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August 31, 2003


Because this is the best they've got.

(Thanks to Michelle Tourigny)


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{{{Brian B}}} I hope your grandfather will get better.

Thanks Insomniac, the column was really funny! And those translations...priceless!

:-( I just called another American restaurants and they're fully booked all week-end because of Thanksgiving. I should have anticipated that, what with the many American citizens leaving in Paris, and booked a table a month ago... darn

Happy birthday to all bloglits between now and Monday - I'll also be in and out (more out than in - read that three times fast) between now and then - although TCMH and I are deliciously by ourselves for this Turkey Day!

My "honey-do" list is growing longer and longer in preparation for TFBH's arrival...

Sheesh - I forgot to post the FF Standings yesterday:
1. Silvers' Starz 8-2-1 .773 723 T-1
2. Mikes Mighty Mullets 8-2-1 .773 659 W-1
3. Blithering Blisters8-3-0 .727 683 W-6
4. MOAT Monsters 8-3-0 .727 638 W-3
5. Cincy Oyster Gonads7-3-1 .682 791 L-1
6. The Firebirds 6-4-1 .591 666 T-1
7. Higgy's Happy Huns 6-5-0 .545 772 W-1
8. Sly's Guys 6-5-0 .545 664 W-2
9. Goosiers 6-5-0 .545 629 L-1
10. The Canadians 6-5-0 .545 564 L-3
11. Jellyfishairs 5-6-0 .455 653 L-1
12. Panty Raiders 4-7-0 .364 529 W-2
13. The Knights of Kaf3-8-0 .273 572 W-1
14. Mad's Mutant Mice 2-9-0 .182 565 L-4
15. Paranoid_Androids 2-9-0 .182 445 L-3
16. French Frogs 1-10-0 .091 321 L-10

We had our SECOND tie of the season, with Blogchik's Firebirds coming even with Silver's Starz! Lab's Gonads took one in the... well, you know - from Sly's Guys and Higgy's Huns cooked some Goosiers.
Don't forget, there's the two games on Thursday - so be sure your rosters are in place!

Man, hope things turn out ok B.

I'll be keeping you guys in my thoughts.

Oh, and I forgot to mention - an outstanding win by the Blisters - 100 to 9 over the Frogs! So far, the records this year are:
Jellyfishairs (102)
Silver's Starz (101)
Blithering Blisters (100)

Sheesh - I'll learn someday - KIBBY before posting FF stuff.

BrianB - keeping fingers crossed here for your family!

Brian...I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts.


The annual day-before-Thanksgiving live broadcast from IGA has begun. I just loooooove the holidays.

Happy Birthday, Aiden!

At first I thought that Slightly Irregular had posted here in error, that s/he really meant the comment for the MB. But since the phrase 'heinz' was used I think SI is a long time blurker putting a toe in the MOAT. Quick! Put down some chocolate and a MOATariti then wander off nonchalantly.

Brian B,

All the good vibes we can find are aimed in your direction now, my good man. Remember, if you need a smile, you can find one here for sure.

Bismuth))) ) ) ) ) ) )Brian

(those are good vibes, in case you can't tell)

Welcome to Slightly Irregular!

Would you be needing a penguin pouch or a coconut bra, or both (NTTAWWT)?

(((Brian))), best wishes for your g-f and your whole family.

Naps are wonderful.

*hugs the whole moat*
Hey! Who's hand was that? Do that again. *giggles*

Welcome to S.I. if you're a newbie.
Sarc ~ the bed was wonderfully warm n comfy. Feel free to join me next time if you wanna. Or kick me to the foot of it. I'm easy that way.

Susan ~ I missed your entire lunch show. I'm sooo sorry. You may punish me as you see fit. :-D

*happy vibes to everyone who needs um*

Leetie, if he/she IS Slightly Irregular then both are probably in order. again NTTAWWT.

Wolfie i DID join you, didn't you notice?

I'm so ashamed

Wolfie i DID join you, didn't you notice?

I'm so ashamed


I'm so ashamed

Damn you typepad

Susan, got to hear the first half of the request hourr before we went out and I didn't have any problem (despite being on dial-up), so maybe the problem is elsewhere (nudge nudge wink wink).

And I found out that two New York radio stations, WAXQ (104.3 FM) and WFUV (90.7 FM), are broadcasting "Alice's Restaurant" tomorrow at noon too.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.

For Brian B: Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA).

By coincidence I mentioned these a few days ago as both of my parents had them some years ago. Both got treated at the time and I think they are on blood thinners now. Both are fine, so if your grandfather gets treated there is no reason (fingers crossed) he can't go on for a good long time.

Best to him.

Welcome S.I.


Sarc ~ was it you I drooled on? I thought it was my pillow. Sorry.
*hangs head in shame*
I told you I was that tired. But it does explain the dream about being *ahem* attacked by the anaconda.

Peri came closest to getting it right. While I didn't post here in error, I inadvertently used the nom-de-blog that I was operating under at the MB to post a real message for here.

Still, it's good to be welcomed all over again (thank you!), and you can still have a whompin' good time guessing which of you I am.

Clue: Leetie - I'll take the penguin pouch and the contents of the coconut bra.


Hello (again) S.I.!!!

Wolfie...*tries to think of an apt punishment* That's harder than it sounds...

You're welcome here and will be even more welcome if you remember t o close your italics :-)

LTTG - *sigh*

I am totally loopy - vicodin + xanax = high as a kite!!!!

*dances out doing a tippy-toe ballerina thingy*

I need El's doctors. Mine won't prescribe me the fun stuff. Not that that has kept the vicodin out of my medicine cabinet btw.

Susan ~ you can spank me if it helps.
*bends over and grabs ankles*

Stewpid remember info button.

I knew it was you.

and ewe, and yu, and u.

Hi to S.I.

Whoohoo, Eleanor, don't bogart the drugs!

Point of information (for anyone who might be interested): Did you know that all of the early hits of Jackie Wilson were co-written by none other than Berry Gordy, Jr.? I did know about his first hit ("Reet Petite") but didn't know the others - "Lonely Teardrops", "To Be Loved", "That's Why (I Love You So)" and "I'll Be Satisfied". Some good stuff there. (I'm downloading them to my iPod.)

Geezer bus leaving in 5 minutes. All aboard!

Hmm...but isn't punishment supposed to be something unpleasant...that you DON'T want?

*deliberately refrains from any spanking*

Cause the Moat has just decided I'm spam. uGh!
I forgot what I wanted to say now. *sighs*

I just took the other half of the vicodin and ate some chili for balance....and I walked in here just to see if I could...and I guess I could since I'm here, no? or yes??

arms heavy....typing hard...sun isn't out...think I'll go lie down...

*tucks El into bed*

Wolfie, I don't mind a little drool, no need to be ashamed.

*limps in from the kitchen*

Not a lot of cooking went on; but we got in a fair amount of gabbing. So far, we've only made the dressing and a chocolate cream pie. I'm boiling eggs for the deviled eggs right now. They've all gone off in various directions to go shopping.

HRH PM was telling us her hunting story. She's using words and phrases such as "thirty aught six"...."deer scratching"....."scat".

But she did go to the stylist and her new hairstyle is GREAT! That's my Meghan.

Jeff, Mom walked in, saw my Burberry and made some reference to walking off with it. She's going to LOVE her Christmas present. In fact, I may give it to her for her birthday in -- eeek-- three weeks.

Brian, from my understanding of TIA's, if properly attended to, there is a good outlook.

Susan, some time soon, I think you need to play Prima Donna for our pirouetting El.

MarieP, please take the following as intended, in good humour. When I was reading your post written in very good English about the American restaurants being booked, I noticed you did the same thing my friend in Barcelona always does; using "leave" for "live". Now that I know what she means, I understand her, but we did have a confusing e-mail exchange at one time when she wanted to tell me her boyfriend wanted to live with her. I thought he wanted to leave her and that they were breaking up. I wondered why she was so excited.

SI... welcome. I thought you were one of our "regular" irregulars and I was trying to figure out the joke......joke was on me.

*returns to the kitchen*

Cooking? Already? We won't start for at least five hours.

"Cooking" (such as it is) now complete. The results:

1) Caramel corn - came out good, ready for Thursday football.

2) Grandma's recipe fruit salad - came out good, too, also.

3) Marzipan - not so good. Small amount of almond paste must have sugared in the can, so dough is gritty. Didn't add enough corn starch, so dough was sticky and hard to dip. Grr!

Now I'm craving pizza for supper, but a huge draw back of living in a rural town is NO pizza delivery. And I doubt that I can talk Hubby into going back to town. Unless I convince him we need something from the grocery, like cold beer...

Whew! There for a minute Sarcasmo I thought you typed:

Wolfie, I don't mind a little drool, no need to be assshaved. (nttatwwt)

Note to self: Do Not take the yellow pills in El's medicine cabinet.

*goes to lie down with El*

Seriously though, I just receieved a very cleverly placed envelope by one Big lil Fish. I came home early from work and was packing to head out and I found it amongst the mail, so I opened it and it was his homemade B-Day card to me. (he won't be here on my b-day due to visitation)

It was magnificantly done, and the little shit even made me cry. And I don't F$#%!n cry!! It was so totally unexpected and it hit me dead on the bullseye, right in the heart at 400 miles an hour.

Damn, I love that kid. =)

So anyways, I guess I'm off to see the wizard!

Everyone have a FANTABULOUS TURKEY DAY! if I don't make it back here. (in-laws have dial-up so I may be blurking, just so yous know there may be eyes on you) and thanks again for all the birthday wishes!

If wishes were fishes, I'd be.........

Oops, you're right Sly, usually I read what I've written before I hit the post button but not this time... Sometimes I wonder if I'm not becoming dyslexic because I tend to make more and more mistakes of this kind, even in French!

ok I'm going to bed, for those who won't be there tomorrow: have a great Thanksgiving!

Who knew sleeping with fishes could be so much fun!!


*wonders how you can be stoned and restless at the same time*

I just thought of something to do. That requires no effort.
I'm going to watch my BBC video of H2G2.

If I can ever get up from this chair...

OK, OK, I'm going....going....going...


SarahJ, I try to get a lot done the day before so I'm not in the kitchen all day. That's the plan....
Right now I'm waiting for the brine to cool. As I remember last year, this is the part with the high entertainment value for onlookers, me wrestling with an 18 lb turkey and a bucket of brine.

Higgy, thanks for the heads up on there being games tomorrow. Got my team set. Heh heh, FISH, my Guys are angling for your fishies!!!!

All I've done so far is the brine. I'm not submerging the turkey until early tomorrow morning (we're eating later in the day, guests won't even get here until 3). I might make some sweets tonight and some cranberry sauce, but that's it.

Hmmmph! Dinner was just moved up a few hours.

Now I'm craving pizza for supper, but a huge draw back of living in a rural town is NO pizza delivery. And I doubt that I can talk Hubby into going back to town. Unless I convince him we need something from the grocery, like cold beer...

Clever old Aunt Nancy. That oughta do it.

Sarah J.: I've been meaning to reassure you (if you needed it) that we have a wide range of ages (abd everything else) in this group, including several other college & graduate students and others around your age - Crash for one, MeL (when she's around), Marvin (who is dead this year but will be back; but that's a whole other story). Also Bismuth (who just got married).

Then at the other end there are geezers like yours truly, and there are plenty in between.

As I remember last year, this is the part with the high entertainment value for onlookers, me wrestling with an 18 lb turkey and a bucket of brine.

Darn, where's Rita's webcam when we need it?

Fish, that's nice.

Was gone, Sarcasmo, thanks for finishing my sentence.

Boy, am I ever f**ked up! It's fabulous but the pain still there. I just don't care anymore. So I'm taking a walk through the house....

I'm watching the BBC H2G2. I always pictured Arthur Dent as older and with gray hair. Don't know why.

Poor Leetie, I hate when that happens!

Sly, in my house the "entertainment" part was taking the 22 lb. turkey out of the roasting pan and getting it up on the cutting board. I always burned myself even though my ex helped, I screamed, then he yelled at me for burning myself, then everyone came running into the kitchen to follow the action -
Ah, good times...*snork*

*zipping over to check out FF and then back to H2G2*

In this corner, at 5'2", wielding a chain saw, a Burberry bag and an iPod, Slyeyes! Her opponent...weighing in at 18 pounds and wielding a bucket of brine...Tom Turkey! Let's get ready to cook!!!

Hey Jeff, thanks for the link. I talked to my uncle a little while ago and the same neurologist that had seen my grandfather for his previous TIA saw him again, and told him he could go home tonight. So Thanksgiving is back on tomorrow!

They told him he had to come back for an ultrasound on his right carotid on Friday to see if that's where the clot came from.

Other than that, he is in good spirits and on his way home.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I think the blog ate my post wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, so:

Happy Thanksgiving (again). May we all travel safely and eat well.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Well, starting Thanksgiving dinner earlier was kinda my idea. JU's mom konks-out early, being on chemo and all, so I figured that an earlier day would be better for her.

The good news is that she's done with her chemo treatments. She was too weak to take it this week, and with only 2 treatments left after this week, they decided to just stop now. They said it's silly to start it again for 2 more treatments after taking a break to recover.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

Holidays suck.

El ... care to share yer happy pills ?????

Well, we have officially begun cooking for tomorrow. But so far I have only put the neck in a pot to boil for stock for the dressing. Even though I am one of the younger ones here on the MOAT I am one of the eldest here in NorCal. Tonight we will also do the rest of the prep for the turkey, the dressing will soak overnight, and the pie parts will be separately made. Tomorrow only pie assembly, roll making and baking of everything, except the requisite jello, of course.

An 18 pound turkey? EEEEEKKKKK! Mine is only, let's see...almost 12 pounds. The brine is made, but I'll put him in laaaaate tonight to soak.

I've done the onions-peppers-mushrooms for the green bean casserole...also the beans and the sauce. When the sauce cools I'll assemble it.

The peppers were not fun. The recipe calls for 1 red pepper. Well, the red peppers I saw were itty bitty scrawny overpriced things. There was a tray with two green, a yellow, and a red for not much more...I got that. Figured I could use maybe half a yellow and half a red...for color...and use the green ones raw as part of the appetizers. One green one got eaten last night. I started on the yellow one tonight. All was well. Cut the top off of the red one, opened it up....Eeeeeewwww!!!! Fuzzy mold in it! *shudder* I was apparently not meant to have a red pepper.

For the dressing the bread is cubed and set out to dry a bit. (A note...using an electric carving knife makes cubing bread soooooo easy) Cooked the onion and celery for the dressing.

Probably won't do more than put the turkey in the brine late tonight. And assemble the green bean casserole. May make the stock for the dressing tonight...may not. We'll see.

Sarah J - where in NorCal are you? I'm in Sacramento. If you're close, let me know!

Just got back from watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Let me be the first to predict that when that comes out on DVD - Peri will wear OUT her copy on the bathtub scene.....

Good movie - a lot darker than the previous ones - made me jump at times....

Happy Turkey day tomorrow, y'all!

Lets see... Everything is as ready as I can do in advance, so tomorrow I just need to pop stuff in the oven and I can start drinking early.
*wonders idly how many times she will end up in the street 'directing traffic'*

Happy Thanksgiving Moaties and pass the liquor.

Your house looks really good. My mother actually said it! Out loud! To ME! Your house looks really good.

Woot! Victory! Now even if the meal is a complete flop tomorrow, still, I won!

All this food sounds so good. Even better than the leftover homemade beef stew on a bed of curly fries I had for lunch today. (which was actually pretty good)

Given the large lack of family within 1000 miles, we will be on our own for T-day. Details are on my LJ... click the little blue "Bismuth" immediately following this post.

Attention Neo: while googling "little blue bismuth", I came across this post from the MB a while ago:

Bismuth-where in Kansas? I grew up in extremely high density populated Western Kansas, so I feel your pain.

And now I live in the densly populated central Illinois region. I think I musta done something wrong in a former life.

Posted by: Angie | 11:21 AM on September 25, 2004

Do you have some sort of secret life-paralleling evil twin you're not telling us about? Or is she the good twin?

I'm near San Jose for the week, but I go back to Utah on Sunday, back to school on Monday, quite a pity. At least there are only a couple of weeks before Christmas break (we can call it that as it is a private school) and three weeks off for the holidays! Hooray!

Hi, all! Happy Thanksgiving and football day. My nephew agreed to come to my wedding if there would be a tv for the Traditional Watching of the Football Game.

Have a wonderful day! In just 9 hours, I'll marry my love.


Susan, we get as large of a turkey as we can and enjoy leftovers. I send some home with the kids, and freeze some. I only do this once or twice a year, so I go for it! AND the store was selling them for 49 cents a pound if you spent $50.00 or more in other items, so....why not?

Neo, congrats! My house looks like cr@p right now and we have lots of straightening to do tomorrow. I had the choice of staying home and doing that or going out to the clubs with my kids....so I went clubbing. On 3 hours of sleep mind you. As soon as the dryer quits, I'm heading to bed. I'll being doing the tryptophan-light-fantastic tomorrow if I don't sleep soon. (I have no idea what that means...I just like how it sounded).

What an exciting day this is! Happy Thanksgiving to my yankydoodles! May your turkeys be moist and tender and your potatos light and fluffy. Happy Birthday to Mr Fisher and Mr Meyerson! Fish, your story brought a tear to my eye, also. Rita! You hardly need my best wishes today, but I hope your family behave themselves and you have a perfect day.

Oh, and also...*raspberry to Higgy*. Even if that happens I will never never never admit it. Not that it's going to happen. Here, want a fry?

I guess it's mostly going to be us nondoodles that are hanging out here today, huh? Maybe they'll bring us in a plate of dinner, or something. Sure smells good around here.

Still heinzing from the last couple days, but a few comments before I go mash potatoes:

Rita: Congratulations! I hope this is the first of many happy Turkey days with your husband! Thinking of you while I celebrate thanksgiving with my own family in Northern Virginia.

Northern Virginia, where, most unusually, it snowed last night. Didn't stick much, but snow! On Thanksgiving! South of the Mason-Dixon line! Cool.
'Tis a bit disturbing, though, to look at the snow and read about Tropical Storm Delta out in the Atlantic.

*brings in some french toast for Peri and the International Moaties (WBAGNFARB)*

Here, the turkey's not done yet.

*throws arms around Moat*

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rita, much, much happiness to you and Tom. Jeff and Fish, are you guys going to have candles on your pumpkin pies?


Hi guys, I'm here. Rita, this is really your day (and Tom's). Enjoy it!

Nah, no candles for me Sly. And I'm not that big a pumpkin pie lover either (I can take it or leave it). I'd rather have the pecan or apple or coconut.

I'll probably be in an out today as we'll be hanging around here most of the day until 5:00 dinner. Hope all your turkeys come out moist and tasty.

Long Live the MOAT!!!

Yes! We had SNOW last night! Wurm, you gonna be around the whole weekend???

Rita, congratulations again!

Jeff, I was thinking this morning about how long we've been around... coming up on 2 years this spring! Long Live the MOAT!

*is thankful for the MOAT*
*hugs MOAT*

Time to roll the turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!! Have a wonderful day....eat, drink, and be merry!!

Happy Birthday Fish!

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Congrats to Rita & Tom!

Wow, this is a many exclamation points kind of day!!!

Congrats to the beautiful bride Rita!

Happy Birthday MrFisher and Jeff!

Looks like it's going to snow in Paris tonight...

I'm thankful for the MOAT too!

*sends love and good vibrations*
*not to confuse with battery-powered love vibrations, which is something else entirely*


A joyouswedding day to rita and Tom!

And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jeff and Fish!

Peri and I will hold down the fort here today while everyone is off doing their thing, and we will wish for leftovers to be dropped off here, but we will still LOVE EVERYONE ON THE MOAT even if we don't get any leftovers, won't we Peri????

Leetie's rolling a turkey??? WTF? Do we need to call the SPCA??

Leetie's rolling a turkey??? WTF? Do we need to call the SPCA??


Just flipping it around in the brine a bit... nothing too disgusting. :)

Congrats to neo on the house! I'm sure your food will be yummy. And it's not really about the food anyway; it's about being together.

Of COURSE we will love the MOAT, leftovers or not!
Hey, E! Let's flip around in this brine a bit. Maybe someone will make turkey sammiches out of us.

WHEW!! Thanks for clearing that up Leetie! :)

neo - I remember the one time my mother told me my house looked good, so I know how great that feels!

Just had a phone call from my mother.

"I was thinking about the night before. You didn't want to come out..."

Thanks for sharing, but TMI!!!

Anyway, thanks all for the birthday wishes. Jackie made me watch some of the Thanksgiving parade this morning (it used to be her mother's favorite; that and the Rose Parade on New Year's Day). How come I didn't know that Dora the Explorer was a Latina, as they put it on the show? My favorite was SpongeBob. What a concept!

Weather has turned sunny and nicer here, but cold.

Why should you know that Dora is Latina, Jeff? You don't spend a lot of time watching the show, do you? Of course you don't because otherwise you would know that Dora teaches the kids a little Spanish in every episode. I, personally, am awfully glad J is past the 'Dora the Explorer' stage. Weird as some of the shows she likes now are it's the wee kiddies show that drove me mad.

*flashes back to 'Teletubbies' - arrgh!...'Cordoroy Bear' - yikes!...'Barney' - EEEKKK!!!*

I like those '50 things you don't know about me' lists, but since I don't have a blog I guess I'll have to keep my list to myself.

I'm listening to the new Santana CD (well, Jackie has it on in the other room). I really like the current song, "I Am Somebody" (and most of the others, by the way). If you like him I'd recommend it.

Jeff, Meghan and I watched part of the parade; we had fun saying "we were there....we were there....we were there....where's that?"

She's taking a nap right now. She's exhausted from making deviled eggs. Oh, wait. She also assembled the banana cream pie.

I'm going to go hit the showers.

*zips in*

I've Got Mail!!! I feel like Meg Ryan - too bad I don't look like her - oh well.

My mail carrier guy must think I'm having a LIFE! He usually just delivers bills and junk mail.

Alice's Restaurant! It's a good day in the MOATorhood!

YaY! I didn't miss the whole thing.
*cranks speakers*

Everythings as ready as can be and the turkey smells yummy. How can something that smells so good just not taste good?


Is it time to start drinking yet? In celebration I mean of course.
In local 'You've got to be kidding me' news, someone robbed a drug dealer at gunpoint this morning. And the dealer called the cops. Oy vey. I bet the cops laughed hysterically when they hung up the phone on that call.

*toasts the Moat with a tequila shot*
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Birthday Jeff and Fisher!

Congratulations Rita and Tom!

Turkey is in the oven. The monkey bread was wonderful. Other things ready to be finished later on.

Meant to include this. I got it this morning.

A Thanksgiving Poem

'Twas the night of Thanksgiving,
But I just couldn't sleep
I tried counting backwards,
I tried counting sheep.

The leftovers beckoned -
The dark meat and white
But I fought the temptation
With all of my might.

Tossing and turning
With anticipation
The thought of a snack
Became infatuation.

So, I raced to the kitchen,
Flung open the door
And gazed at the fridge,
Full of goodies galore.

I gobbled up turkey
And buttered potatoes,
Pickles and carrots,
Beans and tomatoes.

I felt myself swelling
So plump and so round,
'Til all of a sudden,
I rose off the ground.

I crashed through the ceiling,
Floating into the sky
With a mouthful of pudding
And a handful of pie.

But, I managed to yell
As I soared past the trees....
Happy eating to all -
Pass the cranberries, please.

May your stuffing be tasty,
May your turkey be plump.
May your potatoes 'n gravy
Have nary a lump,
May your yams be delicious
May your pies take the prize,
May your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off of your thighs.

Author Unknown


pssst wolfie -The Eagle has flown.

Everyone else, just move along - nothing to see here.

Adam Sandler - great! Susan, I hope you can find his Hanukkah Song to play during Hanukkah!

I should be able to, El...

Keep listening though...I Can See Clearly Now is coming up in a bit...thought I must depart...back to the cooking.

Still here, Susan -
*cranks up volume for Bright, Shiny Day!!!*

I think she's gone.

"Who was that masked woman?"

The Lone Radio Ranger.

whew... you wouldn't believe the last couple of days.. thanks for all the keyboard help, guys, it seems to be working again!!!!!!!! (See?)

Happiest of birthdays to Mr Fish, Li'l Fish, Jeff, and of course, Bangi!

Rita and Tom, I know the wedding's over by the time I post this, but Congratulations, best wishes for a long life together, and enjoy the cake!!

Leets.. Tamara is also in Dixie if you want to arrange a meet, but she's spending a lot of time at Cbol's lately, you might have to email her or find her over there..

Brian B.. I'm so glad everything worked out for your grandfather. Hopefully, he'll be able to make the lifestyle changes needed to avoid this happening in the future.

Just... if you want to go to Antarctica, you have to go through Christchurch. Why don't you stop here? We have high speed internet access AND me. What more could you ask for? Oh, and we don't have Thanksgiving (I'm not sure if that's a positive or a negative, so take it as you like...)

*hits post and PRAYS that this one goes through*

*snork* Jeff! Good one!

I have a quick un-Thanksgivingy question. How do I help a friend who's unofficially separated from her husband. He left and went back to his parents' place - told her the marriage couldn't work unless she expected him to contribute LESS to the family that he currently does (he works all day, comes home and plays with their 4 preschool children for 5 minutes or so, then turns on either the TV or computer and you don't see him for the evening. He even does this when other people are visiting, such as myself.) He's a builder by trade, but he refuses to do needed repair work around the house because he doesn't want to do it by himself, and I could go on for a while, but I won't. Any sage (& onion stuffing) advice?

Tell him to get stuffed - a guy like that no-one needs...

/pseudo-Thanksgiving-related advice...

I wrote some stuff and then deleted it because it was a little strong. But then I thought 'well, Kaf DID ask and anyway, everyone knows I get a little worked up sometimes'. So, this is what I would do if I was that woman. I would tell 'Mr Put-upon' that there was only one thing he would be contributing to the family and that would be money. Not to worry, I'd be getting that court ordered. Then I would change the locks and throw a "HALLELUYAH! The a$$hole is gone and I've got the house and kids!" party.

The guy sounds like a real dick, Kaf, but you know that. He went running back to mommy because she takes care of him the way he wants to be taken care of. The biggest problem as I see it is she's left alone with 4 pre-school kids.

What does she want?

Four pre-school kids!?!?!? He knows how to make them but he certainly has no clue after that - I'm with Peri on this one -

The only thing she should want is enough $$$$ to take care of the kids!

Doo-doo-dee-do, my family is now firmly embedded in the "dozing on the couch watching football" stage of Thanksgiving. Anybody else around?


What sly said. Jackie was clever enough to suggest we walk to the restaurant (1 1/2-2 miles) so we'd have the walk back to recover and it helped...somewhat. Of course we did eat too much, but it was good. Now I feel stuffed.

The computer is hooked up again! (It had to be put in garage to make room for extra chairs).

Granddaughter went to other side of family's Thanksgiving first, so they got Cute Baby and we got Cranky Baby, but one massive nap later, Cute Baby is back...

Bummer -

It appears that not everyone had fun at the parade...

*wanders in*

Yes, Jeff...when you posted that earlier I had indeed snuck back out again. It seems it was for the best I didn't stick around...my turkey was done a little sooner than I planned...but I still wasn't too rushed. The green beans, dressing, and pineapple casserole just baked while the turkey rested after roasting...and got carved up.

The big meal was a little after 2...and I refrained from eating till I was over-full...then around 8 just made little nibbly things...cheese and crackers, stuffed mushrooms, things like that. I may even get a piece of pumpkin pie before bed...never got around to that.

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving...and I am so thankful for all of you.

{{{the MOAT}}} (with added groping and so on...of course)

Jackie is watching the idiotic 4 hour CBS TV movie Category 7: End of the World, which we taped while we were away. I have one question. Who is more ridiculous as FEMA Director, Michael (Brownie) Brown or Gina (Showgirls) Gershon?

others have said it more eloquently, but I am very thankful for the moat and the moaties; happy thanksgiving

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