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August 29, 2003


Here's a thoughtful report from Tennessee.

(Thanks to Susan Adcock, who states "Someone¹s basically forcing me to send you this.")


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A Rose by any other name is still a blogchik .... and F2.3!

7 days and counting!

Dang. I must be an adult.

I was out babysitting and I've only just caught up....

*baits a Bangi trap with Shoeab* Bangi, if you want him, you have to come to the Moat and get him.
*thinks* If that doesn't get her back, there's not much else I can do. CM BCK BNG!!

Lab... while the pic on the front page of the ReMoat is very much in keeping with our current theme.. okay... you did good, hon.. Bravo. Just don't tell anyone I said so. *snork*

Blogchik and Sly.. You start getting technical talky and all I hear is Charlie Brown's teacher. Basal something and thyroids. And for some reason there's a danger(?) of cancer going into remission pre-surgery. IMO, this should be a good thing. Maybe that's why I'm not the surgeon.

Desert Rose .. (DR.. which is what you're beginning to sound like!) You stole my FF plan! I guess I'll have to do something with my team, now, rather than ignoring them and hoping someone else knows what they're supposed to do. (I was thinking they could be the Philospher's Team of the Moatie League.. but not any more.)

Kibby!!! Too exciting!! How long do you get to see your baby girl for?

Eeek... I guess I was feeling a little bold.

I need to sleep. It's been too many hours since I was in bed and too few before I have to be up again.

Interesting. The Comment Timestamp has been changed to shorten "August" and add the second-parts. That's going to make simulposting a lot harder.

Lt.W. I'll get to see her for 2.3, nope 3.5 days! The .5 might be questionable though.

We've got seconds? Can't wait until we get thirds.

I'm not really here.. it just looks like it.

Marv.. we'll have to be a little more inventive. I have faith in you.. I know you can do it.




(hehe, wys convinced judi to change the title)

Just in from F2.3's Mum, "...is looking forward to seeing you and testing your playtime endurance!

She's eating loads these days show she has even more energy for playtime and non-stop

c h a t!"

Hum, it seems the word "c h a t" is Nava-banned as "comment spam"!


Nava revenge for what we did to the terror moat?


Hi, just a last minute check in. We'll be on our way in half an hour or so. Can't wait for the big Blogmeet/Dinner tonight.

We should be back sometime on Sunday so have a great time until then and remember - keep track of everything said between now and then for the highlight reel.


kibby, have fun with F 2.3!

*waves good-by to Jeff*

Say hi to everyone for me!

Marvin, thre's still spam on the FIRST thread!!!!!

Hooray for kibby!!!!

Bye Jeff! Have fun. Give my love to Jackie!

Eleanor - yeah, I know. I didn't say that the change helped, and I even posted my opinion about it on the thread, though it's already being overwhelmed by new spam.

Marvin, maybe the spammers just want to play too, and be LAST!!!

Anyway, it was fun while it lasted :(

NEXT weekend Eleanor!

I'll be sailing again this weekend .... good times.


Roses are red, violets are purple
I like my pancakes covered in maple surple.

pAAkes, pAAkes
make me hungry

is this an hiaku? surely doesn't ryme.

Webster's Dictionary's Word of the Day today is: Meme

The Word of the Day for August 18 is:

meme \MEEM\ noun

: an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture

Example sentence:
"Blogs are an interesting way... of seeing which ideas, memes, trends and news events are getting the most comment." (Clive Thompson, quoted in the Sunday Tribune, February 6, 2005)

Did you know?
In 1976, British scientist Richard Dawkins wrote The Selfish Gene, and in his book he defended his new creation, the word "meme." Having first considered, then rejected, "mimeme," he wrote: "'Mimeme' comes from a suitable Greek root, but I want a monosyllable that sounds a bit like 'gene.' I hope my classicist friends will forgive me if I abbreviate 'mimeme' to 'meme.'" The suitable Greek root was "mim-," meaning "mime" or "mimic." Dawkins's "mimeme" was formed from "mim-" plus "-eme," an English noun suffix that indicates a distinctive unit of language structure (as in "grapheme," "lexeme," and "phoneme"). "Meme" itself, like a good meme, caught on pretty quickly, spreading from person to person as it established itself in the language.


Need to catch up...just dropped in for a moment...

You know, one would think that if one comes in to work, not having eaten breakfast, and is greeted with "There's ice cream in the cooler, get you some or Whitt's going to take it home and put in his freezer", and it's chocolate at that, that it would be a gooooood day.

One would be wrong. I get a nice bowl of ice cream...softening already, the cooler just keeps it cool, it's not a freezer.

No sooner do I sit down with it...playing a bit from the morning show...and my boss decides that she wants a couple of the certificates (for which I cleaned the frames yesterday) framed. She doesn't say which ones, just that she wants to drop a few off.

The certificates are 8 1/2 by 11. The frames are 8 by 10. So I start cutting them down...four cuts on each one, not 1/2 inch off one side and 1 inch off the top, cause the image is centered. She decides which ones she wants about halfway through...so I finish those up, and she keeps adding to it..."Well, I can drop off this one too..."

At one point Mitch walks by, "You know, your ice cream's melting." Yes. I know. Then my boss comes through...your ice cream's melting. Yes. I know.


Then while I'm typing this, the guy who's doing tshirts for us comes in. He was here for at least 20 minutes. My ice cream is now liquid.

Although I just remembered there is coffee left. I'll just mix some with coffee...since it's already melted.

Back to framing.

Whispers.. Susan's being framed... Pass it on.

The once was a girl from Decater
Who was... wait, that's a limerick, not a poem. Rats.

ok, that's it!

woops, messed up the rescue attempt again...

Just sweeping up

*looks at Susan's melted coffee*

Hum, you may want to add some ice cream to that!

HEY! What's all the problem ^up there!?

(Limericks are Poems, too)

These are some haikus;
but they is limericks, two.*
The worst of the lot
was these italics I got.
Closed em just for you.

(*two haikus in one, you see)

I went out for a swim
Without any fins
I could not float
So I looked for a boat
There was no boat around
And so I drowned.

Eleanor's Poem for Bad Poetry Day

*glug, glug, glug*

O Feedled Gruntbuggly,
? ... Thy nacturations are to me!
As plurdled gabbleblochits on a lurgid bee.
Groop, I emplore thee, my foonting turlingdromes.
And hooptiously drangle me with crinkly bindlewurdles
or I will rend thee in gabberwarts with my burglecruncheon,
See if I don't!

Only the 3rd worst, I know, but still pretty bad.


I previewed and all was well with my italics. The end tag was there and everything.

wow Peri(kr), that's deep.

*goes to corner to ponder*

Everything is OK now, sly
Do not cry
Dry your eyes
Here, have some
pie, sly


*comes from corner*

Ok, going to get some cheese cake!

for bad poetry day:

Eclipses can be total, or annular
I'm so glad my phone is bananular.

Kibby, Kibby, Kibby...the ice cream was melted.

I just made more coffee to go with the last of the ice cream.

What a balanced breakfast this is.

Pie was mentioned? Oh that would go well.

The framing is done...despite breaking the glass in not one, not two, but three of the frames. Fortunatly I had some old frames and could use the glass from those.

Although it seems I will have more to do...the ones I did are football sponsors, now there are some for the Saturday Morning Quarterback show sponsors.

Insom, I'd better not get that banana phone song stuck in my head now. Or else. (or else what, I don't know. Haven't thought that far yet.)

*snork* Even insomniac's bad poetry is funny!


Higgy's Mindnumbingly Boring Blog has been updated with sonogram shots of TFBH (The Future Baby Higgy.) Those interested can check it out here!

Those not interested can go listen to the Bananaphone song instead!

A sonogram
is better
than a telegram
or a mammogram
and when it's a boy
what a joy!

Great song, Susan! And CG's coming over today!

getting in the mood...

Higgy, keep your mind open! A friend of mine had the same picture result as you, and boy was she amazed when a girl popped out!

OH - I just remembered that he's bring all his children -

never mind.


Got a little flustered there for a moment!

Got a little flustered there for a moment!

.... wouldn't have anything to do with Mr. Bean, would it?

You know, chocolate ice cream and coffee is pretty good.

Of course the two biiiiig mugs of it I've had is probably quite enough for one day...

Couldn't let the ice cream go to waste, now could I?

Course not.

Whitt just called, he's coming out here. I asked him to bring me a salad. Like that will help at this point.

Susan, as I sit here in my living room, sipping my lunch which consists of 4 ounces of high protein Ensure, I'm watering at the mouth for some of that ice cream.


Ice cream is an excellent meal, any time, any day. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Now for those interested, a quick RL update:
A week ago yesterday, I had 2 surgeries done. One of which I shared on the Moat - the gallbladder removal. The other, I was hesitant, mostly because I know that a lot of people in this world do not agree with it - I also had gastric bypass surgery.

Now don't go getting your feathers all ruffled, before I can tell you why... Genetics in my family stink when it comes to heart disease and cancer. My bio-dad had 4 heart attacks (2 by the time he was 45) and a quintuple bypass 2 years ago. I myself have had very high blood pressure for the last few years and my doc told me that I had to make some choices. I've never been one to sit still... so it's not like I live a sedetary lifestyle. I'm always on the move, and I even used to work out twice a day doing cardio for an hour or more along with weight training. My weight never fluctuated much, and my blood pressure never stopped going up. When my weight did drop at one point, and I was about 40lbs thinner than that pic of me in the halloween costume on the Y! my blood pressure had finally gotten to be more reasonable, so it became obvious to me what my choice had to be.
Last year, I started doing the research, and made my choice back in February of this year.

*takes a deep breath*

So thats my story. Thats what was going on while I was out. I'm sorry that I didn't share this with all of you right away, but I wasn't sure how it might be taken. Ok, I'm gonna stop before I get all emotional and start crying...

{{DDi}} Good luck!

Hey! Fish FINALLY read the contents of the letter.

Good stuff.

I'm sure you made the right decision
cuz you're DDi's give me Double vision
I really have nothing to say
Except send me your tattoo pics
and I'll post them on my Blog
and if you want to cry DDi
go read my latest Chapter.

How's that for a Bad Poem?


Ohmygosh! Thanks Sly!!!

BTW, I never got around to answering your question from yesterday regarding Harley. No, it was not in the plan. He was drove down here to stay with me the rest of the week while my mom went back to work. Well, yesterday morning, I had a home health nurse coming to the house to take a look at one of my incisions that isn't healing very well... he woke me up (#1 mistake), very rudely (#2 mistake), and when I nicely asked him to nudge me in ten minutes he said FU (the BIGGEST mistake). I am not a needy person when I'm sick. I'm a loaner. I don't bother anyone, and I mostly like to be left alone while trying to get back on my feet... so its not like the chump could even say I was bugging him. I asked him to give me a few more minutes to snooze!

So, I told him to pack up and leave. He yelled at me some more. I took a deep breath and repeated myself, and that was that.

*rubs hands together*

I feel great now! If only my body could catch up with my mind and soul...

Um.......were you thanking me for the poem, 'cause that was the Scaley One.

And as far as Harley Guy...what a creep!!


I had wondered, when you mentioned the small amount you had to "eat" at any one time...I don't know that I could do that. I do need to do something...like get back to the gym. It did make a difference...ice cream for breakfast is not a normal thing though.

And I am eating a salad. Mandarin Chicken. Yum.

The playlist for today...

Thursday 8-18-05 All Request Lunch Hour
“Come Dancing” Kinks
“5:15” The Who
“Tonight’s the Night” Rod Stewart
“Love Takes Time” Orleans
“Just Once in My Life” Righteous Brothers
“When A Man Loves A Woman” Percy Sledge---Beverly
“Doctor My Eyes” Jackson Browne
“Don’t You (Forget About Me)” Simple Minds
“A Hard Days Night” Beatles
“Drivers Seat” Sniff and the Tears
“Take Me Home Tonight” Eddie Money
“Riverside” Beat Farmers---Whitt

Warning to our George Bloglits!

For heaven's sake, stay out of the


Thanks Sly

For that, you get a grope free Hug.


Holy crap.

Take Two:

Warning to our GeorgIA Bloglits!

For heaven's sake, stay out of the Courthouses

Double sheesh!

Sly, I was thanking you for the hugs. :) Means a lot....

Susan, somethimes ice cream for breakfast is a must. So long as your health in general is good, thats all that really matters. The closest I'll be to ice cream for a long time will be the one with the artificial sweetners in it.

Fish, um..thanks? I think. But, are you sure the Double D's are the problem?


Where is everyone?! I'm trying my dangest to stay away from here while I'm working and just check in at lunch. But when I'm here at lunch, there's no one to play with.

Oh, I know. I mentioned Fish's blog and you are all over there reading.

Well, I'll set out this box of tissues for when you return. You'll need some.

And now, I have to go back to work.


Even though Fish already got to it before I did, I can't waste a copy and paste:


To all whom it may or may not concern (and even to those whom don't give a f**k):

Mr. Fishair and I have been talking (telepathically mind you, we are twinz after all) and we are putting a call out to all MOATies (and DjTonyB's mom) to send Mr. Fishair a picture of your tattoo(s). Along with said picture(s), please give a brief description of the reason behind getting the tattoo and/or the meaning of the tattoo.

Mr. Fishair will be hosting these pics on his blog as a sort of tattoo of the day/week/month depending on how many he gets.

The link to 'Will Blog For Guinness' is over at the Y! (probably in the links section, but it is also in my message, #2,950)

**crosses fingers, please tell me I closed my tags**

DDi - way to go on the surgery! One of TCMH's friends had it about a year and a half ago and has lost 140lbs. She has been working out a ton and being super-conscientious on her diet - but she's living proof that it works and it can be done!
Good for you - here's hoping the stitches heal quickly and you can get on your feet again! Also good for you to kick that a$$hole to the curb - anyone who tells someone recently post-op to FU is just an idjit, in my mind. You're totally and utterly better off.
Does someone have a new link to Blogwatchers! Let's get DDi in there!

Sly.. I'm going to post here before I go and read the icthyous one's blog. Sobbing can wait a few minutes.

Higgy.. CONGRATS!! A little boy!! Sly.. I know what you mean about trying hard to see something in sonograms. The first time I could really truly see somthing in a sonogram is not something I'm going to talk about today.. NO DOWNER POSTS! That is an executive order. Unless of course you need our support, then go ahead and post any downers you need to. Just none from me. I also know someone who was told they were having a boy and it turned out to be a girl also. It's statistically rare that that happens, though. (BTW.. this was good news, because they had two boys and this HAD to be their last pregnancy, and they wanted a little girl quite badly to round out their family. They would have loved a boy also, but this was a really great surprise!)

El... We've only "met" CG and CG Jr. How many mini-CG's are there in the great state of CA?

DDi *very gentle hug* I know I'm surprised about the bypass, but that's only because I'm trying to remember your pics without going to the Y site and I don't remember you being "a person of size" (much like myself!). If the doctors are prepared to perform the surgery, then you go for it. It's not like plastic surgery.. you have to have a good reason and meet certain criteria to get a gastric bypass. Congratulations and best of luck, sweetie!

Sly... Lumpkin, GA? Sometimes I wonder at the names of places, much as I wonder at the names of children. I met a baby named Harvey yesterday. Now at one point in time I'd have thought "But he doesn't look like a 50+ CPA", but after yesterday, I was thinking how much nicer it was than Clorene (or her brother Clorox..). Perspective really does make a difference. (btw... Intercourse, PA.. I heard rumo[u]rs that you have to go through Intercourse to get to Paradise [PA of course..])

Okay... I read Fish's blog.. and I do go to his blog occasionally, but not for a few days, and apparently on the wrong days. I honestly thought I would have remembered if Mrs Fish went to the Big Bait Bucket in the Sky. Also, I remember her getting gorgeous streaks in her hair not that long ago. It took me a second to click to that though. *files mental note* "Anything starting with 'Maybe' may be more fiction than fact." *watches helplessly as some random fact falls out of place to accomodate the newer fact*

Nava.. if you can hear me.. you NEED to take the seconds off of the time stamp. It's too frickin' confusing to people like myself. Also, I don't like change. I moved here.. and you keep changing things. Then you do it again. *sobs* I need heeeeeelp!!!

*staggers in and slumps onto one of the floating inflatable thingies in the pool*

MOAT MEN! Get me a drink ASAP!

I woke up at 6:45 AM, left home at 7 AM, arrived in line at 8:05 AM, WAITED IN LINE UNTIL 5:20 PM, left the police station at 6 PM, arrived back home at 6:30 PM... SOMEBODY GIVE ME A FOOT MASSAGE, DAMMIT!


{{{MiB}}} *looks around for someone to rub MiB's feet*

I got the papers I needed, but I'll have to go to the bank and various other places in a couple of weeks to get MORE paperwork done before they'll finally deign to actually give me the ID card.

I think I'll have a sandwich for dinner. My feet are killing me. One thing is walking around all day, but standing all day is something else entirely and MUCH more painful.

*grabs MiB's foot*

*Withholds strong natural urge to suck toes*

Lil Higgy Jr.!! Yeah!

*zips in from watching tennis*

Sorry I missed you sly, I'm usually here when you're having lunch, so if you're peeking (or blurking) *waves hi*

In addition to CG,Jr. (who is 12) CG has the most beautiful 11 year old identical twin girls, and yes, for those of you who are thinking what I know you're thinking right now, he was very busy *snork* when he was married, which he no longer is.

*zips over to read The Letter*


((((Di)))) Both for dumping that horrid Harley guy and getting both surgeries done. Get better soon, we need you to be in fine blogging form!

Kaf, that rugbyer's kids' names you mentioned are terrible. I hope he's saved up for their therapy from the day they were born.

Jeff, your "Rosemary and Thyme" comment made me snork!

*tries to relax after a very stressful and tiring day* I wish I had Giant Frog with me so he could make me dinner.

*sigh* I'll go make myself sardine sandwiches later tonight.

MiB...in the absence of your Giant Frog, or any male MOATies to rub your feet...have you ever thought of getting one of the foot spa/massage things? You fill it with water, and can soak your feet...mine has little rollers in the bottom, it heats up a bit, can vibrate, bubble, all kinds of nifty things. Not the same as having someone massage your feet...but I find soaking my feet for a good long while, drying them and rubbing lotion on them helps after a long day...

Hey! What am I Shad??!!


I don't really need a foot massager. Today was an exception, really.

You remind me that my aunt has a massage pillow thingy she uses for her back sometimes. I think I can use it for my feet while I'm on the computer tonight. Thanks, Susan!

(((((Fishy))))) Sorry about that, Fishy. I'm more than a bit frazzled today with fatigue. I was also catching up with my e-mails and e-mailing Susan about problems listening to WCRE... Do you forgive me?

I received my first picture of Vianney today. I'll go post it on the Y now.

OK, the picture's up now. :-)

For years, as my 'picture i.d' I used a non-driver's license that had an expiration date on it, though it was unclear what expired
(did I cease to be me?, did I cease to be a non-driver ?). Well, they wouldn't accept it at Miami International Airport 'cause it was too old, fortunately I also had a work i.d. with a picture on it. So I'll have to get a new 'still not driving' i.d.

El.. I'll betcha anything you want that his ex-wife was busier.

Gotta head out the door... see y'all tonight! If you could come up with some submissions as to an inspiring and non-cliched thing to write in a currently blank wedding card, that would be appreciated as well.

Hmmmm... I think we'd have to know how you know the happy couple first, Kaf. Are you very good friends? Acquaintances? A family member of one of the halves?

Your Holiness Insom... I don't drive, either, and hope to never ever have to. What do non-drivers in the States use as ID, anyway? I assumed that the authorities wouldn't accept a work ID as it wasn't an official governmental document. I guess I was wrong.

You're probably right, Kaf, but she couldn't be bothered to stay around for the really *busy* work - raising them!


Finally somewhat heinzed.

Dang, DJT, you need to get the dust bunnies cleaned out from behind the fridge...they are starting to run in packs making it unsafe.

I missed the excitement, but is it too late to get a WMD badge?

But much more exciting is the news of Peri and Joshkr. However, as a courtesy lets not pressure them too much.

Good to see Leetie flushed again. Er, didn't sound right.

And I appreciate MiB's reminder of the worldwide standards of government customer service...in line for nine hours?!?! Here in the states we get annoyed at waiting 15 minutes for a license.

Glad all is well for DDi, and I think the loss of Harley guy as well as whatever else they took is probably a plus--at least I hope you find it so.

[crosses fingers for perfect trip for Tamara]

OK. so now I need to know more about the NAVA (beautiful Nava?) god(s). The buzz is that it is a she, not an acronym. One goddess for all this power? seems like a pantheon would be needed!

And if I may supplicate: Oh Nava, why doth not "Ctrl F" work anymore? My IE browser crashes upon attempting it in this blog. Pray, remedy this so I may search for vaguely recalled details in the MOAT if I am worthy of such a petition.

[closing tags like a good boy]

MiB ~ NonDriver Id card. Looks like a license. You need all the same documents to prove you are who you say you are to get it. Only differs from a license in that you can't use it to drive with. It's taken the same as a drivers license. Sometimes a work ID will work as a form of ID, but sometimes not. A NonDriver ID always works. Costs like 15 bucks and well worth the time to avoid hassles when trying to cash checks and such. (I just made my mother get one so I didn't have to cash checks for her anymore)

9 hours on line - sheesh.

MiB, the drivers license office makes "official IDs"
for non-drivers.

Way to go DDi, get well soon.

MiB - The Department of Motor Vehicles ,since they already have the facilities for taking unflattering little pictures and the ability to make people stand in long lines, will issue 'non-driver's licenses' .You generally have to produce a birth certificate, which in my case should not be easy to find, I probably can't use the previous non-driver's license which is expired, and from another state to boot.
It's funny because I've never been asked to produce any i.d. to vote (had to try that) not even my now faded-out illegible voter's card.
Some people are all upset about having national i.d.s
My guess is those people all are drivers.

Nine hours in line took its toll on everyone there. There were LOTS of people chain-smoking.

It took that long to get booked and printed because at the police station there were only three people behind the counter (yes, you read that right: THREE ). I was in the last group of people let in. The ones behind me have to wait all over again tomorrow.

There were hundreds of immigrants in line already by the time I had arrived at 8 AM. Some of them had slept in front of the police station overnight.


My Ctrl+F is working fine in IE.



I've always thought it was strange that Americans and Britons should protest so much against having a national ID card, too, Insom. Doesn't a driver's licence have all the same information, anyway? I don't really see what all the fuss is about.

I was born in a country that has mandatory ID cards. Actually it's a little booklet of which several pages are used for voting. You get an ink stamp and a signature in it for each time you exercise your democratic right.

Various other things are in it, too: military service (if you opt for it, as it's not obligatory), change of address, and probably a few others I have forgotten.

All very useful; no one complains.

Following is my contribution to bad poetry day. It was supposed to be a legitimate song but I can't get the meter right, and frankly, right now I just don't care. So, it qualifies nicely as a bad poem.

I didn’t want to fall at all,
but you enthralled me
And when you’d stroke my arm,
turn on your charm, I was disarmed

The fireworks lasted the whole night through,
with you, it’s true
And you said it would be so good,
The way it should, if I would love you

You said it’s better this way, better this way,
oh you say it’s better this way

Then you told me we were through
And I found out you’d declared your love to at least a few
And asked them all to be with you

I know we’re better off apart; I’m glad you’ve made another start,
But damn you’re messing with my heart

I know it’s better this way, better this way,
Yes I know its better this way
Please let me feel better some day, better some day,
Lord, I pray, let it be better this way

*buzzer sound* That doesn't qualify as a bad poem. It sounds fine to me, Neo. :-)


Some of us think it would be a good idea too. Others just freak at the thought of the government having a copy of everyones fingerprints on file somewhere. I just figure if you don't do anything illegal, you really won't have to worry about being printed. A large number of us already have been due to job requirements.

*hugs neo*
It needs a nice slow beat with soaring high notes and sad drawn out notes too.
By no stretch is it bad.

*nods* Quite true, Wolfie. I don't think national ID cards in the US and UK are a matter of Big Brother becoming ever more present everywhere, as many countries have had the same system for decades and decades without any problems.
It's not the system that's bad, it's the way the government will use it.

A few years ago the Argie government revamped the ID booklet. You get your booklet when you turn 16. I think I got mine the first year the new ones were out. All nice and shiny and blue.
It's practically a rite of passage, because before you get the booklet, you're only in your parents' booklets in the page dedicated to offspring.

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