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August 30, 2003



(Thanks again to Ben Studtmann)


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*picturing the whipped cream scene in Willy Wonka*

*puts some jello on Peri*

ooops! Graz...that MIGHT be there when you get back...

*licks lips*

* wiggle wiggle *

being an Engineer is great. you get to drive the train and blow the whistle

*sticks a 20 in Trillian's undies*


Blow the what?

*rubs eyes*

Darn, that's not what I read the first time....

I just like her lil striped hat...really...

Graz...you rock, man! *still snorking*

Someone needs to un-hook me from the itunes thingymabobber. I can't stop buying music... I just keep buying and buying and buying... AHhhhhhhhhhh! Help me Moaties!

Hello. My name is DDi, and I have an uncontrolable urge to spend my entire life savings on ninetynine cent songs.

(noticing Trillian realizing she's alone with me and Graz)

Trillian: Uh oh...

Trillian: Whew, DDi's here to share the naked jello twister board...

Nuh uh... *points up*
Josh, I can't stop shopping on the stoopud site for .99 songs! Someone HELP ME!!!

I just bought Friday I'm in Love by Dryden Mitchell, I don't even know who Dryden Mitchell IS!

DDi...that's why I had to cancel my RealOne Rhapsody account......

I can't resist it when I hear a new song.....or an old song......or a TV show theme song.....or an ad jingle.

DDi, step away from the iTunes......grab Joshkr nutella jar.....from there you should be okay.

This is serious. I may have to do the same thing Graz....I'm up to something like a bazillion hours of music now and thats not including what I already saved from my cd's. Its just so easy, its almost like playing a slot machine in Vegas. You just hit a button and WHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WINNER! Yet another song I didn't have.

Joshkr - check your e-mail....

*sitting invisible in the shadows*

*makes his way back in and re ties him hand and feet to "the" chair*

Oh and lookie who's got a couple a twenty spots.

Trillian- Wiggle that thing over here, hun

Joshkr, Graz and Fisher Oh my!

Deon, sorry but here is a fine example of the geek in me, It was Wayne and Garth who bowed before Alice Cooper and said we're not woooorthy, I also learned for the first time (from ALice Cooper no less) that Milwaukee was Indian for the "the good land"

Direct quote from Alice- In fact , it's pronounced "mill-e-wah-que" which is Algonquin for "the good land."

Wayne: I was not aware of that.


Crap, see Deon that why I don't do it, I've set off the Geek alarm and the Geek police will be here any minute.

If they are all female, I will forgive you. (remember I'm strapped to a chair)

Can I get a shot of somethin gover here?!!?

Joshkr- It's about time, I was worried I knocked you out by tossing you that beer last week, glad you ok and are back in action.

Has anyone bought the Nano iPod yet? I hear it's irresistible!

*gropes the shadows*


That's exactly it....you're a winner everytime.....and it doesn't seem like much. Only $.99 a tune. Then you're at a hundred...."Damn it....I'll stop when I get the complete works of the Monkees...really I will....OH! There's a listing for Welcome Back, Kotter song..."

Um, El, I don't think I should do that. Thought about it, but due to my recent inability to keep my act together - NO. I WON'T DO IT! AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!

Woo, I was groped!

Welcome Back Kotter?

*runs back to itunes*

Oops.....dang, sorry DDi.

I was bad.

I should be punished.

I should be short spreadsheeted.

I love the theme from Welcome Back, Kotter! It's John Sebastian, you know....

I've been watching 'Welcome Back Kotter' on DejaVu all week. Why did John Travolta ever get a movie career? Vinnie Barbarino was a very bad character - there were others who who were better and funnier. Well, relatively, I mean.

Uh oh...I'm getting mean and cynical, I see. Hey! What's your name! Pass the bong. And wipe it off first! Were you raised in a commune, or something?!

Yeah, we tease him a lot, cause we got him on the spot
Welcome back.....welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

Is there some Jack or Jim in that bong?

Good for later shots.

How long have I had this stutter?

What stutter?

Graz! What a totally awesome idea! I must be getting old, that I'd forget a detail like that. *fills the resevoir with JD*

I am officially the oldest person in this apartment. Not only do they actually have JD to put in the bong, those who are still coherent enough to be so were somewhat surprised at my ingenuity. I'm cutting them all off because they can't stay here - not even the guy who looks like Brendon Fraser. Well.....maybe that's negotiable.

Thanks, Peri.....that used to be my favoritest part of partaking.....the "later shot" is what we called it.

Now I just stick with bombs....Jaeger Bombs, Car Bombs, Cherry Bombs.....

*starts to wish he could really have a shot*

Only 50 minutes to go till I'm outie.....

Actually, I'm not resposible for anyone but myself anymore...I may just sneak out about a half hour, 40 minutes early.

Would someone please run to the bathroom for me?

My bladder is about to burst, the game is nearly over and I don't dare run to the bathroom for fear that they'll send it back to me for a local break.

*starts practicing Kegals so I can make it to the end of the game*

Please, don't tickle me now...(later is a different story)

Susan! {{{hug}}}! Oh, sorry! *goes and pees freely and at will*

Well, ok, there were 2 people in the shower that I had to evict before it was 'freely' and 'at will', but it was still easier for me.

Woo hoo! A win for homecoming!

Always good.

Peri, I thank you for your efforts...{{{Peri}}} but reading "pees freely" and shower...well, that's making things a little more urgent.

Hopefully the post game wrap up will go quickly.


*jets to the john*

I'm a sucker for suggestion.

PERI!!! There's a guy at your house that looks like Brendan Fraser????? And I was NOT invited????

*gets distracted by Fish tied up in his chair* Ohhh, I think I'll just sit for a minute or two. *Bounces a bit to get comfy*

Now I have to "go" too!

Stop talking about it!!

*zips out with legs crossed*

*falls down*

It's hard to zip with your legs crossed!


Soooo much better. Better head out before Mitch gets back to edit the game recording...getting highlights for tomorrow.

Will someone come with me to wash my back? I seem to have something all over it.

El, re the iPod Nano: My ex and I are buying one for Meghan for her birthday next month.




And I'll be in Vegas. On one hand, I think "what kind of mother am I?"

On the other hand...who wants their mother around when they turn 21?

On the third hand, she and a bunch of her friends will be staying at her dad's house. With him being even more overprotective, I can be in Vegas pretty much assured that she will a) be safe and b) have a boring birthday.

I'll take it.

DId I miss something?

Who's Mitch?

It's 9:45 on a Friday; just got back from dinner with friends. It's been an incredibly long week and I have work at least 5 hours of work ahead of me in the morning, so I'm going to bed.

Nighty night. Play nicely.

*exits, slipping on strawberry jello*

Damn, that's going to leave a stain for 3 weeks.

sly, when I heard about the Nano iPod, you were the first person I thought of, but I expected you would want it yourself, and perhaps pass your iPod on - but since it's her 21st - a biggie - that will be a great gift!

(like I'd invite 'perky boobs' over when I have Tarzan at my house)

I'm watching the Yankee play-by-play on ESPN on line, not the game itself. Bottom of the 9th, yankees ahead by one, two outs, Rivera pitching - and - Toronto got a man to first base - eeekkk!

*zips out to watch*

It's over! We won! Hooray!


*suggests graz strip off and dive into the pudding pit*
Lets see if he's suggestable to that as well

I could swear I saw some really interesting things up there^ but I can't quite get a handle onit right now.


(He's worth a Deuce!)

Wolfie- I swear I have something pretty inertesting, but it's Down here.........

Well, actually you'll have to ask Zoodle what exactly she's done with it. It's amazing what a wiggle and bounce or two can do.

Either way, I'm sure it's still interesting down there.

Man, It's so not fair to hog this chair, and not share. It should have a sign on it marked beware. Oh well, I don't care, we're all bare, it's Friday night and as long as this keeps up, there'll be no despair, maybe in the morning a few minor repair, Hey why is Peri starting to stare?

*dives in pudding pit*

Umm.....why did I just do that?

Hi, Moaties!!!!

Graz...because you wanted Polly to lick it off and look for clues?

She IS an investigator...

Polly! We have to talk. *wipes pudding off face*

I think that's pudding.

*wonderingly* They've opened the 3rd keg. I didn't think they'd live this long....
Now we're watching 'Dusk 'Til Dawn' (? I may have the title wrong - I can't be bothered to check the case. It has George Clooney in in, that's all I care about. And it's by Quentin Tarantino)

I see that Quentin is also in it...

Does anyone else think it's sexy that George Clooney appears to have a tattoe up his neck? No? Me neither.

too tired to post now but posting anyway zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

nity nite all

Just a little bit? Yeah? Even though he seems to be a bad guy?

You're right - me definitely neither.

I am so totally NOT tired right now. Of course tomorrow morning when my daughter comes home..then I'll be tired. *sigh*

George Clooney has never done it for me. I mean, he's certainly no Keanu Reeves is he? :)

*perk* Keanu Reeves?
(Please remember that the woman who is dissing George is the woman who has a brother that looks like Mel Gibson. She can't tell a sexy man if he walks up and jiggles her perky boobs*

Sadly, this Mel is also happily married.

Stop emailing Zoodle now.




Jiggly! I done gone beyond LTTG to a lost cause on a drunken see! |-)



eadn!!!! baby!!!! {{{{{hug!!!}}}}
I'm so glad I was here to see you.

eadn: I wanna rock 'n' roll all nite. and party every day. Waddya think? (I have homemade wine, if that helps)

Yes, it's true. Mel Gibson resembles my brother. However that has definitely NOT impaired my ability to judge if a man is sexy or not. I just don't find any man who looks like Mel Gibson (or Mel himself for that matter) the least bit sexy.

Holy Perky Boobs Batman!!

I jus seen the blurkmobile float through you see, drunkenly.

Erm, or was that just me?

My Canadian Barbie twins. Still got a bounce or a wiggle left in ya? (Or a FIsh? harhar)


Sorry, sitting in this chair for so long, all the blood has rushed to my head.

EADN- Miss ya my brutha from anutha Mutha.

Hey, did you guys know that Mary had a little lamb?

Yeah, and the poor Doctor, he fainted.

And since Pnucky must have gotten Tekilled by a hot hunk of Fire Dept (ladder 69, no doubt)

and Polly Pi only waves Hi!!

And Blogchik is too TIE red.

I guess consider Fish and his secret to bed.

GUHnight all. Have a very merry Christmas and a Happy Nude Year.

(jus practicing)

I christen this Moat well and truly christened.

Except maybe for that spot over there.. no, don't worry.. I'll get it myself later...

George and Mel?? And Zoodle is Mel's sister? Dang. If it wasn't for the wife and seven kids, I'd be tempted.

Jeff.. thanks for the link to the Geek Test. Apparently, I'm a true Tri-Lamb 80's style nerd (complete with Revenge of the Nerds poster.. uhoh)
stats are 66% Nerd, 30% Geek, 60% Dork. Apparently my superintellect made me socially inept. I coulda told em that without answering 60 questions.
Oh.. and #42, whimsical and semi-serious.
It seems that I scored in the 95th percentile for dork-dom. Once again, no big surprise, but slightly demoralising nonetheless.
I guess it's words like that which confirm my geekdom.

Polly and Eadn all in one night! Yay!! We miss you guys.

El.. I don't think it's a case of being less or more funny than we were when we arrived. It's a case of becoming more (sorry about this male moaties!!) emotionally intimate with a group. You're more open about what is happening in your daily life, and it's more like sharing with friends. The funny becomes incidental to the relationship. It's still there, and you're as funny as you ever were, it's just not as important, somehow. I think, (for me anyway), having this place as a release valve controls my crazy. I vent, then I can relax. When my computer's gone kaput, that's been the hardest part of waiting for repairs.. the times I've missed out on with my friends here.

PS.. I know you can get colourfree cordial. Aren't there colourfree jello's as well? Not as pretty, but more practical as far as staining goes.

Ddi.. I started singing "Friday I'm In Love" as I read your post.. then it occured to me that I'd never heard of Dryden Mitchell either. So I googled around.. the things you find out!

The version I was singing was sung by The Cure. Dryden Mitchell is the lead singer for (and I quote) alternative punk rock band Alien AntFarm. Nuff said?

What is the alternative to punk rock? Chamber music?

*wanders in and turns on TV*

*becomes mesmerized*

*orders a few hundred Turnip Twaddlers c/o the MOAT*

*nods off*

didn't Alien AntFarm do a cover of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal?

Ok, now i've got to google turnip twaddlers. Sounds kinky!

Graz: QT tans in 3-5 hours.. with or without sun!

Peri: Sid and Nancy rocks!

N: I hate my f#*kin' life.
S: This is just a rough patch. Things'll be much better when we get to America, I promise.
N: We're in America! We've been here a week! New York is in America, you f#*k!

Are cheese puffs supposed to set off the smoke detector? *snork* Without looking, I knew that was Peri's post.

And Peri, if you had a guy in your apartment who looked like Brendan Farser, why were you on the computer?

*rubs eyes* was that an eadn post-by?

I'm on my front porch, capuccino, in sweats cause it's chilly this morning. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Random Guy leave his house with yet another chick. Random Guy likes his Random Gals. As they got to the car, I heard whining, "Where's my $5.00?!? You said you'd give me $5.00"

WTF?!? I turned to look. It's not his flavor of the moment, it's his daughter; I'd guess she's about 12. Gosh, I hope it's his daughter!!!!

OK, time to go for a swim at the Y and then tackly some work I brought home.


*puts out Advil and boytles of water to help with the hangovers.*


El, Jackie thought Dixie Chicks but since the Dixie Cups are the ones from La. I thought it logical that it was them. But I could be wrong.

Oh, and I remembered what I forgot last night: we were in Barnes & Noble looking for books for our nieces and the childrens' department had a big display for Talk Like a Pirate Day with Dave & Ridley's book prominently displayed! Very cool.

As for Fish, it was a joke, but obviously too sly and subtle for the room.

Peri, good movie choices. I love Chloe Webb in everything - Sid and Nancy, China Beach, Tales of the City.

Oh, and since it isn't on the calendar, I'll just mention again that today is Jackie's birthday.

As I was coming into the house, I witnessed my neighbors across the street participate in a Three Stooges home remodeling episode.

They are building a wrap around porch on a really big house. There are three guys were working with a large piece of plywood, and the guy in the middle turned with it and whapped the guy on the right across the face. The guy who got hit yelled and the guy with the plywood turned quickly, hitting another guy in the back of the head. Lots of dirty words were said. Someone came running out of the house with a towel that the injured guy put on his nose. The guy who got hit dropped down on the porch. After a few minutes, they got him up, and they all jumped into the car and I guess they are going to the hospital. It's only 6 blocks away.

By the way, this is a "do it yourself" project. I hope he'll be OK.

Jeff, tell Jackie "Happy Birthday" for me!!!


I'll have one of whatever sly's having. ;)

Sly, too funny! Too bad you didn't have your camera rolling.

Happy birthday to Jackie!

sly - too funny! Usually people rehearse before they attempt that routine - to avoid injury, I guess!

Leetie - great Sid & Nancy quote! I like to start the day *snorking* my coffee - no, really, I do! :)

Important stuff

A big Happy Birthday to Jackie!

Yiddish Word of the Day (which would have been better suited to last night's debauchery)
lust, desire

Naprimer: It was pretty clear that last night Peri had kheyshek in her heart for Tarzan!! :)

*wonders how that worked out*

Gee, I missed all the fun. Sort of. Erin was here to keep me company ;) We watched some Eddie Izzard, a show he did in San Francisco. Not bad for standup.

Nothing like a drunked orgy to bring people out of the shadows, huh?

Deon - I'm glad I surprised you. I like to be unexpected like that. Actually I've been singing for many many years, since elementary school. The past year and a half have been limited to my church choir, but I thought I would take the opportunity to join a "performance choir" again here in MA.

Fun Fact #9487267: I sang at Gov. Jesse Ventura's inagurual ball, aka "Let's have a giant party at the Target Center." The choir I was in in high school was invited to join a Minneapolis gospel group in singing Power to the People (though we were more for show -- the future of the state or something like that). I distinctly remember being instructed to run offstage at the end of the song to avoid being hit by the impending fireworks.

Impending Fireworks - GNFARB

Impending Fireworks - GNFARB
But not for the group last year where 99 people died due to the fire!!
(10 points and a flash for whoever names them)

Thanks to C-bol's blog, I now have a very, very cool name for TLAPD Monday!!!

DJT--do u buy packeted masala..er packeted spices?
like termeric powder? and chilli powder? what brand do u use? what brands are popular in america?

It's for a project im doing on spices

anybody else here buy Indian Spices?

bangi -Spice Islands is a brand that's popular here. They have a curry powder mixed spice as well as the individual ones that make up a curry, like tumeric, etc.

Check this site out for starters, although I'm sure there are more "gourmet" brands as well!

10 points and a flash for whoever names them

I'll call them all Arlene.


stop...that...singing...it's crushing ...my...skull
*wears helmet*

I had sth intelligent 2 say 2 Deon. but i drank lots of water and got rest. the feeling passed.

El!! Kheyshack--like luv shack?

Jeff! up here! look!
* swings past and steals Coke from Jeff as he looks up*

Sometimes when it sounds like a marching band is going by.....a marching band is going by.

I forgot. This is the weekend for the Greentree Festival and the parade is going on. AND, because Kirkwood beat Webster Groves last Thanksgiving in the annual Turkey Bowl, we have possession of the Frisco Bell, it's been ringing nonstop.

Amazingly, with all that racket, I can still hear the cricket that's hiding from me.

So, I feel like a heel. I'm not going to Greentree -- even though this is PERFECT weather. I'm working on the stuff I brought home.

BUT, tonight, I'm going to Webster Grove's Jazz Festival. Webster, our rival.

I don't think I'll tell my daughter's about this.

but i drank lots of water and got rest. the feeling passed. Bangi, *snork*

Jeff - you have Coke and are holding out on us?

10 points and a flash for whoever names them

Addendum to above post:
Nice try, though...:)

bangi: kehyshek gets you to the luv shack! At least that's been my experience! :)

This was in my e-mail this morning, but what I want to know is: Does he want to marry me and have my babies? I asked my Magic 8-Ball and it said, "Answer unclear, ask again later" *sigh*

Dear Eleanor ,

With good faith i have come to you about this Legitimate Business of mine, but i must first introduce myself to you.

I am Elder John Wool. The manager Credit and Account Department of Apex Global Trust and Finance Security Company"AGTFSC" Lome Togo.

I am writing in a respect of unclaimed deposit belonging to a foreigner, Late Mr. Arthur Smith of America, with account #AGTFSC/1001/44986-00/tg. Who perished on the plan crash of 31st of october,1999 with egyptian airline 990 with other passengers aboard. Since the demise of Smith, I personally have watched with kin interest to see any next of kin or beneficiary to this deposit but no one has come up for the claim of usd$14.5m(fourteen million, five hundred thousand united states dollars)has being in our security vault for a very long time. On this note, i decided to seek for your noble assistance to help me come for the release and transfer of this fund into any of your nominated bank account abroad, In the sense to make you the beneficiary to this unclaimed deposit. As no one both friends and relatives has come up as the next of kin to this deposit and our banking ethnics here does not allow such deposit to stay more than six years, because after six years the money will be confiscated into the nations treasury as an unclaimed deposit.

In view of this, I got your contact in my country's trade journal after which i was convinced to contact you and introduce this business with you as a foreigner. The request of the foreigner as a next of kin in this business is occassioned by the fact that, the customer was a foreigner and a togolaise can not stand as the next of kin to a foreigner. I have agreed to share this money with you in the mutual understanding of 65%/35%. You keep 35% while i keep 65%, How about that? Thereafter i will visit your country for mutual sharing between both of us. Bear in mind also that i would like to invest my own part of the share in your country. As i am almost due for retirement. For us to proceed towards this transaction, you have to send an application text to the security company as the next of kin to their deceased customer.

I will send to you a text of application which you shall re-type and send to the finance house, Upon your response to this mail. I will not fail to bring to your notice that this business is hitch free and that you should not entertain any fear as the whole required arrangment has been perfected for the successfull claim and transfer of this fund.

Don't forget to keep this transaction a top confidential untill we achieve our goal.
Thank you and God bless you.
Waiting for your positive response.

Best Regards,
Elder John Wool.

Reply Also To, Alt: john_wool12

He called me "Eleanor"?? WTF?

p.s. If I'd told my mother (RIP) about this, she would have said, "Well, is he Jewish?"

Eleanor, I think he definitely wants to have elders with you. RUN AWAY!

Happy Birthday to our Jeff's very own Jackie! And many mooooooooore!

I spent the better part of the night online buying music. Lots and lots of it too. I think I'm done. At least, until my next payday. *snork*

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