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August 31, 2003


Male nipple reduction: Before you do it, get the facts.

(Thanks again to Mike Zlotnick)


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A calmer day...

Ketching up...

{{{Wurm}}} Sounds like you had one of those weeks.

{{{Tamara}}} Yes. Restraining order sounds good.

Jeff, don't have the reunion shirts yet, just showing people a very very similar one. And the one I have would not fit me.

Hadn't thought about MOAT shirts...hmmmm...have to think about that. I bet Alan could do that...just need artwork...

I missed chocolate and porn last night? Well durn. Didn't get to get on line during the game. I guess I should have.

Well, didn't really get on much yesterday, actually.

Before I forget...the Friday playlist...LTTG I know.

Friday 9-30-05 All Request Lunch Hour
“Maggie May” Rod Stewart
“Feelin’ Alright” Joe Cocker
“Where Were You When I Needed You” Grass Roots---Frank or Furman?
“Wah Watusi” Orlons
“Dust In The Wind” Kansas
“Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone) Glass Tiger
“Gimme One Reason” Tracy Chapman
“Whatever Gets You Through The Night” John Lennon
“American Girl” Tom Petty
“How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” Marvin Gaye
“Patience” Guns ‘N Roses

*debates a little singing to wake everyone up*

*zips in with an Announcement*

The Yankees won the AL East today, beating the Red Sox 8-4, and Cleveland losing -
Let's hear it for the boys
Let's give the boys a hand!

Joe Torre cried. (in a good way)

MOATaritas all around!
Calling the Cabana boy!

*plops into hammock holding picture of

the man of her dreams*

Lt Woman: He's okay-looking, IMO, but nothing special. That's exactly how I feel about Mel Gibson! I just don't get the excitement over that guy.

zoodle, it's the twinkle in his eye that does it for me!

But I agree with you about Mel Gibson.

Hadn't thought about MOAT shirts...hmmmm...have to think about that. I bet Alan could do that...just need artwork...

Brilliant idea Susan! And we could all post our pictures wearing our tshirts on the Y!

The tshirts and nothing else, correct?

Well, they come in sizes up to 5X...if that was the only size we got, I think we would all be pretty well covered...

Although there are no doubt those that would like to see us all in small or medium...

After all the talk the other day, since I'm heading out of town shortly...I'll be stopping at Chik-Fil-A. They are one of the sponsors of CCU football...my daughter was here earlier and said she wanted that. I said what a coincidence. I planned on that for supper tonight.


Hadn't looked at the list of ads coming up. While typing this, there was a commercial break.

For Chik-Fil-A.




chirp indeed. slow day on the moat, eh?

*zips in*

In my driveway, very close to my newspaper is a - eeekkk! dead mouse. Why this mouse hasn't been eaten by one of the neighborhood cats is beyond me, but it hasn't.
At 9:30am this morning I called my friend Brian and asked him if he'd come over and dispose of it, so I could be released from my prison aka house.

Brian: Where are the coyotes when you need them?

But then he said he'd be happy to do that for me.

It's now 4:34pm and the mouse is still there and I'm still waiting.

I guess it was my mistake not to ask "WHEN".

Poor little mouse! (I wonder how cute nice little mice wind up with such a bad name?) Isn't this the medical moat? Let's find a mouse doctor!

The munchkin and I spent the day eating, napping, and shopping for clothes, music, and dvds. I put about $250 on STBX's credit card, which sounds a bit like passive-aggressive revenge, but I actually acquired his permission to increase his debt this morning. He enjoys any shot at martyrdom.

This is beyond dysfunctional, isn't it? We hadn't argued like last night in ages--at least not since he moved out in March. I'd forgotten how bad it could get.

I feel like such white trash, and so terribly naive. It simply dumbfounds how two people--both in dire need of affection and comfort--can clash so terribly.

Though I thought I made a conscious effort not to, it seems I married a man who is very much like my unanimously abhorred father. I think I quite hate life. *angry*

Given the current mood of the Moat, I don't know if I should admit this, but Vince Vaughn has never really done anything for me.

Ditto, Kaf.

OK, all, I see I get to do the MOAT Meet report first here. But first let me acknowledge a particularly satisfying Yankee triumph that not only won them the division for the 8th year in a row but did it at Fenway Park, home of the hated Red Sox.

I'm betting they'll be meeting again in a couple of weeks in the League Championship Series.

OK, a small hitch as Wurm mistakenly thought we were meeting at 11:30 rather than 12:30, but he killed the hour on a book search, a great way to do it. We met him & Bismuth at 12:30 on Fifth Avenue & 52nd Street. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, perfect for walking around New York.

The four of us walked over the Cosi on 56th & Madison and had lunch and talked for a while. Bis had no agenda of things to see so we decided to give him the short version walking tour. We went down to Rockefeller Center (Wurm took pictures) and then over to Times Square, down to 44th Street (sadly, the Naked Cowboy was having another day off) and then up Broadway to Columbus Circle (59th Street) with the three of us (Wurm was definitely tour leader) pointing out various sights ("there's a crazy street preacher" was one).

At 59th we went into Central Park and took a diagonal path northeast, eventually coming out at 79th Street as Bis was picking up his bus for the ride back uptown outside the Metropolitan Museum. We were a little early so had time to walk over to Madison Avenue for some pricy cake & iced cappuchinos at EAT. After that we found Bis's bus and dropped him off, then headed back downtown so Jackie could look for a coffee table at Macy's.

It was a really fun day and great to see Wurm again and meet Bismuth, my 13th MOATie. (As she mentioned last night, Blogchik was unable to make the meet. Maybe next time.)

zoodle honey, the mouse is dead - it's way too late for a doctor.

Update: 5:30pm PDT, Brian just called and said he was sorry he hadn't come over but by now the news in this morning's paper was old and that I'd probably read the other papers online anyway and some other long story having something to do with eggplant and would it be OK if he came over in the morning which he would for sure and he was really sorry and he had to hang up.
Sure, I said. (What else would you say?)
Bye, he said.


Where's that broad looking for her kitty when you need her?

More importantly, where's the damn cat!?!?!

Watching "The Wedding Singer" with the munchkin. I love this movie. :)

Movie quote: "See? Billy Idol gets it; I don't know why she doesn't get it!"


So the damn cat is watching "The Wedding Singer" with the munchkin?

Eleanor's Brian just called me and said he's terribly sorry but that joke sucked and he has to go.
"Thanks, man", I said (What else would you say?)
"Bye", he said

Hey Joshie!! We've missed you, baybee!

Note to all: I'm *not* on Yahoo Msngr--my own laptop is still broken. Wolfie: Will check my offlines Monday at work.

Hi Tamara!

Ya know, at a park near me there is an over-the-stream walkway called (and only Bangi could make this up): Interpreetive Walk - Bangi, when were you in WA?

No, we haven't. And mice are vermin that are easily stamped out. It only takes a word or two in the cool kids' ears and then they are the topic du jour. No sympathy for rodents and assholes. What a shame.

Tamara ~ can I add you to my messenger list? Email me please.

Moaties ~ why must I be a grown up? I don't feel like it. *pout*

Aaand on that note, I think I'll pack up the good mood I've worked so hard on today and go to sleep. Having the munchkin around today made this not as bad a birthday as it could have been. First thing she did when she got out of bed this morning was sing "Happy Birthday to Mommy". :)

Zoodle, cye.

What is a grown-up? Is it someone who has weathered the rigors of life? Who has been bitten by the snake of betrayal? Seen their life fall down around their ears? Someone who gropes blindly in the fog, looking for firm ground? Someone who knows who and where their friends are?

I'm almost a grown-up.

Darnit! I see a huge omission in the calendars!

Happy Birthday, Tamara!!!

WHOA!!! Thank-you my MOATies! I knew I was in the right place with the right people. I appreciate your insights, advice and sentiments - you know who you are. What seemed black now seems like nothing at all. Thanks.

That's an awfully delineated and specific way of looking at adulthood.
I'm going to be Forever Young.
It's the principle of the thing.

Sorry, Crash. It's not like that at all. If you're lucky. You'll be lucky, 'cause I know you've chosen your friends well. They'll always be there for you.

Thats right.
I've chosen good friends. Crazy, but good.

Haha, I'm watching the Waterboy, and they're eating whole Alligators.
Gross, that has to be like eating leather twinkies.

I don't know how many of you remember this, but back on Moat 1, I told off Doug Brockmier for some innocent thing he did because a friend of mine was being psychologically abused by her husband. Well, I'm happy to report that she has finally seen the light, and has divorced the SOB.

Again, sorry Doug!

steven, my love! I'm so glad to see you here with such great news! Doug doesn't hang out here anymore, sadly. Since Salvador passed, I think. (Great days, those tales of Salvador).

Dysfunctional relationships cloud your days and choke the life out of you. Congratulations to your friend for being strong. She deserves a medal for all that she has faced.

Thats great news.
Psychological abuse is probably the worst kind.
Brains and emotions aren't as resilient as arms and legs.

happy birthday, Tamara!

Thanks Peri,
I had forgotten about Salvadore! Wasn't he for sale? For about a million dollars or something?
I sow her today for the first time in months, she's looking good. Says she's enjoying the single life, has gotten many phone numbers from guys, but can't decide which ones to call! I'm proud of her.
She's got two kids in school, so I upgraded my old computer and gave it to her, so that they could get on the internet. Also I saw her ex on the street yesterday, he tried to bum money from me, he was so strung out I hardly recognized him. I've done a lot of drugs in my day, but this guy has a major problem!

Tamara .. I googled Happy Birthday .. and it came up with this.. so Happy Birthday!

Glad that everyone seems to be happy.

If no one else wants Mel Gibson, I'll take him...

Rest of catchup complete.. see you later, my sweets!

*realizes she's had peri tied up in her box for hours*

Guess I should share huh?

*unties all the knots and slinks off to bed all worn out*

Yup, that sounds soooo filthy doesn't it? And yet, nothing really untoward you can put your finger on. Bwuahahaha. G'nite Moaties.

Heheheh!! Loved every minute of it, wolfie!! There's something so sexy and...animal...about wolves.

*available for a session in the shadows anytime*

Well well well. Isn't it interesting the things you can learn in private conversations? I hope no one here thinks they have any secrets. You all know that everyone talks and everyone has an opinion, right? We are all very polite, very friendly...I'm not going to rock this boat. I'm open to innuendo, naked jello, banter and life moments from my MOATies...you all know everything about me. Anything you want to know? Just ask.

*test post to figure out time diffs post-DLS*

I could just go back and figure them out from my posts earlier today, but that sounds too much like work.

DQ? - there's a coupe!

*does an (ironic) wave*

hey baby. pass it up. yeah, I know. never mind.

Peri, great to see you back. What's that song? "Only the Strong Survive"? Well, you are definitely among the strong.

El, Jackie says - dead mice can't hurt you, only live ones. She once dropped a Jansen's History of Art (a massive book) on a mouse in our first apartment. So feel free to pretend it isn't there.

I hope no one here thinks they have any secrets. You all know that everyone talks and everyone has an opinion, right?

What, you mean just like with every other group of people on earth?

Thanks for the birthday wishes, y'all. I purchased the new Ben Folds cd/dvd yesterday and unwrapped it this morning. Starting to feel a little better about life. :)

Thanks Jeff! From your mouth to...well, someone's ears. I've spoken to some very wise and loving people lately, and it's like the sun finally came up. I never fail to be amazed by the people here.

(This is me, letting go of stuff. It's easy, because my friends took it all away in little bits)

Did anyone here ever take 8 ten-year-olds to play laser tag? At a place that's 45 minutes out of town? And then drive back with them when they're all hopped up on pop and cake? I have to do that next weekend. Am I going to survive?

From a Daily News article today called "Short-order hookups" about all the celebrities getting married & divorced in (well) short order:

"At the end of the day, the key to true love is chemistry, and that means attraction, shared values, common interests and substance," Spindel said. "People who fall out of love in a matter of months probably had no idea who the other person was from the start. They confused love with lust."

Did anyone here ever take 8 ten-year-olds to play laser tag?

Once. I'm still in therapy.

*zips in*

Another good night's sleep - hooray for me!

Mouse report: Still dark out, don't know if critter's still there or not. Memo to Jackie: What if it's faking? (See the problem?)

Peri! Partial "Welcome Back Kotter" theme song modified to fit this occasion: Here where we need ya....
Welcome back, welcome back,
welcome back.

Also: Hello Peri, Well hello Peri, it's so good to have you back where you belong...

And then drive back with them when they're all hopped up on pop and cake?

Peri, I just read somewhere recently that the whole "kids hopped up because of too much sugar" thingy was NOT true and just one of those urban legends!!
(Hope this helps) :)

El, I this whoever said that is not true is in denial.

Jenni is dragging me away for a walk around the park. Actually, it's going to be a beautiful morning for it, but it is severely cutting into my porch time.

We were sitting out here amused by the lawnmowing efforts of our duplex-mate. He made a deal with the landlord that he does the yardwork to reduce his rent. I believe some defnitions of "yard work" needed to be outlined in that deal and I think he definitely got the better end of the bargain as very little effort goes into his lawnmowing.

Nothing gets in his way of mowing. By that, I mean that the one time a month when he mows, he does not pick up ANYTHING!! There are sliced up and smashed hedgeapples in one corner of the yard. By the curb, there is a spot of long grass where he quite admirably mowed AROUND the newspaper.

Then there are the stripes of long, mowed grass just begging to be baled.

OMGWTFBBQ! (repeat several times!)

The mouse is still there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in addition there are (very) large black crows in my driveway walking around!!! Don't they know they're supposed to fly and just hang out on telephone wires??? And why don't they eat the g.d. mouse???
I'd check the classified for apartments in the city, but I can't go get the newspaper!!!

HELP!!!! I'm a prisoner in my own home - send help!!!

admirably mowed AROUND the newspaper.

*snork* - too funny!

Thanks, El! I'll explain that to them. Do you think you could find the article for me? I'd like to make copies and put them in the grab bags. Actually, I'm sure the hip-hop music will drown them all out, anyway.

Around the time Jamie was born the house we were living in had a lot of mice move in. We put out traps but mice are smart and after a couple were killed the rest learned how to take the bait without setting off the trap. So I put a trap out by a mouse hole in the dining room and stuck the cheese down with peanut butter. I heard the trap go off and when I went to check, there was a mouse lying on the floor with blood on it's head. I didn't want to touch it so I went to look for something to pick it up with. When I got back it was sitting up but was too dazed to run away. I got a broom and swept it out the back door. Icky.

My point exactly Peri! Maybe the mouse is just taking a long nap or faking until some human sets foot in the driveway and then - MOUSE ATTACK!!!!

I did have mice in my kitchen once and when the pest control person came to set traps (in places where I couldn't see them, thank goodness) he used peanut butter because he said when the cheese got hard it had no aroma and wouldn't attract the mice - and he used MY peanut butter and then I had to throw away the whole jar after he left!

We thought someone was rattling something around in our kitchen once at like 3 am (this was at a house we rented way back). JU got up, got armed, and ventured into the kitchen to catch the perp red-handed. Nothing. 10 minutes later, I heard the sound again. Tap tap tap. I got up this time and found that a nut had been moved several feet from a bowl of nuts I had on the kitchen counter. Turns out a mouse was practicing his dribbling on the nut. I set a mouse trap and went back to bed. 10 minutes later, I heard the mouse trap snap.

Jackie: What if it's faking? (See the problem?)

Jackie is still laughing. "For a whole day???"

By the curb, there is a spot of long grass where he quite admirably mowed AROUND the newspaper.

Maybe it was the newspaper Eleanor was too afraid to pick up in case the dead mouse suddenly jumped up and attacked her. Actually, he should have mowed over the newspaper. Then you'd have seen stripes (or is that strips?)!

El, mice do not see very well, which is why they move along walls and step into traps that are placed there. If you stay out of the dead mouse's line of vision you'll be fine.

I can't believe I just said that.


These are the best laughs I've had on a Sunday morning ever!

Eleanor, you are a treasure.

Notice to all "helpful" MOATies and their related units.

I am NOT going downstairs. Period. But thank you.

*zips out to read about the Yankee game*
(on line, of course)

I can't remember if I posted this recently or just told a friend about it in an e-mail. If I'm repeating myself....then just skip over it.

One day a couple of weeks ago, I was going UP the basement steps and encountered a baby mouse going down. I will admit, cute little thing. But still, it was a mouse. And...eeek.

I was visiting my parents later that day and said that on my way home, I was going to stop at the store and get traps. Mom told me about the sticky traps that don't kill them, but traps them and they get away.

I told her I didn't see the point of that. Am I then supposed to take it out somewhere and set it free...which would mean prying it lose? Or kill it as it's sitting there struggling on the sticky paper?

A guy at work lives near a woods and thought they had mice in the garage since he'd been hearing rustling noises. He set out the sticky paper and the next morning, found a snake stuck to it.

I prefer traps.

sly, use peanut butter - and buy a separate jar so you don't have to eat out of it afterwards!
And isn't Fish still living in your basement and if so, shouldn't this mouse thing be one of his chores??? :)

Sticky traps are GREAT for other creepy crawlies though... the glue traps in our basement take care of all the crickets. The only problem is -- once one of those traps gets covered in a bunch of dead bugs, you still don't want to touch it to throw it away!

Sticky traps, ugh! Nasty things. My parents put those out while we were young. Unfortunately I also had some willful hamsters that liked to get out of their cage.

Sticky traps attract hamsters quite well!

So mom several times had a permanently stuck hamster on a sticky trap, outside, behind a running VW, trying to "euthanize" one under the tail-pipe. Looking up and around, pretending this was the most natural thing in the world to do.

We used to use a "humane" trap when we lived in the country. It trapped the mouse in a metal box, to be set free later. Some people don't want to have to deal with a live mouse, but I think dealing with a dead one is just as bad. Or, worse, an injured one that is only going to bleed to death.

Best solution: cats.

Better best solution: don't develop a mouse problem!

Tamara - yes, we have lots of cats here in my "hood" who come over to visit all the time, take naps on my patio chairs, etc., and that's why I don't understand why they haven't "taken care of" this problem!

I haven't had a mouse in 15 years.

A few weeks ago, I noticed my duplex-mate had 5 bags of garbage in the garage, and hadn't been setting garbage out on the designated pick-up days. (This is the lawnmowing dude.... evidence is in....he's lazy.) I was thinking that was going to attract varmits and I was going to have to say something to him. I was getting something out of my side of the basement and saw him down there sweeping up stuff from a bag that had been nibbled into by said varmits.

I just said something like "I was going to say something to you, but guess the mice beat me to it."

He grunted.

Some cats will only kill mice, but won't eat them because, once it stops moving around, what fun is it?

Sometimes cats leave dead animals as gifts to people they like. You're lucky it's not right at your front door. ;)

Laynie, get out your telescope and see if the ants are attacking the mouse yet. Then you can be pretty confident he's not "faking it." ;)

Peri: with kids and laser tag, the trick is to force a running game. If they just hide behind cover, scream, and shoot at each other, they'll get really worked up. Get them to chase each other around so they burn off some energy. Plus, shooting on the run they will be WAY less accurate, so the game will last longer.

Tamara: Happy 24-hours ago birthday!

Sly- the sticky traps stop being sticky when they get wet. You *can* take a stuck mouse outside and spray the hose on it (wide angle spritzer nozzle, please) and the mouse will get away.

But this does still require some handling of said mouse, so maybe it would be better to call your friend again...

Tamara - *snork* re ants.
Yes, I used to have cats and they would kill birds and eat all but the heads and leave said heads right outside my sliding glass door that leads out to the patio - nice!!!! NOT!

p.s. Tamara, LTTG, but
Happy Birthday!

In an effort to remain calm, I'm listening to my new Ben Folds CD - very nice.....I haven't watched the DVD that came with it yet...

Question: Is there a purpose to Jillian Barbieri?

(suspects responses -- if any -- will be split along gender lines)

You have a point there, sly.

*runs away giggling*

Sly...only her weather balloons it seems.

I hear they were mistaken for UFOs even

Peri: with kids and laser tag, the trick is to force a running game.

Now I'm picturing peri decked out in full commando assault gear charging into the laser tag arena and screaming Runnnnnnn at the ankle biters.
Actually, that works. Well it did with the 12ish year olds wolfieniece was with when I got to take her to laser tag. 12 year old boys btw do not like being beaten by an old fogie such as they considered me.

*giggles* euthanised hampsters WBAGNFAgrungeRB

Jeff ~ I'm familiar with the book Jackie used to defend herself against imminent mouse invasion.. exactly how large was the splatter pattern when you lifted it up?

I'll leave it to you guys to decide what UFO stands for!

unflattering fake orbs?


(i'll see if yr. sister still has a copy of Jensen, cause we've got crickets in the house and the calculus textbook doesn't make a dent in 'em)

Joshkr-your mom was trying to euthanize a hamster with carbon monoxide? I'll never get that out of my head, was she also shouting dis-inspirational things at it? "No girl hamster will want you!, Your life is a mess!, So breathe deep and suck it up!!

**Gross Post**

I once had to scoop 3 dead mice out of a toilet with a slotted spoon.

It was at a ski house I was renting up in Vermont. I guess the mice found their way into the house looking for food and water, and drowned when they couldn't climb back out of the toilet. It was pretty gross, but it was fun to launch them off the back deck into the woods.



They confused love with lust.

Gee.. who here could have told em that without having to spend years in college and getting a degree (NTTAWWT)?

The problem with kids hopped up on sugar and fizz is not the "hopped up" phase, IMO, as much as the "sugar crash" phase, when their bodies have absorbed all the "goodness" and they come down to earth with a thud and then some. Then you get the bickering, whining, fighting and so on. The trick there is to keep feeding em crap up to 30 seconds before their parents arrive to pick them up (or if you're dropping them off, until you hit the corner of the street they live in). Then clean em up super-quick and send them inside. Once you've dropped them off, they're no longer your responsibility. Smile nicely at the parents and say "We had a wonderful day!" then walk away slowly as if you're not guilty of anything. When you get back to the car... burn rubber!
/helpful advice

*googles Jillian Barbieri*
I see she's some kind of newspersona, but I find no images of her, which is unusual, presuming she has oversized fake tatas.
*decides not to worry about it*

I know the best way to kill cockroaches is a little bit of sherry in the base of a shallow bowl (disposable, even the lid to a margarine container... not Gramma's good china!). They detect the sugar in the sherry.. climb into the bowl and can't get out. If they can swim, the alco hol poi son ing will get em before they can get out. I've never tried this on mice, although I imagine it would get expensive. You'd need a LOT more sherry.

oh.. and apparently @lc0h0l is comment spam.


You are my hero!! A slotted spoon - brilliant - gross, but brilliant nonetheless!

MOAT Update: Mouse is gone and newspapers are upstairs - whew!!!! I told Brian I loved him and he said, "I know." *snork*

Holy Cr@p!!!

Reds have hit THREE homeruns in a row off Mattie Mo. OUCH!!

Time to switch back to the Rams.

OUCH! That's not any better.

I think sherry, in general, is an excellent way to deal with any pest problem! ;)

Leetie! Mouse flinging?! Omgwtfbbq! Hilarious!

I was just attacked by a ginormous spider in my own garden. Does the Moat have a gardener I can borrow? Cause I sure as heck am not going back out there today. Or probably tomorrow either.
Also, spackle in a tube is my new favorite home repair item.
I'll let everyone draw their own conclusions about how the 2 things are connected.

wow... you gotta love Google..

Wolfie.. I got your Spiderman right here.

He should solve any problems. Or make you forget you had any.

I know a guy (friend of my parents) who is an exterminator. His business is called "The Spider-Man". He looks nothing like that, though. Believe me.


Wolfie spackled a spider to the sidewalk. If her name had been Sally, that would have been the beginning of a tongue-twister.


Too late? Oops. Sorry.

Yes, Kaf (said in a tsk, tsk, tsk voice), you warning was a little bit late...tsk, tsk, tsk....:)

Chargers 41 - N.E. 17 *yawn*
*giggling at my *yawn*
Unbelievably great!!!

Question: Is there a purpose to Jillian Barbieri?

Who she?

but it was fun to launch them off the back deck into the woods.

Leetie, you have a twisted sense of fun. I really admire that.

oversized fake tatas - GNFARB?

Mom told me about the sticky traps that don't kill them, but traps them and they get away.

Sly, that's not strictly true, as they will eventually die in those sticky traps. We've used them and I've put the mouse out of its misery when I've caught one. I pick it up wearing gloves, put it in a bag and ... let's not go there.

Time to switch back to the Rams.

Oh! That's not any better.

Giants 37, Rams 17? That one? Looks good to me.

Today was the Third Avenue Festival in Bay Ridge (even got a visit from Mayor Bloomberg with local politicos) and, as usually happens, it was gorgeous weather - sunny and around 80.

Jackie was single-minded, however, in her pursuit of a coffee table and end table to go with the new couch and chairs she'd already bought, and found what she wanted at Harry's For The Home at the other end of the festival (Bay Ridge Avenue - 69th St.). So, in 8 weeks or so we'll have a nearly new living room.

Will this insane buying spree never end?

Jeff, Jillian Barbieri is the weather girl on NFL on Fox, or whatever that show is called.

CARDS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and hit 100 games this year. The girls (and Tim) are at the game today with their Dad and they got to see a good game. Last regular season home game at THIS Busch Stadium; and there's some sort of post-game "to do" with a bunch of former players. \


I'm afraid to go see how my FF team is doing.

Do they blow up Busch tomorrow? Or do they wait until they lose the World Series again? ;)

*chosing to ignore the second part of Jeff's remark*

Implosion is no longer the plan, as they are further along with the building of the new stadium. They are afraid that implosion would 'cause damage to what has been built already.

They were having a contest to chose someone to "push the button". Well, that person will now push the button that starts the wrecking ball swinging.

Somewhat anti-climactic.

I posted and got "page cannot be displayed" - hmmmph!

And all I said was:

Cards v. Padres in the playoffs Tuesday!!

*pushes post and tries again*

Isn't Cards v Padres getting to be almoswt a post-season tradition?

Okay, I'll take one spiderman to go. And come.
Over to get rid of my spider I mean.

Yes, but last year at this time I wasn't a MOATie, so to me the Cards were just a face in the crowd, so to speak. I really only paid attention to teams on either coast. But now that I know you, I've been keeping an eye on the Cards. Same with football, but now because of FF I have to pay attention everywhere!!

No offense to Eleanor but the Padres being in the playoffs this year is almost embarrassing.

Of course, that doesn't mean they can't win (even though they can't), just that it's unlikely.

I mean, look at the 1973 Mets, the previous record for futility in a winning team. They finished 83-79 (or close to that), then upset the powerful Cincinnati Reds in the playoffs (only one round then) and actually led Oakland (second of three straight championship seasons) 3 games to 2 before losing the series.

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