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August 30, 2003



(Thanks again to Ben Studtmann)


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And of course, if we can find a reason for Judi or Dave to post this site on the MB at some point, for no particular reason.. we could have Andorra's Moat.

G'morning (or g'night!) Mad!!

kaf 2:15 here so both apply. Hope I can check in later in the week.

I do believe she would, Kibby.

Blogchik, in all fairness, you brought it up first. I've learned that if you don't want to be bugged about something, don't mention it at all (ie; Aunt Tony/Uncle Joyce's album cover).

*ding* paragraph. Subject change.


Neo, I'm glad the tornado passed over you all. We had some pretty strong winds (50+) and so much lightening it almost had a strobe effect. I have power, but I understand there are a number of areas around here that don't.

Insomniac, you are correct, sir. Whenever I'm in the wine country around here and they start talking about the Norton's, I picture this guy. I have difficulty taking seriously any discussion of a Norton wine....but it is a good wine, so I should just get over it. And like I said, I imagine the proper way to open a bottle of Norton is to do it in the classic Norton style.

Well, I've been up working already for an hour. Guess I'd better hit the shower and go in to the office for more.

Is it Friday yet?

Oops, forgot to remove my pirate gear.

My bus driver this morning is a speed freak.

My first clue was hearing him hum the tune to Speed Racer.

Second clue was in the vicinity of I-44 and Kingshighway when we passed a DeLorean driven by Michael J. Fox.

First thing I need to do this morning is wait for the skin on my face to settle back into place; and then I need to go talk to the guy outside my office with the wild white hair and lab coat.

third clue is that I went back in time to TLAPD

In Lawrence, KS there is an insurance agent named Kermit Cottrell... and I must say he looks like a Kermit if I ever saw one.

For comparison purposes

*leaves singing, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go!*

Fresh bread (baguette, most likely), mashed potatoes slathered on it with lemon juice on top.

Marie, that reminds me of what my late father in law ate while growing up in the Depression: mashed potatoes with chicken fat on rye bread!

The annoying little girl in the last years of his show, OK, that's understandable... but Bill?

That annoying little girl is now a VERY annoying teen with her own show on one of the cable channels, That's So Raven (if it's still running).

Marie & Susan: As with so many of our "reality" shows, What Not to Wear came from England and the original version runs on BBC America. We've seen it a few times but I'm not a fan of them or their taste(s).

Sly: Hey, Ralphie boy!

Tonight is our concert. According to Eleanor, the cable company told her something about six hours! I guess we'll see.

Thanks for asking. The knees are slowly recovering. I still have an impressive bruise/bump on my left knee. Unfortunately, I've never been a big bruiser. After injuries, I get a little swelling and then it goes away without any pretty colors.
I'm on what, day 5 or 6? It's a little bit darker than the rest, but I don't think anyone else could tell. Maybe P. She's the only one aside from me that sees my knees every day.
I'm walking around much better now though. Probably will be fine for my next soccer game on Oct. 8th.

I don't think I've ever had Norton. I'll have to look around for it.

I pretty much spent the weekend in an alcohol, parfait, and percoset clouded haze. Now that I'm back at work and not taking any pain medication, I kind of miss the foggy feeling!

Brian B - She says, "You look like a big bruiser to me - why don't you come up and see me sometime?"


..I think most of us women (not that I'm brave enough to speak for all of us..) can identify with the Avenging B*tch From Hell state of being.

Lt. ~ Thank goodness I also have a delete key on the keyboard!!

Jeff ~ "That's so Raven" is definitely still on TV. It's immensely popular with 6 year olds. God help me.

"Tonight I was outside the ME van practicing loading bodies..."

If you aren't reading Polly's blog, why not?

*figures he's not missing as much on American tv as he thought*


And WHEN did Arizona get the Cardinals!?



*That's the sound of Higgy flying in and flying out*

No time to Heinz - off to Chicago today. DDi - check your email shortly....

Photo updates on my blog by 10am PDT...

Yes. "That's So Raven" is indeed still on. My 13 year old daughter watches it. *shudder*

Jeff, I thought What Not To Wear was originally an English show. It's not one I intend to watch...but if I'm flipping through the channels and come across it, I get sucked into watching it.

My mood is less than delightful at this point, so I probably will just blurk the rest of the day. No one reason, just little things, all piling up at one time, leading to this mood.

Requests are welcome for lunchtime, however.

Susan -

I request that you play something that makes you smile!!!

Bangi--trouble with my mother-in-law? Yes.

How did I work it out? She died.

Only way that really works.

Susan ~ Louis Armstrong ~ what a wonderful world. And mix a pitcher of Moataritas when you get home tonight.

*oops* *Edits name.*

Wolfie, I have mix...(woo hoo!), I even (for reasons I won't go into now) have a blender here at work. Just need to go pick up some tequila!

Although, I must say, I think Dave's picture of Walter in his rain hat on the MB will no doubt cheer me up. I do wonder about his state of mind, though...

Watching Headline News--this just in--

Weather is coming to Key West.

Daves? Or Walters?

I can't vouch for the taste of that mix, but it looked awful pretty, and once you add tequila pretty much anything tastes good.

I wonder who named it Walter and why. I asked His Daveness on that thread, but I'm not sure he will answer.

Kibby, regarding the Cardinals' move to Arizona...that was the FOOTBALL Cardinals; when Bill "Pain In the A$$" Bidwell moved them.

From a website about the Football Cardinals...

In 1988 the Cardinals moved to Arizona under the name Phoenix Cardinals.
In their first season in Arizona the Cardinals achieved two records: one for single game attendance (vs. Cowboys in their inaugural Arizona game) and one for season attendance.
In 1994 William "Bill" Bidwell changed the name of the team to the Arizona Cardinals.


Left out was In the latter half of 1988, Arizona learned to dislike Bill "Bill" Bidwell almost as much as St. Louis did.

You know rita? I really hate those weatherless days.

... they're just SO confusing....and curls my hair!

Good one CNN!

I've never heard "Olivia" from "The Cosby Show" referred to as "annoying" before. I'm giving you moaties very funny looks with my left eyebrow raised high and right eye squinted nearly shut.

"That's So Raven" is fairly harmless, I think. Mostly just silliness--very upbeat. It's everything else on Disney I can't stand. I caught a few minutes of "Lilo & Stitch" recently (the series--never seen the movie) and nearly flew into a homicidal rage. I can't believe that s*** is marketed to children!! I have no idea what age-group that show is geared toward, but I don't think I'd let my daughter watch it at *any* age. Same goes for Disney's "House of Mouse". For both shows, the language is innappropriate, and the humor is extremely dumbed-down.

This is why I no longer have cable in my home. YUCK!

/end opinion on things that don't matter ;)

I thought that she single-handedly ruined the Cosby show from the day she made her first appearance!
/end my opinion

I can't handle the episodes with "Cousin Pam".

But I come at the whole thing with a different perspective, as I was just a kid when it was on. I probably got to know it through re-runs first! *hides*


/end no opinion

Here Kibby: http://www.jumptheshark.com/c/cosbyshow.htm :)

I've been at work for over an hour with no power. Just sitting in the dark at my desk with my coworkes B.S. ing. (which is not unlike what happens when we do have power), we could call out and recieve calls, just no computers.

So anyhoo, I just wanted to tell our Rita, to STOP spinning in the Wheelie Chair so damn fast she's causing a major whirlind!!!!

Also have more to say, cuz I just heinzed a little and I'll be back to comment after I find all my guts that got ripped out and tossed all over the Moat.

*limps off sadly, picking up broken pieces of Fish*

Also, Thanks SLY!! (you're second in point in FF btw, you go gurl)

Plus, I am living in the past.

I forgot to change thy name.

Now, I'm just ........


*hops off Wheelie Chair tm thingy*

Time to go take Tom to the hospital for his nerve block epidural.

*hopes that Key West survives my visit*

Dang it. Now I've read too much about it, and thought too much about it, and now the Cosby Show is going to be ruined for me! Wahhh!

Another reason not to have cable. Whee!!

Thanks Tamara, but I'd read it some where else and I still have no idea who she is.

...even with the poor grammer...

Susan! This is the song I sang to the car full o'humans next to me yesterday. Sweet.

(why do you think I played it? If only I hadn't stopped it the first time...I'm a total clutzy goober today.)

The Cosby show is still going ON?

It's in syndication, bangi and on the Nickolodeon (sp?) channel! It will be there forever!

When I hear anything on the news about Hurricane Rita, I picture our Rita spinning in her chair, going across the Keys and heading into the Gulf.

OK, so they keep talking about the warm waters of the Gulf feeding these storms. Makes you wonder if they should just drag an iceburg up there. Or drop ice into the hurricane; or something. Although, I'm now picture dropping ice cubes into a whirling hurricane and envisioning dropping ice into the blades of a fan. Maybe not a good idea.

I stopped watching Cosby when they brought in the kid you all are talking about. Looks like I didn's miss anything.

Does anyone watch Two and a Half Men? *snork*

Bangi, Cosby is still on....in reruns.

(((Mr. FubarFisher)))



Arr.. oh, it's over. Wednesday is the Swiss National Yodeling Festival. Can we yodel like a pirate? rrrrr-y-rrr-RRR-rrr! *cough choke sputter* *fumbles around on floor for vocal cords*

"Ooo-wee oo-wee baby..."

Thanks, Susan. I figured it would help get us in the New Orleans mood, even though I don't think Frankie Ford will be there tonight.

Fish, don't let dumb comments get to you.

And WHEN did Arizona get the Cardinals!?

Kibby, I just checked the official website and see the first season in Phoenix was...wait for it...1988!

Bangi--trouble with my mother-in-law? Yes.

How did I work it out? She died.

Only way that really works.

That'll usually do it, Rita.

As for Raven-Simone (or whatever she calls herself now) I saw an interview with her & her father when she was about 6-7 saying how when she was 3 (2?) she knew she wanted to go into show business and was going to be a big star and Dad beamed that "isn't she cute?" dad look and I said "I will never watch anything she's in, ever."

"Lola" - great song, Susan!

"Now I'm not the world's most passionate man
But I know what I am and what I am is a man
And so is Lola."

"sigh again*

I had every intention of playing "What A Wonderful World", and completly forgot it. I think my brain is turning to mush. I also didn't write everything down as I played it...so had to try to remember what was there.

This is getting ridiculous.

Today's playlist...

Tuesday 9-20-05 All Request Lunch Hour
Tec report
“Free Fallin” Tom Petty
“Baby I Need Your Lovin’” Johnny Rivers
“Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” Beatles---played through the second time.
“Your Smiling Face” James Taylor
“Jack and Diane” John Mellencamp
“Your Song” Elton John
“Delta Lady” Joe Cocker
“Sea Cruise” Frankie Ford---Jeff
“Dancing In The Dark” Bruce Springsteen
“Never Been To Spain” Three Dog Night---Mr.Fisher
“Lola” Kinks

Every time Jackie's friend Lola calls I start singing the song (to myself, not to her). A classic.

Sly, no to Two and a Half Men. But Jackie wanted to try the new How I Met Your Mother last night and I must admit, it was pretty funny, especially Doogie Howser (OK, Neil Patrick Harris) as the obnoxious yuppie friend. (Classic line: "This is deinitely going in my blog!") I'm not sure where they are going with it after the twist at the end of the show but I'll definitely give it another try.

Otherwise, we just don't watch sitcoms these days, though I intend to watch Chris Rock's show.

Fish ~ went to "the remudeler". Definitely needs more pictures of your backside. *offstage whisper* what?...Ohhhh, was I supposed to be looking at the kitchen?

Fire and Rain!

See C-bol's version re the hurricane on the MB - beautiful!

Serious Comment....

You know what I like about Raven. She is NOT your typical blonde, stick thin to the point of emaciation, star. She has a realistic body shape. And in my opinion that's a good thing for my 6 year old to see!

Regarding FF; do I get any extra points for having the most team members with concussions?

*leaves to go buy helmets with extra padding*

I just received a visit from the software police at work.

Bye bye trillian ch@t program. "Keystroke capture" software gives network security folks conniptions. Who knew? Yea, I know I've not ch@tted with anyone but my wife since July, but just when . . .. I guess I could join elle in the ranks of AOL (grrr) web-based ch@t users.

Oh, then he noticed my "musicmatch" software. *rrrriiiiip!!!* Gone. Would someone mind teaching Microsoft how to write a decent MP3 player? I swear MS Media player was written by hemroidal computer geeks who presume that we all would enjoy spending more time on database management and songlist creation than actually listening to music!

This makes a troubled day worse.

Ooooooh, Deon! You got in trouuuublllle!

But, hey, what's wrong with good old-fashioned email? Or the good old-fashioned telephone?!

Yeah, ok; I never was good at this "empathy" stuff...

Hope your troubled day untroubles itself, D. Getting in trouble SUCKS!

*enters from reading the news*

HEY! I just read that Simon Wiesenthal died. WOW, I did not know he was THAT old. But to have been in the haulocaust and remember it, he would have to be.

I hope there's someone to finish his work.


*checks the hallways for signs of Internet Police*

G'morning all!!

Neo & Bis.. thanks for the Kermits. I prefer mine Neo-style, I think. And do you think that bipedal Kermits HATE being called "Kermy"? I know I would. I might have to get a cat and name him Kermit at this point. Just because.

Jeff.. I don't think the world will ever be rid of the Cosby show. I agree with pretty much everyone on Raven Symone (or however you spell it..). *WARNING "DR DOOLITTLE SPOILER AHEAD if you haven't seen it."*She was at her least annoying in the Dr Doolittle movies, until they gave her special powers at the end of the second movie. Then I went right back to wanting to slap her sillier than she already is. Incessant mugging does not a career make.
(BTW.. I hope she's not out there Googling and comes here looking for an ego boost. I may not think much of her, but I don't want to be responsible for suicidal depression.)

*snork* at Walter the Weather Reporter. He'll probably be as accurate as anything on the weather channel. "If I'm wet, it's raining. If I fall down and skid across the patio, it's windy. If I'm crushed to tiny little pieces, there is bad weather and something large and unyielding fell on me."

I haven't watched the Cosby Show in years. Haven't missed it too much either. I've never been a fan of Two & A Half Men.. Charlie Sheen bugs me. I know the show is his vehicle. But I haven't liked pretty much anything he's been in since Hot Shots. Part Deux was his first big mistake. BTW.. Spin City jumped the shark when MJF quit. It might have survived if they hadn't dumped James and all the females except Ms Locklear and then brought in Mr Sheen. Bad move, bad move, worse move. Even returning guest spots by MJF (who can truly act and is a sitcom genius IMO) couldn't help this show out.

{Deon} If it makes you feel any better..we're not allowed to play ANY music on the computer at my work. None. :(

If it makes anyone feel any better.. I don't even HAVE a computer at work.

*retreats into corner sobbing*

Sneaky network police never let you have any fun.

Deon - Those Bastards!
I'm not allowed to use any ch@t programs or streaming music thingys. I can listen to music, but my computer doesn't have enough memory to run the programs i need and a media player, so i had to buy a mp3 player.

I have a very unimportant question.

I asked someone else this question, and they decided I was insane.

Do you ever find yourself typing "9" for "P" and "0" [zero] for "O" [O]? Such as when you are typing ten-key and need to type in something like PO Box 810? You catch yourself about to type 90 Box 810?

No? Ok.

I too, have been told Not to do these things re, streaming audio for improper use of company bandwidth, and there are now some restricted sites But, if I get caught just play dumb and say I wasn't told.

I really like my IT guy. He rocks. He puts new music, e-books, and new movies (i.e. New Star Wars), and pop cap games all in the commons file on the work server!!!!!

Also, NM...........I'm still too crushed. I should not speak just yet.

*goes down in the basement to paint a picture to release ANGER*

I do that too, Tamara. especially with 9s instead of Ps

(BTW.. I hope she's not out there Googling and comes here looking for an ego boost.

Great line, Kaf! I think her ego is boosted about as high as you can get and I doubt she has any doubts about how wonderful she is.

But that's just my opinion. She is on my list of the smug and self-satisfied, along with Ethan (aren't I pretty?) Hawke.

Wait, I was on the phone with a customer and am still pissed and not thinking clearly, and I left out some thing in that last post.

First!! A Very BIG Thank You to all of you who know who you are when you were there earlier for me.

And, I meant to say the IT guys have sent out e-mails saying that oue e-mails are being monitored and are property of CCI Inc. and they are not to be used for anything other than strcitly business. (not to scare any of you, I swear, it's a joke) My IT buddy told me not to worry about it and if ever asked about it just play dumb. We have been however blocked from some certain "questionable" sites. I can also get around that, but I choose not to push my Luck out of a thirty story building window. So I use Yahoo Me ss ee nger C hat and listen to streaming audio. And send/recieve TONS of work related e-mails. ;)

I think that was all. Sheesh, I need a beer.

Was gonna ask a quickie (question that is), but it looks as though my Anger broke the Moat.

Voice from above (probably Dave)

"Bety Bad Fish, Anger belongeth not in the moat.

You must do three Hail Nekkid Cannonballs with Mary."

It always breaks around now Fish.
Why did I read your (not you're) last statement as Hairy nekkid cannonballs?

*sighs* I'll join you for that beer if you don't mind.

My beer

It's blueberry!

*brings in a six pack...or two...*

Were these needed?

*takes a beer for myself*

What's the question, Mr.Fisher-or-whatever-name-you're-going-by-today?

Tamara, should we go ahead and change your name to Violet?

Tamara, looks like good beer!

Ok, I shouldn't be reading at work. Very true. But I am. Remember..

"Everything's all fun and games until someone gets an ax in the chest."

Yep, that doesn't really fit in with my idea of fun and games...

Mine can get grabby with me.
For when you're in a hurry

I suppose it's not too terrible wrong of me to decide that I should play another Beatles song in the noon hour tomorrow...

I have a strange urge to play, well, if you've been on the MB you'd know.

But if I pick a name, at random, to say who it's for, would it be funnier to say Dave, or Walter?

So happy I work for a small company with no IT people. I get more porn, jokes, etc., from my bosses (read: Uncle and Grandfather) than I do from my friends.

Next topic. I'd like to thank Dave Barry for permanently damaging my view of Lasik surgery. I got a thing in the mail yesterday, some offer for Lasik surgery. All I could think of was oosik.

Standing there, chuckling to myself and trying to explain to P why I was laughing at the mail was not a graceful conversation.

Oh, and not really my cup of tea, but a buddy of mine really likes This beer

Give me dark and bitter over light and fruity any day.


The other evening, somewhat after business hours, a contractor fired up a broadband router. All the internal detectors in the building started to scream.

That contractor is no-here-no-more. Whether or not they are still "at large" is not something that is talked about.

OBTW - no streaming media makes it past our firewalls either. We're not even supposed to connect to web-mail.


and here I was thinking all of you had cushy jobs that let you play on the internet all day...


I'm watching the concert. Right now musicians such as Jimmy Buffett, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, various Neville's have been singing along with Allen Toussaint, doing covers of his songs.

Right now, a guy is singing -- whose name is not coming to me; wearing a T-shirt that says "Ethnic cleansing in New Orleans."

hoo boy.

And the Dixie CUPS will be performing.


I'm not here. Really. (Is it OK if I steal your line, Susan?)

Tomorrow I have a Very Busy Day. Thank goodness I've at least managed to pack my suitcase today, with my saintly aunt's help because she's the pro when it comes to moving and packing. The limit for suitcases on both my airlines (Easyjet to get to Paris and Air France to Guiana) is 20 kilos. I can't be arsed to figure out how much that is in pounds because I'm tired as hell right now, but trust me: for a move, it's not a lot. Quite a bit of it consists of presents for my beloved, some of which I (well, OK, my aunt) wrapped today. She had to do it because when I wrap presents it looks like a blind one-armed person did it.

About Raven Symoné (or something like that)... I have not seen a thing about her show, and judging from the comments I'm happy I haven't.
The best Cosby years were the early ones. I recall Theo being my favorite kid.

Jeff mentioned "Doogie Howser, M.D."... one evening last summer Giant Frog and I got to talking about what shows we used to watch on television. I nearly collapsed a lung laughing so hard I couldn't breathe when he attempted to pronounce "Doogie Howser".
I should have asked him to say "Heathcliff Huxtable". That would have sent me to the ER.
And believe it or not, "Saved By the Bell" was shown in France, though dubbed. Oh Lord...

Andorra is now X-rated, eh? The Andorrans must be immensely proud of this MOAT-induced distinction.

Sly's mental image of Hurricane Rita turning ice cubes into Instant Death Projectiles From Hell made me snork.
At least that way the whole country could have free ice to put in their MOATaritas and mint juleps and whatnot.

I bruise easily. Sometimes people will look at me curiously and ask "Hey, how'd you get that bruise on your arm?" and it'll be the first time I even noticed it. I honestly don't know how I can keep getting bruised and not even feel the pain. I guess it's all for the best, though... better not to feel it.

So how's my FF team doing? Someone update me on it. Who's winning? Am I last?

It's 2:10 AM and I must goooo... I might check in tomorrow night. Oh what the heck, of COURSE I'm going to be online tomorrow night! I won't be able to sleep.

See you all around. :-)

Quick name change. I'm planning on changing it to "Marie in Kourou" once I get there.

Right. Now I'm really going to bed. Wish me luck, knock on wood, cross your fingers, etc. It's going to be madness tomorrow.

Bonne nuite, Marie wherever you are......

Jeff....Did Bette Midler get booed -- a little bit? It sounded like it after telling the administration to go flick itself and alluding to Bush coke dealer in the '70's.

And FEMA F#ck-ups continue.

This one is unbelievable. I can't wait to hear the story behind it. Oh, wait. Maybe they ARE going to try dumping ice into the next storm to cool it down.

Now this is a concert!!!!

Chapel of Love!! I almost had a you-know-what, but instead I just danced around!
sly, The Dixie CUPS!!! Who knew??
Well, not me apparently!!

"Harsh" was what came to mind when I saw that t-shirt!!!

*zips back to concert*

I hope Anderson Cooper knows about the ice f**k-up! Unbelievable!!! What's next?

El, Dixie Chicks made sense to me. But apparently the D CUPS are alive and well and have been bouncing around New Orleans all these years. They looked like they were having the time of their lives. LOVED Irma Thomas!! And Cindi Lauper shows a white girl CAN sing black.


*moves furniture back so she can dance*

Oh, Jeff!!!! You and Jackie are having such a good time, aren't you?

(I have friends over now and we're dancing to Buffett)

*zips in*

Where's Garfunkel????? They promised!!!

Jeff and Jackie must be in 7th heaven - it's pretty clear that Buffett is the headliner!

I thought Cyndi Lauper's breasts looked just beautiful!

And it was interesting when Bette Midler came out after The Cups and commented on the fact that they sang Chapel of Love - she (Bette) sings it wonderfully on one of her CD's that I have -
/end random observations


*zips out humming Come Monday*


It ain't very busy this evening. or at least not busy enough for me to go spilling my beans.

Would Spilling My Beans BAGNFARB? Jeff? You seem to be the resident Band name namer namie naming type person.

If it should get busier, I will pop the question this very evening.

*I'm not real positive, but I think that Blogchik said something about that she wanted me to give it up. Well, we all know I'm easy but c'mon Blogchik, even I have standards. Plus, I'm not sure why, but it seemed that she wanted me to induce her nagging as if it doesn't flow freely enough by itslef. Also it appeared that THE very first MOAT poster ever in the history of the Moat, wanted me to drop her over the edge on her teeth, and pinch her last nerve causing her to be in a cranky mood all year and single handedly destroy everything the Moat stands for. Even us who came along a little later. I just hope you get through this tough time in your life and make it through ok. It sounds like you need more help than even I do.

Weird. I had no idea a Fish had so much POWER.


But, All I gotta say is, the rest a yous bes be watching out, lest you get your butts pinched and my teeth sunk into your nerves and I drop you off the edge of the Moat only to induce your labor of sharing totally old Jews in their cranky moods to mind their own business!! Jeff, El, Sandy come to mind, (no offense) , cuz at least you all GIVE IT UP!!

*I sincerely apologize for how snide and immature that may have just sounded, but Damn it felt good to finally get that off my chest after dealing with it ALL day.

*takes comments that DO NOT belong in the Moat and loads them in the Catapult along with Deon's from the other day (we were waiting on a full load) and fires into the night.

Also now waiting (not waiting on BLogchik, so drop it!) for more Moaties so I can share my story with my friends.

Trust me it will not be easy for me to say what i"m going to say, because of the fear of Judgement, and those feelings of letting you guys down (not Deon)

*sets out Giant industrial sized Moatarita blender of DJT's and proceeds to start drinking the Tequilla straight from the bottle, while *

*feels for Deon*

At the horrid Cubicle Farm, the preset homepage on IE brings you to the company's intranet site, where in no uncertain terms you are warned that your internet logs are read daily, and that your are responsible for all websites that you visit, so they must be work related.

*looks South*

rita! This is the second time you've blown through town in a rush and you didn't even call or e-mail this time!

Luckily, we here in Broward County got some wind and rain, but nothing like what the Keys had to go through. I hope judi and Dave weathered it out OK, supposedly Miami will be getting it much worse than us.

{{{all you MOATies}}}

I fixed the links on the reMOAT on Yahoo... , I haven't been on in a couple of days because I just can't bring myself to sit on a computer for any amount of time after staring at dual monitors all day and having to actually werk *shudder*

Hopefully, I'll get some news tomorrow on a job interview I went on today. It may be more shirt & tie office crap, but it's closer to my house, and it's downtown, and it pays $5.00 more an hour than I'm making in the Cubicle Farm. For $5.00 more an hour, I'd be happy to wear the monkey suit - then at least I could afford to buy a couple of new ties... &ltgrin>

ties? Well...there are ties and then there are ties.

Must be why you are grinning.

Ehhhh, Fish, you've got thicker skin than that...

*knocks on scales*

Our dear blogchik obviously is just in a bit of a funk, which I'm sure won't last long. There are some things that will always remain a mystery, such as:

Who is sly's uncle on that damn album website?
(I still vote for Joyce)

What does MOTW really stand for?
(we may never know)

Where is my adult beverage?
I seem to misplace it a lot more often these days...

*goes to look in kitchen*

Why am I still awake?
I need to go to bed soon...

I am soooooooo jealous of Jeff and Jackie!! The concert was great to watch (and I have it on tape!) but to be there in person must have been absolutely amazing!!

I know Djt, you are right, as usual.

*hangs head in shame*

I even told myself I wasn't going succumb and that I could handle my response with much more cooth and professionalism and yet I also told myself I was going to drink so much I was going to fall asleep at the keyboard.

*shrugs an Aw F@ck it Shrug*

I let it get to me and I shouldn't have. You are right, I'm sure it must be very difficult to be in her shoes right now. ANd I wish her the best.

So anyways, Did you hear that Slyeyes has got big balls, yeah Fancy big balls, why she's got the biggest balls of them all.

And by Balls of course I mean, living room dancing.

Hehehehehehe, I said


Regarding the mysteries: Some of us HAVE been told what MOTW stands for. Some of us have forgotten (guilty) and some aren't telling.

I've tried to go back in old e-mails....but along with my memory about it, it's been deleted. It has something to do with computer lingo.

*looks at ball in corner of the living room

How did Fish know?

I especially like the accessories.


ooooooooooohhh....feel the burn!

see, sly. She erased your memory too!

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