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August 30, 2003



(Thanks again to Ben Studtmann)


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It's 3:19am here and I too am up. This is not one of the better nights I have had in my life either.

Sometimes the road of life leaves you feeling like roadkill. I don't mean to sound flippant. I am just trying to figure out a way to make this seem better in my mind. Does tylenol work?

Tamara ~ read your email.
Peri ~ read your IM's.

And when my laptop developed a virus and I gave it to STBX to pass over to a friend who could look at it, STBX used that opportunity to copy everything in My Docs onto his computer. Primarily journal entries. And read them all.

Man, it keeps getting better and better...

To quote Frenchie from Grease:
"Men are rats. They're fleas on rats. Worse than that, they're amoebas on fleas on rats. They're so low even the dogs won't walk under them."

I know that it's going to be difficult getting through this. You wanted to believe in STBX and he let you down again and again. But we're always here .. somewhere or other. But you've done it and you can do it again. You've got the Moaties on your side no matter what.

{{Tamara}} and {{Zoodle}) - I hope you both feel better soon.. whatever the reasons.

Tamara... check your email.

*deletes lengthy post*

*offers up hugs*

*sets out Serenity Candles around the Moat and lights them*


I fell asleep fairly early while reading last night, and now I'm WIDE awake.

I'm amazed at the number of infomercials for cleaning products.

Well, first of all, I'm amazed at the number of infomercials.

It's my turn to fix snacks for my Christ Care group Monday evening. For some reason, I have a hankering for Key Lime Pie.

*leaves to start coffee and Key Lime Pie*

I went to the department stores and asked for a hankering. They told me they weren't that kind of a store.

Hankering is a funny word. Is it the verb form of lusting after Tom Hanks? Does that make Rita Wilson permanently Hankered?

I think I should go to bed. I know I sound mildly stoned.. the scary thing is that this is me sober. I may post a funny word list on my blog when I wake up. Hankering will be the first one.

Well, rats.

My parents are coming over for dinner tonight and I was planning on fixing a pot roast on the grill (trust me, it's WONDERFUL). I just opened the front door and discovered Rita has arrived, without the big bag of wind. It's supposed to rain all day.


BTW, for pot roast on Weber grill, you divide the coals so they provide an indirect heat, sear the meat, then put in an aluminum foil pan and cover with a mixture of 1/4 c. vinegar, 1/4 c olive oil, 1/4 c ketchup, 2 T soy sauce, 2 T worschestershirelandinghamsire sauce, rosemary, garlic and dry mustard. Cover the pan tightly with aluminum foil and place on grill between the divided coals, cover the grill and cook for 1 1/2 hours.

The meat is so tender it practically falls apart.

I also put potatoes, carrots and onions in the pan.

Dang, now I'm hungry.

I can type "aluminum" successfully, but not "green".

Go figure.


*wishes she knew how to use the word "rimsh!t"

It always looks so cool when others do it *sigh*

It was a late and troubling night for many of us it seems. My choices have stunk for the past few months (years) so I can't give any words of wisdom or advice. nd my funny bone seems to be broken, so I can't supply humore. But I offer empathy if it helps.

Sly, despite the rain, I still think pot roast on the grill is the way to go. I can be there by 5:00ish? *grins* OK, maybe not tonight, but one of these days I may show up.

And waxwing! That IS you! Come back, please? You left before I got here last October and I always felt cheated not to get to talk to you.

*sets up bird bath and a plate of mixed fruit and insects*

OMG Tamara... what an utter sleazebag.

*hugs Tamara while wearing a fuzzy maroon sweater*

*hugs her again for good measure*

All I can say is:

Men are not rehab projects. If there's something about him that bothers you and has been a problem in the past, don't get the idea that you can "fix him". (and not the vet kind of "fix")

Either accept that quirk, or walk/run away.

Ed. Note: the above information was learned the hard way.

Ed. Note 2: Women are also not rehab projects.


You may or may not recall that a while back I had a ginormous possum in my garage!!! and I didn't go downstairs for 3 days!
Aren't they just the ugliest things you've ever seen??

tamara- ***hugs***

Eleanor is my Yiddish expert, Kaf, but I'd define "shonda" as sinful, a stronger word than shame. But I could be wrong.

Sly, nothing was said at the concert about a CD but I am assuming there will be one.

On Monday, the Vatican will begin examining all U.S. seminaries for evidence of homosexuality. What's a sign of homosexuality? Queer Eye books on the nightstand? Liberace or Doris Day CDs in the CD player? The seminary football team cheer is "We're here, we're queer, get used to it!"? What if they don't have any of these signs because they wish to remain closeted having chosen a celibate life?

Very good, Kaf. I mean, who are we kidding here?
And there IS a difference between being a homosexual and molesting children (of whichever sex). If the Vatican really wants to know let them just check the records of each diocese and see who's playing a shell game of "hide the pedophile" by switching him from parish to parish. If Boston and Philadelphia have been doing it for years you can bet most (if not all) other big dioceses have too.

Random observation from the porch on a rainy Sunday:

I have a theory that God was on a coffeebreak during the creation process when hedgeapples were created. I'm thinking that was the work of a minion who was trying his/her hand at it.

They are ugly.

When they are run over, they are even uglier.

They hurt when you get hit with one on the back of the head when it's windy.

I believe their only purpose is in entertainment value because I'm having quite a chuckle watching a squirrel attempt to scamper away with one.

I believe possoms were also created during the same coffee break.

hoo boy.

The Rams play the Titans today. In Fantasy Football, I have Bulger as my QB today AND the Titans as my defense.

Another day of divided loyalties.

Maybe I'd better go review my QB options.

oooh, I better go check my team stuff too!

*zips over to Yahoo*

*zips in wearing kick off shoe*

I just talked to CG (only by phone*sigh*) and read him my FF team lineup for today!
Me: So what do you think?
CG: You're stylin'!!

I'm sooooooooooooooooo glad I didn't go with Bulger today.

Ugh. This is ugly.


New posts on the MB.

*takes a hit out of the Moat oxygen tent*

Sondra and I are going at it on the MB -- the Belfast Thread.

OMG!! I'm glad she's in Guatemala and I won't be running into her in any dressing rooms here in the states. She's SCARY!!

El ~ I didn't have to get that close to it. It didn't like my dog, and judging from her hackles it was mutual. I'm glad it's gone now and altho I have no idea where it lives during the day I'm choosing to believe it's miles and miles from here. If I hadn't already been having a rough night I probably wouldn't have screamed like I did. *sighs*

Sly ~ I think platypus erm.. platypuses?Platypii? were created during the coffee break too.

Seems like it was a rough night all around.
*group hug*

Catfight on the Belfast thread!

The woman is seriously NUTS! Sondra, that is!

FCDA, thanks!! I cannot believe she's proud of pummeling children.

But she does have standards apparently. She saves the pummeling for 6 and over.

Tamara - it sounds like whatever he says, he's doing everything he can to sabotage your marriage...

If I were going to the bathroom in Belfast, I'd bring my Kevlar underwear.

Both my father's stepbrothers live near Lake Charles, LA. early word is they and their families are o.k.

Granddaughter Kylie was in the hospital with diarrhea last week but she is fine now.

insomniac, glad to hear it about your family.

Kylie is a little bitty thing, right? That's scary. Glad she's OK.

actually, I think platypuses were created after God discovered the magical properties of helium...


I'm trying to imagine God's voice on helium intoning "Let there be platypi"


Ummmm, never mind


Breaking celebrity news!

bumper sticker

Can I get blanket permission now to copy and paste any recipes posted here to the Recipe Den?
If you don't want me to do that with a specific recipe, you only have to say so at the time. There's just so many great recipes being posted... I hate to have to scroll back through past Moats to try and find them.

I went over to the Belfast thread, dropped a load.. I mean I said my piece. That Sondra sounds strange.. to say the least. It's not that I think physical discipline shouldn't be used on a child. Done properly, it can be a very effective tool. But not randomly to someone else's child in a public place! Can anyone else say Wacko?

Insom.. I'm glad Kylie's doing better. Any serious illness in a small child is damned scary. If it ends up in hospital, the scary factor goes up exponentially. I hope she feels totally better now!
A "Get Better Soon" gift for Kylie - not that she appreciates virtual presents right now, but the thought is there... or something.

Found on the same Google trip.. When a tedy bear needs some spare cash....

That last photo came from this page which has had me smiling for the last few minutes...

Calling all cooks:

I'm baking chocolit chip cookies. Same recipe I've always used (back of the package)

As soon as they are in the oven, they spread out over the cookie sheet, get very thin and quickly brown.

What did I do wrong?

I'm trying to add more flour to see if that helps.

If not....suggestions?

and by quickly brown, I mean "burn"

my suggestion would be to eat the dough raw.
or ship it to me.

Dough is too soft.. add more flour. Refridgerate the stuff for a bit to stiffen it, and maybe pile up a few cookie sheets and cook um on the top one. (adds some insulation tween bottom of cookie and heat source)

I still don't know how to cook btw.

Or send it to neo. Or me. Add raw dough in clumps to your favorite icecream and claim to have done it on purpose.

Neo, *snork*

Hmmmm, first time I've had trouble getting something to stiffen. Don't tell me I'm losing it!! Ahhhh.

I had added some extra flour, I'll see if that works. And, wolfie, *snork* to all the advice followed by "I still don't know how to cook."

Well, since this IS the making whoopee moat:

They came out fried
No need for gloom
They may be runny
on your spoon;
They still taste pleasin'
So there's your reason
For makin' cookies.

*wishes the happy couple the best of luck*

*Snork!* at the bumper sticker.

More flour is one option, sly. Less liquid is the other. New recipe is yet another.
Have they always burnt and spread? Or is this a recent development?
One more option.. more expensive, but possible.. get the thermostat in your oven checked. It may not be accurate and the oven may be hotter than the temp you set it to. This would cause the cookies to spread out (ingredients breaking down too fast) and burn (too hot..)

For Neo

*zips back in -- sorry El, I'm in a rush*


I sprayed the pan with Pam. I forgot that the choc.chip cookies, you don't do that.

Never mind.

Sly, I think it has something to do with whether you used butter or margarine; also, whether you used baking powder or baking soda.

I think you want to use something that's going to melt slowly enough so that the cookie sets (and stays puffy) before it melts. Or use cold shortening. :)

sly. and others - yes, she is 11 weeks old, but not small for her age.
My son thinks they were feeding her too much at daycare, that couldn't cause diarrhea could it? (though it could certainly make it worse)

I apologize for using the word 'diarrhea' so much...

neo- *snork*

*loves sly a chocolate chip cookie*

I know I'm a grammatical pedant, but I think I'm becoming obsessive.. aside from the fact I regularly end sentences with prepostions (almost typed propostions there.. that's a whole other obsession..), I am reluctant to change that, simply because when you say thing like "the seat on which you are sitting" rather than "the seat that you're sitting on", you sound like you have a stick inserted somewhere very painful. My current problem is related to hyperlinks. When you have to type a href= etc... I find it difficult to do if the article before the hyperlink is "a". I want to change it to "an", because it's grammatically correct to follow "an" with a word that begins with a vowel. Never mind that the hyperlink begins with a consonant. I can't see that till after I've posted.

Yes, I know I'm strange.

It(I won't use the word)'s usually caused by bacterial infection of some sort, Insom. She could easily have picked up a bug in daycare, but the only way that feeding would do that to her is if there was something in the formula she was drinking, i.e. a tainted batch, or if (presuming daycare made it) their health and cleanliness was not up to standard. Those are both unlikely, as daycares are pretty strictly regulated.
It sounds like your son is looking for a reason for what happened. Sometimes stuff just happens with no explanation, and as long as everyone comes through it well and happy, it's not something he needs to worry about, unless it happens again in similar circumstances.
If he's worrying about the amount she's being fed at daycare, he should talk to the carers. Basically, they are required to do what the parents want them to do, as long as it's practical in a group setting, and doesn't adversely affect the other children. Send only the amount of formula they'd expect her to drink, but be aware she is growing, and her need for nutrition will also grow. Babies are pretty good at letting you know when they've had enough. You won't get any sleep if they're hungry, and if they've had too much, you'll get it back. Usually in the form of spit-up, though.

/nanny rant. I need more work. My childcare gene is going into overdrive and it's only the first day.

I'll be looking after my nephews and niece a fair bit this week, so I won't be totally childcare-deprived, but I just feel like I should be doing something NOW. I'm going for my allergy tests in a few minutes. Then to the bank and the supermarket. I have a short spell with my parents' children this afternoon. Hopefully I'll get some housework done in the meantime. Or maybe I'll come back here and look for someone to play with.

I love you, moaties. Thanks for the hugs.

I needed someone to speak with face-to-face, so met with my boss this afternoon. I felt a gazillion bazillion times better after talking with him for a while.

Drove home, feeling good. Checked answering machine. Tons of messages from STBX. Whatever. Then STBX's mother called! Said she was outside with STBX and could they or she come in and talk to me? I said she could come in, but that if I saw STBX, I would kill him. So I talked to my mother-in-law for an hour or so. We both agreed STBX is insane. She thinks he's possessed by a demon and needs Jesus. I think he needs to be shot with a dull gun.

Anyway, both were good talks.

I'm feeling a lot of things right now. But, most importantly, I am feeling okay. I feel like I am doing the right thing in getting rid of the STBX now. There is no longer doubt. It feels very, very, good to be able to make a solid decision now.

Black & white--that's what I wanted. And it was painful, but I got it. ...I despise shades of grey.

*smooches all around* Thanks for all the help, moaties.

but... but.. grey (not gray) is my favorite (not favourite) color (not colour)

Who says I have to go all or none on the British (and British empire) spellings?

No colors anymore I want them to turn black...

Or as Granny Weatherwax would say, "There's only two colors; White, and white that's got grubby."

Thanks for the Birthday wishes everyone. It was a most excellent day!

(((Tamara))) Hang in there dear!

Sure, there's endless news coverage for weeks about all the people displaced by hurricanes. Even a fair bit of coverage on the stranded household pets. But does anyone remember the poor missing dolpins?

Actually, I'm not sure if they qualify as "poor" since they're apparently navy-trained combat dolphins with underwater dart guns.

Paging Doctor Evil...

U.S. Navy Dolphins missing after Katrina

Note that the story's in the London Guardian...why won't the U.S. media cover this story? HMMM?

Wurm...I love you a little for the Granny Weatherwax quote...NTTAWWT

*gives Wurm a manly and not at all gay hand-shake MANAAGHS*

There were dolphins rescued before Rita hit; were they part of that group?

Oh, and BTW, the cookies turned out perfectly when I used cookie sheets without Pam sprayed on them. Duh!

That's what I get for multi-tasking; watching Rams, baking cookies and being an advocate against child abuse.

*zips in from TV*


*zips out*

No colors anymore I want them to turn black...

Wurm, good one ("Paint it Black" is a favorite Stones song) and it reminded me of (looks around to see if she's lurking nearby and might hear and come pummel me) crazy Sondra. Whoa! That was a tad extreme, I think. Slamming strange 6 year old kids' heads into walls may teach them something but it could also get you in a lot of trouble. Watch your back, Sly!

I've already told sly but let me repeat it here: The Naked Cowboy is back. He was back in Times Square large as life (or larger?), posing for pictures and hugging women and girls.

But I don't think I'm ready for the Naked Cowboy Prayer Book (see link above). How about you?

Naked Cowboy Prayer Book? No thank you.

On West Wing, would you say Toby's hair was perilously close to a "bald mullet?"

I work with an attorney (and it's one of my favorite attorneys) who loves the West Wing. And one of his favorite things to do is yell "DONNA" ala Josh Bartlett.

The rest of the floor is starting to get annoyed as my office is at the end of the hall from his, and the "D-O-N-N-A" kind of reverberates. But since he tends to do it only on Thursdays (after West Wing when it was on Wed night) and he is an otherwise likeable guy, it's being tolerated.....for now.


The West Coast has not yet seen The West Wing!

sly, Love the "Donna" story - way cool!

*wishes her TV was closer to her computer*

Chargers Rock!

Jeff- any word on where the Naked Cowboy's been all summer? The info on the site you linked hasn't been updated since winter.

Sad to see that the guy's gone so commercial, though- Naked cowboy ringtones?

Wurm -
But did the dolphins say So Long and Thanks for all the Fish before they left??

He's not technically naked. I find that disappointing. Not to mention dishonest advertising.

Eleanor- No, they just muttered something about being too smart to be minesweepers for the third most intelligent species on the planet and took off for Betelgeuse.

Give a holler if you see any big yellow rectangles flying around, y'hear?

*sneaks in quietly*

Mad...I know your birthday was yesterday...can I wish you a happy birthday? I hope you had a really really good one...{{{Mad}}}

{{{Tamara}}} and {{{Zoodle}}} cause you both had rough nights.

Anyone else?

Third most intelligent? I thought we were at least second....with a bullet.

Susan...if you're offering hugs...

*raises hand!!!*

Sly...are you offering hugs too?

I need one


*looks at clock*

Sly! Get your cute lil butt to bed right now!

You too, Susan!

Sly- Adams' philosophy on relative primate-cetacean intelligence:

It is an important and popular fact that things are not always what they seem. For instance, on the planet Earth, man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much -- the wheel, New York, wars and so on -- whilst all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man -- for precisely the same reasons.

And of course, cats seem to be doing suspiciously well on the enjoy-life-while-not-doing-any-work scale...

*looks at the cat*

*Cat looks back from my pillow and yawns at me*

I think Wurm is right

I hope I get to sleep on my pillow...


Wait...I'm the man of this house!

Struts up to cat with chest puffed out

"I'm the man here! I make the rules!"

Cat: (quizzical look and yawn)

Josh: Umm...I'll go check your food

Hey, get me some catnip while you're up, human-type person.

All Heinzed - BIG BOTTLE!

he thought it was the standard 22 mm...it was the less common 21mm - Susan

WHEN!? did the US start talking in mm's?

Punky is absolutely right about the undies! =) - Peri

THANKS PERI! JUST when I'd had the weekend off to erase that image from my mind's eye. IT'S BACK!!!!

Did anyone here read 'I'm With Stupid'? At one point, Gina tells Gene that all of a woman's best O's are self-administered. He didn't like it much. - Peri

Does this mean I might as well quit trying? Knowing I don't really have a chance anyhoo? (Gal's answer is: "H3ll no! It means you care enough to try!")

(Who says straight guys don't listen????) ;-)

Hypnagogic does appear to be waxwing. Hope he comes back!

To clarify Kibby's requested MOAT-descretion of Friday. It was in regard to Tamara's "condition" and possible causes (*is glad to see it's not serious Tamara - Yes, he did read that post*). He didn't mean to imply the female reproductive system, however Leeties jab was quite humo(u)res.

Tamara, you'll always be #1 in Kibby's black (dark brown) book.

along with all the other MOATettes.

Oh, Eleanor, while Bumble technically qualifies for the HTML Merit Badge, we normally pass them out to MOATies.

She'd have to have access to the Y! to get it.

What about your friend coming over?

Because We Can't Make This Sh*T Up:

The FAQ for the Navy Marine Mammal Program

Thankfully, there are no reports of sea lion attack squads going missing.

Yep. fact is sometimes more boring than fiction.

I know my life's like that (cept Friday).

You guys wanna read something funny?

Line up here if you wanna read something funny!!!

Here it is:

Today is my five-year wedding anniversary. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!

I would've forgotten had my stepmom not sent me a congratulatory email last night.


Ok, it's not funny. Sorry.

But, again, thanks tons & oodles for the support, moatsters.

Monday morning at the law firm now that NBC's schedule has changed:


Just testing.

Where'd my comment go? I'm going to assume it turns up.

On West Wing, would you say Toby's hair was perilously close to a "bald mullet?"

Bad signs I'm turning into my mother:

Watching West Wing my first comment was: "I think Toby needs a haircut."

And did Josh need to be that mean to poor Donna? She was just doing her job, for crying out loud! He just said he doesn't trust any of the other candidates and he'd be damn lucky to get her.

Where'd my comment go? I'm going to assume it turns up.

On West Wing, would you say Toby's hair was perilously close to a "bald mullet?"

Bad signs I'm turning into my mother:

Watching West Wing my first comment was: "I think Toby needs a haircut."

And did Josh need to be that mean to poor Donna? She was just doing her job, for crying out loud! He just said he doesn't trust any of the other candidates and he'd be damn lucky to get her.

I only posted once; really.

Jackie has been caught up in the saga of Carl & Clarence, the conjoined twins from the Phillipines, from the beginning. They were just on Today and Clarence is now walking on his own.

OK, so who leaked the secret the press? That's a 10 year prison sentence, SO, if they go by that, it was no one who showed up at the beginning of the show with Pres. Bartlett at the Library because that was 3 years later.

Abby wasn't there! ('cause shes on a soon-to-be canceled show with Fonzie)

And I got Josh's last name wrong up^^ there. It's Lyman.

It's been a long summer.

*zips in at 6:45am after watching WestWing which she taped because she was watching the CHARGERS kick a**!!!*

I cried during the opening scene, it was so beautiful *mini-sob*

kibby, I know the "html merit badge to Moaties" rule and I'm pretty sure it wasn't me who offered it - wasn't it MOTW?
*plans to go back and check later*

kibby, re "friend", no contact since return from Prague, no e-mail, no nothing and no postcards from trip, so no future plans at this time.
*coded message to partner*

And to all other MOATies, good morning from the Land of the Winners, su.so.ca.!!!!

Jeff - Josh didn't want to be that mean to Donna and he felt bad about having to do it - that's why he went to the door of his office and watched her leave with a wistful look - he was thinking, If Wishes Were Horses...

*zips in from MB*

kibby, it was Lt. Woman who gave the merit badge, not me!

I accept your apology. :-)

Boy, Ivory Bill really gave it to Sondra, in spades!!!! He made sly and me look like we were trying to teach her a lesson a la Sesame Street! Good for him!

Oh and BTW, did I mention that The Chargers won last night - on national TV?

Wurm - Betelgeuse. *snork*

pushing missing post through.....(hopefully)

Anyone else having posting difficulties?
How many are we up to now?????

But he kept the file with all her "transgressions" when she was working for Bingo Bob (or whatever the moron's nickname was) so he could throw them in her face. That wasn't nice.

I know they're trying to make it look like CJ was the leaker but I always thought Toby was more likely. Wasn't his brother the astronaut? (But I guess that might have been TOO obvious.) As to the 10 year prison sentence, maybe they never found out?

Even though he wouldn't have done it, I wish it was what's his name - Bingo Bob's campaign manager - as he REALLY annoys the hell out of me. I liked him a lot better on Sports Night.


Yep, I was up waaaaaay too late last night. Should have stuck around for a hug though.

It's Monday morning, right? Gads, where did the weekend go?

I'm out of here - see you next Friday!

OK, I'm starting to get annoyed and it's too early for that :(

Susan, the best thing about monday is The Request Hour is back - hooray!

How about Bohemian Rhapsody? It's been a while?

1293. Wonder if the thundertechs can increase the size of comments each thread can hold?


Yep, guess it was the kiwi. We'll noodle whip her later.

And who is the "Amy" on the MB whom you asked to e-mail you? (I asked her to also.) She'd just returned from Czech'ng us out.

*has NO idea what Sly & Jeff are discussing re:leeks*

Maybe a levee breaking 3 times in 1 month?

(Yea partner, caught THAT one - der.)

Yep, guess it was the kiwi. We'll noodle whip her later.

And who is the "Amy" on the MB whom you asked to e-mail you? (I asked her to also.) She'd just returned from Czech'ng us out.

*has NO idea what Sly & Jeff are discussing re:leeks*

Maybe a levee breaking 3 times in 1 month?

(Yea partner, caught THAT one - der.)

sorry, got proxy error so didn't think it took....

Hi'ya MOATies!

I've been busy, and there's a million things I want to comment on, but am too darn busy to do so right now. The new bossman at werk is getting on my very last nerve, and I'd like to sock him between the eyes with a great big coconut!

Very quickly tho, {{Tamara}}... what are friends for if not to help bury the bodies of our stoopud ex's?

BTW! I saw Wicked on Friday night... INCREDIBLE performance! The actress from SNL was the Wicked Witch of the West and she was stupendous.

El...I can do that...

If I can post this, anyway...

My post earlier took quite a while to post.

But I don't wanna move!

*blinks again*

The moat ate my post. I'll be blurking with wolfie if anyone needs me.

*gropes the shadows before scurrying away*

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