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August 31, 2003


Because this is the best they've got.

(Thanks to Michelle Tourigny)


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*passing through*

Me too, what neo said. More than y'll could know.

I hope everyone had a good day. :)



I hate to ruin a dramatic exit with a typo!

y'all could know.

Talking southern is harder than it looks!

'night, y'all.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. I miss you guys something terrible. I'm going to go curl up with my stuffed weasel now.

Night Night.

MAD!! It's soooo good to see you! You have been missed! I'm so glad I got my exclamation mark back in time for you to post!!

Guys, I'm with you (on the situation with my RL friend). At the same time, I don't want to see her marriage end when I know how hard she's worked to keep it together. She's amazing and funny and sweet, and her kids are a credit to her (aged almost 5, 3 and 11 month old twins). This has been coming for a long time, though, and I hope whatever happens, I can be there for her (or them, if it works out that way) as much as possible.

I bought the DVD of "Footrot Flats: A Dog's Tale" today. It's a movie from the mid-late '80s based on an uber-popular NZ cartoon strip, Footrot Flats. It has finally come out on DVD and I own it... YAY for me!! One of my favourite versions of one of my favourite songs is on there (You Oughta Be In Love - Dave Dobbyn & Ardijah)

Happy holiday season and best of luck to anyone who goes shopping post-Turkey Day!!

May I most humbly suggest moving? There's always this thread - major warning on the thread link, though. It's just plain scary stuff.

Happy Birthday to Bangi!!!

Ys, Hppy Brthdy t Bng!

My turkey worked this year! Hooray! Aside from some thremometer calibration issues and two nasty burns on my left arm, everything turned out great. I had one moment of panic when I forgot to get the corn pudding started, and the guests were all arriving as I rushed to get it assembled and into the oven.

As is typical for JU's family, we played folk/bluegrass music after dinner. I got to play a dulcimer. Well, I tried anyway. :)

I was done cleaning the kitchen by 9:40 pm. A new record! If I didn't have to sit-up in bed all night with reflux, things would have perfect.

... well, I was FIRST, so there's that. ;)

Oh and JU is currently frying up some stuffing and eggs for breakfast, with a few slices of pork roll on the side for extra decadence.

Can I gloat any more?


We're not gonna move to the Fat MOAT?

Leetie, gloat away!

Everything here worked out wonderfully, too. The only glitch was that I couldn't find the ginger when I was making the pumpkin pies. Meghan and I did an impromptu skit of searching the pantry and cabinets calling out for "Gingah! Gingah, dahling, you there?" We assumed she opted to spend Thanksgiving with her sisters, The Spice Girls. We thought we were quite hilarious --- you probably had to be there.

I used more cloves and my parents declared it the best pumpkin pie I've ever made.

And Ginger turned up this morning behind the bottles of flavorings for cappucino.

Oh crap. I'm an idiot.


We've Moved. This is our forwarding address

*sneaks back in for her toybox*

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