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August 30, 2003



(Thanks again to Ben Studtmann)


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um underwear

*runs through the MOAT screaming "no more packing, please!!!" *

OK, now I have to take deeeeeep, calm breaths and try to sleep. Fat chance of that happening anytime soon.

My mind is so cluttered with stuff I'll have to do tomorrow and Friday that I can't get all my ideas about Fishy's news and Wolfie's/Zoodle's/Blogchik/Brian's big secrets in order. If I tried, I wouldn't make any sense whatsoever.

I may not be able to check back regularly on the MOAT for a while. Maybe a LONG while, actually, until we get an internet connection at home. Until then, text me like crazy and send me e-mail updates about the MOAT (and leave breadcrumbs).

*snif* I'm going to miss all of you.

Well, off to bed! Lots of crazyness tomorrow. I get to meet a MOATie! I'm so excited!

*walks out mumbling something about how many kilos over the weight limit her suitcase is (9 k)*

Marie in wherever: Maybe your suitcase is overweight because of the dog.

Oops, wait. I was being dyslexic. I read "9 K" as "K 9"


COACH: NORM! What's up?

NORM: My nipples. It's COLD out there.

*this is fun, Fish.*


There is a tornado on the ground in Minneapolis.
Polly is in Minneapolis.
Polly, talk to us!

Also, plane trying to make emergency landing in Long Beach due to screwed-up landing gear (the front wheel is sideways).

And Rita ia still tearing up the Gulf.

It's a heavy night on CNN.

Resume your regular blogging.

The front wheel is on sideways?

I hate when that happens.

Fish - if it only involved you and the FishMrs, I'd say go for it, since you both are obviously in favor of the idea and stand to gain a lot of money. However, I think that the presence of the 10-yr old in the family calls for much more care. Since it affects him so much in such a direct way, it seems that he needs to be able to some sort of approval. That would be difficult at his age. He's too young to really grasp the situation right now. In a couple of years, he's going to start adolescence and having a home situation involving sexuality could wreak havoc with his emotions. Then again, I'm just a naive youth, not to mention an engineer; it may not affect him at all... then he'd just have to worry about "your mom" jokes.

Plus what everyone else has said about the visitation issue.

They're going to land at LAX. It's an airbus and it can't drop (whatever you call it) fuel, so they have to keep flying around to burn it off. There are 140 passengers and the front wheels didn't go up when it took off from Burbank. They went sideways instead??? WTF? There are 110 firefighters on the landing strip at LAX. I hope none of them are in the way.

Sam: So do you agree that we should NOT get married?
Diane: I do.

Gute fahrt, Marie! We'll be eagerly awaiting your retur to the MOAT!

*loves the JetBlue pilot a xanax*

I'm watching a L.A. channel - somehow it seems more scary!

A perfect landing!! Right on the center line! No emergency exiting needed!

This crisis ended successfully.

I could use a Xanax as well.

I've been trying to call my younger sister, but the phone lines are too busy.

She lives north of Houston. I had a short e-mail from her earlier that said they didn't know yet if they were going to evacuate, but the schools are closed. (She's a teacher). They were stocking up on supplies and reviewing their options.

I'm not that familiar with the area to know if they are far enough north to be out of harm's way. They had some damage with Alicia; so I'm a little nervous with this b!tch heading toward my baby sister.

I THINK they are far enough north....I jsut wish she'd call and tell me they are. But I keep gettting "circuit busy" stuff when I try to call.

...and JetBlue is safe. Good.

Just talked to my sister. They are in an area where people are heading TO when they evacuate. She said her main worries are the trees and electricity.

She said cell phones are already unreliable because they are overloaded with traffic.

They've gassed up 2 out of 3 vehicles. When my niece went to gas up her's she couldn't find a station that was open. She said people are already going nuts. She witnessed an accident -- a hit a crawl which was a hit and run in bumper to bumper traffic. Obviously, the guy didn't get away, but he did keep going until someone ahead of him in the traffic told a cop who was directing traffic.

For some people, situations such as this brings out the best. For others, they become dicks.

*goes to Atlas to look at map of Texas*
hmmmm....I saw Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin and lots of other places too, but those were the big print names!
I'm glad your sister is OK, sly - one less thing to worry about. :)
Speaking of Texas, Just called me today - hooray! She's fine, the baby is big - 16 lbs, and Trinity is in the Terrible Twos - my favorite age! She said she tried to send me pics to post, but every time she tries, the computer crashes - bummer!

Anyway, she said to say hi to all!

She also told me that during the Katrina coverage, there was a local news story about some dolphins in LA that had temporarily disappeared and then were found. The caption on the bottom of the screen said, The Dolphins Came Back! and she wanted me to know that so I didn't have to be sad anymore about them leaving :)

I feel much better! A Happy Ending!

Uhm. First!

Higgy, no need to worry about offending me, I wouldn't have asked all you guys out on the WO RLD W IDE W EB if I wasn't prepared for some comments that I may not agree with. (Even though I did with all of yours)

Bismooth- True that. If it were only me and the wife, Lord only knows what we could manage. We could easily give La rry F lint a run (in his wheel chair) for his money.

We have decide that for now, it is best to go with the age old "Wh ite Lie". We have told our 10 year old and her mom and dad that she is working as a Co ck tail Waitress at one of the 76 million Indian Cas inos (and Bi ngo halls) we have in Oklahoma (Oh hey, so there is another reason to come to Oklahoma, to pay back the redman for what horribly atrocious things the e vil white man did to them at the beginning of the last century, consider it a religious donation, good times) and yers if she continues to do it for years and years and he found out or wanted to know or his friends became curious or what ever then we would have a talk. Not sure what exactly that talk would consist of yet, but I'm working on it. ALthough, to be honest, and nothing against my wife, but I never thought for a second that she would seriously still be doing it. Now I think she's addicted to the money, and the feeling of self confidence. Which is good, but can be bad if one had not properly dealt with these fellings in ten or so years (I'm certain for Neo it's the best thing in the world right now) Anyway Bis yes she is doing it now, but I know her personality and she's an Artist by heart, so she could very well quit in the middle of tonights shift and it wouldn't surprise me. So long term. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. And when we do I'll be sure and ask for your opinion again, because, just as with the rest of you who have commented, I truly value what you say.

I am most interested (no offense to anyone) in what the Noble, Stoic, and All Seeing Stalker Deon has to say about it.

Mad- Thanks, really, but that left me with the feeling that you don't deep down agree so much, either that or everything that could be said about it has indeed already been said. Maybe I'm wrong. Just know (all of you)that I won't be Mad if you
think it's a bad idea I promise. It was me who was worried youwould think badly of me, so I am certainly not going to think badly of someone who tells me the truth after I asked you to tell me. :)

SLYEYES I am quite positive your SIS is safe. We have a several million dollar warehouse in Houston, and they are still planning on being open for business tommorrow and Friday. Last we heard today anyway. One of my customers in Houston however said they were taking Friday off because of it and I said nope, as far as I know there'll be someone there. Our warehouse in Harrahan (just outside of New Orleans) just re-opened two days ago. And we lost a retail store in Hattiesburg.
So, what I was trying to say Sly is don't worry you sister should be fine. If I hear anything I will let you know. Houston is one of our Largest warehouses, so it will be a priority.

Don't worry umk?

Have Fun Marie and Give Marie and big French Kiss for me, from me, OK?!?!?!

I mean it. I meant it about ordering the boulevard wheat beer with lemon too at the Moat meet, but I REALLY mean this. Also, a picture of that would be nice. Of the beer , but especially the Frech Kissings.

*off to get a fresh adult beverage and do a little laundry in the basement*

I'll be right back, so don't anybody go anywhere........Unless it to move your right rampart to Blue on the twister mat.

Woody: Hey Mr. Peterson, there's a cold one waiting for you.
Norm: I know. If she calls, I'm not here.

*yeah SLy it is, good idea you had*

Sly: I'll echo Mr. Fish- don't worry about Houston. Why not? Three reasons:

1) The military and all emergency agencies are in still in full blown shut-the-barn-door-after-the-horse-is-gone mode after Katrina.

2) The government's fiscal year ends on September 30th, and those same agencies REALLY want a success story to take to Congress when budget negotiations starts.

3) FEMA is still shipping surplus ice to warehouses in Maine. No, I don't have ANY idea why ice that's supposed to wind up in Louisiana is going to Maine, but the FEMA bureacrats are going to look even dumber if they're still sending ice to Maine when winter hits; and winter in Maine starts, oh, about Tuesday.

I just heinzed while the girls are watching Lost. Oh my God Fish! I honestly don't know what to think. I have not been in a club for 25 years. Not because I don't like seeing naked women, I do. I just had trouble looking at them and wondering why they would do this. I would look at them and wonder what the story was. My rose colored glasses suggested to me something was probably wrong. Reading too much into it I am sure. Bottom line for you and the Mrs, Mr Fishair if it works for you guys, great. What she is doing is not illegal. Some people might think it is immoral(not me), but really all she is doing is showing off. T. Owens gets paid big for that, and believe me if he could do it naked he would.

Just got back from dinner with DDi (picture on blog, thank you very much!) In case anyone didn't know that Di was a total and utter cutie pie - she is. Trust me - take my word for it!

Just to add - my favorite line from Cheers:
Woody - "What's shaking, Mr Peterson?"
Norm - "Two chins and 4 cheeks"

Jeff... I like John Mayer.. Except for the song about fathers and daughters. The first time, I didn't mind it. Second time was okay. By the third time, I was kinda sick of it. And for weeeeeeks on end, the easy listening station that's always on at work bashed it to bits. Every time you turned on the radio, that stinking song was on. Aaaaarrrggggghhh!!! Oh.. and Stevie Ray Vaughan is good as well.

Fish.. it did occur to me, after I left for work (and peripherally to some others also) - what if Z goes to a friend's house, and his Dad has visited the club where Mrs Fish works? That might not be a good situation for anyone. Then again, we are throwing worst case scenarios at you, because that's what you have to look at, imagine the worst and find out if you could live with it.

Not that it's important, but the fuel they use for airplanes is called Avgas (as in aviation gas) - at least that's what they call it in NZ... I am presuming it's the same worldwide. Just thought I'd throw that in there for your trivia quiz info for the day.

CHEERS QUOTES.. I get more than one.. because I live so far away.. In fact I get several..
Coach (answering phone): Cheers!
(pause.. then places phone on the bar and looks around)
Coach: Is there an Ernie Pantuso here?
Sam: That's you, Coach.
Coach: Oh yeah.. (picks up phone again)Speaking!

The second one I'll link to, because it's easier than typing it out.. Cliff's Buffalo Theory - Lots of you are going to like this one..

Tomorrow (Friday for me) is my last day with "my girls" - because I've prepared myself, it won't be easy, but it will be easier than I imagined it was going to be. The last couple of days, we've just been having fun. Baking biscuits (cookies), running around, playing, going to the library and the local mall (two of their favourite places to visit). I haven't worried too much about nutrition or social development, discovery and exploration .. all the curriculum goals for early childhood and stuff that's supposed to be part of the daily routine. It still is, in its own way, but I'm less worried about it than I was. It's just the finding a new job aspect I'm a bit worried about.. apparently, they're a little thin on the ground at the moment. I didn't get the one I interviewed for last week. Apparently, I would have gotten it, had I had a driver's license. Such is life, though.

Wurm, Gov't budget for fiscal '06 is alread negotiated and mostly determined. It usually takes until Jan. to get all approved and implemented though. Negotitions for the next year's budget would start immediatly afterwards.

... need to keep staffers employeed.

FYI.. any minute now, my dinner will be ready. Macaroni cheese (with some bacon and onion thrown in.) Made from scratch.. no shortcuts cos my microwave is busted. Yum (dinner, not fried electrodes..).

BTW, just to clarify. The "Coach" quote isn't gut-bustingly funny, but to me, it encapsulates all that is Coach. RIP Nicolas Colasanto.

CLIFF: How's married life treating ya'? Quite a change, huh?
FRASIER: Well, Lilith and I did live together for a year before we wed, so other than the fact that I now see it stretching endlessly before me until I die rotting in the grave, there's no real difference.

Okay.. I admit it.. I always liked Lilith as well. She was so incredibly tightly drawn.. and then she'd explode - be passionate and amazing. I sound like I lust her.. and really, I don't. She was a great character, well portrayed., although she did become a little one-dimensional towards the end.. more of a sidekick than a character, which was really sad.

*crosses fingers and hopes this will post.*

Cheers Quotes. Lots of em.

John Mayer; good. And I do like his "Daughters"...but then, I have daughters. I get a little misty-eyed when I hear it.

Stevie Ray Vaughn...can never go wrong there, IMHO.

I checked out some Irma Thomas CD's on iTunes. I previewed "Time is on My Side" on each of them. None of them can beat the way she sang it during the concert. That version was just so...wow. Smooth and rich and everything.

She and some of the other New Orleans musicians are going to be on a CD being released by STARBUCKS/Warner (?) in October. I think I'll wait for that one.

Hopefully I'll also get a venti latte with my purchase.

Oh, sly, sorry, St. L. IS a little too far west. Maybe next trip.

good thinking, kibby... because if you let sly sweet-talk you into coming farther west, next thing you know you're off to see Fishair (and his wife!), then Peri & Zoodle, the Seattle bunch and the SoCal bunch and next thing you know...

you won't have time to make that side trip north to Massachusetts that you've been planning!

I just had a message from my sister; they are going to drive north today. They started looking at the size of the storm and all of the trees around them and thought maybe going north is smart. Well, she, her husband, daughter and son-in-law. My nephew is going to stay. This is the son who showed up at my niece's wedding with the python. My sister said she's going to err on the side of caution and good sense. Her son takes after his daddy's side of the family. (sister's ex) Those nutjobs will probably drive south.

Higgy - great pics! Looks like you guys had fun. And you're not that big - they're little!

Sly, my friend Bill is in Alvin (south of Houston) and hasn't evacuated though all of us are trying to convince him to go. Now he says it's too late, the highways are too crowded, he can't leave the cats, etc.

So take the stupid cats! He might leave tomorrow and go south.

Had to sleep on it. Had one original thought...

Mrs Fish is practically doing the same things Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears or Mariah Carey do, just on a smaller scale and therefore with more personal involvement with the audience.

So the questions are:

Will you, like Madonna, be able to explain your actions to the children?

Do you and the Mrs have an agreement to regularly speak openly with each other regarding your feelings on the situation?

Is it safe? Are there limits on her interaction with her audience members? If someone offers her a gazillion dollars to come to his house, what then?

Just some thoughts. I'm sure I have more somewhere...

He's the first moatie I've ever met, and I must say, with no disregard to the rest of y'all fine peeps, he is quite AWESOME. The conversation flowed as smoothly as butter off a monkey's rump (or something like that). We laughed and shared many embarrasing stories.

PS: When you get a chance to meet Higgy in person, I've learned it is best to prepare by wearing adult undergarment protection.

Excellent questions Tamaradoesnotryhmewithbreafeastbaconandcheese!!!

I love them!

I love all the feedback I've gotten from you guys.

I too slept on it and my wife is reading them or will sometime this morning.

You guys R O C K in the M O A uh T.....

... always thought the eye of the storm's the safest place to be. So IF one could remain in the eye, as it moved, everything would be fine. And just wait for it to die out!

Getting there might pose an interesting problem though....

Here's the latest from my friend Bill:

I don't know where the eye is exactly. The track has moved a little bit north, so the storm won't pass right over Galveston. Or so they're saying now.

Board up? I'm about as handy with a saw and plywood as a cat. I'm still hoping for the best, which is a pretty weak defense. We have 24-36 hours or so before the we start feeling any effects. Maybe things will change for the better, or maybe I'll get the hell out of here.

Sly, I think he needs you and your tool box.

I mean, is this a sensible way for a retired college professor to behave?

Kaf, ditto on that Mayer song. But he has excellent stuff on the collaborative albums with B. B. King and Herbie Hancock.

Thanks for the Cheers quotes. I know it'll be tough leaving "your girls" but they won't forget you, I'm sure.

Especially if you read this. I would already be gone.

BYOP!! *snork* *chortle* LOL! ROFL! LMAO!

LTTG I know, but there was a lot going on yesterday! It was about 10pm last night, I was in bed (alone!) and it popped into my head! Cracked me up!




This just came across my screen here at work. Not that you couldn't probably figure that out. Butt , butt, butt, blog butter......

M-almost-i-K--I'm so glad that you're so happy! It's been a long wait for you. I don't know how you managed to stay sane.

Fish--I think it was Higgy who said not to get used to having the extra money. I agree. I had a second job (though not anywhere as interesting as your wife's) for 3 years and I really depended on that extra income. Now that it's gone, and has been for a year, it's a rude awakening. 10 hours a week extra made for an extra 33% income, and it really hurts not to have it.

Keep the lines of communication open, and plan for when the money won't be coming in. After all, she probably only has about another 40 years to dance naked.

Fisher, can't really add much to what's been said, but I agree. If you're both ok with it, no problem. But keep the thought of the money that it is "extra". I get paid extra for working during the high school and college football games. Not a lot of money, but I do miss it when it's over.

*does a goofy little dance*

I started a yahoo group for my high school class...it was so lonely there last night, as the only member...but two people joined this morning.

It is a little odd being the owner though...things show up a little different.

We had the biggest crowd yet at the meeting last night...10 of us. (there were four at the last meeting.)

*goes to check the pictures of Higgy and DDi*

This year is my 35th after graduating. The class president said that if we want a reunion, someone else can plan it, she won't. Who made the rule that the president of the class is stuck forever with planning reunions?

I wouldn't go anyway. The only person I'd be interested in seeing again wouldn't come either. And my ex-hubby married one of my classmates, they'd be sure to be there, and I don't care to see them, either.

I went to the 10th reunion, and I plan never to attend one again.

Channeling Joshkr: (who apparently is actually working - who knew!)
Tell Fish I want pictures!

From BigD's link:

Isaac's Storm is a recent historical account of the devastation, much of it centered around Dr Isaac MCline, the Director of the Galveston Weather Office at the time of the tragedy. (The book relates the story every bit as gripping as The Perfect Storm.)

I read this book a few years ago, it's by Erik Larson (don't think I can link to Amazon) and it's tremendous! I've been thinking about it ever since "rita" has been storming (good pun, eh?) toward Galveston! I highly recommend it!

I've never been to Galveston. Should I try it?

rita -
the book - absolutely!
the city - not right now! ;)

I've never been there either, but I've always been fascinated by weather, and if you think there were screw-ups in New Orleans, read about how they messed up in Galveston and over 8,000 people perished....you won't forget it after you read it - ever!

El ~ channel me back to Josh. Tell him to get in line behind the rest of us.

*notes that other pictures Higgy posted are great too!!!*

wolfie - your wish is my command - done! :)

*gets in line*
er...what are we waiting for?

Oh, goddammit, LTTG, I haven't been around much lately (how the hell do you guys keep up with the Moat? I just cannot find enough hours in the day. And here's fish's secret, and he asked for input, and dammit.
I probably have a skewed (not screwed) perspective on this, because of what I do in RL (psychotherapy), but I'd advise extreme caution - the choice you guys are making is very volatile for a number of reasons. In my work life, I've never met a dancer who was happy (by definition - they come to see me because they're not, just like everyone else). Their unhappiness seems to come from having to use the fruits of their labors to soothe themselves about how they're earning the money in the first place - so they self-medicate with substances, or spending, and it's a hamster wheel.

But maybe it's just a sampling error, and different strokes, etc, but if you can't tell your children how you earn your money (Tony Soprano, anyone?), that might be an indication that it's not as zipless as you'd like to think.

Of course, it's only MHO, but I really like our community here, and appreciate fish's sharing this, so I'll risk sharing too...Fish, if you guys decide to continue the experiment, of course I hope it works out as well as you think it can.

And boogers for all, welcome to Hump Day!

El- so, does that mean he approves? I'm not clear. I mean I'm not clear martin.

Pictures are GREAT!!! Higgy! (and co.)

Susan- Thanks for playin all those requests. Yeah, she is dead set on buying at least one of everything in the world already, so wish us luck on that. She goes to work and now all of a sudden, we'll end up with less money than when she started, that is my fear. Spend, spend, spend, cuz I'm making, making, making.

I'm more of a saver. She's um not.

So, that's honestly my only problem with it. Well, that and I'm kind of afraid that I may have created a monster. An "Oh! now I can make a gazihillion dollars if I work 7 days straight for months and then I could buy the world HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! kinda monster" (NTTATWWT) except, Dad and the kids kinda miss Mommy while she's out on her rampage. (not rampartage) you know. Just sayin....

(((((((((((((((((((((mrs fish))))))))))))))))))))

it's hug therapy...no it wont solve ur problems.
it solves mine.
*goes off to hug more moaties

Hello, hello. I agree with Jamester that I can never keep up to the moat and stay employed. Sigh... welfare it is.

Soooo, what are we talking about? I didn't read all the way to the top (extreme laziness) but I think we're on to exotic dancers. Not the best career. Unless you are an exotic dancer turned CSI agent on a really cool show.

SN - read Sept 21, 12:52pm. "Mr. Fubarred".

He's feeling better now, though...

How about a CSI agent moonlighting as a dancer? THAT prime time material? Oh, already being done? hum.

*goes off to find bangi and her hug*


Fish - that was the entirety of his message - it was an e-mail - but knowing Josh, it's hard to imagine he'd think it was a problem! *hee, hee, I said hard*

Susan!!!! TOMMY!! way cool!
WCRE Rocks!

*big hug*

huh? kibby's turning blue...? oh sorry..
*lets go*

I would also like to make another request if I may be so bold.

I need a top five of all time greatest Stripper songs list from you uns.

Can ya help a brutha out?

Thanks (((((((((Bangi)))))))

Nothing solves 'em better than this.

*Loves Bangi, a Coke and a smile*

*stumbles back slightly bruised*

Wow, stars! cooool

Susan! Dream Weaver !!!



{{{Everyone else}}}

Oooh...Fisher...I thought of a good stripping song. Don't know if it's in the top 5, but it's a good one...Joe Cocker..."You Can Leave Your Hat On".

*goes to cue it up*

kibby "stuck in the '70s" F5™

Brings to mind, "Stuck in the Middle with you" - Susan?

Fish - the greates strip song of all time is Let Me Entertain You!

*turns up computer speakers!*

lost post...:(


kinda like having our own radio station

So ... I got a request to update my blog from some guy in Georgia (??) ... so being the obedient type ... I stopped what I was doing at work and complied.

Caution ... it's a racy chapter!

Let me entertain you
Let me make you smile
Let me do a few tricks
Some old and some new tricks
I'm very versatile
And if you're real good
I'll make you feel good
I want your spirits to climb
So let me entertain you
And we'll have a real good time, yes sir
We'll have a real good time

My own top 5 of all time.

5. Motley Crew- Girls, Girls, Girls (it's a song about strip clubs, it's in just for that alone)

4. Eagles- Life In The Fastlane (well, cuz it is)

3. KISS- Lick it Up (Oughta be self explanatory)

2. Nine Inch Nails - Closer (with lyrics like I want to F@#k you like an animal, how can you go wrong??)


1. Kid Rock - Cowboy (I just really really like a woman dancing to that song, not sure why)

Ok, in case Dave doesn't post:

Two men. One boat. 90 days. No clothes.


Mony Mony - Billy Idol
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) - Eurythmics
Girls, Girls, Girls - Mötley Crüe


Ok, where's these lastest photos of which I'm searching on the Y!?

Without going all the way back up to Sept. 21st, why do we care about strippers?? Or strip songs? Since I personally don't frequent them and would break my husband's legs if he did, I need to know why this is suddenly all the rage.

I did the same thing, partner - they're on Higgy's blog!

You're welcome.

how about "don't cha" by the pussycat dolls

SN - Ctrl+F, search for "Very Long post"
Read Fish's [very long] post & you'll understand.

Okay I went back and read it and Fishair, are you nuts? Well, yes, you have them, but you are ok with your wife stripping? You're not Italian are you? My husband gets upset if he even catches a guy looking at my b**bs even though I'm fully clothed. He may like his private shows, but there is no way in h*ll he'd be okay with me dancing for strangers and letting them paw me.

Absolutely no way I'd do it either. And depending on the laws in your state, you could lose the kids.

Hey, I'm all okay with freedom, liberty, women's rights and all that jazz, but not a chance. And little Big Fish will find out. When his classmates daddies tell them. Then he will be laughed out of class. Be ready for it.

I did finally go back. There were several very long posts. I still can't believe you're okay with this Fish. Unbelievable. Not worth the money, man.

*deletes long rant*

SN ~ most clubs have no touching rules. In fact, trying to paw a dancer will usually get someone a face to face meeting with the bouncer and then the pavement out front.

Wolfie, silly boy. How do you think they get the dollar bills in the G-string? They blow them in? And of course, they aim for the right location every time....

Guess you won't be joining the others on that field trip then, SN? ;)

wolfie is a girl.

just sayin'

Wolfie is a woman. And she's funny, not silly.

What does being Italian have to do with anything?

Ah. Sorry on the gender wolfie. I just can't get how we can have one woman screaming sexual harrassment at work since her boss put his hand on her shoulder and another woman declaring its her right to take off her clothes and have men pull at her g-string.

This world is seriously weird.

S.N. - But it IS her right to do what she chooses to do, "chooses" being the operative word. You know the saying,
My body, My choice
And that's whether she chooses to display her body or to report some guy at the office for touching her without her consent...
/end my $.02

Yeah nice entrance back into the Moat there SN.

Real smooth landing dear.

I guess different strokes for different folks. eh?

And yes our female Wolfie (you have been gone a long time to forget that SN) is correct, that's what bouncers do hun, they make sure that there is no pawing all the girls have to do is give the nod or grab the guys hands and toss them, and a Bouncer is in his face and they can easily get kicked out. Putting dollar bills in A g-string hadrly equals pawing someone body, but hey I'm not knocking you.

If it ain't your bag, then it ain't your bag baby.

I knew some people would not be cool with it. So, that's fine.

But I will defend my position on the matter and my dear friend Wolfie.

So, when is this field trip anyways? I should probably get to cleaning out the fridge.

No problem on the gender thing.
Well, I know how I get the money into the gstrings. More often than not, it's a garter however, not down into the sweaty southern regions of the tippee of choice. I'm sorry to burst your bubble on this one, but strip clubs are soooo very not like the movies portray them. If a dancer chooses to remove the cash from my hand herself, it's her choice. They have the leeway to decide that.
Yes, there are exceptions to every rule, but as a general rule, nobody is going home with the dancer except her grilfriend/boyfriend or husband.
In an aside.. dancers know money is one the filthiest (literally) substances on earth. Most of them (who aren't uncaring because they blow their earnings on peruvian marching powder) don't want to touch money with anything other than their hands.

Fish, man, I have a sister-in-law who got into that. Doesn't end well. Speaking from experience when I say it will come out.

And man, you gotta expect some opinions are not going to be too good. You don't know me or give 2 hoots about my opinion so if you're offended by the reaction of someone you've never met, be ready for the reactions from those you know and care about.

Di... "like butter off a monkey's rump"? *is scared to ask, but..* How do you know that, and is there any statistical data on the whole butter vs rump thing, and does the size of the monkey make a difference?

Jeff... "as handy with the saw and plywood as a cat..." (it's an animal themed Moat today..). So is Bill saying that he'll cover the windows with cats if he runs out of plywood? That's very lateral thinking.

Jamester!! Great to see you still around!

Mr Fishair.. the only song I can think of (other than You Can Leave Your Hat On.. one of my favourite Joe Cocker Songs EVER!) is Save A Horse.. Ride A Cowboy. But you'd probably have to live in cow intensive areas for that one to work well.. that or have a theme night.
Also "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" - but you need a version NOT sung by the thoroughly creepy Rod Stewart. Preferrably by a female.

.....and that's why catching up is a good thing.


OK, I'm in all out handwringing mode.

My sister and her family ended up staying because the roads are too packed. They were worried they'd wouldn't get very far and then there wouldn't be any place to stay. As I said, they are on the North side of Houston. My niece and her hubby live a little south of them in an apartment building that is in a flood plain. The are TRYING to get up to Janice's; but they've gone 3 miles in 2 hours. Jessie couldn't get her husband to leave until this morning AND she finally found a place to get gas and get back home to get him. The area has now run out of gas and Janice (sister) is afraid they will run out before they get up to them. I asked how far she was and if she could just get out and start walking.

AND my brother-in-law's brother decided to board up his house in Galveston TODAY before leaving. He's now worried he won't make it out. EXCUSE ME!! WAS THIS A SURPRISE??????

And then Janice tells me to tell our parents not to watch TV because it will worry them.

Oh, yeah. That will work.

My nephew and his python have not been seen.


Lt. Woman: OF COURSE there is statistical data to support my analogy. Why else would I have mentioned it? I am however obligated to keep the secrets all to myself on this topic and so I am left simply saying.... GOOBER! ;)

Fishair/SN: I've got nuttin to add to this convo, so I'm stayin' outta it.

*tips hat and runs to the underground bunkers*

Sorry Laynie.. I know your feelings on the Rodster.. but he just makes me want to find some acid with which to scrub myself clean.

and as far as songs go....how about ZZ Top; Hot Legs

El, your comment reminds me of the "choice" episode of Seinfeld:

Poppie: "but we cannot give the people the right to choose any topping they want - on this issue there can be no debate!"

Kramer: "What gives you the right to tell me how I would make my pie?"

Poppie: "Because it's a pizza!"

Kramer: "It's not a pizza until it comes out of the oven"

Poppie: "It's a pizza the moment you put your fists in the dough!"


SN, you certainly have a right to your opinion, but we're all friends here and we DO know each other. Mr. Fisher didn't ask whether or not you would do it, but asked for opinions, support, arguments for and against. Everyone who responded did so thoughtfully, without pointing fingers on the high and mighty route.

I hate Rod singing "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy", Kaf, but tell me this:
Who else could sing
Who else is gonna bring you a broken arrow,
Who else is gonna bring you a bottle of rain

and have you start sobbing?! And when I played that (with tears in my eyes) for my then bf and he said,
"Why would you want a broken arrow?" I knew it was over between us...:(


Hey Fish, sorry if I offended you. Subject hit a little too close to home. Probably hit send a little too fast.

And Leetie - my husband is Italian and very protective. He'd be breaking some legs.

And Slyeyes, best wishes on your family.

DDi, you can come out from the bunkers. They'll probably be underwater by Saturday anyway. Better to stay on the roof.

Here here El - I hope I don't come across as a blue-nosed moralist - I support choice. I'm just painfully aware that choices have consequences, so we'd better try to be conscious...

Uhm I'm pretty sure there SN if you go back up there and read I clearly said exactly that.

More than once.

I repeat more than once.

Didn't I?

What's in the water this week? Oh right, I pee in it.

Sorry girls. No wonder.

Laynie, the only Rod song that I like is (naturally) The Motown Song. Everything else makes me want to gag.
Also, if you and I were dating, and you quoted "Broken Arrow" to me while sobbing, we'd be broken up also. I'm just trying to figure out which one of us would have dumped the other first.

{{{Laynie}}} Still love ya sweetie (and our kids would have been gorgeous!)

Sly.. my prayers are with your family. I'll also cross my fingers and walk sideways all day (well maybe for 5 minutes, anyway..) to make sure they're safe.

Jamester! Great to see you, honey.

How's life??

*sticks head outta bunker*

SN, I dunno where your bunker is, but mine is in the midwest, very very very far from any flooding dangers that might happen during the course of Rita. No worries. I'll just stick it out here till the tides of the moat calm a bit.

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