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August 31, 2003


And you need this.

(Thanks to David Page)


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wysi? thought you didn't find the blog until last fall? *confused*

*zips in*

*taps fingers on desk and waits for Higgy, et.al.*

ack! I forgot about the skeletons! I'm askeeeeered! *hides behind Eleanor*

I'm here, I'm here...

*peers out from behind Eleanor* [whispers]where is everybody?

Oh no! Now Higgy and Eleanor have vanished too! This is just like an episode of Scooby Doo! Ruh-roh!

Good. It has to be better than the last one.

VG Eleanor.

What I tried to say on the old MOAT along the lines of what El said about plumbers not wanting you to use drain openers so you will call them instead - some years ago I saw a couple of women on one of the daytime talk shows (possibly Phil Donahue at that time) talking about various phony products, bogus claims, consumer scams, etc. Two I remember were these:

1. collagen molecules are so much bigger than your pores that rubbing a supposed collagen cream on your face cannot possibly help, and

2. (the relevant one) It reads "shampoo, rinse, repeat" on your shampoo bottles because the manufacturers want you to use the product up faster and have to buy more, not because you need to wash your hair twice!

VG = Very Ghostly

If we are back to plumbers, one reason plumbers don't like people to use Drano, etc. is that homeowners often forget to mention that they've poured these things down their drains. Then the plumber plunges or opens the pipes, or whatever they do, spraying caustic drain opener everywhere.

If somebody else already said that, then yes, I copied you. But I'm too lazy to go back to the old moat to check.

So let me see if I understand this ;
We traveled all this way, across time and space to Jeff could go on about plumbing - oops, I just went back and read past the first line of Jeff's post -
never mind.

neo!!! good to see you! how's tricks?

OK, I'll start the decorating!


Good, Good - Sandy Beach is here....

So far, this MOAT is a lot more responsive.....

SANDY!!!! Hooray!

Eleanor, that's a beautiful banner... but this is a Halloween moat.
*slithers off to look to look for something more ghastly*


I'm LTTG, Eleanor, but tricks is good. How's treats? *grins again*

Very good, ms.phryte!!

Addendum to earlier issue:
Subject: neighbor trying to get me to cut down palm trees.

He phoned, left message re trees, call him back.
I freaked, took xanax, called CG, asked him to come over and talk to guy, he said, no, do it yourself and call me back!
I called neighbor, who said I was right, too expensive.
Me: Let's forget it then.
N: OK.
Me: Bye.

Crisis averted.
Life is good again.

Yay, Eleanor for resolving neighbor/tree problem.

Sandy- HELLOOO!!!

Decorating for Halloween? I gots da pumpkins! (flash)

I gots yer pumpkins too! (flash)

*kibbies fruitlessly, looking for her lost post.

Thanks to El letting me know about the move...

I got the Liquid Plumbr...the drain seems at least a little less likely to drain slowly...actually it was going ok for the most part...I still have half the bottle if I need it. (It was a small bottle of the gel, said to use half..)

I had the chance to watch a little tv earlier. Oh the quality. I put on VH1 just to see what was on...I Love The 80's...three D...1985.

When they showed Joe Theissman's leg breaking...several dozen times....I'm still cringing from that.

What I said before the internet so rudely edited me is that I have neighbor/tree problems too. Eleanor, since you have so much experience now, why don't you come resolve mine for me?

I gots yer witches! (and they do stuff!)

neo: To quote CG: Be strong and stand up for yourself!

Susan - I love those VH1 shows - I missed the breaking leg thing, but I'm sure they'll show it again.

Blogchik- Check your email. Or call me. Please!


(It was a small bottle of the gel, said to use half..)

Susan, sometimes - especially if you haven't used it in a while - you have to use the rest of the bottle as a second treatment. It's allowed.

Does anyone watch the BBC America show Bodies? Apparently it is the 5th of 6 shows in this series. Anyone who is thinking of having a baby should not watch it. I'm not thinking of it and I can't watch it either. Incompetent doctors killing patients and seducing nurses, everyone lying, just a generally unpleasant crew. And the creator of the show was a doctor himself and swears it is like that.

Mommy, help me!

Whoa. Freaky. I get an e-mail aboaut a new Moat; I come here and see ME saying "Here" on the new Moat that I haven't visited yet.

dee de deee de; deee de deeee de.

But Eleanor, you are so good at being a tree advocate now! *wonders if blatant flattery will get me anywhere*

Jeff, I knew there was a reason that I no longer watch TV except for cartoons with my kids. I'd much rather see Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends than the stuff you were describing.

And Susan, there is a Drano that's made specifically for slow running drains, as opposed to clogs. After you have used the second half of the bottle of the stuff you have (as Jeff suggested)I'd recommend using this Drano for slow drains once in a while, for insurance. At least, it works for me! Or, if you really want to clean out your pipes, there is this!

Sly, you beat us all here by the better part of the year... and I got here several months ago too!



Slightly different pipes, I think...I'm not sure that using them on the same set would be good...

The L.P. I got does say it's for clogs, or slow drains...what I've hated about that sink is that it's quite a way from the hot water heater...so it takes a while especially in the winter, to get hot water...so the water runs a bit...and if it's one of the slow drain days...it fills the sink...and if it gets hot faster than I expect, it's full of hot water...so I can't reach in and unscrew the drain cover in hopes of letting it drain faster...

Yes, Susan, to continue beating the "drain" story to death, I use half, then do it again immediately using the 2nd half!

sly, glad you made it! Can you say, Back to the Future!

Anderson Rockerfeller Vanderbilt is off tonight (NTTAWWT), and Aaron Brown is reporting that the NYTimes website says that "Scooter" will be indicted tomorrow.

*zips over to NYT to check it out*

My favorite quote this week is from Trent Lott:

(re Supreme Court Nomination) "I want the President to look across the country and find the best man, woman or minority that he can find."

Why save Halloween
Halloween photography tips

So THAT'S what's been going on:

Typepad is in the process of moving to a new web hosting provider, and all is NOT going smoothly. While the Herald isn't mentioned by name, it seems that many Typepad blogs are experiencing massive slowdowns right now.

TypePad Crawls During Data Center Changeover

Hmmm...now, will it post?

decided to heinz MOAT, then do homework. It's now 3 am. Still haven't done homework.


My homework is for Thanatology (Death and Dying) class. "Please post a one page dialogue between a pastoral counselor and a young woman who had a miscarriage. She is married three years, Orthodox and reasonably happy with her life. In the dialogue focus on Task 1."

I'm out of my league in this class. We have to do "active listening". I haven't actually been taught how to do that. I'm learning by trial and error. So much for a 4.0 this semester- dang class is dragging down my grade point average. Well, that and Fundamentals of Music. How the h#ll do you study music?

I can't wait to catch up on sleep on Saturday....I so crave zzz's....what on earth did I stay up all night for? I'm an idiot.

In further news, in the last two weeks I've had quiz, paper due, midterm, midterm, quiz, midterm. (Today was the Church History midterm.) Next week: midterm. (I'm taking 19 credits plus one audit. I'm insane.) This is why you haven't seen much of me.

Upcoming, besides midterm (Fundamentals of Music), is midterm #2 (Greek), presentation, paper, paper. Probably more too, I haven't doublechecked. To be followed by final final final final final final....

I really should have done my homework first THEN caught up on the MOAT...

decided to heinz MOAT, then do homework. It's now 3 am. Still haven't done homework.


My homework is for Thanatology (Death and Dying) class. "Please post a one page dialogue between a pastoral counselor and a young woman who had a miscarriage. She is married three years, Orthodox and reasonably happy with her life. In the dialogue focus on Task 1."

I'm out of my league in this class. We have to do "active listening". I haven't actually been taught how to do that. I'm learning by trial and error. So much for a 4.0 this semester- dang class is dragging down my grade point average. Well, that and Fundamentals of Music. How the h#ll do you study music?

I can't wait to catch up on sleep on Saturday....I so crave zzz's....what on earth did I stay up all night for? I'm an idiot.


Wurm- check yr text msgs.

on yr phone I mean.

*dresses in white sheets and swings on tarzan ropes*
*sees self in Moat mirror*


Wurm, am not!

A moth divebombed my Diet Coke Citra while I was heinzing. Ugh. So I threw the remains (and the remains of the moth) out, poured myself a whole new DCC in a clean mug and now I'm highly caffeinated. DCC isn't all it's cracked up to be, though. It tries, but it's just not DC with Lime and it never will be.

Neo... when Marvin and I were looking through August 2003 for the first TypePad moat, we did notice this one, and the name coincidence. I think it is a coincidence as both the names are reasonably common. To presume that this is our DP would be presumptuous. I meant to ask him at the time, but I forgot to, so maybe someone with a better memory than me can ask him.. he's usually around here somewhere.

To whoever originally commented about colombo de porc, I sent this info in my reply to Marie..
The main street that runs through the central city in Christchurch is Colombo Street. If I remember my trivia correctly, the name came from a (?)Peruvian dialect and meant "mango". So maybe Pork with a Spicy Mango Sauce... which actually sounds quite tasty.
Oh... and *nitpick* Peter Falk played Columbo.*/nitpick*

*To understand this story, you need to know that Christchurch water supply doesn't cost. Only the gas/electricity to heat the water costs, so cold water is free..*
Plumbers are not all out to make money. I needed a plumber at 1am once. I turned on the tap in the bathroom to clean my teeth. Then I turned it off. Or I tried to turn it off, and it wouldn't work. Totally whatevered. No workee tappee. Well, water was pouring out in cascades, and I rang a 24 hour plumber. He talked me through the sequence of events, then said "and it's definitely the cold water?" I said yes, and he said "Shut the bathroom door and leave it till the morning. I charge $100 + GST* to come out at this time of night, plus my hourly rate, and it's probably only a washer."
*Total =$112.50, plus approx $50/hr or part thereof.
So I phoned my dad the next morning, he came over and changed the washer for the price of a cup of coffee (didn't even charge me for parts!) and I saved myself over $150. And the price of the washer. Now if only I could remember the name of the nice plumber that I called, but it was 1 am last year.

Sandy!! Great to see you posting again! Is Morgan updating his Doglog anytime soon? He's been very quiet, lately.

*going to catch up on blogs then head for bed...*

Lt. Woman, I posted my query for Wysi on Aug. 1... and I did ask him, at the time, whether this submission was from him. He said it likely was.

(heh heh, I said submission)

*yawn* *stretch*
I'm here. Maybe. I think. Coffee.

I don't do halloween. It's silly. So am I. Clash of the Titans.

Off to work. And more coffeeeeeeee.

Lab, lots of folks I know don't do Halloween. Of course it is silly; silly is fun.


I'm going out in my pirate costume carrying a wine glass. Trick or treating grownup style. Forget the candy, gimmie some alcohol. Last time the neighborhood did that, we all got happy and mellow. And nobody cared about the cold. The kids also got to eat a lot of candy.
I'm sure there was stuff I was meaning to comment on, but once again, the boss is off, the boys think they can run wild and ignore me, my phone won't stop ringing and I've already sucked down my entire jumbo sized coffee.
Also, one of the mousetraps is srung, but there is no wee lil mousie corpse in it. I think his friends carried off the corpse for a mousie funeral *picturing distraught mousies in a procession rending their fur and wailing*

wolfie - not to scare you or anything, but maybe it's just one clever mousie who found a twig (or an errant straw), used it to trip the trap, and is in some corner giggling.....

Lt.W; yes, I know it was ColUmbo; but I still see Colombo de porc as a grilled fumbling porcine detective.

Wurm - thanks for the typepad info.
Boy, I bet Dave and judi are pretty p.o.'d after spending what must have been lots of $$$$ for this new system. A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from a MB blogger re all the problems posting there.....

wolfie - maybe the mousies will have a New Orleans funeral, with a parade and a really, really high-pitched Dixieland band... or an Irish wake where they sit around pounding drinks and telling stories of the dearly departed... either way, it's your chance to get them all!!!

"I want the President to look across the country and find the best man, woman or minority that he can find."

Sly, that is both hilarious and horrifying. I bet if you called Lott on it he wouldn't know what was wrong with that.

Let's see, man, woman, minority...um, maybe a hermaphrodite from Venus would fit the bill?

I'm going out in my pirate costume carrying a wine glass. Trick or treating grownup style. Forget the candy, gimmie some alcohol.

Wolfie, what a great idea! I doubt it would work around here but there are plenty of NY neighborhoods where it would.

And neo, I don't think Halloween is in any danger of disappearing around here, not with the annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.

What I mean is... I don't need the competition. I like to be silly in smaller groups. It's the whole center of attention thing.

At least I give out candy now. Never did before.

psst, Lab FINALLY puts out candy. But still.

I currently have not had time to enjoy the full length of my Halloweiner season this year.

I also am very much sleep deprived. And on pain pills. And feel pretty much like warm over sh*t.

But other than that, well there's always room for jello shots of Wolfie's tummy.

Me Seal E.

On Saturday, Mars' orbit will bring it 43.1 million miles away from Earth, with its closest pass scheduled for 11:25 p.m. EDT.

The two planets -- normally separated by about 140 million miles -- will not be this close again until 2018.

Jeff ~ it is fun, but you need to stay within walking distance. I got to sample lots of kinds of wine that night. I don't remember visiting the last few houses.

Insom ~ if I see lil bitty trombones and such I'll let them all live.

El ~ if they can use tools, I'm so outta here.

Wurm has texting abilities? *perks*
*begins plotting to send snorkable texts*
*realizes she doesn't have his number*
Phooey.Foiled by reality yet again.

*stretched out on hammock and sets jello shots on her tummy*
Come n git um Fish.

*imagines the mousie funeral*

(But not a funeral for my daughter's mouse, Zaphod. Pet mices are cute...random running around office mices, less cute.)

How did it get to be Friday? Didn't we just have one? Like a couple of days ago?

Lab, I thought that happened like 2 years ago?

Mousie pets don't count in my kill policy. They are cute and non infected with things that will make you bleed out of your eyeballs.

These are the ones wandering around my office. I'm sure of it. I'll be dying in a hideous manner very soon I'm sure.
And it won't be a hideous yet amusing to my friends way, like if I accidentally drowned while trying to molest an inflateable doll in the middle of the lake.

wolfie, if it's ok with you I'm not going to click on your link. I've reached my "trauma" quota for this week already, and I'm trying to have a quiet day.

Susan, how about some John Denver this morning? But not "I want to die in your arms" because that just reminds me of the guy who wanted to "die in my bed" and i'll get upset all over again. I wonder why he didn't want to "live in my bed" - oh well,.....*sigh*

Leetie, in 2003 it was even closer. 35m miles. But you have a better chance at seeing it this time... can't remember why. Phase of the moon? Time of apogee? Oh wait... it's because it's farther north in the sky this time. More east than south. That means it will climb higher in the sky and be easier to see.

The next pass is in 2007, but it will only have an apparent diameter of 15.9 arcseconds at that time. [For comparison, it will be 20.2 this time, and was 25.1 in 2003. Kinda like looking at a penny from 800' vs. 620' vs. 500']

Is there something in the air this week? Because George Takei has come out (to promote his part in Equus though...ewww) and ABC is launching an Elton John sitcom.

Wolfie- if you decide to go out by drowning while trying to molest an inflatable doll while swimming, you MUST let me know so I can be there to take pictures. I can *guarantee* Darwin Award coverage.

On the infected mice...why does it not surprise me that the lab studying plague mice is in Newark?

Wurm beat me to it - I just found that story! Sulu is gay!?!?!? (NTTAWWT)

Yiddish Word of the Day
(khap-lahp) Why did they bother?
helter-skelter, disorderly

Let's not have any khap-lahp on the MOAT today!!!


El (et al.),

In order to help you out of your trauma, This link is totally clickable!

New movie quote of the week and bonus .wav files! Need sound and no bosses or children in earshot!

It may be the movie quote of the next two weeks as I will be in DC all next week.

Wurm ~ it's not really how I'm planning to go out, but it's bound to happen eventually. Bring some olive oil when you bring the camera okay? It'll help things along nicely.
I am hoping for something a bit more spectaular actually. An explosion perhaps, from when I accidentally string together too many die hard batteries and then simulataniously blow every fuse in the house whilst in the middle of a fun romp with a few over ripe veggies, 2 strippers and every b.o.b. I own. I'm picturing it raining toys down upon all my neighbors and cause of death being listed as
'sex toy related mishap'. It will make my family so proud, and I'll have gone out with bang. So to speak.

Oooo Oooo Oooo! I'm going to be drunk AND khap-lahp in the MOAT tonight!

Jamie has 2 basketball games tomorrow, way the hell across town, and I'm expecting a furniture delivery. Of course they won't give me any sort of promise about time. I need to add a headache to this situation or it might seem too easy.

If Lab would hang around here long enough I'd make him the center of attention but if all I can get him to put out is candy, I'll take it.

I would like to state for the record that I categorically deny any involvement in the strange lights in the sky over California last night.
(Sits back, waits for media frenzy to start

Wolfie- Your cause of death would certainly be a blast, but I'm still going for "bizarre gardening accident." With luck, I'm only two generations from a carnivorous turnip!

Wurm- October is Gay History Month, that might explain all the recent outings.

Hey little girl, want some candy?

*comes out of his closet*

Has anybody seen my bowling ball?

Yeah! I gotcher Bowlin Ball right here niehgbor!

'Member that one night during last year's Fall League tournament we got Khapped and somehow our balls got Lahpped?

Yeah, I realy don't either, but I still got the nacho cheese stains to prove it! Oh, and your ball.

I need to eat.

*moves slowly towards Wolfie's hammock Buffet*

WOW! I can't believe he's 68 years old! NTTAWWT!






I got yer plus right here: +

*grabs her multiples*

Can I play too?

*scatters some x's on the table*

*wipes Jello from chin using left shirt sleeve*

Sure, Wolfie, but I would have guessed by now you would be scattering the O's.

Everybody! Everybody!

*zips in with News of the Day*

Kenny Chesney (obviously a deep thinker), quoted in the Wash. Post:
It was like opening the door to your house and having someone come in and take your big-screen TV off the wall during the big game, and there's nothing you can do about it."
-- Country music singer Kenny Chesney, describing his sudden divorce from actress Renee Zellweger in Life magazine.

in other news, "Scooter" Libby was indicted and has just resigned.

*zips out to see what else is going on*

BUT, before I go, everyone should listen to BrianB's Shakespeare thing on his blog. And the Clerks stuff is very funny.

The server has been down all day and has just come back on, or whatever it does, so this is the first I've been able to check in. So----

Crash--I think I still have your cell number. In what part of Orlando are you? Ever heard of Hunter's Creek, I think it is? Jennifer said they're about 10 minutes from the airport, but she said that about the Norfolk airport too, when she lived in Virginia Beach. If I don't have your number, or you have a new one, we'll have to go through the exchange thing again. I'll be busy all day Friday; Saturday I hope to take Avery to the Magic Kingdom, or we might go to Key West, but I'm sure there'll be time one evening or afternoon to get together. Jennifer doesn't have a car during the day (weekdays), but we'll work something out.

Sigh. A week from today I'll be in Florida!

Fish, I hope your water troubles are over.

G'morning! (and I use the term loosely. It's too early to be awake on a Saturday.) I have a LOT to do today, so I'm enjoying these few moments with absolutely no stress or worries or places to be.

Sly.. didn't mean to sound nasty or overpicky about the Colombo thing. It never really occured to me, because I knew the derivation of Colombo (presuming, of course, that I have remembered correctly, but it's old news, so I probably have...), and having lived at the southern end of Colombo Street at some point in my life, and being sleep-deprived and dopey. Forgive me.

Wolfie.. the imagery of the li'l mousies rending their li'l fur coats in grief is fantastic.. sooo funny!
If I ever imagined your death, I woulda gone with drowning, but in a pool of alcoholic jello, while forcing all present to do body shots and whipped cream bj's. Also dying would be Anthony Bourdain and 3 of the fine and flexible men from Cirque du Soleil.

Laynie.. I don't think Dave & judi went to TypePad, I think it was the whole Herald. Not that I hang out on any of the other Herald blogs, but that's the way it looked at the time.

I know why George Takei came out of the closet. It's in the CNN article. He's the chairman of the company producing the play in which he is starring. I'll go for either the play or the acting is crap and he needs the publicity. *sidebar* Could he have LOOKED any more gay than he did in the CNN photo?
When he read the article, William Shatner rang Leonard Nimoy. What follows is a transcript of the phonecall obtained from secret sources (not sauces..)

WS:Len, did you see CNN this morning? George has finally come out of the closet!
LN:It's sex Bill, but not as we know it.

It occurs to me as I type this that Nimoy could have said the same thing to the former president.

Okay, I'm quite probably wrong on the TypePad comment in my last post. I tried just heading to blogs.herald.com/ and it took me to Dave's MB. So, once again, I apologise. Laynie, click on the link in my previous post, please. Save me from having to type it in all over again. Or save me from having to copy and paste it all over again. Either works.

Not safe for work, if your mother is watching, or pretty much anyone under 18.

Porn and chocolate, Christmas themed

You were warned.

nth exciting is happening

*drops a bug down Bangi's pants*
There. There's some excitement for ya.


The fact that you're the first "not me" post in over an hour pretty much confirms that.

Nobody wants to play with meeeeeeeeeee!

Oh, and I found your e's. You've got quite a stockpile.


Are you kidding!

Reazuddin Al Mammun is RETIRING!

Hey Lab!

Didn't see you there, hon!

what pants?...

*drops a snake down Lab's pants*

Whispers... Lab's got a snake in his pants... pass it on

RM.. you want me to pass the snake on? What happens if I grab the wrong snake? Won't that hurt Lab?

*gathers up chocolate porn for later*
Thanks Kat

Mousie carcass count.. 2.

*glances down his pants*
. o O (It looks so tiny... Oh wait, there it is over there)

*removes snake*

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