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August 30, 2003



(Thanks again to Ben Studtmann)


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I'mma hide up here until my posts stop rearranging themselves on other threads.
I think I'm haunted.

*sings on empty thread*
Pooourrr me something tall and strongggg
make it a hurricaneeee before I go insaneeeeee
It's only half past 12, but I don't careeee
It's 5oclock somewhereeeeeee

Hi wolfie! This looks good to me! I'll post a link and see if anyone follows us!

I brought beer and vodka. Can I come in?

YaY! Hiya El. I wondered if anyone would understand my cryptic remark. I think Eadn has rubbed off on me. *giggles*
I think the thundertechs have set a comment limit or something. I dislike being censored.

*drags prortable bar out of shadows*

*dives tackles*
We've missed you.

Sure El, so long as there aren't any poopers.

Oh, wait then that would leave out Leetie.

Can't be doing that. Toots or no.

Hey, anyone seen Blogchik today?

Oh, and also some Acapulcan Red from the greenhouse, for Brian. Poor baby.


You're always welcome everywhere!!!!

I posted a link - was that OK? Let's see who shows up! Should we send e-mails? Or should we just put up hunk posters?

Negatory on the hunk Posters El, unless by hunk you mean heaving breasts.

And Wolfie- why is there such a shortage for Hot Sexy Firewomen? Surely they're not afraid of the hose?

Memo to Fish:

I heart you!

*passes wolfie the bong and a shot*
*removes all pants and puts them in a locker*
I'm having some people over tonight and two of them came here about 15 minutes ago - to drop off 3 kegs!!! They are just sitting here, in my living room, looking....menacing? promising? fallen off the back of a truck? Maybe I oughtn't to have mentioned that Jamie is away for the night to a table full of co-workers?

*books flight to SanDiego, Rochester, and Canada Simultaneously*

I don't know Fish. But I left you a link on the den you might like. If you can get into flickr stuff at work. You can put up one of the pictures from there.
El ~ I was going to leave a link, but then I saw you had. And then nava ate the link. I'm not going back there. That place is starting to scare me. I think the nuclear radiation is strating to leak out into the comments.

Here you go, Fish - this one's for you!

Dayhum there twin. You're right, those do look Pretty Bad

*Loves Twin a Melonballer Parfait for an after lunch dessert*

cue Twight Zone music....

I went back over, saw the link I'd posted, pushed refresh and - it was gone!

*zips out to check again*

Oh well. I've been meaning to get around to moving, anyway. The rent here has gone up way too much. I think I may be getting the request to move along sometime in the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

*sorts out the Motley Crue, Sex Pistols, KISS and Iron Maiden cds*

Someone else in the complex had a party last night and several of the guests ended up having a fairly spectacular fight in the parking lot, outside my window, at 3:30 this morning. So I'm not feeling all that guilty about this.

Peri I lust you. What time are we expected to show up? I haven't done a keg stand in ages.
*tosses bag of snickerdoodles to Fluffy and Pliskin*

*tosses back shot and does whatever one does with a bong (not that I'd know being all innocent and stuff)*

Why am I feeling a sudden draft?

Oh Cuh rap. ALmost forgot.....


Also, Punky - One word, Uh Oh Spaghettio!

Happy birthday KingW!
This calls for a toast

Kingw!! How could I have forgotten? I just double checked the new calendar yesterday, to make sure I had all the important September dates. Happy birthday, sweetie!!! Here, have a keg. Have a kiss. Take off your pants.

Wolfie, I don't know how to work this bong, either. After I use a bobby pin to line the bowl with oil, fill the resevoir with cold water and lightly tamp the 'red, I'm stymied. Got a light?

Hey kids ... what's shakin'?

*passes peri her lighter* Show me where the carburator is on that thing before you pass it over.
Or something like that.
*adjusts halo*

welcome to the Whoopie Moat punky. Peri is confiscating everyones pants.

Present and accounted for. (Or accounted and present for?) Thanks, Laynie!

Nice one Wolfie. Plus I bet they aren't wearing any pants, and it looks by the way the guy in the middle is smiling there may be a hold in the keg somewhere down there as well.

El, thanks. Angelina. I don't know, I may get pummeled for this, but she mostly doesn't do it for me. Sometimes suer she's hot, but most of the time she just looks, for lack of a better word, WEIRD. Definitely heaving breasts, though.

SHE however, makes me go crosseyed all over myself. I'd like to poster. Oooops, I mean have a poster of her.

Sheesh all you women surrounding me. And with no
pants on!!

*faints with a flag pole*

But I'm not wearing any pants ...

Hand 'em over, punkybabe. I know you know the drill.

Whoot! I simulposted with fish. About not wearing pants, no less!


A bong? No clue. Or not much of one. Not me.

I think wolfie was listening today...or our minds are just on the same track...could be...

El mentioned a song I played...if it was the REO Speedwagon...I had planned to play it anyway...and thought of you when I did. I was looking over stuff from high school...that was the number one song picked by my class. I had completly forgotten that little fact.

Oooh...the playlist.

Friday 9-16-05 All Request Lunch Hour
“Day Tripper” Beatles
“Rock The Casbah” The Clash
“Doctor My Eyes” Jackson Browne
“Brother Louie” Stories
“Vertigo” U2---Mr.Fisher
“Only Wanna Be With You “ Hootie and the Blowfish
“Peaceful Easy Feelin’” Eagles
“Feel Like Making Love” Bad Company
“Message In A Bottle” Police
“Working For The Weekend” Loverboy
“Living For The Weekend” O’Jays
“Five O’Clock Somewhere” Alan Jackson
“Faithfully” Journey---Eleanor

Brian, I definitly want to see pictures of the bruises when they turn colors. I remember when I sprained my ankle it turned a wide array of colors. The bruises from my car accident, while spectacular, never really turned fun colors.

I'm off to ride bike a bit, even though it's hot outside. My boss brought in lunch, from Mary's downtown...I ate waaaaaaaay too much. Turkey and dressing...mac and cheese...green beans...and a wonderful sweet potato casserole thing...and cranberry sauce. The tea was unsweetened. Big help there.

I'll remove the pants when I get back. (or change into a skirt?)

*lends punky some pants, then takes them off of her* Punky! Love the brazillian!

*comes to*

*wonders why Peri is undressing me*

*stops wondering and just goes with it*

Good times.

[not inhaling]

I'm with the band. Where do we set up?

Ah! I simulposted with Peri and we both mentioned her taking off my pants ...

Strange things are a brewin

Did I miss the round of bong hits?

*cums too.*

Oh a pantless brewhaha.

Good times indeed.

I'm thirsty now.

*grabs the tall glass from Wolfie and takes a drink*

I think that's been brewed a little too long, it tastes burnt.

*Hands it back to Peri*

If I mentioned every single time I took off your pants, punks, we would have to move every 2 or 3 days - presuming 1500 posts is our limit now.

Deon, I assume you brought all the RATM music?

oO(what an excellent idea!! *puts on 'The Battle of Los Angeles*)

That why I just don't wear them anymore, Peri.

Easier access.

*adds some Marley and some Flaming Lips to Peri's party tune-age*
Deon you're turning blue. It's pretty, but inhale before you pass out.
Tamara brought presents. Wooohoo!
I was listening Susan *kiss*

You drank that stuff in the resevoir, Mr Fisher? Oh dear. OK, no need to panic. I'm just going to, um, tie your hands and feet to the chair, ok? It's, it's...a game!! Yes, a game! You're 'it' for the next - 2 or 3 hours, k?

shure wish eye culd spel

Peri, you do come to mind when I think of Rage Against the Machine. Although Trillian, the female engineer (among other oddities), also seems to like RATM.

Peri- what be your thought on Audioslave? Since you and I both like RATM so much, just curry ass.

Anyone feel free to answer.

Deon- Last night, because I anticipated a move, I built you a chrome dome drum cage that can be hoisted up above us, Plus it also spins (ala Tommy Lee, I google, but had no luck with pics, help?)

Your spellin abilty is not what trns us on, pnuky!!!

What? It's hard to type with one hand!

*flipping through pages*

Hey ... the rule book here says that the person who is "it" gets to be our sexual slave.

Peri ... since you tied him up ... I guess you should go first?


I kind of like that.

I would point out you can use two hands if you are sitting on the right kinda toy, but that might look suspicious.Also, I wouldn't have that kind of knowledge to begin with. nope nope nope
*kicks toybox deeper into shadows*

Game ON!!!

*AHEM* I mean *silly attempt at kicking and screaming*

Untie me! Untie me! Get me up!

(man, I suck at being clean)

Audioslave!!! *melts* *curries some ass*

Weeeell, I cain't come close to no femail en-gin-eers, not having got past my guzintas and all. I'll just have to reee-ly on my 'Russ Meyer' film credits to pad my resume. It's amazin' how often that gets me an inti-view.

**walks in pantless, but with knees wrapped**

Don't want to turn anyone off with my injuries now do I?

**takes a big pull off the you know what**




Nice, Peri, very nice.

I really like Audioslave, but it's hard to get past what early Soundgarden could do.

Now, Foo Fighters on the other hand. Much better than Nirvana ever was.

pnucky kinda sounds like 'nookie', doesn't it? From this day forward, Punky = nookie, in my mind. (I'm slow, here. Punky has equalled nookie in EVERONE's mind all this time.) (And anyone who doesn't believe that I've always thought of nookie/punky in the same breath is WAY slower than me!)

*sneaks in quietly, looks around*

Yikes! I'm scared. I'll just sit quietly over here in the corner and hope no one notices me. Me and my camera. :)

*poses for Zoodle*

yeah ... me and nookie go way back.

BrianB ... nice legs, doll. But you really shouldn't spend so much time on your knees, honey.

Zoodle!!! Perky boobs!!

Whoa, I need a gender change here, before I make a life-altering decision. Mr Fisher, Mr Fisher! I know you're kinda tied up at the moment, but if I could just have a moment or two of your time...

Hey..there's more to me than perky boobs you know.

I also have a nice ass.

Yeah B.- Make her lay back on the counter or table or maybe put some stilts on the bed or ........

Why must I always type that stuff outloud.

Deon!!!- Do you know how to play "Outloud Anyway" I hear it's a real nookie getter. ;)

*still pondering how to handle Zoodle's ass*

Watch Peri- Lemme show you. Wait, I'm stuck here, can you maybe carry her over here?

*places Z over Mr F's lap*

Show me, teach. I'm a complete rookie here.

Fish ~ I find it hard to believe that you need any help in the "getting nookie" department. ;)

Peri ~ know what today is? or should I say - would have been? my 16th wedding anniversary. Surprisingly..this is the first year since the split that I'm not upset about it. (I actually just a few moments ago remembered what today is.) Life is good.

Hey! Stop that! *attempts to get away* *squirms invitingly* :)

OK, El, got the Bat Signal. Looks good. I'm in.

It's still warm (not as bad as yesterday) and humid today, but when the sun goes in the breeze picks up and it's almost bearable.

Since Jackie's birthday is tomorrow she is milking it for all she can (NTTAWWT). Today she wanted to go to her favorite place for lunch, the much-mentioned L & B Pizza Spumoni Gardens. Good stuff, as always. Sly, next time you come to NY we will definitely make a stop there.

I'll be back after heinzing.

Does this MOAT have a name yet?

Mine was Sept 4. I didn't even think of it until you mentioned anniversaries. Now that I did think of it - hooray for lost husbands!

I'd mention this momentous occasion to the young man nibbling on my ear but I seem to have lost my train of thought.....

I may - or may not - see you all later ;)

Considering the name on the link and what has happened to break it in, I'd suggest makinWhoopieMoat.

Ahhhhh... Fridays, new Moats and fleshpiles. Good times!

oh, and *grope*

Yeah Punky, it's been a rough month and you do what you have to for money, right?

Seriously though, that pic that my FishTwin posted is a lot nastier than mine will be if/when the bruises come in.

All I'll get is pretty colors.

Wow, you guys didn't waste any time getting started with the debauchery. Good job! And happy birthday to kingw and don't forget to stay away from Seattle. That didn't make a lot of sense, did it? I must be getting a contact from that bong... *falls over*

Who was that? I've been groped. Do it again.

*answers Zoodles invite and reaches out and gropes her from the shadows*
What? She didn't specify who the inviting squirm was for.

Nice digs you guys... did someone bring the tarzan rope? What about the jello tubs?

Happy B-day KingW!

Thanks El.

*starts making fresh batches of cherry jello*

Another bride, another june
Another sunny honeymoon
Another season, another reason
For makin whoopee

I like the makinWhoopieMoat!

*lays out the Twister board and Slip N Slide*

Just finished up the last MOAT. Poor Brian - that hurt just reading about it! But did you ever stick your fingers in a blender without pulling the plug and have it start going?

Never mind.

Punky, for someone who hasn't been married herself you sure give some excellent examples of marital decline.

I'd add: when one partner starts looking for excuses NOT to come home, as in staying late at work, staying out drinking till all hours (with friends or alone), etc.

Look Ma, no hands!

Zoodle, I think you're realy doing all the work here. (NTTATWWT)

Maybe since Wolfie's here now, she can help with the rythym section.

Crap, my post wouldn't post and in getting back here it got lost. And I don't remember what I was going to say, so it couldn't have been too important, but still...

Hmmm.. bossman has left for the weekend. Office is empty... what to do with myself for the next half hour...

*waves and nods politely as she she sees 'Mr First' out the door*

I'm off young men. Never had a chance to get on, to tell you the truth. You really can't read a book by it's cover, I guess.

Hey! Twister! I really, really want to go first, k?

pssst to all female MOATies - Mr. Fisher sucks - woo hoo! Pass it on!

Jeff ... yeah ... perhaps after living with one boyfriend for five years and another for four, one might say I have been schooled in the fine art of being able to tell when a relationship has jumped the shark, so to speak.


Did I kill it?

'R' is for really horny.

I can honestly say no to your blender question Jeff. However, after training under an executive chef for a year, my hands kind of looked like I did. I've got scars on top of scars.

I realize it's a bit late in the day, but two things:
1.) Happy birthday KingW


2.) I am so GDMF HAPPY that it's Friday!

On tap for this weekend, dinner tonight (griled alaskan coho salmon). Tomorrow, go to my soccer game (probably won't play though). Sunday, we're dropping off CMB at my mom's house after the Bengal game and we're going out for wings and the Jets/Dolphins game with my Dolphin fanatic friend.

*blows smoke from top of gun*

'O' is for orgasm? Yes, I will, thanks.


*throws Punky a lifesaver*

'R' is for "Really? You want me to leave?"

DAMNNNNN WOMAN! You're good!

*bows down at Punky's feet*

'Y' is for "YES!! Leave now!"

*zips in*

Wow! We start a new, clean MOAT, I leave to go to the bank (get $$$$), then to Albertson's (spend $$$$), come back and find a pantless group of degenerates in a smoke-filled MOAT haze passing around a bong - hmmmph! Pass it over here, please! :)

Sheesh, Fish - you try to please someone and they go, no, don't think so!! I was just looking for a quickie for you! :-)
I agree that Meg Ryan has much more going on!

Yes, Foo Fighters is a great, great group! I have their new CD, and IMO, the video for Learn To Fly is one of the best ever!

*backs up to plop into hammock*
Splat - *lands on floor*

What?? No one put up the hammock yet??

*goes to set up KibEl office*

Live and learn =)

Phone sex in the bosses office while he's not there. This is an okay thing right?

It's a perk, wolfie. Cums with the job.


Ok I guess I can only post 20 pictures a day on blogger or some sh!t. I can't figure it out and I've got a head ache.

So, I think I'm just going to give up for today and you'll just have to keep checking back for updates (I wanted to ahve them ALL on there before the formal invitation, butt screw it) SO, I think I'll just sit here with Zoodle, n Peri, n Wolfie, n Punky, n El, n Tamara, n DDi, n Leetie and soak it in Cider. That should help ease the pain.

click on my name for what I've got so far, and the First Cider Soaker is who can find the Jack Nicholson "The Shining" picture First!!

Ready. Set. Grow.

(also, you might want to start at the bottom and work your way up, (the Soaker too) and I did not try and arrange them in any type of order, sorry)

I suppose I should clean off the tools before I leave tho huh? And recharge his drill.

Nah. Who's he gonna complain to?

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