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August 30, 2003


Let's all chow down on nuclear meat.

(Thanks to Ben Studtmann)


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dum de dum

is this better?

<acronym title="World Wide Web">WWW</acronym></p> <p><button>Click Me!</button></p> <center>center?</center> <del>delete</del> <strike>this!</strike>

I clicked you, nothing happened

But the anticipation was exciting, right?


I know it does nothing, and yet I keep trying to click it.

You all scare, yet at the same time, excite me. Is that wrong?

*zips in*

I'm here! because I'd follow wolfie anywhere, anytime!!!

*zips back over to crummy old MOAT that I didn't like to begin with*

hiya DDi *hughug*
I dunno if folks would follow or not but I was getting really sick of how long it took to kibby. Methinketh this new blog cannot handle a 2000 comment thread.

I'm dehydrated. CNN is a dangerous thing for me to watch right now and I've been crying my eyes out.

I keep hoping SOMETHING good will happen.


Nothing better than a little nuclear meat and a simulpost with El.
Oooo.. Thundertechs have taken off the seconds counter for the post time clock. Sweet.

Should we take over moving duties and send out mass moving messages on yim to everyone we have on our lists?
*dons french maid outfit and stands by door with silver serving tray of frosty Moataritas*

Sly ~ at last count I heard that folks had donated 21 million to the Red Cross so far. A good start.

pssst wolfie, I told everyone over at the old MOAT that you were serving MOATaritas here - Let's have a small get together!


That last comment I posted to the old moat took about 5 minutes to post. I was ready to go knit a sweater to pass the time, but it finally posted. Good thing too, as I don't have the faintest clue on how to knit and would prolly pole out an eyeball or two.

Sly, I can't watch it anymore. I was glued to it almost the entire day and at this point I'm exhausted from crying and fretting. My fam in Houston said they are going to do whatever they can to send care packages etc... with the firefighters and paramedics that are going from there - I'm going to send them a hunk of money to use for those things on my behalf as well. If I can't get down there to help, at least I can send some cash.

So now, are we here? Or there? Or both? Shall I bookmark? Or not?

pssst wolfie, I told everyone over at the old MOAT that you were serving MOATaritas here - Let's have a small get together!

Oooh! El! You vixen you! Had I known we would be doing this together, I'd have worn my red heels. ;)

*smooches El*
*lights a cig*

A triplesimul.
This is a good sign yes?


wolfie was in on that too!

*falls over out of exhaustion*

Wow! A double post on a new MOAT - too cool! The first time I posted I got a "typepad won't do what you want it to" message that I hadn't seen before! I then pushed a couple of thingys and it turned out to post twice! Whatever! I still think we should stay here.
/my $.02

I think it was because we tripled ourselves. We are that talented.

Since we have the place to ourselves thus far so nobody can argue with us, shall we be the NuclearMoat or the MeatMoat or the NuclearMeatMoat?

wolfie and DDi - that was terrific!!!

I think I'll relax now!

*raises head from moat floor*

Oh yes... yes... we are that talented! ;)

*drops head back to the floor and drools a small puddle*

NuclearMeat sounds so tasty, so that's my vote!

*zips out to send e-mails*

Mmm, NuclearMeatMoat! Delicious!! Can I have mine with a splash of hot sauce?

*wanders in dragging her usual couch behind her*
*collapses onto it*
I've just come (no innuendo implied) from Punky's blog. She could teach both me and Giant Frog a few tricks.

Oh, and I vote for this being called the Nuclear Meat MOAT.

*zips in crying*

John McEnroe famous bad boy of tennis, now grown up and reporting at the US Open, just announced that he donated $25,000.00 to the Red Cross!

Hooray for Johnny Mac!

*comes in and sets up her beakers*

Nice place but please keep the nuclear radiation away from my specimens or I can't be held responsible.

Wonder if some spilled radiation near that end beaker would create nuclear ramparts?
*wanders over casually to check out the beakers*

Yo. I SO don't want to be square!

You can't be. You have curvy bits. I've seen um.

Congratulations again on the job offer, Polly. :-)

I'm in. Somebody love me a drink? Um... but maybe not a nuclear drink. And certainly not a meat drink.

*loves neo a Moatarita*

Congrats Polly!!! I just caught up on my reading. Have a celebratory Moatarita and a cabana boy of your choice.

Thanks, guys, that MOAT was driving me even crankier than Jackie & El said I was already.

See you tomorrow, Polly!

Wolfie, YES! The donations are good news. SOMETHING, finally!

And other than the Hurricane stories, today has been a day full of good news for Moaties;



OK, back to werk *twitch* (had to bring a bunch home with me)

Someone wake up Di - it's not good to drool into the ground like that...

Then again, she could have just read Punky's blog - that would account for it...

We were watching too. I contributed to the Red Cross this afternoon. If I had some ability other than just getting in the way I'd be willing to go help out but money is probably what they can best use from me at this time.

NBC's local afiliate (I assume) had a fundraiser here at 7:00. There were celebrities answering phones and taped segments of people (Ellen, who surprisingly comes from New Orleans, and The Donald for two) asking (he was demanding) for money.

And of course they had segments on the devastation. The guy in Gulfport/Biloxi who couldn't hang on to his wife and who quoted her last words was the kicker - it was so like the tsunami stuff it was eerie. Poor guy.

I guess for every bad story of looting there was dozens on the other side. The people walking on the elevated freeway as if to a new life or a new world had so many echoes - the Depression, WWII in Europe, so many others.

Anyway, we're off for 4 days in Chi-town. Later.

Oh, and while Jackie was watching the NBC show, Citigroup pledged $3 million.

I kinda got her all ermmm.. tied up in me box Higgy.
That sounds soooo pervie and I'm not changing it either. I could explain the drool too, but I'm not going too. *giggles*

Have fun Jeff.

*posts n runs*

*hides MoatKilling sword behind her back*

*follows the shadows to our new digs*

*wanders off to update the Y! links*

Congrats to Tyler

You got the power back, Tony? Everything OK?

*jumping up and down waving*


I live in CHI-TOWN!

Woooo! Nice place!

I should be working though...

Jeff...hug Polly for me! Since I met you you can pass on a hug.

Clean carpets are nice...although they are still a little wet. The deodorizor isn't bad, but strong.

Had a call around 5 or so from the editor of the paper about gas prices. Around the county they had gone to $2.79 in the county, and one had just gone to $2.84. They were around $2.64 or so here in Cheraw. I came out to do the news...this is about four hours later...and I'm seeing $2.99. I drove downtown and one place was $2.74...so I got $20 worth. Then I got out here to the station and a place near here was $2.61.

I've been planning to ride my bike to work more. I had also planned to wait til it cooled off a little more. The bike is on the car ready to go.

MiB - got power last night, but had to werk all day. First day on a new temp job... UGGGHHHH! 6 of us from the same agency showed up at a local insurance firm. Of course, they had no computers ready for us, and no training until about 4pm this afternoon...

*bangs head against wall*

*whips up a batch of Nuclear MEATARITAS*

*peaks out from wolfies box while she's out*

I just have one question... why does "CRAZY" follow me everywhere I go? I run, but its still right behind me. I turn the corner, only to see it in front of me. I jump over a log, only to see it on the ground as I wipe out.


I'm going to go back to hating men. Maybe I can convince Tamara to join the nuns-house with me?

*puts on polka dotted dress and red curly wig*


Are you pooped out? Do you pop out at parties?

Is it hot in here?


*watches to see if djtonyb pops out at this party*

Susan, I ran out to fill up my gas tank earlier today and as I was pumping (getcher minds outta the gutter people!) it was $2.89. In the 2 minutes that took, the call had come in for the price to go up to, are you ready? $3.35! I've never been so tickled to have gotten gas in all my life.

Psst! When Di gets gas, it tickles! Pass it!

Could somebody please help me close my italics? because I seem to have lost my HTML badge in one of the moves. Thank you.

*applauds DJLucyR*

In honor of our nuclear meatmoat:

Here we are!

I'm glad about this.

And last a really old meat joke.

I just have one question... why does "CRAZY" follow me everywhere I go?

DDi: Have you considered the possibility that "CRAZY" was probably already there before you showed up?

*looks around at the rest of the peanut gallery*

Can we be a nuclear peanut gallery?

*zips in*

Good links everyone - very cool!

*loves DJLucyT a peasant skirt and off the shoulder blouse*

*puts out large barrel of grapes*

*waits for grape stomping episode*

Congrats to all MOATies who had a good day!

*zips out to watch tennis*

er - make that DJLucyR

Oooh, grapes. Come on, DJLucyR, let's stomp us up a good merlot.

Di's gas tickles, eh? My oh my.

Since I just got caught up on the buttcrack MOAT,

Congratulations Tyler!

And DDi, I never said I was against nekkid Twister...I just mentioned that I was rather sweaty at the moment and I wasn't sure if others would mind or not.

I mean I was glowing delightfully. Yep. Glowing all over.

Going to bed...after a good shower. Night!

*fast forwards to the chocolate eating episode*

Yes, I was apparently feeling a little bold there.

I think I've stopped.

Or not.

*combines the peanut gallery with the chocolate candy factory episode*

There ya go.

I'm going to go to bed before we get to the bread baking episode.

Nitey night, all.

steven apparently is remembering the Harpo Marx episode.


This is a Mr.Fishicky Fishcardo Production!

DJLucyR I'm Home.

Now DJLoooooooCYR!!!!!

/geezer in training

(Congrats Mr Testicular Tyler!!)

Just closing the bold tag

let's try that again

I have a choice, pay my rent on time, or send money to the Katrina rescue fund.

I guess my rent will be a week late, and if my landlord can't accept that, then I'll be moving soon!

Hello! Someone mentioned chocolate so here I am!

Di ~ I like men.
Tyler ~ big congrats to you & your wife. My friend has rheumatoid arthritis & MS and she had two kids. I am sure everything will be fine for your wife as well.
Neo ~ FINALLY!! I am glad you have something happy to report!!
Kibby ~ Your little F2.3 is sooo cute. She looks like you.
Di ~ Did I mention I like men? :)

My work might be sending me on a business trip! We are implementing a new Financial Management Info Sys and up till now it's been a pain. Trying to test/train in the new system and keep up with the daily work in the old system is soooooo hard. But they are floating the idea of sending me & another girl to McGill U because they are using the system already so we could get some good training. Wow. I would be able to fill out an expense report and submit a travel claim. I thought that was something only grown ups did! So exciting.

Wolfie ~ I am so disappointed you didn't make it to the meeting with Bis, Erin, and Marvin. I was really looking forward to your report!

Had the very back molar on the upper right yanked right out of my mouth today. I love my dentist. This is the first time in days that I have been without pain. I am going to bed and I bet I sleep too! I'm gonna buy that man some flowers!

OMG I cannot believe how fast that posted. Love the new moat. :)

*zips in behind El* (Thanks for the heads up, as always!)

Hey, Does anyone know if any of our fellow bloglits were effected by the storms? Hate bring extra worry here, but it just occurred to me.


Zoodle are you still coming to Anaheim? When were the dates again?

The no surgery face lift ad at the top of the nuclear meat page seems rather ironic to me, but maybe it is jsut me.

Try this it will block most of those annoying ads.

THANKS for everyone seeing kibby in F2!

But let's don't take it too far. She'll still want to "date" at some time.

So, we're having Meatarita's? *wonder's what Tom would think of that*

MOATAMEATARITAMIN! I'm sure we'll be getting spam mails advertising the "benifits" of this new medical discovery!

Yes, Mad. Plane tickets have been purchased, hotel rooms reserved. Excitement is high! We will be there from Oct29-Nov4. I'm not sure what we will be doing once we get there yet. If you would like to email me your telephone # I could call you when we get there and hopefully we'd be able to work something out!

Kibby ~ saying that F2.3 looks like you is a compliment to her. :)

*bats eyelashes*

Kibby. Don't worry. She'll get dates. You'll have heart attacks every time you hear about them. That's how it works with your baby girl.

Yay!! Tyler and Didi.. congrats guys.. I'm gonna be a Moat-aunty .. again. How many of my little relatives have I forgotten to buy presents for, so far?? Well pretty much all of em.. nothing for Christmas, either. If I were them, I'd fire me and find someone generous.

Petrol prices here in NZ are just over $4US a gallon. Heading for more than $5 before Christmas if predictions hold true. I've never been so grateful not to own a car or have a driver's license.

{{Neo}} I'm so glad everything is falling into place
for you, sweetie.

*Ahem* Does the Moatelle Cali anniversary mean anything else to anyone? Like the anniversary of the day I first came to the Moat (and the DB blog)? No?? Oh, well... I guess I was just imagining things. Really, that shouldn't come as such a shock to anyone.

Sunday is Father's Day in NZ. I still haven't bought him a present. That will probably happen tomorrow night when I do my grocery shopping after work.
Probably a box of golf balls or something equally inspired. No ties or socks though. He rarely wears ties and socks feels like a copout.

I finished my speech!! It's too long. I should have practice brevity. Even after I cut bits out, it's still too long. Goes for about 6 mins if the stopwatch on my cellphone can be believed. Tough cookies if I'm on a timer tomorrow. I'm not changing it now. Unfortunately, my printer and laptop won't connect, so I have to take the laptop in and read it off of that. Ah, well.. it beats carving it in stone tablets and lugging those around for reference.

Lovely weather again today. 70 and breezy. Kids played outside most of the day.
Interesting development on the job front.. the agency manager came to see me today and told me that the (government employee) person who told me I couldn't get any more renewals had no authority to make that decision, and that the girls' Dad should apply again and see if he can get more funding. So I talked to him this afternoon, and hopefully he'll try to get more time for me, which will keep me employed right up until around Christmas. But we shall see.

Polly.. congrats again and again on the new job. I was waaaaay LTTG commenting on your blog, but the sentiment was sincere.

2004 Nora Albarino, Spain. 89 (Parker) $15.00/bottle
crisp, tart, clean finish. I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me.

Posted by: slyeyes | 09:48 PM on August 30, 2005

Slyeye's answer to the "wine bottle" comment...

*thinks he's being swooned by zoodle*

Flattery WILL be gratefully accepted.

Kibby, ah. Got it now.

My monitor must be running out of ink or something. A couple of references have been made about bold tags being left on and I don't see that. Everything looks fine to me....except a couple of steven's posts are apparently so faint they are invisible. And steven, since the relief efforts in the south are going to be a ongoing thing for very long time, maybe go ahead and pay the rent and then send the relief check in a week.

I'm re-working my budget to include a monthly check to the Red Cross. It will mean fewer trips to Star!Bucks, but it's worth it.

Kat, good job. Bet it feels great to get that done.

Mad, I don't have any ads on this page. I'm not real sure what I did to accomplish that.

Zoodle, YaY on the tooth and yippee on the upcoming trip.

OK, gotta go to werk.

Oh, and Kibby, I wasn't on the Moat much yesterday so I don't remember if I said it, but your little F2.3 is a doll!

For Jeff, when he begins his post-Chi-town Heinzing...
There's Klingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow....

Every time I go to clean up my bookmarks, I end up listening to this again

Sly.. are you using Firefox? That seems to be the only browser where improperly closed tags (or tags not closed a minimum of three times) seem to pose an issue. Aside from when Deon posted in grey, I've had no problem with the colour of the text, though. Don't work too hard...

ONe more round of "Star Trekkin'" and I'm heading for bed... night folks.. or good morning as the case may be.

Yea sly, she is, isn't she? Thanks! And bright too.

1) Hey! Congrats, Tyler! And good luck!

2) There is a lady bug living on the edge of my paper clip container. It's been here three days. It is my mascot. It loves me.

3) Does anyone know anyone who works at Yale?

4) There is no number four.

2b) And it does all my work for me. It is a magical ladybug. (Just reminding you all that I am indeed on CRACK.)

5) I like people who work hard. Almost-To-Be-Ex is working hard. I like him. But not trusting yet.

And finally) Oh, thank goodness! This prude was not fond of the "butt crack" moat. Ew, I just typed it! *runs to wash hands*

Hey! The dingleberry is gone!

No. I'm still here Leets. I was just busy browsing boobies in the basement and beer bonging before breakfast began, just because.

Tamara ~ Ladybug & crack. LMAO.

Glad to hear things are looking up for you with the MTBX!

Does anyone feel like playing twister tonight? It IS Friday. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

*is done hating men*
*has moved on to hating specific men*

LOL! That made me spew juice outta my nose.

oh wait..dammit. It's Thursday. *so embarassed*

It's the painkillers. Really.

*waves* Hi Di!

*waves back*
Hi'ya Zoodle!

I'm glad you caught that Friday thing... though, for our buds in Aussie and NZ, it is Friday, right? So, you could say you meant "It's Friday in NZ!" ?? No??

I'm on painkillers too. Yeah. Thats my excuse.

*zips in with KibEl stapler*

Of course I have the stapler, partner, I never go anywhere without it!

Zoodle - it's nice to see you and i'm glad you figured out that it's Thursday, although it's never too early to plan a weekend party!

DDi - I need a medical update, please...

In honor of our very own DJLucyR, I'm going to ask Susan to play Jimmy Buffet's Ricky Ricardo mustache!

I love Lucy and she loves me
We're as happy as two can be...

D@MN ZOODLE! Had me excited there for a moment!

Eleanor, I submitted KibEl to Polly to consider in taking up any "spill-over" detectiv'ng type workies. Didn't think you'd mind. Dang, didn't mention our rates.

(...what are our rates????)

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