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August 29, 2003


Here's a thoughtful report from Tennessee.

(Thanks to Susan Adcock, who states "Someone¹s basically forcing me to send you this.")


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....but first... when I got home a little bit ago, I turned on the TV and "The Sweetest Thing" is on with Cameron Diaz. Some guy has just walked away from her, walking up a hill, talking to himself about how dumb he is as she stands there and watching him go up the hill until he disappeared.

She goes inside the house, leans against the door and tells herself she's NOT going to be afraid this time and opens the door to go after him. But she turns and looks DOWNHILL for him. Just seconds ago, she was watching him go UPHILL. She glances briefly uphill, and looks longer DOWNHILL, calling his name.

But, she still gets the guy because he comes BACK for her. They are both dumb.

I have no idea what the rest of the movie was about.

OK, to bed.

MiB...it's an old college joke...if you put someone's hand in warm water while they're sleeping they wet the bed

*shocked at the lack of education in Spain*


I think I've already learned more stuff on the MOAT than in school.

But what was so funny about "muoff muoff"?

Hmm...Molly has never hacked up a hairball

She's torn my legs to shreds a few times and put holes in most of my jeans

Which is worse?

MiB...it was a physics joke...

and was "Muon muoff"

read about it here

*waits for the obligatory "depends on where the holes were torn" comment from other, less Catholic MOATettes*

We've all converted.

Right. I might as well go to sleep now as it's 5:44 AM here. Good night! Sweet dreams.

Pour some sugar on me♪

The concert was amazing, awesome, incredible and totally rocked! I danced and yelled and cheered all night. Then in the parking lot after I had to burn a half naked guy with a cigarette because when he told me he wanted to have sex with me RIGHT NOW I backed away from him and he grabbed hold of me. For once I was glad I haven't quit smoking after all.

But the concert was great.

So Peri got some Hysteria, eh? At least you've still got 'it', Peri! ;) People in the streets were throwing themselves at you.

Hi everyone. Finally got around to stopping by the new MOAT. Thanks El!

(Hope this is still the new MOAT!)

Yah, AlanBoss, vee are lurking in zee shadohs.

I think there should be a blogmeet in Texas because well I'm a poor college kid and can't afford to go very far. *fricking 6.75/hour job!!*

I was told to clarify..East TX

Slyeyes, I haven't seen "The Sweetest Thing." But from what I gathered from the trailers, it's mostly about Cameron's butt.

Hi Marvin!

Re: different browsers and the little thing dangling on the cursor, I just noticed that I have it, too. I'm on Netscape.

I know there's a lot of spin on this, but really, do they have to go after books (article: Books Blamed for Human Evils) now that video games aren't as hot a topic?

woops, my tag was open.

muon...muoff...good dog.

I thought that was a take on "clap on....clap off....the clapper"

My bad.


BANGI has posted on the MB; on the hairy guy thread. She's wanting to know if Peri and Zoodle are safe after hearing about tornados up there.

So she survived the BOMBS enough to worry about tornados.

Checking in before bedtime...

*leaves a table full of paakes out for everyone, with a side of Eggs Benedict (mostly for me, but I'm willing to share!) and some Killer Coffee to top it off*

*randomly scatters fruit plates, bagels, toast, leftover and whatever else you folks eat for breakfast into all four corners.. *

night shift, checking in, dropping out.

Question for all you techies out there: I've attempted to download Firefox. I did everything the diaglog boxes required of me, and I restarted my computer. But when I go to access it, I get this message: "start.mozilla.org"

What did I do wrong?

But, I'll have to read your answers tomorrow as I'm headed out of the door now to haul the rest of Meghan's stuff down to school.


correction, it says "start.mozilla.org cannot be found, please check name and try again."

That's our Bangi! Always worried about someone else while her country/city is being bombed by extremists.

So glad she's safe though. If you're blurking Bangi:


Kings Island was pretty great last night. We went with my uncle, hus daughter, my sister, and my cousin. P went also and so did CMB. We were there for my cousin's (my uncle's daughter, not my other cousin) birthday. I didn't get to go on ANY of therides I wanted to yesterday! It's ok though because we had a very nice time riding some of the kiddie rides and spending some time at the water park they have there.
I also won P many stuffed animals at the games.

I'll be leaving here in a bit to go help P's brother, S, move into his new apartment.

Currently, CMB is down for a nap, P is at class, and I'm enjoying some much needed R&R while watching the ManU/Aston Villa game.

At our house we have two dogs and two cats. Prior to the passing of Felix and Ivan, we had three of each.

I like to say that we're undergoing a fleet reduction.

*zips in*

Good morning everyone (who's here) from su.so.ca.

eeekkkk! A lot of crows (yuk) are having a screaming match on the telephone wires outside my house - very scary! They sound angry!
Does this mean the end is near? I hope not.
*zips out for coffee*

good morning

*hands Eleanor one of those super-de-dupider-water gun thingies to hose down the birdies*

I don't like crows. At all. My folks live a stones throw away from farms and corn fields, and in about a week, the crows are going to start having their family reunions out there as the leftover corn starts rotting before the farmers can get rid of it. ICK!

Sly, BEST OF LUCK SCHWEETIE! Remember to hydrate! And once you're back home, hydrate with alcohol! :)

Question for the Moaties with kids: Have you ever tried their baby food? Not the formula stuff, I'm talking about like the fruits, veggies, etc... It's been years since I had to feed my nieces and neph's any of that stuff, and the only thing I can remember is that the peaches were actually edible. With the new pureed stage I'm at, I can eat baby foods, and I was hoping for some advice. Are any of the other flavors tolerable by an adult palette?

Someone? Anyone?

*wades around in the shallow end of the moat while waiting for some answers*

DDi - my favorite was always the custard - yummy! (or maybe it was vanilla pudding, but you get the idea!)

How are you feeling today? Did you get my e-mail re S.D.?

Morning Eleanor!
Yes, thank you very much for that email. I sent it along to me mum, and I printed some things that I thought they would appreciate. It's so nice to have you on-site out there for the latest and greatest info, thank you! *smooch*

Today is an ok day. Last night on the other hand, not so much. A friend of mine came over, and we hung out and watched movies all evening. She left and I decided I should turn in. Well, I must have inched into bed a little too quickly, because I pulled something in my stomach that made me scream out loud for about 3 minutes. I had mom bring me the phone and number to my doc and I paged his arse at 11:45pm. Thankfully he phoned back right away and said it was "probably JUST a muscle spasm" and not to worry. Basically, take some more pain medicine, and if it doesnt go away call back and he'll meet me in the ER. Well, I ended up sleeping in the recliner in the loft because I couldn't get comfortable, but at least I slept. I can still feel the pain this morning, but its more of an ache now, so maybe he was right? I mean, what else could happen?? A hernia? Ruh-oh. That would be bad.

*waddles off to read about what could cause a hernia in her case*

Sly, "start.mozilla.org" sounds like a default home page or something. Can you even open the browser? If so, go to edit, preferences and set a different home page URL.

DDi, many of the baby food fruits are edible, especially pears! I don't think that any of the veggies or "dinners" are though. You could try the sweet potatoes... maybe add some seasoning to them or something once they're warm.

BrianB, I have you on my calendar for the next DC blogmeet. Do you have your hotel reservations yet? Let me know where you're staying.

Oooh, custard, sweet potatoes, and pears? Mmm! Thanks guys!

*looks around darkened moat*

What happened? Where did everyone go?

*sniffs ramparts*

Hey, I showered last night, its okay...come back! Yoooooohooooooo! Moaties!?

Di, the average human adjusts to most smells within two minutes. I think you need a second opinion concerning your rampart aroma or lack thereof.

*looks around the empty Moat, confused*

But Marvin, there's no one else here except us.

Then I must take it upon my self to carry out these duties. Did you also know that the sense of smell is strongest in the shadows, where other senses are of less use? Smell becomes much more important then, you see. And, of course, there are other ways to heighten the senses...


just sayin'

Correction, El,... *Peeping* ;)

In other news, Hunter S. Thompson is getting launched tonight!

Favorite line in your link, Leetie:
’I’m coming in from Wisconsin with a case of Chivas.”’ Perfect!

And - in other news: I just watched the new (to me, anyway) video of The Dave Mathews Band, "Dream Girl" - Good song and good video - Julia Roberts is in it! I love Dave Matthews!

And - as a further Public Service Announcement, everyone should go check out the video on Fish's blog - OK, I guess I could paste the link!

*wanders back in* I just cleaned out the cats' litter box and cleaned the patio of all the dog's poop. I gagged the whole time, but at least it's clean now.

((((Di)))) Hope the pain goes away completely soon.

El, I like the sound of crows cawing. There were lots of them where I lived in NY, though none here in Spain or in Argieland, so it's a nice "home sweet home" sound for me. I liked them even when I still lived in NY.

*helps herself to some paakes that Kaf had left, even though it's nearing her dinnertime* Yum! Thanks, Kaf.

DDi ~ LTTG a bit, but any of the new version of pureed foods are decent, they just lack spices (salt, pepper, garlic etc)that we all cook with normally. Any of the meats are okay, just add a touch of something like garlic powder to them (or garlic salt unless you need to be watching salt intake). Gives um just a lil extra something since all they are is just plain pureed meat.
I was a nanny once upon a time and had picky eater kids I was caring for. I discovered that trick still worked with some friends kids recently.

Almost two hours without a post. I feel so alone.

Di, I haven't played with baby food for a while. "My girls" are beyond that stage. We probably have a whole bunch of different brands here. Fruit purees are usually pretty good. If you want to make your own veges, boil a couple of potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and some spinach/silverbeet (towards the end of cooking time) all together (with a little salt if you prefer it), drain, then throw it in the blender with a knob of butter. Delicious. Depending on your lactose tolerance, grate a little cheese over it (or don't!). Mashed potato with shredded corned silverside is a nice "hash" type thing to have as well.

El.. have you ever heard the expression "stone the crows!"? It's an Aussie thing... basically an expression of surprise.

Yay... our third beautiful, but not too hot day in a row. I looooove early spring. Except for the sneezing and the hayfever.

Okay.. it was almost two hours when I started to write the post. I got distracted by Moatie blogs.. well, a few of them anyway.. while I was looking for something else. It's that easy to distract me, folks. Marv posted something shiny on his blog and I was lost.

There's a new folder in the Yahoo group. I hope my idea doesn't bomb.

((Peri)) glad you got rid of the idiot...he's gonna feel that burn mark today! *snicker*

*is NOT going to give a lecture on women's safety...for now*

Sly...I second what Leetie said, see if typing "www.yahoo.com" brings up that page, then change the home page setting. If you can't get to ANY page, look in "Tools"-->"Options" under connection settings. You should have "Direct connection to the internet" selected, if not select it...can't imagine you have proxy settings

MiB...I don't think I can post what my desktop is...even though the group IS tagged as adult

Guys? Should I?


If the desktop says no, then I say no!!!

My desktop at work as a picture of a "Welcome to Detroit" sign. I'll post it when i get to work monday. at home i have the Orange County Choppers background with mikey and the Blues bike

My desktop is actually of an Australian woman named Bernadette that used to spend a lot of time promoting free speech (and nudity) online

Post it, Josh. The whole point of this little project is to see what all you wild n' crazy people use as background images. Also, which shortcuts you put onto your desktop.

Was my desktop predictable?

Marv, thanks for the noise yesterday - nearly got my butt roasted for me, but I managed to get away with it anyway. :O)

I went to look for the haiku rules on the Y-MOAT, but couldn't find them - and you're right CRS got me to thinking it was 5-7-5 words rather than 5-7-5 syllables. But having composed a few with 5-7-5 words I find it MUCH easier to do. I know that's to be expected, but there you go, I get more fun from it so I'm running with it.

However I'm going to relabel 5-7-5 words as Oz Haiku, just so I don't piss off my Asian neighbours.

Writing haiku is slow, so
Five seven five words is the go.
And fun, don't you know!

Anybody know where the original Haiku rules went?

MiB...ok, I'm game...mine is posted :)

If it offends anyone I'll take it right down, or Lab can

And yes...yours did not surprise me...lol

Wys...I can't find the original haiku rules, but Marvin has it right :)

This is not a haiku

Well now. That's an unfortunate juxtaposition. Lollipops, naked woman... naked woman, lollipops.
That's far too many shortcuts on your desktop! Do you actually use them all?

By the way, my desktop isn't usually that colorful. I tend to put up pictures with lots of blue in them, or else arty black-and-white ones.

Too many shortcuts? wow, I actually cleaned some up before I did a screen shot...and yes I use them all

lollipops, naked women, naked women, lollipops...

I think I'll make that my mantra...because it isn't a haiku

*twiddles thumbs* I hate these slow weekends on the MOAT.

Hmm. I'm going out for a beer. Does anybody have one of those locks that you have to breathe in to open? I'd like to lock up my computer now to prevent drunk blogging.

damn, it never remembers my name right anymore. That mbe lp was me.

I didn't even know such a lock existed, Neo.

They put them on the steering wheels of some drivers who have been convicted of DUI, and they can't turn on the ignition unless they blow "no alcohol" -


See my desktop in the desktop folder!

Now that's a useful product. Are people who have been convicted of DUI obliged to have one installed in their car?

I remember that photo. Isn't it "a patriotic gift from Jackie"?

It's certainly patriotic!

You're back, eh? How did you like Boobzilla?

MiB - if the Court orders them to, and if they don't want to go to jail, yes they do!

Who's Jackie?

MiB...she's not bad! for those that haven't seen boobzilla

***warning...a lil***

Don't look at this picture unless you want to get seriously dizzy.

Jackie as in our Jeff's Jackie, El. Jeff sent that picture to us a few months ago with the caption "A little patriotic gift from Jackie."

I contributed to the desktop folder. I seriously need to clean off my desktop compared to everyone elses. And I have no idea what the grey stripe at the bottom is. It isn't on my desktop, just on the picture. I'm such a computer muppet.
*slinks off to clean off desktop*

That's not where I got it, MiB!

Toodles, everyone!

*zips back in from seeing wolfie's desktop*

Wow, wolfie, I didn't think it was possible to have that many icons - very impressive! :)

*zips out*

I have returned from the land of food and fire to tell a tale of woe and...more woe. I mean woah. Sittin outside in the aftermath of a rain, there's a fire goin, and so forth. Oh, and I posted my desktop pic on the ReMOAT. It's neat, and not in an interesting way.

Well I'm back and incredibly sore from moving f****ng furniture all day. I swear, so many of my buddies owe me. My buddy Doc for example, I have helped him move 3 times in the last 18 months. This is a first for P's brother, S, but it was a big move, and he definitely owes me.

MiB, I like your desktop idea.
My home computer:
I'll post mine in a minute, but it needs a bit of description. My afrementioned buddy, Doc, and I like to mess around with photography and video. However, neither one of us ever took any classes, so we just basically play around and go, 'Huh, that turned out pretty cool'. One day, Doc learned a new camera term and technique from somewhere called "forced perspective' I believe. For those of you who have the MOATie Calendar for 2005, you will have a comparison. For those that don't have it, let me just say, neither is the penguin that big, nor am I that small.

My work desktop: I'll post it on Monday when I'm actually at work

We don't have our hotel set up yet. I'm trying to get my grandfather and uncle (aka, my two bosses) to decide on where we're going to stay. As soon as we pick one, I'll let you know. The wife and I are driving down with CMB and will have a couple days after the trade show to play around in DC before we head back home.

I'm sick. Flu, bad cold, sinus infection? Too early to tell as of yet.

That's what I get for pulling two all-nighters in a row. Well, one was an all night all-nighter, and the other was nearly one.

I caught it from my mom. I might have missed the bullet if I'd gotten an adequate amount of sleep all week. Oh well. I hope my sinuses drain so it doesn't turn into yet another sinus infection. I'm tired of those...although I get them fairly often...

Brian B- cool photo, I want to learn how that's done.

I will contribute a desktop photo once a) I get my digital camera back, and b) once I learn how to post to the Y. Or maybe I'll just email it to somebody who knows how. Anyway, this isn't really my desktop...it's my dad's computer. The photo is one of my baby nephew getting a bath. Yes, a naked baby picture! He looks just as cute- and as happy- as can be. Only babies can look that happy.

Blogchik...neti. It will help your sinuses. Honest.

DDi...from what I remember, from when my daughter was little...most of the baby food wasn't too bad. The fruits were better, peaches were good. The veggies and the meat were a little bland, but as a grownup you can add a little flavor to it.

Checking in on a Saturday night...

Took my daughter and we got our hair cut...mine is quite a bit shorter than last time. I haven't decided if I like it or not yet.

We also went to see March of the Penguins.

For some reason, I kept thinking of the MOATmen...and their penguin thongs...

Susan, you mean if I squoosh that stuff up my nose, it will also squoosh up into my sinuses? Do I have to stand upside down for this or something? Won't I end up with post-sinoidal squoosh running into my throat?

Blogchik, when you use the neti, the salt water goes in one side of your nose, flushes through the sinuses and out the other side. There are lots of sites on how to do it. You don't have to stand upside down, just hold your head sideways over the sink to pour the water.

But yes, if the water goes in your nose it will go through the sinuses as well.

I think I should use my neti tonight...my eyes started burning again, but then my sinuses started bothering me a little. The neti will clear that up.

how can I be this tired and not be able to sleep?

*unloads car after arriving home from taking daughter's stuff to college. Has no idea how it's possible to bring home more stuff than was taken down there. Suspects the laws of physics were violated today in Kentucky.*


Lettie and Josh, thanks for the mozilla tips. I'll check them out tomorrow. I can't wrap my brain around computer stuff tonight.

And, Leetie, thanks to you for your help as well.

who's Lettie?

The part of Miss Lettie was played by Mary Tyler Moore.

neo: I could take a guess, but I couldn't post it on a nice blog like this ;oP

It is a nice blog, isn't it? I've really appreciated the way everyone stays kind and friendly to each other, something that never happens on any other forum I've ever seen. It should stay that way, with personal conflicts occuring elsewhere. The entire MOAT doesn't have to hear about someone else's hissy fit. This is the place I go when I need a laugh and to find out what's happening to my best friends. Anyone looking for trouble can get stuffed. But that's just my opinion, of course.

*ahem* Look! Something shiny!

Wait, that's not shiny, it's...glowy...creepy...mesmerizing...

the ponytail commands thee...

I have nothing with which to take a picture of my desktop, so I've just posted the photo that is my desktop pic.. before my last computer crash, I had an absolutely amazing photo of a sunset in Kabwe, Zambia, taken by a missionary that our church sent out there. I might have to see if I can track it down again. I like landscape-y images. I've also had New Orleans street scenes (not Mardi Gras.. just N.O.), Greek Islands (just beautiful).. Paris, a beach scene (also taken by my friend Michael when he was in Aust), and several others over the years.

I'm trying to think of something else to say, but my mind's gone blank, so I'm just going to post...

Ahem.. Androids should not leave their tags hanging out..
Peri.. I like your opinions.

ATTN: MOATIES interested in contributing to the 'desktop' folder - (If you know how to do a screen capture, then you can skip this. Or if you have more/better advice, give it to em!) To do a screen capture - which will create a 'snapshot' of whatever is currently visible on your screen - you only have to hit the 'Control' and 'Print Screen' buttons simultaneously.

Now that you have a screen capture, you should open whatever picture editing software you use: photoshop, microsoft paint, photosuite, whatever...anything where you can make a new picture (go to File->New in the program). Then just hit 'Control' and 'V' (or go up to Edit-->Paste) and that should paste your desktop onto the picture. I find that Microsoft Paint works best for screen captures because it automatically resizes the canvas size to match what you're pasting. In other programs you might encounter issues with squished or missing edges of your desktop.
Oh, right...and then save it as something and upload it to the reMOAT! And don't forget to (in the Y!) delete the Full-Size Picture Only). Good luck! And if this didn't help any, it is because it was the will of the ponytail.

And even if you think you don't have Microsoft Paint because you've never seen it, go to your start menu and look under 'Programs' and then 'Accessories'. You might be surprised.

You apple users will have to find your own way. (and no sour apple comments about how anybody who uses an apple computer is obviously smart enough to figure it out on their own. ;) )


That is all.

Blogchik ~ I just got over a sinus infection. I had to have two rounds of antibiotics and prescription painkillers. My teeth hurt so bad I just wanted them removed. And you do this fairly often? You poor girl!!
Susan ~ I bet your hair looks good short. I am getting mine streaked today just for the heck of it! Never done it before so we'll see what happens.
Marvin ~ I see you are the new blog whore. Congrats!! No wonder you are so proficient in the use of Wolfie's toys!
Kaf ~ I also agree with Peri. So, if anyone wants to email me please feel free to do so but...let's keep it off the moat! :)
Lab ~ My football team is better than your football team..neener neener neener!!!

*fluffs hair, bats eyelashes* ahem, um Marvin...I found this in the shadows. What is this for?

Oh I forgot, DDi ~ Sweet potatoes, green beans, apple sauce. Yum!

urg. I'm tired of throwing up. I'm tired of being exhausted. I want to feel better. /whine

CMB is currently on organic baby food. I really haven't found a bad one yet except for the spinach and carrots (that one is nasty). I just gave him pears this morning, and they were very good. P has been hungry enough to eat his apple blueberry (we were at the lakehouse and food supplies were running low). A lot of the organic foods are pretty much just what it says on the jar and water. They're pretty simple, but do pack a lot of the natural flavors.

Also, I don't know if it's Gerber or Beech-Nut, but they make a hispanic or latin foods line of baby foods.

**tiptoe-ing around making any racially charged statements**

They have a lot more taste to get the kids used to the spicier foods generally associated with hispanic cuisine.

**feels he did a decent job of tiptoe-ing**

I was looking at the ingredients on one, I think it was a papaya rice mixture or something and it looked good enough that I wanted to buy one for me just to try it.

Will research further and report.

I cannot get a screen print, which is just as well. If I posted my desktop everyone would think I was a pervert in an ENTIRELY different category than Josh. It's a secret vice I have, and I'll never admit to it.

I know what's on Peri's desktop. Cheques and Visa cheerfully accepted.

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