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August 30, 2003



(Thanks again to Ben Studtmann)


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Josh- Hopefully The Moat is just really slow all of a sudden and that Sly hasn't gone to round up every woman this side of Castratia.

Either way, I think I would consider a nice "out of the country trip"

Just shavin...........

Go Eagles!! (and KYJellyFishairs!!)

Sly.. I'm sure it was a really funny pic, but it wouldn't work for me. I tried in Firefox and *theatrical shudder* IE, but it didn't want to play nice.

As TLAPD draws to a close over here (3.3 hrs to go), I am proud to say I have talked like a pirate.. mostly to say "Aaarrrr it's damned cold!" - factoring in wind chill, prolly around 20F. But it started snowing just as I left for work (go figure!) and it kept snowing. So after the girls' preschool was officially closed, (about an hour after they got there), they came home and rolled around in the snow, laughed, threw snowballs and "helped" Dad make a snowman. That about sums up my day. That and some housework. It was still pretty cool. And cold. Rain has dissolved most of the snow, though. Rain and gale force winds predicted for tomorrow. Ugh.

Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr, it's damn hot today. AND we're supposed to get some bodaciously wicked storms.

Lt. Woman; that funniest pic ever was from Wurm; it was one of a kid whose neck is stuck in a chair

Off to work and sweat.


*leaves in search of peg leg*

Avast me maties and prepare to be boarded

warning. kinda. lil one

Aaaaargh! All hands on deck be swabbin' the first mate...

Ahoy me harties.
I'm going to crank up some pirated tunes on my Aye-Aye pod.
maybe some Arrr.E.M or ArrrEO Speedwagon

Arrghhhhh! Who be the first mate? I'm here to swab him.
*holds aloft giant non-piratical qtip*

This morn, I be the cause of racous laughter from the land ship in the current next to me. And many have cast afeared glances in my direction. Repeatedly. They sought to hide their fear in laughter, but I know they were hiding their fear of my fierce pirate self.
*pirates 105.9 to listen to fearless leader*

from the BBC Television comedy show "Rutland Weekend Television" first aired 26 December 1975.

Oh, I like to be a pirate, a pirate's life for me.
All my friends are pirates and they sail the b.b. sea.
I've got a jolly roger, it's a black and white and vast.
So get out of your skull and crossbones
and I'll run it up your mast.

With a yo-ho-ho and a ah-ha-ha and a hee-hee-ha-ha-ho.
A yo-ho-ho and a ya-ha-ha and a yum-yum jum-jum-jum.
I've got a jolly roger, it's a black and white and vast.
So get out of your skull and crossbones
I'll run it up your mast.

All together!

I like to be a pirate, a pirate's life for me.
And all my friends are pirates and sail the b.b. Sea.
Got a jolly roger, it's a black and white and vast.
So get out of your skull and crossbones
I'll run it up your mast.


With a yo-ho-ho and a ah-ha-ha and a hee-hee-ha-ha-ho.
A yo-ho-ho and a ya-ha-ha and a yum-yum jum-jum-jum.
I've got a jolly roger, it's a black and white and vast.
So get out of your skull and crossbones
I'll run it up your mast.

A one more time!

I like to be a pirate, a pirate's life for me.
And all my friends are pirates and they sail the b.b. Sea.
Got a jolly roger, it's a black and white and vast.
So get out of your skull and crossbones
I'll run it up your mast.

by George Harrison and Eric Idle

More Pirate Songs

Wonder if we can get Dave to sing one for us as soome as those muppets on the radio station let him speak. They sure do crack themselves up don't they?

Bossman just noticed my treasure map tattoo. *giggles* Now he's having trouble making eye contact.

Arr! Avast, me hearties.

Slashin' Calla: Ack. Snow on Talk Like a Pirate Day? Unheard of round these here parts. It's 80 all week, me saucy beauty.

Dave Barry is on the radio at this very moment!!!!!

Good morning, maties!!!!

Aaarrrrrrr! It's a Pirates Life for Me!!

*zips up to heinz*



Where's the station cam? I want to see Dave playin the larger than oosik guitar.
Apparently, I want everything today.

the pirate blues!!!! and fried egg and peg leg! Go Dave!!

Arrrr! I be hearin' how 'Rita' is causin' the Florida Keys to evacuate. Isn't she engaged?

Avast ye MOATie mateys! This old sea dog indeed did have a marvelous day yesterday. Me infamous Bengal tigers from the Barbary Coast of Cincinnati showed them Norse panty knitters what for. 37 to 8, t'were hardly a match.

To me best lass, Peri,
As a bit o' information fer ya, the moving picture ye watched t'other night called 'Dead Alive' is by a famous director that ye might now from those fine films of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. That's right, lassie, Peter Jackson, the Kiwi pirate, directed it. He's also the director of a fine movie fer a pirate such as meself called 'Meet the Feebles'.

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day me hearties!

Arr. Sorry about that. I should have said "Dave BE on the radio" up thereaways.

Calla: The Sunday travel section had an article on 10 places you have to visit, including Macchu Picchu, The Pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the Amazon rain forest, and the Northern Lights (hiya, Sandy!).

And one of the others was New Zealand! Are ye proud, lassie?

Doublin Swallower- I was suarrrre the poop deck was up a bit higheaaaar.

Ey Mr twin savage. I am but a walkin alive dead, me own druken self on account a those crooked pigskin tossers and whistle blowers. I crashed on me face down in the Captn's Bed and thought his 'ol lady to be mine. Aaaaarh, what a night that was.

Arrrrrrh, but what an even worse day will be today, tryin to run from the Weasley one while carryin around this over hangin.

Happy TLAPD Me Moaties!

*Off to Pillage the Ships basement*


I got the required pirate name(s) several days ago, made a note to myself of what they were, and can no longer find the note. I seem to recall something like Pirate Rachel the Badly Burnt, and Captain Green Toe. Seems like I had those last year too...may need to try again.

*brushing sand off of various places*

You wouldn't think you could get sand there...yet it seems I did.

Obviously I have to play "A Pirate Looks at 40" today.

Eye like it this way bettarrrr ( not Buttearrrr of the Blog)

*hangs out Jolly Roger*

Susan - go to C-bols blog and he has a couple of sites to get a pirate name - quick and easy!

I think Sloop John B would be good today too!

Susan - check your private e-mail....

I went to the TLAPD site...and those two names were right, at least, that's what I came up with when I tried again. Trying my real name came up with Insane Beatrice Dregg and Lackey Scurvey Arse.

And the quiz gave me Dirty Bess Flint.

Hmmm...may have to change my real name.

*swallows her remaining doubloons*
I've been plundered. Arghhhhh. Almost all me doubloons are gone.

Ay, ay , ay, misspelling me own name -
the shame, the shame
I give myself 10 lashes!!

OR - as a Jewish pirate might say:


Hey Susan, I am Noseless Iggy Dregg. Are you my long lost sister?

*zips in to model for the Pirate Mates*
one should I be
today for your pleasure?!?!?!

Arrrrr, BigD...I mean Noseless Iggy Dregg...it may be!


Can't heinze; but tried. Will try again later.

1) I despise greeting cards. Gotta be hand-made to impress me. If we do buy greeting cards--say, from the munchkin to her grandfather--we draw on them to make more personalized. If I personally give a card, I make it myself.

1b) I just said a lot about nothing. :P

2) Munchkin was fine this weekend. She likes her school. :) Behavior is going back to normal. Ahh, relief!

Lt. Calla, Something to look forward to!

Key quote from BigD's article:
We haven't set a date, we've got preparations to do in terms of choreography," Locke said. "It will be artistic and it will involve body paint."

Choreography - HAH!
too funny!

I be headed towards this rogue pirates ship.

Hestor! Perhaps a bit of a warning on that one...quite a bit of detail there...not that I was looking or anything..oooh look! Something shiny!

Oops. Sorry. But he was fully clothed n all.

*presents self for whipping as punishment*

Hee hee...he is indeed fully clothed. Didn't know so much could show while fully clothed though...

Could someone show me how to use this whip? I never have, you know....

El, I will be playing Still Crazy After All These Years....I meant to play it today, and cued up the wrong thing...

Well, they both start with the letter "S"...


Those aren't DREAD pirate privates!

/end cheesy comment

Bloody Tom Kidd

Every pirate lives for something different. For some, it's the open sea. For others (the masochists), it's the food. For you, it's definitely the fighting. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

*kibby smiles*

Whips up a fine punishment fur Swallowin Hesters outlining a man's peg leg.

Harrr, fur the severest of crimes, ye must walk the plank. (sure it can be his, I suppose

And in Honher of TLAPD, well it jus wouldn't be complete without a depantzin from arrrrrr very own Punky "Buttercup" Brewster the Pigtailed (ALFMIW)

I got my ID card today and reserved my tickets immediately. It cost me an arm and a leg, but I'll be in Paris on Thursday and in Guiana on Friday.

And I'll be meeting MarieP in Paris!!! Aren't all you MOATmen jealous! Two Maries on a... OK, a Thursday night... but it's going to be awesome anyway. :-D

And to think, I'll be with Giant Frog on Friday... *swoon*

OK, now I'm going to spend the rest of my evening Heinzing on the previous MOAT and this one. I'm on Messenger if anyone wants to talk.

Arrrr...it be the playlist for today...

Monday 9-19-05 All Request Lunch Hour
“Sloop John B” Beach Boys---Eleanor
“A Pirate Looks At 40” Jimmy Buffett---cause it’s TLAPD
“Slip Slidin’ Away” Paul Simon
“My Girl” Temptations
“Footloose” Kenny Loggins
“Oye Como Va” Santana
“Mercy Mercy Me” Marvin Gaye
“Killer Queen” Queen---Mr.Fisher
“The Long Run” Eagles
“Second Hand News” Fleetwood Mac
“Shout” Isley Brothers
“The Load Out/Stay” Jackson Browne

Arrrrr, Susan! Avast! Can ye play the Beatles' "Twist and Shout" tomorrow for me? Or that "I Feel Good" song. Or anything really upbeat and perky... because I feel great now. :-D

MiB: (soon to be MiFG)


Remember to pack the hurricane lamp.

HEY! I dropped my name.

*hug* Thanks, Sly.

Apparently Guiana sustains very little damage during hurricane season because the storms generally take a more northerly path.
*crosses fingers, knocks on wood*

Giant Frog has been informed of my imminent arrival via e-mail. His first reaction was "What? THIS Friday?"
He's happy now that he knows that I'm going for sure. He's always expecting the worst until I confirm the reservations.

And just to make you guys really jealous, my aunt and uncle took me to the Pyrénées over the weekend as one last big bash before I left. We knew I'd be getting my ID card today, so they decided to do it.

We stayed in a tiny, tiny town in the Vall Ferressa (Ferressa Valley) area of Catalonia. The town is called Àreu and it's at the end of the road, literally. After the town's northern limits, it turns into a rutted dirt road and then just ends. There's nothing after it but the mountain called the Pica d'Estats, and miles and miles after that, according to our map, there's a town in France called Marc.

On Saturday we went to the only national park in Catalonia, Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici, which is the whole reason we went to the mountains. I cannot stress the beauty of the place too much. I urge you all to go there if you're ever in the region.

On Sunday we tried to go to Andorra, but we took a road that was quite wild and too full of rocks and dangerous turns for my uncle's rinky-dink Chrysler and so we had to turn around and go back. It was really too bad, because even if Andorra is one giant tax-free shopping mall, I wanted to be able to say, "Hey, I've been to Andorra!"

All in all, a lovely weekend.

Well, at lunch I discovered one of our local "privately" owned radio stations (one of the very few left these days) let everyone known that today was International TLAPD and to head straight for the Moat!! (well ok I may have made the Moat part up)

Also, I'm sure you all know by now how much it cost a Pirate to get his ears pierced, right?

A Buck an ear.

*takes off pants, gold coins go a bouncing in every direction*

(hehehe I said rection)

YaY! MiB congrats.

Having knawed thru my chains, I went aboveground on my lunch and discovered half my coworkers decked out as pirates. It seems they finally discovered their sense of humor (senses of humour?) But I'm still the only one with a piratey tattoo.

*swallows one of Pirate "Fubar" Fishairrrrrrrrr the Well-Tanned coins*

Hestor, are you going to put a picture of your tattoo on Fisher's blog? Or yours?

*goes back to work, really*

That tickled Doubloon. (Mr.Mister's Pirate name)

It also touched me lightly, so as to produce a peculiar thrilling sensation, which commonly causes laughter, and a kind of spasm which WILL become dangerous if too long protracted.

Yes, that right, I'll pee in the shower again!

I can't my digital camera to connect to the computer Beatrice. Well I can connect it actually, but my pc doesn't recognize it. How bout I just describe it instead?

Have you introduced your camera to your pc properly? Sometimes I meet people that I've met before, but don't recognize on the second meeting.

What? That doesn't work for electronic devices?


Describe away.

Hester.. you need to have the camera software on your computer as well.. if you're at work and can't load anything on, you'll have to do it from home.

Well.. there was a little more snow overnight, but the rain has washed most of it away already. It is NOT a pretty day at the moment. It's supposed to get to about 50F though. Not that that's much to get excited about.

Captain Jack.. they're right. You (and I mean all of the Moaties, although not necessarily all at the same time) HAVE to visit here. Possibly not during Keith Locke's streakathon, though. Right now I'm grateful that Auckland is about 600 miles from where I live. Also that I generally miss the news because it's on at the time I'm travelling home.

Pirate F Fishair, I have two questions for you..
1) what does ALFMIW mean?
and b) are the gold coins all for Hester or are you willing to share?

Aaaaarrrr and avast maties!

*jumps up and down and waves* Hey MOATies, I'm on Messenger! C'mon and talk with meeee... I'm trying really hard to overload on the MOAT right now because it's very likely that I won't be able to check back on it while in Guiana, at least for the first few weeks.

I'm Heinzing STILL... am on the 7th of September now. Boy, were you people ever busy while I was gone!

I even tried having Mr Sony digicam bring Ms XP Inflicted pc a beer. It is not a match made in heaven.
Tis a treasure map. *checks self* with x marks the spot onit. And tis on me right rampart.

Pirate "Fubar" Fishairrrrrrrrr the Well-Tanned ~ no matter how many times you try that, you still won't be able to reach the loo from the shower.

Arrrrr, me hearties. I am tired.

School thus far has been an emotional rollercoaster. UP then DOWN then UP then DOWN...every so often I want to curl up into a cocoon and Not Interact With Any More People. It's hard to start out in a new place not knowing anybody. Even if it's a nice place studying a subject that fascinates you, with people who by and large are nicer than the average.

BBBB ... you can always come home to the Moat..

*hums tunelessly*
where everybody knows your name.. and they're always glad you came...

*watches to see if this will double post*

BBBB ... you can always come home to the Moat..

*hums tunelessly*
where everybody knows your name.. and they're always glad you came...

Also, Bloomin Bloody Blogchik the Brave, we're still here waiting patiently for that 'ol Fax Puas. What better time than the present to share.


Of course, Lt.SlashinCalla, I'm always willin to share me coins.

And ALFMIW simply means At Least For Me It Would (or Wood)

*Hobbles after Swallowin Hestor on his finely outlined Peg Leg*

(Yeah, I been working out. Push ups)



*swashbuckles out*

don'tcha just love when you kibby twice (or is it kibby that loves that?).. and nothing's there, so you repost.. and there they are.. the little post twins.

Lt. Calla, sure you wasn't hittin' the grog and hiccupped? Arrrr

Fraid not, D.. I cut and pasted, because I didn't see it go through. It's a tad early for grog here. Mebbe after 8am.

Does anyone else think that whomever it was that thought up the title for this article may have totally missed the point of the whole thing?


I repeat


You will Kuhream Abdul Jabarrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Insane Beatrice: that be a great pirate name! And outstanding setlist today. I'd love to have a copy of that show.

Bravo, Bikini Marie! Ye be sailing for far away places soon. Did you cut enough turkey sandwiches?

No turkey sammiches yet. Those will be made when I'm in Guiana.

On Wednesday, my last full day in Spain, I'll have LOTS of things to do, among them buying 2 dozen donuts from Dunkin' Donuts because Giant Frog loves them. Isn't that just shocking? I thought, him being the snooty haute cuisine Frenchman and all, he'd hate it, but I hadn't reckoned with his sweet tooth or the fact that he loves to watch "The Simpsons".


We be trapped below decks, due to the cyclone. We've sprung a leak, and the water be risin'. Seems Neptune be tryin' to send us to the briny deep. Yet the eldest cabin boy thinks this be the time to play us a ditty on his drums. Loudly. Not in time to the radio. The other two bilge rats be squabblin' like sharks o'r a dead seadog. Me ol' ears can't take it. So I've snuck on deck and strapped meself to the mast; t'would be better to face the fury of Poseidon than to be trapped below with that scurvy crew. At least until me ears stops ringin.

ho!y crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo ho, me hearties! Hope yer all havin' a fine TLAPD! I intend to be attendin' me Graphic Design class with me TLAPD T-shirt garb on. Yarrr!

Neo, would it no be better to strap them to the mast while ye enjoyed some peace and quiet belowdecks? It'd surely teach 'em a lesson and show 'em who's cap'n!

Hmmmm... While Heinzing, I discovered the Greek Goddess quiz. I'm apparently Artemis, "virgin goddess of the hunt".

*sigh* Why is it always me who kills the MOAT?

Paula, three words: get a bra.

Trust me on this. You'll thank me later.


So there I was, lying down on my bed with a tummy ache, when all of a sudden I heard the LOUDEST thunder that lasted a long, long time. It happened about 2 more times and then it started to rain, hard, in big rain drops that go "plop" when they hit the ground.

So I called my daughter and held the phone out on the patio so she could hear the ongoing thunder and rain, and I said (rhetorically, I thought!), "What is going on?"
Daughter: It's called weather, mom. We like weather here in su.so.ca.
Me: OK. Thanks. Gotta go. Bye.

End of story.

Carry on as before.

So Eleanor is now suddenly uber-Celt Gráinne O'Malley? TLAPD is great.

By the way, does anyone else read "TLAPD" as "The L.A. Police Department"?


OK, it's just me, then.

Back to Heinzing on the last MOAT... I'm up to September 16th.

Commenting on 2 weeks' worth of craziness...

I liked Punky's list, though I think she must have been really sloshed while writing the comment about me. "Your kindness enriches us"?
Anybody who knows me in real life knows that when I want to or need to, I can turn into the Avenging B**** From Hell in no time flat. I do not consider myself nice. I try, but I fail most of the time. I've gotten much better since I moved to my saintly aunt's place, apparently enough so that Giant Frog thinks I'm civilized enough to become his wife. :-)
Still, Punky, while the comment was inaccurate, it was much appreciated. I wholeheartedly agree on the rest of the list, though!

Hugging time. Those of you who don't want a saccharine overdose should leave now.

((((Neo)))) Sorry to hear about the death of your cat. In my family only my aunt has had cats, all of them adopted strays or abandoned on the street. While I liked her cats as a child (and they liked me because I was the quiet sort), I didn't honestly start to appreciate how much they can enrich a person's life until I lived with them. I have no doubt that I'll cry when Catalina and Cochicho die, so I commiserate. :-(

((((Kibby)))) Don't worry, F2·3 will visit your side of the family soon. It's just bad timing that she can't do so right away.

((((Peri)))) You sounded stressed out a few days ago. It looks like you've more or less gotten back to normal since then, but I'll hug you anyway just in case. :-)

((((Bng)))) W lv u. Cm bck mr ftn!

((((Eadn)))) The Cryptonomicon. *waves* I know you're lurking out there. Check back soon, we all miss you.

/end hugfest

Way up somewhere in the Nuclear Meat MOAT, you guys started talking about weird snacks you like. I don't seem to have any truly bizarre combinations on my list, so it's a bit tame compared to some of yours, but oh well:

·Fresh bread (baguette, most likely), mashed potatoes slathered on it with lemon juice on top.
·Pringles Sour Cream 'N Onion is really the only kind of potato chip that I like. It's rare for me to eat it, though.
·Smoked salmon sandwiches. With nothing else on it. I had some for dinner tonight.
·I have a salty tooth, so sometimes I'll nibble on bits of anchovies or eat olives stuffed with it.
·Maple syrup (sirop d'érable) hard candy. Nothing but hardened syrup, basically. I eat it sparingly, very sparingly.

Unexciting list, as I said.

I like smoked salmon and lemon sandwiches. yummy

Way back up there, I was also deeply amused by Kaf's comment about me "drowning in Giant Frog pheromones". I don't know why, but it made me giggle a lot.
I hope your niece is better now, Kaf. How long will the cast be on? She must be the Princess of Crankyness by now in that wheelchair.
I believe Kaf wondered many days ago what kind of people would name their son Kermit. That reminded me that Kermit the Frog is actually René la Rana in Spanish-speaking Argieland. As a child in Buenos Aires I NEVER watched Sesame Street dubbed because even at that tender age I knew dubbed stuff was godawful.
To this day, I believe that Giant Frog doesn't realize the genius inherent in Bill Cosby because the dubbed version of his show was so monumentally bad. HGF just hates the man, which has to be illegal somehow. Who can hate Bill Cosby? The annoying little girl in the last years of his show, OK, that's understandable... but Bill?

Tony's evocation of the Department of Louise also made me chuckle. I love that column.
Also, it must be said that I envy Tony's SO. You really sound like you know what you're doing in the kitchen. You throw about names of herbs and spices like a pro!

Graz's "I should be short spreadsheeted" post made me snork. Good luck about the job, by the way, Graz. :-)

Susan mentioned a show called "What Not to Wear"... can anyone enlighten me about it? It sounds quite snooty.

I agree with what everyone said about Neo's daughter. She's definitely learned that kind of generosity at home. :-)

((((Jeff)))) Sorry to hear about your friend passing away. It sounds like she had a lot of energy right till the end, though.

Fishy, you gotta continue the MOATside Story skit. We're on tenterhooks here!

Wurmy asked me for my mobile phone operator... It's Vodafone (which I can really only remember because it's on all the Ferrari F1 cars and Lord knows I see a lot of them on TV when I'm with HGF). Why is this useful info, though?
My ringtone is one of those generic little things that came free with the mobile service. Broke as I am, but anyway I doubt I'd have bought a ringtone if I had the money to.

Sly... Any news about your crush or is it going to be a super top-secret kind of thing until one day you announce you're eloping and going to live in a yurt in Mongolia with him? Please updaaaaate uuuussss!
Your Underliner Guy and Random Guy stories cracked me up. Also, the Three Stooges across the street. How has their DIY porch been progressing?

Zoodle, great to see your non-wedding anniversary passed without a hitch this year. :-)

Brian, how are your knees now? What interesting colo(u)r(s) are they today?

And a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY with lots of hugs and kisses to KingW and Jackie. Both belatedly, but oh well, better late than never.

*collapses onto MOAT coach, worn out from all the Heinzing*
I'm not gonna even start heinzing on the MB yet.

I'm sleepy, it's 3:17 AM here. I may go to sleep soon.


This may sound odd..... but I'm drinking a bottle of Norton from the Adam Puchta Winery.

Norton is very similar to a cabernet -- just with a goofier name -- and this bottle is GREAT!!!

The only problem is, when I open it, I tend to want to flail my arms around a lot before getting down to the business of opening it. (Geezer's will get that....maybe)


And we're having thunderstorms/tornado warnings. I think I'll joing Fish in the basement.

Oh, Mister Fi-i-i-ish. Norton and I are coming down.




*checks alcohol content on the Norton*



*runs through quickly*

No I'm not here. Not me. I'm working, getting the news done so I can get to bed at a decent time for a change.


You believe me, right?

MiB, What Not To Wear is a truly ridiculous show on The Learning Channel...as seen here. I don't like all of their makeovers...but admittedly, some of the people on the show really need something.

Of course, I know full well I do too...and gosh, if I had only known in time, they are planning a special show on reunion makeovers. Oh well, not enough time...I'll just have to be myself.


hmm, I came up out of the basement, and now Sly is joing Fisher, too. (Is joing related to enjoying?) Mr. Fisher is getting lots of company today.

Sly, the tornado passed us by; hope you stay safe too.

Ralph Kramden(reading golf instructions) "First, address the ball."
Norton: Hello, ball!

There was a pro golfer named 'Kermit Zarley'. Also Teddy Roosevelt had a son named Kermit.

I didn't do anything pirate-related at work, though I did answer the phone when I knew it was the Mrs. on the other end with "Arrrr". The first word problem I worked out in class had "r" as the variable to be solved for, though.

SLy- Hun, you're always welcome in the basement (Reminisces about the night we spent hunkered under the old card table together)

I don't want you to have to feel like you have to "joing" me, just to stay down here.

I mean all Dead Pirate Neo did was practice honing her skills at sword swallowing.


Oh yeah, Kidd Jack, ppppbbbbfftt, a bra? Paula? C'mon Captn' Jack Kidd, I have to disagree, me thinks she sould Keel Haul all her bras.

All nat ur al
is my new best pal
Now I stagger with my dagger

That was NOT a deeply Grog altered Haiku. I'm pretty sure I promise though

Blogchik the Queen of Stretching- WHen are you going to share you're story?? huh? huh? huh? Now?


I'll wait.

Over by the

What Not To Wear: a TV show in which two fashionistas make a mockery of a person to their face through their clothes and lifestyle, then give them lots of money to go shopping and make it all better by becoming the person the fashion industry wants them to be.

/not a fan, in case you couldn't tell

OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!

I MISSED TLAPD!!!!!!!!!!


I just had to come make sure the Moat is still standing. I saw Rita was on the warpath. I couldn't imagine her harming the Moat, but the way things are going lately..... *shrug*

So. What'd I miss? :)

Oh yeah... re: What Not To Wear... LOVE IT!
Mebbe its just me, but if someone were to give me $5000 dollars to go buy clothes in New York AND I'd get a hairstyle and a make-over outta it, and all I had to do was accept their opinions of the clothes I own... Bring on the shopping spree!!!!
Of course, the fact that all the clothes I own are either maternity clothes or size 8 from my pre-kid days (neither of which fits *pout*) could have something to with my willingness to turn myself over "Body, Mind, & Clothes".

And now I really AM depressed. The (censored) Redskins just scored.
Somebody shoot me. Or pass me a shot. Either will do.

Ok... my 'Boys win... game is finally getting good... Later Moaties!!!

Fish/Pirate Fubar- GIVE IT UP! If I was too upset to share it with the MOAT, do you really think nagging is going to induce me to tell it? I'm STILL too upset to share it with the whole MOAT, and by the time I'm over it, it will be Totally Old News. Just drop it.

I have been in a cranky mood all day, and you, sir, are getting on my last nerve here. My teeth are already set on edge. DROP IT ALREADY.

Just, I will forgive you for being a Cowboys fan and hating on My Redskins...I won't hold it against you... ;)

I have been a 'Skins fans since the Original Joe Gibbs days back in the '80s. I'm from the DC area. It's my hometown team. I do know a single person ffrom the DC area who likes the Cowboys (ugh!) but he is just contrary.

I have watched What Not to Wear and find it amusing. Don't think I'd go on the show though. I'd hate to go around being recognized for it. Although a free wardrobe would be FINE BY ME!!!

My clothing self-esteem or lack thereof is low enough already that nothing would convince me to put myself in the hands of S & T. Half the time I don't like the stuff they pick out anyway.

MiB...I think most of us women (not that I'm brave enough to speak for all of us..) can identify with the Avenging B*tch From Hell state of being. I get like that on a regular basis. However there is a delete key on my keyboard that gets a fair bit of use, and I have the ability to not always type what I'm thinking. Which is very useful somedays.
My niece has at least 2.5 more weeks in a cast. I will see her on Friday, which will be great.

Insom.. on the Kermit thing, I knew that Teddy Roosevelt had a son named Kermit (thanks to Caleb Carr's book, The Alienist).. I think this guy might be a relative. He has written a book, which I didn't particularly enjoy when I read it.. I think I agree with the customer review on that link.

Snow's almost gone.. rain's stopped. Forecast for tomorrow is mid-50's and some cloud. Welcome to NZ.

"Hey, I've been to Andorra!"

Actually, I have been there. small place.

Arrrr I did miss talk like a pirate day.

tried to post got a proxy error too tired to care

Is it just me, or does Andorra sound like it should be a dominatrix? I mean, it just goes so well with "'s Dungeon" "'s Whip & Chain Emporium" "'s Toybox.. (much more fun than Pandora's Box)" and so on...

Think Punky would like a "bit 'o Andorra" tonight?

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