not.

Neo.. I hope your cat is feeling better. I hope you feel better, too. {{gentle hugs for Neo & the feline}}

*goes to raid freezer for ice cream*

oops.. in my rush to the freezer, I almost forgot my footnote

*Nil desperandum = don't despair. My grandparents taught their budgie to say that. Very cute.

Okay. I'm back, I have icecream and I realised that no one outside NZ and Australia will know what a budgie is.
*puts on teacher's cap*
Budgie is short for budgerigar (I think I spelled that correctly.. eek!), which is what those of us at the bottom of the world call parakeets. Notice that the link for this photo of parakeets actually contains the word "budgie", despite the fact I googled parakeets.
*takes off teacher's cap and throws it away* I've had enough educating for a couple of days.

Can't sleep. Weasel, fish, someone come cuddle me.

*cuddles Mad*

*watches out for weasles*

English-type folks have budgies too.

Ooooh!!! I could meet BigD!!!
And wolfie later on too!!!

MeThinks a trend is starting.... or a pilgrimage to Cheraw.

psst, Susan, I was holding off on the t-shirt annoncement until the MOATies were REALLY jealous of me.

SUSAN BOUGHT ME A CHERAW T-SHIRT! (I bought her lunch.)


You know what the t-shirt says?

"I came ALL the way to Cheraw, bought Susan lunch and GOT THIS T-SHIRT!"

... well, no, it doesn't quite say that.

So, precisely what does it say?

Ugh.. and I just noticed (while reloading) that I misread Bis's last comment. Now I look kinda dopey. I blame the heat.

Anyone get Dave recorded? Could someone burn a cd for me? Heck, even a vcr tape?


That PBS show will be rerun on the 12th at 10 pm and on the 15th at 10:30 pm.

Kibby, I have it recorded. This weekend, someone is helping me figure out how to hook the cables from my cable to VCR so I can record all of the stuff I have on the hard drive on my DVR.

Sly, you can write to something with that thing?

*hugs* neo.

G'mornin Moaties.
I saw Zathura last night. Good in a 'Jumangee' kinda way. Only scarier. Well for little kids anyway.

*leaves breakfast cart by the bar*


Man, haven't had them in years. I'll have to break out the waffle iron this weekend. Many moons ago we brought it over from the US and I still have it - somewhere.

WCRE's running a competition for naming a Brave as Jane puts it: For the pregame, the team has a horse with a brave riding on his back. He runs around the field and throws a spear at midfield.......just like the Fla State Seminoles do. The brave has been gone for 2 years and now he's back so we're naming him. Send your suggestions in...

What's our suggestions?

I submitted Chief TeeDee

Wonder I can submit Chief Chafed thighs? Assuming he rides bareback in a loincloth anyway. Runs naked with scissors?
Oh wait.. that's one of my id's. nm.

Chief Horsehide Itches my thighs?

OOH OHH! I know what a budgie is! It's a --

oh. You told them.

*Sigh* Denied a chance to diplay my academic prowess. Just like my #*&^$ test yesterday...

Would everyone kindly pony up their lucky numbers please.
5 numbers between 1 and 56
1 number between 1 and 46 (the powerball number)
The powerball drawing Friday is 262 million. That's a whole lotta Moataritas.

Chief rides with courage of drunken monkey?

Bis ~ you can display any prowess you'd like too. In fact, we encourage it.

...technically a Brave is not the Chief, he can become the Chief, maybe, but then he's Chief and not a Brave. Not that makes him any less brave. Hail to the Chief, cus he's the chief and he needs hailing. So if you're looking for a brave, chief name to call the Brave, you gotta go for hail-worthy.

How does he look? Has he got a chief-tan?

Kibby, I can record from the DVR (a TiVO like thingie) to a VCR or DVD-R (if I had one). But since I only have a VCR, that's how I'll have to do it. I've already been chewed out by a "friend" about not getting a DVD-R to record from the DVR. He kept griping about the difference in quality. Note: He sells that type of stuff. The difference in quality is just not worth it to me to spend more money. Besides, a year ago DVD-R's were over $400; now they are around $175.....I'll wait.

I knew what a budgie is from some children's book I used to read to the girls. Can't remember the name of the book, however.

My grandpa used to have a budgie and since grandpa talked with a Swiss accent..so did the budgie. It was really cute. He used to ride around on the bar of grandpa's glasses saying "pretty bird" with a swiss accent. That was a cool bird.

We've got:

Chief Horsehide Itches my thighs - wolfie
chief-tan - Crash
Chief rides with courage of drunken monkey - wolfie

Hang in the Susan, we'll get some more. I know the voting is over, but we could at least offer Jane some alternatives.

She mentioned me on the air!

Wolfie: luckie numbers 10 and 52.

Budgie... yeah, I knew budgerigar. If you say it fast enough, you can corrupt to bu cherry gar. So my parakeet's name was Cherry.

Thanks for the hugs. It was a long night with the cat. She has trained me well; I had to carry her to the water bowl and the litter box several times throughout the night. She is walking a little this morning.

Psst, Bis is displaying his "prowess!" Hominahominahomina

Thats not a name submission. It'a a (bad) joke.

A good name submission would be Farts with Fire, or Jesse Thunderbutt, or Raven Wife-Stealer, or Downs much Firewater.

Booger Dance McGee.

(((((Neo's Cat)))))


(((((Neo))))) instead...

BTW, favorite numbers: 11, 19

Hey! Everyone should check out the crackalicious day I had yesterday.

*zips in*

Good morning from (raining)su.so.ca.

I'm a little concerned about my partner. It seems (to me, at least) that since he's acheived celebrity status in Cheraw, that it's gone to his head! Next stop, jumping up and down on Oprah's couch declaring his love for all things Cheraw!!!!
hooking up a satellite dish from Prague to Cheraw so he can be co-anchor with Susan every day!

*waves hi to HIggy in case his DSL is fixed and he's with us*

Great pics, Crash, Spidey was way cool and it looks like the chair enjoyed itself too!

hooking up a satellite dish from Prague to Cheraw so he can be co-anchor with Susan every day!


How about Soars-like-a-bear?
...Chief Sitting Duck?
...Chief Reef Leaf Sheaf?
...Chief Soggy Shrub

or my favorite:


*echos Partners 'pics' comment to Crash!*

We've got:

Chief Horsehide Itches my thighs - wolfie
chief-tan - Crash adding this was a joke too ;-)
Chief rides with courage of drunken monkey - wolfie
budgie *insert joke here*

Farts with Fire - Crash
Jesse Thunderbutt - Crash
Raven Wife-Stealer - yep, Crash
Downs much Firewater - ditto
Booger Dance McGee - idim

Brave Biff-in-the-Buff?

Bis, I submitted "kibby".

...but it didn't even make the short list...

I vote for Farts with Fire.


I didn't hear Kibby mentioned on the air...but then, I don't listen to ANY radio type thing til I get in. No music, nothing. Jane did mention after I had gotten in that she had an email from Kibby. (Well, she said from the Czech Republic.)

Cheif Running Brave was apparently the winner. She is a wee bit distracted today...she was going to write something up, and hasn't.

*nearly passes out from the bleach fumes*

The cleaning woman is here, and the smell of bleach just whapped me upside the head. *gasp* A faint hint of bleach...can smell clean. This is a little bit much.

Wolfie...wonderful names. A bit lengthy, but good ones.

Lt.W...it's supposed to get down to the mid 30s here tonight...after days of being 80 or above. Gonna be COLD for football Friday night.

El...how did you know about our plans for the show? {{{El}}} (ok, no real plans to do that...but it would be fun.)

{{neo's cat}} {a very gentle hug...it's hard to hug cats...) And {{{Neo}}}. Glad to hear your cat is feeling better.

Football announcer: "Ladys and Gentlemen, may I please draw your attention to the middle of the field as we're entertained by Lady and Biff Gadivia!"

And of course with my slow typing, all those suggestions were posted before I got my post in...


*Notes* I did know what a budgie is. I just had no idea how to pronounce budgerigar.

(Also no idea how to pronounce bouganvilla (you know what I mean...the flower. I can't spell it either.)

*imagining the 'entertainment' of Lady and Biff Godiva. And the horse.*



The Godivas could throw chocolate to the crowd. Nekkid people and chocolate.... better get Wolfie a ticket to Cheraw!

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