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August 29, 2003


Here's a thoughtful report from Tennessee.

(Thanks to Susan Adcock, who states "Someone¹s basically forcing me to send you this.")


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<font color="chartreuse">Second, if they have it</font color="chartreuse">

<font color="midnight blue">Whoops, I guess chartresue was a bad idea</font color="midnight blue">


I tried a shade of pink earlier, and it didn't like that either.

*wanders in, sniffs*

Has somebody been pulling Leetie's finger?



Use the html tags carefully!

*wanders in warily* You HTML-mad people should go do your experiments on another thread now so this one doesn't get killed, too.

How are you all today? I'm better since I watched "Bridget Jones's Diary" earlier.

Well, OK, I did it to perv at Colin Firth... heehee.

Colin Firth...yum.

Not that I'm here. I'm working. Really.

Ok, I had to figure out where we were.

But really I'm going back to work.

(hee hee, I'm not even going to say that I said bu..)

I know not of this style thing yall speak. I'm a title kinda gal.

*slinks off into the shadows*

STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR TAGS! You'll all grow hair on the palms of your hands.

*zips in VERY HAPPY*

I love it here already - now I can say it: I never liked the Terror MOAT and I'm not sorry that it died although, being a nice person I will say RIP, but that's IT!!!!!

*decides to build whole new KibEl office from the ground up*

I'm bringing NOTHING from that awful place (except the stapler, of course!)

Are e-mails being sent?

So Josh and Peri are for real?!

Tell me it's true!!!!



I leave for a day to go on some business. I come back and El is saying nice things about my son (thanks El! He'll be walking soon. Also, Mason is very close to me. There's not to much that's around Cincinnati that you can't get to in about half an hour).

Then people are messing around with color

Now, it appears that Peri and Joshkr are finding love on the MOAT also.

Seriously, someone call an AMBULANCE

My Head

Is Splitting

The happy couple came out, I see.


I should have used something other than AMBULANCE for that great new tag

Maybe I should take a moment and

Center Myself

In the words of H2G2,

*zips out and says a little prayer that everyone will be here in the morning*

Oh....that reminds me. Quick comment about the fishing trip and then I have to get back to work.

We had a wonderful time (even though it rained) and we all caught our limit. Last night, I fixed some of the fish for dinner -- baked trout with lemon, fresh rosemary and basil; and deep fried in Zataran's coating. Anyway, before we ate, Jenni said grace, and concluded it with "and thanks for all the fish."

She has NOT seen/read H2G2 ( and neither have I, but I've read all of the posts.)

I laughed, which puzzled everyone.

Of course, with apologies to Mr. Fish. I don't think any of your relatives were involved.

sly - we tend to puzzle a lot of people, including Dave, judi, and our patron saint: Nava. We are a mysterious bunch, no?

Dude. You have a patron saint? Where have I been?

Nava is the blog's patron saint, Polly. Oh, and btw, I've been blurking on your blog. It's excellent!

Punky: it's true! We have another MOAT-couple! Isn't that sweet?

Back to work now...really...

Josh and Peri,

I just have to say ... I'm so happy I could pee!


Hehe, I'm playing Fable right now, and just standing in front of 'my wife' wearing only boxer shorts - not doing anything, just standing there - and every two minutes or so she says stuff like "Let us relax...in bed" and "Shall we retire to the boudoir*?" Then the screen goes blank and she giggles and says "ooh, that's nice" a lot. I think we're on #16 now...

(*she's very cultured)

In other news...sly, maybe you (or whoever killed the last MOAT) should let us know what the Death Tag is, so 'we' won't accidentaly do it again? We don't want a repeat of the Terror.

I'm thinking it would be hard to post "the death tag" without knowing what it was wouldn't we? But then again, with the things that go on around here it wouldn't be a big surprise if it did happen. And...oh look something shiney!

Polly - Nava is our technical goddess, behind the Great and Powerful Dave and judi. She gets the brunt of our silliness when a MOAT goes wonky, or somebody gets banned by accident etc... I thought that NAVA actually was an acronym at some point, but she's a real person (who is really eligible for sainthood, IMHO).

NAVA's not an acroynm? hmm...I learn new things every day.

MeL - hopefully, you never stop learning something new every day! I just helped my roomie proofread a paper on George Orwell, and he found facts about Ol' George that I never knew. Always try and learn something new every day... I used to love slowlayne's useless word of the day, and I love El's Jewish word of the day. It makes me feel like I'm using the few brain cells I have left ;)

Gee, Punky. I've never made anyone that happy before. =)

I've also learned that working 40 hours a week--SUCKS! That is all.

Being an adult is over rated.

Note to all MOATies: The Y! is now updated on the front page (Current Location) and in the links, but due to the vagaries of alphabetical order of Roman Numerals, MOAT XXIX is not appearing at the bottom of the listed MOATs in the links list, so scroll up a few from the Terror MOAT and look for the butt crack ;)

"Being an adult is over rated"

MeL, sweetie, you're preachin' to the choir here.

*starts a round of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" on the geezer bus*

"Ok, everyone now, 99 bot-"

"What did he say?"

"99 bots!"



"99? Where? How will I ever find my seat?"

"I don't know! Ask him!"


"I SAID..."

WELL! Seems we had a fun time last night.

MeThinks sly's found the answer to "Kill a thread AND Prevent Spam"!

Congratulations go to Slyeyes!

I WAS going to recommend we pass that info onto the NAVA Gods, but on reflection - NO - we should keep it and put it to use when we jump MOATs.

A consencious should be formed (in case someone wants to turn it into their personal thread - lab) and then the Draw Bridge be brought up.


Oh, the html Merit Badge will stay with the BOLD, italics and LINKS and we should consider an "advanced award" for those that move on.

I think it's a credit to having the html Merit Badge that's permitted so many to move forward.

Personaly, I'm going back - to review MOATs for the "Draw Bridge" implementaton.

I posted a little something at the Terror Moat, but it looks like we just pulled up sticks and left...

EL!!!! Report to Marvin for your whipping with a wet noodle!! (It would have been Josh, but he's been corrupted now and his leash is really tight. NTTAWWT). *starts to get really agitated* I arrived at the new Moat and there was NO HUNK WALL! No Babes Wall, either, but I wasn't quite so worried about that.

Fortunately, I went back to see what I had not caught up on, and I found the wall just sitting there next to my hammock.

*adds pic of Daniel Carter to Hunk Wall.* Moatettes (and thusly inclined Moaties)... he's recently suffered a sports injury and is looking for some tender loving care. Anyone interested?

kibby, wasn't it only IE that the Death Tag affects? Or is it wider ranging than that? And wasn't spam able to creep onto the blog even when nobody else could post (like when the old blog was shut down for the move)? So it might not help so much anyway.

SMarvin, don't know. I'll have to fire up the laptop and check with FireFox. I have IE at the \\shudder// werk machine and I'm totally blocked at I've tried not to.

I figure if you cannot get to the "Post here" screen, there's no way to post.


I use Firefox and I haven't had a problem. Admittedly, I was offline when the tag whose name shall not be spoken killed whichever thread it was.

I figure if you cannot get to the "Post here" screen, there's no way to post.

Y'know, Kibby, that makes a weird kind of sense.

Yep, I had tried last night in IE and couldn't get to the last part of the Terror MOAT, but trying it now in Firefox and it's ok. I know the part that was all in blue for a while doesn't show that way in IE, but it does in FF.

Ok, research trip to the Terror MOAT with Mazolla gets me as far as I got with the IE boat. No ability to post. STOPPED DEAD IN MY TRACKS!

G'mornin Moaties.

*slinks off dragging toybox to investigate shadows of new moat*

oops, oops, oops, my bad.

My laptop defaulted to IE and not Firefox (GATES! I'LL GET YOU!!!!)

With Mozilla Firefox I can see the entire thread INCLUDING the ability to POST! No one will be listening though.

Draw Bridge technique seems to have some holes.....

so.......who killed the thread? It seems like people with Firefox know

Sly, let's just say it was someone we all cherish and love.... or someth'n like that.

And it wasn't your THREAD KILLER technique either. Though could you point me to your testing grounds so I could evaluate the damages it causes? WE MAY still have the SPAM-A-CIDE!

You know, I rethought that while I was downstairs at the cafe and regret I asked.

The "testing grounds" are the Gerald thread and Snake Update thread in the March 2003 archives.

I love it here already - now I can say it: I never liked the Terror MOAT and I'm not sorry that it died although, being a nice person I will say RIP, but that's IT!!!!!

C'mon, El, it should live and be well...just far away from us.

Anyway, before we ate, Jenni said grace, and concluded it with "and thanks for all the fish."

Now THAT's funny, Sly. Almost as good as the first time you told HRH that her ramparts were too big.

I must say, of all the people I'd never have guessed Peri & Josh in a zillion years. NTTAWWT

El isn't here yet so I'll say it for her: Mazel Tov! And since she's in So.Cal.: Muchos Nachas!

Marvin's thing above reminded me of an old joke Sandy sent me again yesterday:

A little old lady was running up and down the halls in a nursing home. As she walked, she would flip up the hem of her nightgown and say, "Supersex." She walked up to an elderly man in a wheelchair. Flipping her gown at him, she said, "Supersex." He sat silently for a moment or two and finally answered,"I'll take the soup."

GeraldO Thread

We knew sly.

Well, you surely killed Geraldo posting, for IE but NOT entirely.

*off to check on Snake*

...same for the Snake Update thread. IE - D.E.D. FF - alive and kickin.

*goes to see IF he (he = kibby) can undo the blocks*

Well, somebody sure killed the Terror MOAT and it wasn't me.

For MeL: NAVA is definitely a "she" according to judi.

If NAVA were male, it would be NAVO.


24 hours from now we'll be on the way tto D.C. & Arlington for the blogmeet. It's getting exciting.

(Or is that a comment on how "exciting" my life is in general? Nah, this is big.)

Glad you had a good time fishing, sly. As long as no one hooked someone else, you're ahead of the game as far as I'm concerned.

And as long as said fishing doesn't include getting on a boat and going out of sight of land, I'm OK too. I am a terrible sailor and so is Jackie. In Key West, the visit before last, we took a boat out to see the coarl reef and Jackie got sick as a dog. A very sick dog.

"coral" reef

Interesting Sly! There's posts after your "killers" and when you kibby they can be briefly seen. (cut & paste to wordpad show everything)

You've managed to find something that only tells IE NOT to show it. Were you doing something with colors? Say white?

*zips in* in a manner of speaking!

So I woke up, looked at the clock, 5:40am, Oh well, got out of bed, did a couple of things, looked at the clock again - 4:40am - eeekkkk! I turned out the light, closed my eyes, said to self, you will sleep, repeat, repeat, no good - and - after watching a little TV - voila! Here I am!
And the new MOAT is still here!
Life goes on, oob-la-di, oob-la-da

DJT - I'm glad you enjoy my Yiddish Word of the Day - here it is:
intelligence, smarts, common sense
Naprimer: We MOATies are famous for having a lot of sachel!

*zips out for more coffee and Advil*

Kibby, no. What I did is in my post on the Y. I was striking out stuff and ended up deleting the Moat.

< style > should be handled only by experienced HTMLers wearing bomb disposal suits.

*zips back in from MB*

WOW! It's 6:30am here in (cooler) su.so.ca. and there are already 5 (five) new posts on the MB!!!!

*zips back over to read them*

*hopes she doesn't get chastised AGAIN today for zipping on the MB*

Now we all know that Joshkr has a very

distance relationship going on.

That is awesome!! And I too, was so happy that I peed. It was in the shower though.

No, it's still there Sly, you just cannot see it. I saw your message on the Y! and have been trying variations of it to "un-do" whatever it thinks you do do. (Butt-Crack MOAT joke.)

*wonders why Joshkr's pants were over at wolfie's when he an Peri were...* OH, a diversion!!! *wink*

Can you say threes....threescore and seven years ago our blog servers brought forth, upon this internet, a new blog, conceived in humour, and dedicated to the proposition that "all boogers are created equal and all bloglits are not allowed shiney new toys"

Look.. something shiny→

Downer-post ahead...

Twenty-seven more hours till I check Punky for head lice! I should be very excited, but I am actually feeling quite *down* this morning. Because I will be traveling with the SoonToBeEx. Sigh.

It’s become so complicated.

The ex has started going to counseling. Heavy-duty stuff. Long sessions, twice a week. And taking notes and expounding upon those notes after every session. And then he forwards those notes to me. So I can see that he is making progress. The following is a small part of the set of notes from his first session:

My Objectives:
1) Become a person I can be proud of, that Tamara can be proud of, that the munchkin can be proud of.
2) Be a source of comfort, love, support, stimulation and dependability for Tamara (and the munchkin).
3) Make choices that are constructive to my relationship to Tamara (and the munchkin).
4) Give Tamara the time, the space that she needs to sort out what she wants short- and long-term.
5) Do things on a consistent regular basis that prove to Tamara that I am trustworthy—by being there for her, supporting her, not inconveniencing her, treating her with respect . . .
6) Respect Tamara. She is one of the deepest, most brilliant, most alluring, most capable people I have ever known. She exists on a level most people never even bother to aspire to—a level that makes her unique and accomplished. Her level of awareness may very well be unmatched as it is both ethereal and relevant.

I actually do usually enjoy spending time with the SoonToBeEx. He’s funny. We went to a wedding together on Sunday, and I met some of his coworker-friends, and we had a really really fun time. We’ve been having family dinners lately--where I actually get to cook! The munchkin is so happy when we’re all together. And the SoonToBeEx is happy because he wants us to all be together. I never wanted to be a divorced woman, and I’ve been so woefully depressed these last five months. I don’t feel the same sense of despair lately… Instead of feel sick to my stomach. We are walking a dangerous rope. I just want the company; I don’t trust him relationship-wise. He isn’t pushing, but his end goal is some sort of romantic relationship. He’s going to get hurt and start acting like a baby again at some point. So I can’t just relax and enjoy the company. I have to stay on-guard and make sure we keep an emotional distance. And any time he seems to be hoping for even a hug, I have to directly remind him that that’s not where we are right now. Then he feigns indignation at my even suggesting he was thinking such a thing. Whatever!

I feel like I am being untrue to myself, putting myself in a position of jeopardy, risking his feelings, and possibly undoing the distancing of the last five months… But I do want his company! It’s comfortable, it’s predictable, and it makes the munchkin so happy! And he is making progress with his counseling… He’s already behaving differently toward the munchkin—much more fatherly and interactive, which is...just…what I have wanted for them for so long!! [teary-eyed] And he is, over-all, acting differently. He’s recognized my extreme abhorrence for clinginess/neediness, and he doesn’t call me or instant message me first anymore; he waits for me to call or message him. That’s beautiful progress right there.

I don’t have “love” feelings for him right now. Nor lust, at all. Those are feelings that only come about for me when I feel safe on the emotional level.

I feel angry that he is still interested in me. I feel angry—no, furious—that it took five months of living separately for him to finally seek exactly the help he’s needed the entire past five years. These past five months have been almost unbearable for me. I have been SO DEPRESSED. And it was not necessary. He does care for me; he’s just been too much of an idiot to let me know. I’m angry. Very angry.

But, then, I’m only angry when I’m avoiding sadness.

I need a punching bag. Or three.


Stupid italics. I closed EVERY ONE O' THEM BASTARDS!!

Tamara - I'm closing your italics.
You're welcome.

Wow... I feel hung-over from last night's crazy death tag party.

My cursor looks funny here... usually a straight vertical line, but now it has a little thingy sticking out near the top. It used to happen to my cursor on the FIRST thread.


I had noticed the little tag thingie at home, Leetie...and I have it here too. Of course, I'm using Firefox both places, so that may be it. Or part of it.

I don't know what IE is doing.

Maybe it's a booger.

Our cursor is normal.

Resume regular programming.

*whew* At first it looked like someone had killed this MOAT, but then I kibbied and the rest of it appeared. Ignore my panicked message on the Y group, OK?

I have two pieces of good news! *beams*

The first is that tomorrow morning I'll be outside the police station at the crack o' dawn (OK, 8 AM) to see if I can get in to get myself fingerprinted and booked and all. It'll take them about a month and a half to make my ID card, but as soon as I have it, I can go see Giant Frog!

The second good news is: I was chosen to be Vianney's godmother!
HOWEVER... Giant Frog told his sister that I had not been baptized because he though I really hadn't. GRRRRRRRRRR!!! So they may or may not already have informed the backup godmother (a sister of the baby's father) that she has been chosen.
If she has not already been informed, I am going to get my first communion in my local church so I can be this beautiful baby's godmother.

All together now: YAYYYYYYYYY!

Yaaay, Marie; that is wonderful!! :) [Well, both pieces are, but especially the godmother part!] They like you; they really like you! That's beautiful. :)

Oh, Tamara, I'm so sorry! I got so excited that I didn't read all through your post before posting my good news. :-(

(((((Tamara))))) An extra-large hug to make up for my stupid rush.

(*psst, pass it on. Marie's getting booked and printed at the local hoosegow*)

Tamara ... I'll take good care of you on Thursday. I've got the punching bag, the tequilla, the penguin thongs and the male strippers all lined up. All you have to do is hop on that train. :-)


The best way to present bad news is to present good news directly after, Marie. :)

I think I just need to keep finding distractions for a few more months.

I have two problems with tomorrow, though:

1. I have to wake up at 7am or even earlier. This will NOT be easy because:
a. I usually go to sleep at 5 to 6am.
b. I cannot hear alarms as I am hearing-impaired.
I need advice on how to wake up tomorrow. PLLLLEEEEAAAASE give me some ideas. :-( I can't just hope the dog barks in the morning because sometimes (like today) she doesn't.

2. There's an ENORMOUS line waiting outside the police station. This is bad because it is "first come, first served" and they close at - get this - 2PM.

I hope it all goes well and that I'll get booked and printed tomorrow. *nervous hand-wringing*

Tamara... I think the MOATie meet tomorrow will give you more than enough stuff to get distracted about for years, if not months. :-)


OK. That last sentence made no sense. Just switch around the words "years" and "months".

But, Punky, have you remembered the Boulevard Wheat with lemon? ;) *hugs Punky*

Marie, my cell phone has an alarm that vibrates...but I guess I can't get it to Barcelona in time to help.
There are also alarms that use light instead of sound.

My cell phone alarm (which I have already set to ring at 7am tomorrow) vibrates and blinks the light on and off. I could put it next to me in the bed, but I'm afraid of it dropping to the floor as I move while I sleep... or worse, I'll sleep on it and dial someone in Malaysia, costing me a zillion Euros.

I think it's the best I can do under the circumstances, though.

When I lived in Argieland, I used a real alarm clock that blinked its lamp on and off. It woke me up a treat. I brought it here and tried to use it when I first moved in, but we didn't have the right adapter or something.

*is still excited at the prospect of being a godmother*

*gets teary-eyed* I didn't know Giant Frog's sister liked me that much!

Earlier you guys were talking about Nava.
A few months ago, when I was still so cruelly banned from posting, I e-mailed Judi and Nava about the problems I had with the blog and actually e-mailed back and forth with Nava for a while.

Just out of curiosity, because name origins are a kind of hobby of mine, I looked up her name. I seem to recall that Nava means "beautiful" in Hebrew, so Nava is a Jewish Princess. :-)

Yep, here you go: the meaning of Nava is "beautiful" in Hebrew.

By the way, I recommend that website for all your baby-naming needs. There are better francophone ones, but BehindTheName.com is the best I've seen in English so far.

*dashing in for a moment*

The broadcast may go down for a minute or two...work on that computer...it will return soon.

Hey, what's that thing on my curser?

Since this is the butt crack moat, i'm calling my cursor doodad a dingleberry.


Marie...yay! Does your cellphone have an option to lock the keypad? I do that on mine, so I can't push buttons by mistake...but I can answer it if it rings...and I can unlock the keyboard myself to use it.


*wishing I could go to the bloglit meet...*

I've only noticed the thingie right here. It didn't show on the MB...


I don't have a thingy like the cool kids have...:(

Susan, please let us know when WCRE is back up and running..

*stays put*

I would lock the keypad, but I don't know how. I'll go look for the manual later.
If I still have it.

MiB - you have to be fingerprinted for your first communion? The Church is sure tough these days!

Tamara - maybe STBX's new insights will benefit someone else...

Marie, no 'Vianney' here, but 100 years ago 'Marie' was one of the 10 most popular names in the U.S. See?

As for BAD baby names, this site can provide hours of fun...and horror.

{{{Tamara}}} & I agree with insom.
MiB, I love that babies name. LOVE IT!!!

Not much else to post. Still trying to fancy catsup. I was rather busy this morning... there is a clue to what I was busy doing in my email addy. :)

*would skip if she could, waddles happily instead*

Di... do you mean Vianney or Nava? I like the name Vianney very much, though not Nava.

Jeff, I've seen that baby names page before. *shudders* Have you seen have you seen this one already?

((((Di)))) Happy happy happy day on the MOAT!

We should be back up on line.

Marie I would have to say Vianney. It's beautiful.

*floats around Moat on cloud 9*

Vianney has been on my baby name list for a long, long time. It's nice to know the SIL shares my taste in baby names. Her first boy's name was on my list until he was born, too - Etienne (Stephen in French). The second child, a girl, was named Hortense, which was bizarre at first, but then we all got used to it. Now I think it's even pretty.

I just hope to God she doesn't want to have another little girl because Giant Frog actually TOLD HER my favorite girls' name when she was still didn't know what sex the last baby would be. Bastard! lol.

All my typos and bad HTML can be put down to the excitement caused by this good news orgy. Please bear with me today, folks.

What is going on?

I tried to kibby and got a page saying that access to this blog was suspended...

Got ready to send something in the Y, came back here to be sure of the message, kibbied one time just to check and all was well....

Very very odd...

I like this site for baby's names:

Just type the name in to the top left.

Great news, MiB!


Punky, be sure to take care of T-dog!

Jeff- what does it say about me that I find the woman asking Freddie Prinze Jr. father's name, as side-splittngly funny as the first time I read it, which was last November? nothing good, I wager.


*breaks out the paddles* Higgy's goin' down!

DI! You DIDN'T!! You COULDN'T!! NOW?! Of all times, NOW?! OHMYGOSH!!!

I'm going to be late to the blogmeet tomorrow. It's my mom's birthday tomorrow. She invited my brother over to dinner. I cannot miss it or her feelings will be hurt.

So I'm going to be late. Wait up!

and BTW I also have the Firefox Dingleberry (TM thingy).

Tamara - sorry, I'm British. T-dawg just comes out wrong when I type it...

Or that T$ or Tmoney that she calls you...

*Insert joke about Higgy willingly going down here*

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