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August 30, 2003



(Thanks again to Ben Studtmann)


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For anyone who really cares.. kilos x 2.2 = pounds. 454 grams in a pound. That's probably too late to help MiB.. or M(almost)iK... who, like a friend's daughter, will now be Miki to me..

There may have been a Fema screw up, but at least there was a perky news team to report on it!

*squeezes lemon juice on Mr Fish*
What?! It's good for you!!
Feel free to share (or we can drop it all if you'd rather.. ) - you are among friends here. That means we love you (but not like that.. well some of us maybe, but I digress..) and we want to support you in whatever this is whenever you're ready.

DJT.. *fingers crossed you escape the cubicle farm*

quiet last night. The crickets didn't even show up.

*yawns n stretchs n tries to come to life*

G'mornin Moaties.

djt ~ if you get stuck in a cube just talk them into allowing cube wars (a'la wysi)

mmmmm fresh squeezed lemon. *licks fish* I love fresh lemon juice.

As heard on WCRE's Morning show.

***** Important Notice *****

Kibby's Coming To America'05 Tour

That's right folks! Kibby's coming! He'll be arriving in The Greater Tampa (FL) Area (GTA) on Oct 12 & leaving Oct 26. In between he'll take the crew (minus F2.3) towards Norfolk VA (where!?) for the weekend of 15 Oct and return to The GTA - NOT to be confused with The GMA (Greater Miami Area).

At a time to be announced he will be visiting family in The Even Greater Orlando Area, EGOA, and hopes to met MOATies along the way(s).

Let's see, that should be:

Susan (?)

oops, sorry Eleanor, other coast.

So, stay tuned to these pages for continuing developments! (As IF we'd go anywhere else anyhow....)

Correction! Weekend destination is near Roanoke VA.

Atlanta may be too far west too. We'll see.


I'm going to be visiting Tamara-rhymes-with-camera the weekend of Oct. 14 in Hotlanta!

ATLANTA IS NOT EITHER TOO FAR WEST, KIBBY!!! (depending on your definition of "too far") YOU COME SEE ME!!!

Great, great night. Yes Sly, there were some boos for Bette but more cheers. Jackie says 90-10 but I'd say maybe 80-20. But most of us weren't involved.)

I'm glad you & Eleanor got to see it. They didn't introduce a lot of the people, especially in that first segment, so don't know who all of them were, but I did catch Lenny Kravitz, Jimmy Buffett, Elvis Costello, Aaron Neville, Clarence "Frogman" Henry ("Aint Got No Home" was all too true for many) in that group. (And for you and Eleanor: we couldn't read that guy's t-shirt so didn't know what it said.)

I couldn't help but think of Eleanor when the Dixie Cups did "Chapel of Love" either.

And Dave Bartholomew, who discovered Fats Domino & wrote/produced many of his songs, must be about 80 and looked great. And wasn't Irma Thomas amazing! What a voice! Her rendition of "Time is On My Side" blew away the Stones version.

For those who didn't get to see it, the concert started at 7:00 and ran without intermission until 12:20 am!!! (There were occasional little breaks where you'd get Clinton & Bush or Jimmy Carter or Paul Simon on screen while they were changing the stage, but that's all.)

Some highlights:

Blues segment with Ry Cooder, Buckwheat Zydeco & Lenny Kravitz, later joined by Irma Thomas.

Jimmy Buffett & the entire Coral Reefer Band finally doing a New York concert, with 9 songs, including El's favorite ("Come Monday") and Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" with Dave Matthews doing the lead and "Sea Cruise" in a duet with Paul Simon.

Elton John (performing at the Garden this week) with HIS whole band, doing "Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding," "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" and "Levon."

Bill Clinton coming out to introduce John Fogerty! The latter did 6-7 of CCR's biggest.

Paul Newman introducing Simon & Garfunkel! They did "Mrs. Robinson," "Homeward Bound" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" with Aaron Neville.

Periodically I was thinking how much Sly & Eleanor and my brother Ken and a few others would have loved being there. It was a night to remember.

It not much farther to take 75 to Hotlanta then 85 East than it is to go over to 95 and take it north.

Oh yeah, Jackie reminded me to tell you: when you first came into the Garden downstairs where they were selling t-shirts, there were stilt walkers and oddly dressed people plus a band doing an entire zydeco set!

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band (with Diana Krall - who did Fats Domino's "I'm Walkin'") and Elvis Costello and Dave Bartholomew and Kermit Ruffins doing "St. James' Infirmary."

Dixie Cups doing "Chapel of Love" and "Iko Iko."

The Neville Brothers and The Meters performing together for the first time ever.

We got $100 tickets and sat in the 100s section directly across from the stage but you could have seen the whole thing for $50.

Hum, you know Tamara (yes, I know Tamara), MapQuest puts Atlanta at about the 7 hr. point from BOTH places.

Hum, I smell a meal stop.

At the end (after Aaron Neville did "Amazing Grace") all the musicians came out doing "When the Saints Come Marchin' In" of course.

Yeah, Bette said something like "I shouldn't insult George Bush as he's a fan. He came to see me in the 70s. His coke dealer got him tickets."

Also: "I got a letter today from the Republican National Committee thanking me for supporting their policies. I did what any American would do. I told them, "Go f#*k yourself!"

A bit much but more old-style Bette than her new, tame persona.

Anybody else here seen the Wiggles Christmas video ("Santa's Rockin")? Which features guest appearances by "Greg" from "The Brady Bunch" singing and dancing (painful to watch) with Greg Wiggle, and John Fogerty singing "Rockin' Santa" (kinda cool, but the munchkin had no idea who he was)?

No? Okay.

9.S. - Thanks, Trillian, for letting me know yesterday that I'm either not crazy or not alone! ;)

9.9.S. - Everybody! I'm going to my FIRST! concert (aside from the Wiggles concert we took the munchkin to last year) in November! (Remember, people; I wanted to be a nun once, and I QUITE sheltered myself, and didn't do the things normal teenagers and young adults do.) Purchased tickets this morning--going to see Ben Folds!! :) :) Yaaay, me!

Yaaay, Kibby!!

hmmmmm, if you were initially thinking Atlanta was too far west; then I suppose you won't be stopping in St. Louis.

Tamara, what is this about how Kibby should "COME SEE ME!!!" what about ME? Are you going to lock me up in your linen closet while you go to another moatie meet?

just a brief message, because as Eleanor said(about herself) I used to be funnier... but I have a non-werk e-mail addy now...

*limps in using sponge mop for cane*
Q:Why do I persist in doing this?
A: Because the s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g my legs feels soooo good for the nanosecond it takes before the incredible pain and ensuing scream occurs.

What a concert! And wasn't it a great perk to see Bill? And didn't Artie really knock himself out to give it his all when singing Bridge? And I thought Lenny Kravitz was especially terrific when he was performing with Cooder and Buckwheat! Did anyone beside me think he was channeling Ray Charles? Just a little bit??

*plops down in hammock where she intends to remain for the day*
I wish f**king Fema would drop off some of the ice here so I could put in on my leg -

It looks like next week we'll need another concert headed by Glen Campbell singing "Galveston, Galveston"

Memo to Fish:
Me cranky? Never! :-)
Me old? No way! :-)
Me love Fish? Forever and ever! :)

Yeah, but first we thought Lenny was wearing a blanket. Then I realized it was a poncho (sort of).

And didn't you love Cooder's hat and sunglasses? What a character!

Jimmy always sings barefoot and Jackie noticed Cyndi Lauper taking her shoes off too.

Why do musicians do that? I'd think the stage must get pretty dirty.


(Odd...never thought I'd be hugging a fish...not too slippery.)

KIBBY!!!! You were listening to the morning show? Hee hee hee...I wasn't. Whyfor the question mark by my name? I expect you in the area. No questions about it.

16 years ago Hugo hit SC...Category 4, winds of 135 miles per hour...nearly $6 million in damages.

And the day after Hugo, I went to pick up a car I had bought two days before. Took me forever to learn to drive. I had never driven a stick shift before, and every time for many many months that I'd get on a back road, I'd go a quarter mile, and there would be a tree down in the road.

My neice managed to slap my stepmonster in the face with a fish last summer. I was so proud. I bought her a fish charm for her bracelet that night.

Hey FishTwin!!!!

Are you expecting tornadoes from this around Monday morning?

Stay safe (dry at least)

*takes off Moat killing crown and tosses it into deep end of Moat*

Oops. Sorry.

Brian you so totally weren't there when I hit post like 15 minutes ago.
Argghhhhhh! (this is not pirate speak, just frustration)

wolfie - I've been continuously blurking from the hammock while waiting for someone to bring me an ice pack - or would heat be better???

I haven't seen a cabana boy since we moved - what's up with that?

I'm listening to my John Denver CD - he should have been at the concert last night, but he couldn't make it -RIP, John -
Line from Poems, Prayers and Promises:
It turns me on to think of getting old
And he didn't get to - *starts sobbing*

I've been feeling very weepy for the past 2 days - it made CG very nervous when he was here yesterday, and he didn't stay as long as he usually does....:(
*sobs some more*

*drags in cabana boy for Eleanor*

Sorry. I forgot to let him outta the suitcase. He seems to be a little wound up, but hopefully he will calm down.

I think wound up Cabana boys is JUST what Eleanor needs!

*goes to check MapQuest to see how far Fairy Stone Park is to Cheraw*

it's a miracle...

we called the cable company yesterday and are currently enjoying the fruits of Mr. Cableman's labors. Probably 18 hours max between call and install!

Thanks wolfie, but this is really more like what I had in mind....

kibby, I think I could wind him up all by myself!

*runs to open other suitcase*

Happy Swiss National Yodeling Festival Day! *dons lederhosen*

Did someone page me?

Yes, Don: You've been pantsed!

*notices draft*
Why yes, yes I have been.

*wiggles hips and does that ever so smooth move that every man has done when naked in the vicinity of a female.. swings ram-parts round in circles like a beanie propeller using only hip gyrations*

Impressive no?

OK ... I am listening to the BEST mix right now ...

David Gray - This Year's Love
Flaming Lips - Do You Realize
Remy Zero - Fair
Allison Morer - A Soft Place To Fall
Ryan Adams - La Cienega Just Smiled
Alison Kraus - When You Say Nothing At All
Simon and Garfunkle - The Only Living Boy in NY
Concrete Blonde - Joey
Aimee Mann - Forget the title - from NEMO music festival
Evanescence - My Immortal
Heather Nova - Papercup
Pete Yorn - Crystal Village
Guy Clark - Stuff That Works
Dave Matthews Band - Gray Street


Very Long post coming up!!!!! You have been warned.

Eleanor, you didn't say anything about giving it up. ;)

Wolfie- Thanks for the lickin, it's keeps me on tickin, and thnaks be to Miss Lt. For the lemon squeeze.

Ok, I just want everyone to know that I feel really horrible that I retorted (not retouted) in the manor I did last night. I told myself I was not going to do that. But after thinking about it:

I think Styx said it best:

So if you think your life is complete confusion
Because your neighbors got it made
Just remember that it’s a grand illusion
And deep inside we’re all the same.
We’re all the same......

I was entirely too drunk too be allowed near a keyboard. whew. (and I really did fall asleep in my chair, waiting on you all to come running to hear my SECRET) (and when I woke an hour or so later there was only one or two comments)

So, F@#K it. I was just joking to begin with and really just wanted to hurry and tell my story. So, today is the day. I can wait no longer. I must spill the beans. (Don't go eating 'em Leets!)


I am telling you all this story because my wife and I would like some input, be it good, or bad. It's not a situation where we can really ask our parents or our close friends.

The secret of our current life situation is:

I have know become a Mr.Mom in the evening after work. As you all may or may not know I work in the wholesale auto parts industry. I sit and answer the phone and type tickets for large parts sales (stock orders) to places such as AutoZones, O'Reilly's, Napa's and other such chains that you may have in your area. There are two of us that answer 8 phones lines, sometimes yes, all at once, but rarely. I'm sit on my but and play here while talking with customers (we do some cust service, tech stuff also) Monday through Friday 8 to 5 and once a year we have Inventory (member that last year?!?!). Anyway, I make pretty decent money for having no formal education. I attended Junior college right outta hihg school, but just wasn't focused on what I wanted to do. I made it a year and half, and then dropped out and started working full time. (being a Butcher no less) Anyhoo. (You should probably at the very least be taking notes, if you have a graph, chalkboard, and calculator that may work best) So, my wife hasn't had to work, we make it. Barely. Paycheck to paycheck. She actually to her credit decided to get a job about a month before she found out she was pregnant with Aiden. The morning sickness soon put an end to that job. Then we sold our house and moved. Started all over on another remodel job. The house we just bought and moved into. (smarts) She wanted to be a stay at home mom and take care of her baby (as I'm sure all do), and it's been fine up until this fiasco with the ex and us having to go back to court, our insurance company gave us the money to replace the pool!! (yeah! not enough to cover our losses, which went to pay the lawyer, so no pool), plus the insurance company said we need to repalce our roof by Dec 13th., also just after having the baby, his expenses have put a crunch on us financially. Enough that I was seriously going to have to go out and get a second part-time job in the evenings or on weekends.

*******WARNING ADULT THEME FOLLOWS*******, [For those of you who don't like me, please skip to My Lou and then to the end of this post]

Well over Labor day weekend we had Grandma and Grandpa watch the kiddos for a couple of days. And we decided to head out (as we often do) to the Strip clubs. We hit our favorite one first, {In Tulsa there are 6 or 7, none of them are ALL nude, except one, which can only do it because they serve no alcohol, but it's located in the Prostitute district of town and is down right DISgusting. (so I hear)}
Anyway our favorite one is the one where, if you are a woman, they will pull you up on stage ask you to put your dollar bill in your mouth or cleavage and pull your top up and french kiss you and bite your crotch and anything else just this side of actually breaking the law (which we have heard now that it is against the law for them to do that, but they just get a fine, and pay and move on, the customers must really like it huh?) This may be one of the only things left in this day and age that I can think of that you can buy that's actually worth a Dollar. I especially like the shows that are put on there. So did my wife. And apparently she started to get a little more frisky the more we kept going and on watching, and decided to join in a few times. Well, back to labor day weekend. She said I'm gonna go in and ask if they'd hire my to dance. Yes, even MY jaw hit the floor. (she has always joked since I've known her that she could do that, if she wanted to, and I agreed of course, but it was never serious) well this weekend it was quite serious. SHe talked to the manager and he said come in next Tuesday for an audition. We procedded to hang out and she went over to one stage full of a bunch of guys an a couple of there girlfriends/wives having a bachelor party (about 10 or 15 of them) After a few performances of hers and the dancers on the stage in front of all these guys (I was at a table just behind them where I had a Perv's eye view) they all started giving her dollars, so she started flashing them and the more she did the more the money went flying and so she was basically testing the waters at this point. She made $35 bucks, in about 15 minutes worth of "work" and that's minus the beer we bought. So, all this time I'm thinking man they're going to kick us outta here because she's taking money away from the "house". Well, after a bit all the guys and girls wanted to have my wife give this guy getting married a lap dance. She said she's have to ask the manager and he of course said NO. (remember she was just in jeans and and tank top)

So, this group of people offer to take us back to there hotel room and if she will give him a lap dance WITH HER JEANS ON, top was questionable, they would all pitch in and pay her $100.00.

Guess were went after the place closed?

Yeah, so the next night she's like "oh, if I can make this kinda money I can handle taking a xanax and dinking a few beers and taking my top off for that kinda money. We come in here anyway. Why not make some money?"

I said are you sure ??? (hopefully.) ( yes, I'm a sicko, see why I didn't wanna tell yas)

She said let's go to the smaller one, that's close by our house and check it out.

We went in and she talked to a couple of the dancers and they took her over to the manager/owner (a lady who, also claims to be a pychologist, that part of the story may or may not be made up, I'm still working on that) and she said oh yeah you got the look, you and I can make us Lots a money. Girls take her in the back and get her an outfit.

Let me just for the record that was one of the best nights of my entire life, seeing her walk outta the dressing in room in a flourescent lit up stringy boy short outfit with long straps thingies and High heels on. Whoa! It's one of those Fantasy come to life. ANd it happened right before my eyes. I was in total shock. She was nervous as hell, she cam and sat by me for a sec and we watched a girl that was there on stage and it just so happened to be her very first night and her very first time up on stage. My wife said I can so do better than that. And she hopped her little ass up there and danced around and gots lots a hoot and hollers and raised beers and dollars. And, after she was done the owner said you're hired hun, you rock. they love you. To the other poor girl, buh bye. She seemed lost on a haze of drugs. Poor thing. Anyway so she has had to go buy a ton of ooutfits and shoes and everything that goes with being a "dancer"

She has been doing it three weeks now and is making more money than I am. And it will only increase.

I don't have a problem with it, because there are 5 bouncers and a parkinglot watch owl, and we only live a few city blocks away. I told her I can't watch you do it all the time But you know everyonce in a while, HELL YEAH. Who can say they get to do that? (who would want to you ask?) Well, the down side to this of course is the timing. She is in the middle of taking her ex back to court for modifying the visitaion. Zack (big fish who's 10) DOES not want to go back down there ever again. (that's another long story, for another time perhaps) So, if they find out about what she's doing, Probably not gonna look good, you know?

Plus, we had to put Aiden in day care which she doesn't like but I think it's probably good for him now that he;s almost a year old, he should interact with other kids and they teach sign language, and blah, blah, so she can sleep in three days a week and then go pick him up when she wants, or he can stay a full day. Whatever. She goes into work at 7:30 or 8, and gets home about 2 or 2:30. So six hours worth of work and she makes more than I do. I can't seem to find anything bad here. We are doubling our income and she doesn't mind doing it and I don't her doing it.

I guess what I want to know from you guys is, Are we nuts? Is there more risk that we are being naive about? (there is no "private room" kinda thing we're aren't that naive., Plus the place is really small, like maybe a 800 to 1000 sq feet, with one stage.) Not my favorite place to hang (har) but I guess it works for work.) ALso, does anyone know anyone else who has this arrangement? Or what the ratio of them staying married is? Or are we nuts? Or are we just nuts?

For a small example: Last night she came home with $368 cash. For six hours of work!! Plus she gets to drink on the job.

Also, another downside. She can't afford that kind of misfortune, so she's been taking a cab on the nights she gets bought too many drinks (that's how they make they're money, there is one drink available for purchase and it is $3500.00 they pour whatever the girls want to drink, underage ones Fruitpunch or what have ya ina glass the size of a Fish Bowl, and a guy the other night after she'd only been there a day or two bought $30, 000. worth of drinks for 7 or 8 of the girls. All they did was lap dances and sat around and drank fruitpunch!! or my wife has to have beer, but I digress.)

So honestly, was that a good secret or what?

And I swear, I'm not making this up. She told me to ask you guys what you think, so fire away and don't hold back. DJT, assured me again last night that I have Thick SKIN,so we can handle it.

*awaits jaws to close and heads to stop spinning*

*sips a Moatarita in the hammock overlooking the Moat beach*


Punky- Make me a copy?? Purty please with Jello on top? If you do, I'll dance at your next wedding. ;)

FIRST! To say "Holy F***ing F***!"

HOLY F***ING F***!

$3500 per drink!?

Oh, and


Good grief! THAT was an amazing secret! (I have a good one too but I don't know if it's as good as that!)

You & the wife are both okay with it so to heck with what anyone else thinks.

You asked for input so my only thing is maybe you should talk to the lawyer? Get his opinion about how it will affect the court case.

*plunks self down in Fish's lap in an innocent type way* ;)

Fish, baby ... if you guys are both truly OK with it than you already have your answer.

Sorry ... that's all the advice I'm willing to give on this one.


DJT--we might be in Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando around Christmas to visit our daughters.

I promise not to blow so much then.

*wakes up*

What are all these people doing in the hammock with me - Help, I'm being squished!

*gets sponge mop/cane and limps across MOAT, puts up another hammock and plops in*

*Mind reading Fish's thoughts*
Eleanor, this is not about you, (just this one time, of course!) please get to the point!

*thinking about this from the FCDA point of view*

Kibby!!!!!!! I live 2 hours from Roanoke! We gotta have a meet! We might be having our Oktoberfest/engagement party that weekend; we have to decide. You're invited if you want to make the trip. If we're not busy that weekend, I really want to meet you!!!

My $0.02

We really are twins to the point that our wives are twins. Except that yours was the only one that went through with it. Sweet!

Seriously though, P and I thought about that long and hard a couple years back when I was still working as a server and she was a receptionist at a vet clinic. Neither one of us was making great money, and the bills were manageable, but not comfortable. We talked about it a lot and visited a few places as "research". Ultimately, she decided not too because of a certain substance normally found in those clubs that we both had a strong affinity for in college. She didn't want the nightly temptation of gettin' all bumped up every night.

Back to your situation however, I agree with Zoodle that you should probably mention it to your attorney and get the low down on the possibilities. It may be something as simple as, 'Hey, quit for now, as soon as the custody battle is over, go back'. It could also be no big deal.

I also agree with Punky that if you're both fine with it, and it doesn't put undue stress on the relationship, make that money!

Also, I humbly accept to review any pictures that you may send me if she's not sure about an outfit and needs a third opinion.


I'm going to sit on the fence. I honestly don't know whether this is a good or a bad thing. If pressed, I'd say it's, ummm, not an excellent situation.

And now for something completely different: I look fabulous today because of the torture session - I mean waxing, I bought new shoes (mine are white and black), 2 dozen donuts for HGF, and 20 Euros' worth of candy for him as well. I'm dead tired now and I still have to get the food for my farewell party ready! Aaaaargh! I also have to sew the bottom part of the legs of two new pairs of jeans.
*sigh* I may or may not be back later.

Kibby ~ I'd ask haven't you ever been in a strip club, but then folks might wonder what I had been doing in one or two or twenty.

Go Fish Family!!

The only thing I'd say you have to worry about, would be the ex finding out and either trying to make your life miserable with custody stuff (which it seems he already is)or demanding money from what Mrs. Fish makes.
Guys (and a few girls) go to strip clubs, drop as much money as they can afford or be convinced to part with, and go home to wives/girlfriends or alone. It's not like in the movies.
I've known a couple dancers. It was an even split in the ones who were great moms and wives and took excellent care of themselves and their lives and families. Others were in it for the money and promptly snorted all their nights earnings as fast as possible. Like anything else, it depends on the person doing the action, not on the action itself.

As long as you both are fine with it, then go for it. Who cares about what anyone else thinks? (I say after giving my advice)
Advice to Mrs.Fish.. stick with taxis. Club bouncers can walk her to the cab at the end of her shift and she gets home safe n sound each night. Also, does she need help shopping? *wide eyed innocent blink*

I have a secret too, but it's certainly not as impressive as yours Fishaire.

But seconding what kibby said..

FCDA is still thinking....

El says, How often in life do 2 people's fantasies agree and the ability to live them ensues?? Why, I remember when my ex suggested that we - oops, it's not about me!

If you both think it's fine and the benefit is much needed $$$$, then why not?

I'm going to write more in an e-mail in a little while, OK?

FCDA says that you must tell the lawyer and get her/his opinion re the effect on the custody thingy....


That was from my jaw hitting the floor.

*gives sly Advil for the pain*

I used to dream about being a Solid Gold dancer. :)

Yet another Rice in the headlines.

I had to think first which Rice was playing with the Navy.

My $.02

I know someone, with a young child at the time, who danced at night while she was studying for her real estate license. Now she is a full time realtor and doesnt do it anymore. It had no ill affect on her relationship, although if I remember correctly she was already divorced so that may not help.

Also what Laynie (and others) said - tell the lawyer and get his/her opinion.

If you get a favorable opinion from the lawyer and you are both comfortable with it I say *GO FOR IT*.

Also ditto on the cab ride home.

Holy sh*t, Fish! What a secret!

If you're as okay with it as you appear to be, and she's happy with the dancing, then go for it! I wish I could make that kind of money. I also wish that I had that kind of body.

I agree with the others, check with the lawyer. Then do what you want to do.

And how about giving us the address of that club so we can make a blog field trip? Are cameras allowed in the club?

Line for the bus starts here!

And, Fish, I don't think there's anyone here who doesn't love you.

Okay, some may love you in a manly, fist-to-the-shoulder kind of way, but we love you.

Wolfie--okay, I'll ask: What's your secret? Can you top Fish? If not, please tell anyway!

Yes! What Rita said!

And BY THE WAY, FISH, you owe me a half a bowl of Frito pie! I got so caught up reading your saga that I let it get cold and soggy on my desk. MMMPH!!

Punky, I can totally see you as a Solid Gold dancer. Really have to get the full Brazilian wax for it though.

I can't add anything here except a stupid question, how is the money reported as income?

I can also add that I will never have a secret that good.

Let's see....

Mrs. Fisher is hot
Mrs. Fisher can dance and make money
Mr. Fisher is cool with it
Did I mention the money?


Insom.. can I add you to my Yahell messenger list? Pretty please? Even if you don't use messenger, it's fun for me...

Jeff, the concert sounds amazing. Betcha they won't show it here. *feels ever so slightly left out.*

Kibby.. if you're coming aaaaall the way from the Czech Republic, you really should make the Hotlanta side-trip. It'll be worth it.

El.. hope you're feeling better, sweetie. I'll see if this guy can make a housecall.

Mr Fishair.. In the final analysis, as long as it doesn't hurt the children (custody case included.. talk to Joe Lawyer about that one..), or anyone else, this only affects you and your wife. If you're both fine with it, (even better if it's a turn-on for you), then by all means, go for it. I would probably have a different answer if there was sex involved in all of this, but that seems to be off the menu, (I'm not a sharer when it comes to relationships), so this one is entirely at your own discretion.
Also, please be totally honest in your own relationship. You may be happy now, but if that EVER changes, you need to discuss that with Mrs Fish IMMEDIATELY. Don't hold back your opinions just because the extra cash is helpful. You don't want to give of it to a marriage/relationship counsellor.

Kaf - I don't know who that is, but anyone wearing a lab coat and who has a stethoscope is OK by me! :)

Kaf - check your e-mail re FF.....

Important message.

Comment by Fish on comments needed NOW!

He's prolly swamped with email, El ;)

Goran Visnijc or Visnjic or Vaseline or something. From ER. Yummy.

You're probably right, Leetie - so I guess I better join the crowd and send one! I like to do whatever the "cool crowd" is doing!!

My secret soo cannot top the awesomeness of the Fish's (what is the plural of Fish? Multiple Fishs?)

Few days ago Susan played a song and wouldn't say whos request it was. It was mine. Hope that answers your question Rita n Zoodle.

*runs far away very fast*

The blog ate my post. And this post is a sure fire way of making it show up and making me look silly all at the same time.

Ok, I forgot about the drugs. As a few have mentioned.

Yes, it is there. No doubt. Just like Wolfie said some are there just to make the money to support the habit.

Brian I swear we are twins.

We too have done our fair share of uppers that we both really enjoyed but we've long since gave that up and have no desire to fall back in that rutt or trap. We now only do an occassional parfait. But since the Court battle started, even that has stopped. Just in case there's a drug test involved which we hope because we are certian he is still using everything in the book.

The mediation service that the (WOMAN!! YEAH!!) judge ordered is set for Sept. 30th and the court date is Oct. 5th. So we are real close to it happening. Should be over real SOON.

Insom- I too am still concerend about the taxes and withholdings and such. She has yet to find out and tell me. ???

Thanks to everyone, I appreciate the speedy responses. That's why you guys are the best!

Sorry bout the frito pie Tamara. But find solice in the fact that I am starving and Frito Pie sounds F@*&$^!@*g good and I have no where to find any. ;(

Maybe tonight!

I am Mr.Mom after all. (you should see the stuff we cook, and eat at night for dinner, Mom would not proud)

My wife is a good gal. We may not always understand each other, but we understand each other I'd say better than anyone else that's come along down the line. So, if the relationship suffers it would only be because of a natural occurance anyway. Natural drifting apart.

She's fine doing it for the short term, and yes to the cab. and I'll ask her about the Attorney, right now he thinks she's a perfect angel, so you know, she'll not want to go in and admit she just started doing this to pay for his charges. But I will have her read your repsonses.

Thanks again EVERYBODY!!

We're both fine with it for now and if it works out it works out, if not no biggie.

Wolfie, I believe you're UP! Or is that me. *looks down*

Fish - just lobbing in two cents while my workshop is at lunch. I'll echo the sentiments from Lt Woman - as long as you're both fine with it NOW - if it EVER starts to bother you, bring it up immediately! You do not want something like that to fester.
Then the legal ramifications - consider it entirely likely that the ex will find out about this and use it against you in court - be prepared to deal with it and raise opposing arguments.
Lastly - you said Big Fish was 10. Will you tell him? What will he think of it? What about little fish - would it bother you in 5 or 10 years to tell him what his mom is doing (or did, when he was younger?) This is so tricky - I don't envy you the discussion. Also, I don't recommend NOT discussing it - I think he'll find out about it anyhow. When he discusses it with his friends, how is that going to go over?
Also be prepared for this magic carpet ride to end. She won't be dancing forever - what are you going to do when that ends? Don't get used to the money...

Dagnabit, they're coming back already. I'll have more later, maybe - but good luck and know that we're here for you no matter what. Also, feel free to tell me to bugger off if any of this has offended....

Also - for another 2 cents - I think Blogchik shouldn't have brought up the SECRET if she was only going to keep it under the lid. It's just baiting us, IMHO. Maybe she was fishing (no joke) for us to beg her to divulge - I don't know. However, the crankiness that she displayed washed off of me like water off a duck's butt - like DJTonyB said, we all have thick skins around here.

Hey - I get to meet DDi tonight - woohoo!

your lieutenantness - o.k.

*original thoughts after thinking*

Fish, I agree with everything that everyone said. ;)

My seconding of Rita was for the "everbody loves Fish" comments. (Not that I wouldn't like to find out a Wolfie secret!)

- I think Blogchik shouldn't have brought up the SECRET if she was only going to keep it under the lid. It's just baiting us, IMHO Agreed.

I told. Up there ↑

MoatieBaiting. *giggles* It's like bear baiting only when you get caught at it you get thrown into the pudding pit and are forced to wrestle all challengers.

*whines* Wooooolfie, you mean I have to find a post that happened days ago? I don't have time now, and I'll forget about it by tomorrow.

Okay.. just before I scoot out the door, I'd like to say something in Blogchik's defense.

More than once (and I know I'm not the only one..) I have vented my spleen in here. Then I've hit post and watched in horror, realising EXACTLY what I'd typed in the heat of the moment and how it could be taken. I don't know for sure, but maybe this is what happened here, and picking on a friend for making the mistake of mentioning something she obviously doesn't want to talk about is not going to help any of us and will only cause division.

/my $0.02

*runs for bus stop*


I seem to remember Susan playing Aerosmith's 'Love in an Elevator'. You sly little wolfie you.

I have also noticed that you are one of the few long standing MOATies with no picture on the MOAT. Unless I'm missing it. I don't think I am.

No excuses about Sony and XP not talking either.


Bwahahahah...I know what I played for Wolfie and wouldn't say who it was for....I don't remember what day though...so I can't give it away that way. I may have put a note by it that I wasn't saying who it was for...I don't remember. Not that I really know any details...I just know what song she asked for, and I played it.

Adding to comments to the Fish's...I agree...if you are both ok with it, go right ahead...but check with the lawyer, you don't want to mess things up with this.

The playlist for today...(I didn't forget, honest, just had errands to run right after the lunch hour)

(I really should keep up with it while I'm playing the music, I seem to have forgotten a song or two...between the Temptations and the Eagles...if anyone remembers could you let me know?)

Wednesday 9-21-05 All Request Lunch Hour
“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” Rolling Stones
“What a Wonderful World” Louis Armstrong---wolfie, from Tues., and Eleanor today
“Boogie On Reggae Woman” Stevie Wonder
“I Am The Walrus” Beatles---Walter (tee hee)
“December ‘63” Four Seasons
“Soul Man” Blues Brothers
“In A Big Country” Big Country
“Mr. Tambourine Man” Byrds
“Amie” Pure Prairie League
“The Way You Do The Things You Do” Temptations
“Hotel California” Eagles

I am a secret hidden in a hazy fog Brian. The only place my face has been has been in the yim message box. When I'm really really lubricated usually.
And it wasn't love in an elevator, altho it could have been. Think more along the lines of... going to the chapel and less along the lines of doing it behind a pew in the chapel. Altho...



I am in a foul, foul, foul mood.

I'm going to the ladies' restroom to remove my Weekly Newz thong and think about Punky's Solid Gold dancing.

(Just kidding--the Weekly Newz thong has not arrived yet.)

Lt.Woman- Agreed, that may have very well been the case. Alothough unlike you and the rest of us who vent (if that's what you call what she did) we all APOLOGIZE, and most of the time, just like you said, immediately after hitting post we realize it. Seen one of those yet? hmm?

And sadly in all honesty, all she had to do was oh, say something like, hey I didn't mean to bring that up, and I've decided I do not want to talk about it yet, Fish you go ahead with your story. Or say anything at all to me. But, was there any of that? Nope. I only nagged the living crap out of her so I could tell my damn story. I was only joking with her and I could tell she didn't really want to tell us anyway. I really was only joking Blogchik, as we all always are. You should know that by now, hell, you were the First! one here. I had no idea you would take it so personal. I apologize again for being stupid enough to think you liked me well enough to kid around with me in that way. I never meant to harp on you about your faux pas. Really. I was just being like EL. It was all about me!! (love ya El)

Yes! I knew I could get everybody to come and visit me some way or another!! It worked!! It worked!! (why else would anyone visit oklahoma?)

Fish, not to rain on your parade, but we're not coming to Oklahoma for you babe, we're coming to see your wifey shake her thang!


Aww come on Fish,

I hear the tumbleweeds are lovely this time of year!

Actually, I've used Google Maps to plot directions from my house to yours (yes, I know where you live. I even know your phone number). It would only take me 13 hours, door-to door. Plus, the route goes through St. Louis so I could stop and see Sly!

Now if only I can convince P to take her vacation days so we can visit Oklahoma.

I didn't want to get in on the whole thing, but I seem to recall a time when Kaf and I had a bit of an 'agree to disagree' moment. Life went on, still love her. People react differently to stressful situations, be they real or virtual. The important thing is to realize that a wedge comes out easier than it goes in.

pssst, wolfie did it in church - or in a chapel - in a pew! Pass it on!!

Count me in on the field trip!
Will there be parfaits?

The corn is as high as an elephant's eye, and it looks like it's climbing right up to the sky...
(just getting in the mood -)

Punkster: good coincidence. I was just going to ask what anyone could tell me about David Gray as there was a big display in Borders when we were there and I never heard of the guy (being a geezer and all).

And for anyone, which CDs do I want to buy by:

John Mayer?
Stevie Ray Vaughn?
(more to follow)

Finally heinzed and asked the Oracle (aka Jackie) about Fishie's dilemma. Basically, we're in sync with most everyone here. Jackie's possible objections were:

1. lawyer/ex/custody thing that everyone has already mentioned
2. it sounds like a lot of drinking. Maybe Mrs. Fish should either cut it out (or way down) while working as it could lead to trouble, either on the job or excessive drinking-wise. If that's not a problem, so be it.

My objection was more along the lines of Kaf & Higgy. Fish may well be OK with it now, but if he starts having second thoughts (or third or whatever) will he share them or hold them inside because:
1. He doesn't want to cramp the Mrs.' style or be a party pooper or prude.
2. They really need the money (kids are sick or whatever).

Again, that said, if you're good with it, so are we.

That said:

Seems to me you mentioned a secret of your own up there, Zoodle, hmm? And Wolfie?

No teasing, ladies.

As for the Fish/Blogchik thing, it was obvious to me he was (in his inimitable fashion) teasing from the get-go.

It's been an absolutely gorgeous day here - low 80s but sunny with no humidity and a nice little breeze.

The latest: Jackie does NOT have bursitis after all. It's a "frozen shoulder" which could be worse as more long lasting. She went to PT today and is going again tomorrow and will have to do exercises three times a day at home.


MiB (for not much longer): I thought there for a minute you were posting a picture of your waxing. Drat, no luck.

Fish-luv u.
my 40 paisa:
...careful abt kids...coz u know..u never know how feel abt this.

but then again--life is short. and u guys r happy

aww..forget it. im confused

Feel good (or better) news for the day

Chesney Says 'I'll Be OK' After Split
The Associated Press
Wednesday, September 21, 2005; 1:21 AM

NEW YORK -- Less than a week after Renee Zellweger filed for an annulment from Kenny Chesney, the country music star assured fans, "I'll be OK."

"I'm all right. I'm good. There have been better times, but I'll be OK," Chesney told Country Weekly magazine for its Oct. 24 issue, on newsstands Oct. 10. The interview was conducted Monday at the singer's home outside Nashville, Tenn.
In court papers filed Sept. 14, Zellweger listed "fraud" as the reason for the breakup after four months of marriage. The "Bridget Jones" actress and Chesney married in a surprise Caribbean island ceremony in May after first meeting in January.

"I hit everything so hard this year," Chesney said. "I had the biggest tour I've ever done, I had a record to finish that was real important to me, and, of course, I had something new in my personal life and I was trying to do that too. It really ended up being too much."

Chesney, 37, was named Country Music Association entertainer of the year in November, while his "When the Sun Goes Down" was named album of the year.

"I'm tired right now, but by next year, I'll be excited to get back to it. And it'll be about the music again, not about the sideshow."


Thanks El, I will sleep better tonight.


Warning: The MOAT should not be read while in class...people look at you alol crazy like when you giggle.

Brian- Sweet. I'm trying to think of anything other than my wives dancing that would be worth visiting.

As DDi, pointed (hahaha) out, you're just cominh to see her anyway. I have a pretty cool stamp collection. Er, Uh I like make drawrings. Um. Ok, fine, rain on my parade. *whips out umbrella*

Still thinking, Hmmmmmm. Sadly. Nothing comes to mind.

Sure El, but it's a BYOP, we aren't even keeping it in the house.

But I do have a keg in the garage and my pool table is now accessable, since I cleaned out the garage and built shelves a couple a weekends ago. I've hooked a TV up in the corner above the art table and then find somewhere to hang my H.D. Dart board. The house is finally coming together.

*sound of wedge flying out the window and into the moat sinking quickly away from my memory*

Godd advice B-chizzzle.

Good News Bismuth. Glad to hear you have been Cablized. Just tell us he didn't look like Jim Carrey. I've never had that quick a service from them.

Also, just to clarify, it is not a custody hearing. It is a motion to modify visitation. Because Zack does not want to go down there. And we are trying to get it changed to where he can still go, just when he wants to. Instead of every other weekend and three weeks out of te summer, and all half holidays where he has no bedroom and has to sleep onthe couch, when all four of te step children (who used to be his cousins mind you) have their own.


\new yoga techinque.

Actually, The upsetting thing that happened to me yesterday, actually was a good thing. I turned it into one. I got up for the first time in months and worked out, then went out for a jog over to the park and around the park, then stopped briefly to have a heart attacka nd pass out and then jogged back to the house. It fealt really good, and like I said before I felt really bad for even making a comment back. I shoulda just let it roll of my fin like water (re Higgy) I will post more tonight. Got wrap up work, I do actually do some work believe it or not.

From now on when parting I challenge you all to use your favorite Cheers one or two liners.

I'll start.

Woody: Pour you a beer, Mr. Peterson?
Norm: Ok, but stop me at one. No, make that one-thirty.

I did spill it jeff. sheesh. But zoodle hasn't. Let's make her tell us hers. It's way bettern mine I'm sure.

WOODY: What's going on, Mr. Peterson?
NORM: The question is what's going in Mr. Peterson. A beer please, Woody.

Hi everyone. Looks like a lot of stuff has been going on.

Fish - seems like you have all the answers you need so I'll just say *hugs*

Sam: What are you up to, Norm?
Norm: My ideal weight... if I were 11 feet tall.

Everyone's been very eloquent and insightful (in a MOAT kind of way - the best way, IMO!) when discussing The Fishes situation. So I will just answer the unasked, unspoken question:
What would Kenny Rogers say?
You gotta know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run

and everything will be fine! :)

Rebecca to Sam: You know, I've only known you for seconds and I'm already tired of you!

Apparently, I was cryptic. Eadn would be proud. *grins*

I'm off to dinner and a movie. *hugs moat*

Carla: If you can't say something nice, say it about Diane.

*snork* at the bumble bee dogs on the main blog.

Norm: It's a dog eat dog world and I'm wearing milkbone unederwear.

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