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August 29, 2003


Here's a thoughtful report from Tennessee.

(Thanks to Susan Adcock, who states "Someone¹s basically forcing me to send you this.")


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Yes, Z does know what's on my desktop. She's the one who sent it to me in the first place. You need to be a really good friend to understand a vice like this. Or a similarily inclined perv.

*zips in*

I am going to follow Marvin's instructions, which I have printed out, and attempt to put a picture of my desktop, which I'll call Desktop#2 into the folder. You may be thinking, if she has to follow Marvin's instructions, does that mean she didn't put the first one up herself(?), to which I reply, No Comment.

Brian B - That's a very cool picture of you and Penguin on the calendar, no matter what size you are!
*hee, hee, I said size*

TV note: 9:30am, PDT, for the Exciting tennis final!

Andy Roddick: (in answer to a reporter's question) In order for there to be a "rivalry" between Roger and myself, I'd have to beat him first! Well put, Andy!!!

Thank you wolfie! My bad! :(

MarieP - I love your desktop pic! I don't know how to use half my icons either, and in my fabulous new computer (which will remain new to me for at least a year!), a little note comes up every once in a while and says something like "You're not using a bunch of icons, how about if we put them in an UNUSED ICON FOLDER on your desktop?" Is that cool or what?!?!?
Et aussi, MarieP, como esta?

DAMMIT! A post got away from me. I HATE when that happens. Take two:

Good morning everyone. I'm going to try my dangest to be cheerful today in spite of a severe case of Empty Nest Syndrome. I hate ENS --- it's so... empty.

OK, re: baby food -- oops this could be counter productive to battling ENS,

ANYWAY, I always made my own babyfood. I got these smaller containers that fit on the blender. Then I steamed the fruits and veggies and added a little breast milk. Sometimes it was expressed milk that I got out of the fridge....and sometimes it was out of the original container. That was a sight that always cracked up their dad. After they were weaned, then I used skim milk.

One of their favorites was when I put a softboiled egg into their oatmeal and blended that. It got to where they didn't like oatmeal without it. I would shread the meat -- chicken or beef, or use lean hamburger, and blend it with the veggies. They did not like meat by itself. But they would eat it when I mixed it with something else.

It was all very easy to do, and you can make several meals ahead of time and put them in ice cube trays and freeze them; then put into baggies. You just have to be careful of unsuspecting company who help themselves to ice.

A cube of frozen strained peas in icetea is not a good thing.

Oops, Neo, if your tummy is upset, reading about that iced tea that might not have helped. Sorry.


Hi Eleanor! I get the same little note from my computer but I always answer "No don't do anything" because I'm afraid one day I'll need an icon and won't know where the computer has put it!
That "island" pic was already in the computer's photo folder when I bought it so I have not been very original...
Tomorrow I'll post my work desktop where there is a beautiful pic of the Yellowstone Park (well at least it's supposed to be that park) and it's been on my desktop for... 7 years! I'm not tired of that pic because I only see it a few seconds in the morning and in the evening when I leave work, the rest of the time I never use the desktop, I go from one program to another with the little buttons down on the left of the screen!
/end of useless info

Yesterday I went to a party on a boat on the Seine (but it remained by the deck the whole time) and a friend's ex-bf (they ended a 4-year on-off relationship 2 months ago) hit on me! It was so embarassing. And he's not even single, he's with another girl already! I made it clear nothing would happen between us because my friend is more important to me, I could never do that even if they're not together anymore, I would not risk losing her friendship. Furthermore I'm not attracted to the guy, so... it helps :-)
Can you imagine that he had the nerve to text message me after the party (and after I told him to forget about it) to tell me I was really cute etc?
We were a bunch of people at that party, I hope no one will tell my friend that her ex hit on me.

MarieP, your desktop is the one I had before switching to the pic I took at a ballgame this year. And whenever I long for diving in Belize, I go back to that desktop.

I'm really longing for it now. On my trip to Meghan's school, I listened to Jimmy Buffett's A Salty Piece of Land. Most of it takes place in the Caribbean and Belize.

I could have done without the lengthy side-story in Polynesia. That part could have been tightened up.

Now I'm going to go check out some website for Ambergris Caye. I've got to get back to Belize.

Sly thank you for the info, I didn't know that pic was taken in Belize, I thought it was maybe Polynesia or Maldives. Now I know that's Belize I dream to go! (sorry for bad grammar)

Oh, Marie, I don't know that it was taken in Belize. It just reminds me so much of scenes I've seen there.

The pic I linked to WAS taken in Belize. You can see the similarity. But then, it's I've seen the similar sites in the Virgin Islands, Bahamas...it could be any tropical place.

Or it could be PhotoShopped.

I hope it's not PhotoShopped! Pleeease...
Because from now on my new goal is to play at the lottery, win, and then go around the world and find that freaking Windows XP island! :-)

And just to clarify, the pic of the hut on the tiny island in Belize was not taken by me. I found that on a website of photos of Belize. I have a photo similar to that, but it's not digital and my scanner no longer works.

On our way out to the dive sites, we passed several islands like that.

URK. Pea iced tea? Thanks, Sly. (You're going to come clean this up, right?)

*zipping in to add her $.02*

OR the pic could have been su.so.ca.!

AND MarieP. when I clicked yes it made a new folder called "unused icons" RIGHT ON THE DESKTOP! and I can just click on it and everything is there!


*zipping out - tennis in on!*

*runs to hug MarieP* Where the heck have you been??? Dodging men hitting on you, eh? If that guy bothers you again, call me and I'll give him a piece of my mind.

Sly, the mental image of you expressing your breast milk into the girls' baby food made me giggle, too. :-) Nice to know that some people still breastfeed these days.

*begs Peri to post her desktop on the Y* Pllllleeeeeaaaaase?

Brian, your desktop is great. It made me do a double-take.

Blogchik and Kaf, follow Marv's instructions and post your desktop, too.

Marv, that picture is still freaking me out a bit. How do you find these things?


I think I must have the most boring desktop of all the MOATies. I swear I didn't clean up at all before taking a screenshot of it. I actually added one icon before doing it.
While Marv's desktop is neat, he at least arranges his icons into an interesting pattern.

I swear... I posted the pic that's in the background. I can give you a basic rundown of whats on my computer - I have the running files My Computer, My Documents, printer setup, the thingy that makes my sound work (thanks again, Josh!) etc, then I have Y messeneger, real player, firefox, thunderbird (for email), MS Wordpad, SafetyNet(my firewall), some download files that I can't delete in case the programmes won't run without them, WinZip, Spybot, AVG, Acrobat Reader.. and that's about it. I followed Marv's instructions and tried to take a pic of the desktop.. but it wouldn't work. My computer is a POC (which I love very dearly, don't get me wrong!) and for some reason it won't do a screen capture. I've tried and tried and tried. My contribution to the screenshot folder is a photo taken by my friend Michael when he was on a trip to Aust. I think I said that last night. It could have been the drugs talking, though.

I swear... I posted the pic that's in the background. I can give you a basic rundown of whats on my computer - I have the running files My Computer, My Documents, printer setup, the thingy that makes my sound work (thanks again, Josh!) etc, then I have Y messeneger, real player, firefox, thunderbird (for email), MS Wordpad, SafetyNet(my firewall), some download files that I can't delete in case the programmes won't run without them, WinZip, Spybot, AVG, Acrobat Reader.. and that's about it. I followed Marv's instructions and tried to take a pic of the desktop.. but it wouldn't work. My computer is a POC (which I love very dearly, don't get me wrong!) and for some reason it won't do a screen capture. I've tried and tried and tried. My contribution to the screenshot folder is a photo taken by my friend Michael when he was on a trip to Aust. I think I said that last night. It could have been the drugs talking, though.


Owwwwwww. I just stretched my arms, and I think I strained a little too far because my left shoulder really hurts now.

I had no idea this could happen. Scary.

since last post, I've managed to change the pic on my desktop - so I deleted the pretty pic of a water reflection and posted the desktop screen.. still can't get screen capture to work. Bleeeah.. or words to that effect

On some laptops, the screen capture is done by holding down the "function" key, whileholding down the Insert key. You may notice on the key, written in blue is "prnt scrn". From there, you can paste it into Paint using Marvin's instructions.

Thanks sly... I'll try that!

Today, I saw the weinermobile. And I don't mean any of the portable ones from my toybox.

Re: A Salty Piece of Land

I don't think I would have enjoyed reading the book; but did enjoy the audio version. Part of that was because Buffett sang a song he had written for it that I really liked. If it's on one of his albums, I haven't heard it.

Also, the main narrorator, JD Souther was excellent. Souther seems to be a rea-life counterpart to Tully Mars, the book's main character. Souther used to date Linda Ronstadt, and co-wrote some of the Eagles songs, Heartache Tonight and some others.

About 2/3 or so into the book, the story went off to Polynesia for awhile and was narrated by Hank Jacobs during those parts. I don't know much about him, he did well...but I just wasn't that much into that part of the book. I really thought that part was too much.

A friend of mine had read the book and I asked how she liked it. Apparently, she didn't get past the Polynesian part at all.

But the rest of it was good.

akkkk. I hate when I see a major typo in something I just posted.

Oh, well.

Peri- I saw your desktop photo, who is the cute young guy staring at you? Is there a story behind it?

Nope, steven, no story at all. And I certainly NEVER think "The things I could teach that boy" when I look at it.

Cute young guy?! Where??

DJTony ~ you appear to have an icon that's labeled 'PotionWizard'?

Oh my God. Is that... Daniel Radcliffe? He's jailbait!

Peri, you MUST send me that photo. My sister will be forever indebted to me if I send it to her. She has a major thing for young Danny there.

*beams because her desktop sharing idea has really taken off*
I wasn't sure it would be interesting enough for you people. I personally like the idea of knowing what you use as a background because most of us spend so much time online. My desktop will usually reflect my overall mood. Right now it's candy because I know things will be better soon. The one right before it was a winter scene: white ground, white sky, snow on pines, and a bright red ice-fishing house.

I think the icon you're talking about on Tony's desktop is "Partition Wizard", Wolfie.

but I wouldn't be surprised if he DOES have a Potion Wizard icon somewhere.

Maybe DJTs icon links to this

DJT, have you been making Potions of Motion again?


I posted a picture of my *real* desktop in the folder!!! And I did it myself - not really too tough if you follow instructions!!!

Hooray for me!

Good job, El.

Steve, where was the photo taken?

** anyone else getting a voyeuristic feeling doing this?**

Voyeuristic feelings? No way, not me!

*drops out of sight below Sly's window*

Sly, kinda. I'm finding myself leaning closer to the screen to read the teeny tiny print under icons.
Yours is a great picture, by the way! Very well done.

I'm especially intrigued by Trillian's desktop. What the heck is "American Choppers" and what does this Mikey guy do?

American Chopper

Mikey is the son of the owner, Paul Sr. They make custom-made motorcycles -- choppers -- and there's a reality-type TV show about it on cable; called "American Chopper."

I have a strange fascination for Paul. I don't know why. If I saw him on the street, I'd probably run in the opposite direction.

My brother-in-law met Paul Sr. last summer when he was on a cycle ride in Jersey. Said he's a real nice guy.

Thanks, Sly! That clears things up a bit. I was wondering what helicopters had to do with motorcycles.

*dashing through quickly, but returning later(I almost said coming back, but I decided to keep it clean)*

I looked at the desktops, even though I should be working...

MarieP, yours is what I have on the computer at home. Steven, I like the one you have. Very cool.

Lots of good ones, in fact...

I haven't looked at how to add one, are there directions somewhere of how to do it? There probably are, but I haven't looked yet, and since I have work to go do I can't look now.


Whoever posted a desktop picture with the name "This is after I deleted some" should add their blog name to the title. Otherwise we can't tell whose it is.
C'mon now, 'fess up. We wanna know who to give the Most Cluttered Desktop award to. ;-)

Susan: Marvin posted instructions on how to post a screenshot of a desktop on this thread at this time: "Aug 21, 2005 5:20:43 AM".
I'm not sure I should post it here as it would seem a bit too much like plagiarizing. He explains it pretty well.

Zoodle- I get sinus infections twice a year on average. :) Ain't it a thrill?

I'm feeling better, but am still fairly sick.

I've saved the screenshot but have no idea how to put it on the Y!

Blogchik: I'm certainly not one to brag *ahem*, but I did it! Just click on the Add a Photo link and follow the directions which seem to be very confusing, but aren't and then make you feel really dumb when you see how easy it was!

That screenshot with "This is after I deleted some" is Higgy's. I actually deleted some games on Friday as I was trying to free up some space on my 80GB drive. The sad thing is I use all of these icons (and like MarieP, only see my desktop first thing in the morning - I use the quicklinks for everything else.
That picture was taken on my honeymoon. Sun rising over the ocean port in Kuai...

Desktop photo added! It's my parents' computer. Actually its the computer my dad brought home from work to work at home. The picture is of my baby nephew. Isn't he adorable?

MiB, I can't find the picture anywhere at the moment. But this is a good place to start for all things jailba...I mean, young Mr Radcliffe.

I'm just crazy about younger men! =)

Not THAT young, though! Yikes! I'm told that 30 is just young enough.

I'm a younger man! :)

Hey...who let the Nekkid Jello Twister set get all dusty?

*pulls it out and dusts it off*

The game I mean, get your mind out of the gutter

Oh wait, that's a silly thing for me to say

Hey Peri...do you prefer orange or red jello?

Red, baby. Always cherry.

*puts out BIG bowl of cherry jello*

Let's see, right hand on blue circle

*looks around for a blue circle*

Knock yourself out, Josh.

*sits in a corner with her cuppa tea and some oreos, watches the innuendo*

*helps Josh dust it off* *or pull it out, or something*

*ahem* Can anyone join in?

MiB...that looks like a good pattern for clothing!


she wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow (and blue and red and...jeez this list goes on and on) polka dot bikini

Oh, have we started? I want to have a go on the spinner.

Hi all, we're back. I'm still heinzing from bad poetry day (let's really NOT go there) but I will catchup eventually. We had an excellent trip and I hope you've seen the pics on Leetie's blog at least. Sadly, Rita didn't get there but otherwise it was great. More on that when I finish all the reading, but I thought I'd comment as I got to something rather than save them up until I finished.


DDi: hope you're feeling better and you did the right thing telling the jerk to get out.

For years, as my 'picture i.d' I used a non-driver's license that had an expiration date on it, though it was unclear what expired
(did I cease to be me?, did I cease to be a non-driver ?). Well, they wouldn't accept it at Miami International Airport 'cause it was too old, fortunately I also had a work i.d. with a picture on it. So I'll have to get a new 'still not driving' i.d.

insom: Jackie has the same problem. NY State just sent her a renewal for her 'still not driving' i.d. so she needs to go to Motor Vehicles (does that make sense?) and renew her "not driving" i.d. before her birthday next month!

Of course, you can use a passport, but who carries a passport around with them. She has a photo i.d. from when she was working but when she went to the central Board office last week they issued her a new 'temporary' i.d. too. Why?

Ooh...Zoodle joined into nekkid jello twister with a Peri-simulpost

That's gotta be good for a few KS points

Peri..what an odd coincidence. I am just crazy about younger men myself. :)

While I do sometimes put on a bikini and dive into the MOAT pool, said bikini does not have the same pattern or colors as in the link.

So Josh, what exactly have you been paying attention to while I was swimming? Hmmmm?

Zoodle, my pet! Take off your clothes, show off your new tiny behind and spin until you get a color you like.

Peri...simulposting with Zoodle IS "having a go at the spinner"

Oh, you mean this one....

*wanders in and slips in Cherry jello*

Ouch! Oooh, what's this? Oh, a spinner stuck in the middle of an oreo.

Hi Jeff! How have you and Jackie been these past few days?

MiB...I was looking at...oh hey something shiny!

*spins again*

Oh dear ... how to decide...I like so many different colours. :)

Oh, by the way, I posted pics and a report on my blog of last weekend's fishing trip.

And for dinner tonight, I had some of the trout. Even though it had been frozen, it was still good.

Right hand on left rampart

I love this game!

I got 'perky rampart on yellow'. I think I'll let Zoodle take this turn.

*spins out* Woah! Hey josh, is it really fair if the arrow is weighted and you're holding the board vertically?

Just for the record, I have a brown one-piece bathing suit that I haven't used in years and years. I've never worn a bikini. I guess I'll have to go buy myself one before I leave for Guiana.

I almost posted "left hand on Sly's trout"

But that would just look wrong...

*getting dizzy* Hey stop that!...not me, the other spinner.

Mr Krigbaum! I definitely saw you tampering with that spinner, sir!

Where did this trout come from?

Marvin, not my fault the board got vertical ;)

Ohhh look Peri. A young man has arrived!!

Left hand on ..what?!!!

Z...it says "left hand on vertical board"

I'm going to the kitchen to get myself more tea. Save the really dirty kinkyness for when I get back, OK? :-p

MiB...what kinkiness? Just an innocent lil game here...

Right WHAT? on WHAT?

Before I complete my next move - everyone brought their precautionary equipment, right?

*whips out spell check* Yep, got mine right here!

Peri...yep! Got my rope right here in case we need to tie anyo...erm anything down as a precaution.

Wow...does the spinner really say that???

*looks at it sideways*

*lugs in her language dictionaries* So do I.

I can also serve tea and oreos during those oh-so-vital tea breaks in the game.

*sits on the MOAT couch and watches the fun 'n games*

My Marvin...that's a rather large spell checker you got there.

MiB...maybe get Marvin some tea and help him whip it out

You know, the spell check

Excellent, Marvin! Ok then - *censored* on android *censored*

Hmmm. OK, who brought the 'Family Fun' version of this game? Take it awaw, take it away!

Did you guys know that the Journalism MOAT is the first result on Google for "naked jello twister"? You should be proud.

And who took my 'y' and replaced it with their 'w'?!

*takes spinner to Josh* Um...is this actually possible??

Zoodle, you're holding it upside down.

Peri...that's the scratch-off section of the spinner, it actually says


jeepers, Marvin's about to be happy

You mean...there are OTHER results for "naked jello twister?"

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