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August 31, 2003


Male nipple reduction: Before you do it, get the facts.

(Thanks again to Mike Zlotnick)


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I posted twice - actually, three times but the first two were the same - and nothing is posting.

I quit.

I apologize to Jeff for a past post that will come up in the future where I said there was nothing wrong, then pushed post and got "page cannot be displayed" followed by "report this error to typepad"!


*fingers crossed that this will post ok*

Ok, I don't have anything to say...really...but I'm here. Didn't know that Don Adams died...and here I am, a news person...

I just remembered... I gave blood recently. On their loooong list of questions that determines whether or not they want your blood, they don't ask, "Is your spouse monogamous?"

And Punky reminded me, inadvertently... that my birthday is this weekend. I was going to be in NYC/CT this weekend, with STBX & the munchkin. But had STBX cancel the tickets this morning, for obvious reasons, plus I forgot about my birthday!! :( This is going to be the worst birthday ever, and I've had some bad ones. :(

*tries to lighten up the Moat*
I was standing in line at the supermarket, the other day (I bought some diet soda, too.. now all I need is some Mentos..) and I saw a greeting card that made me laugh out loud.*please ignore all logic and actual things that an animal would do during the course of this story.* The story on the cover went:
Once upon a time on a farm, a horse got stuck in some mud. A chicken was walking past, saw the horse and wanted to help, but she didn't have the strength to get him out. So thinking quickly, she raced back to the farmhouse, borrowed the farmer's brand new Porsche convertible, went back to the horse, tied a rope between the horse and the Porsche and used the Porsche to pull the horse out of the mud. A few days later, the horse was walking past the mud and saw that the chicken was stranded in the mud. Thinking quickly, he went and stood over the chicken, and said "Hold onto my d*ck". The chicken did this, and the horse pulled her to safety.
*open the card*
The moral of this story is that if you're hung like a horse, you don't need a flash car to pull chicks.

Tamara.. they ask a whole buncha questions on the NZ blood donation forms.. *tries to remember what questions.. they retired me from blood donation*

Have you had sex with a person in exchange for drugs or money

Have you had sex with someone who's had sex with someone in exchange for drugs or money

Men: have you had sex with another male
Women: have you had sex with a male who's had sex with another male?
(I don't think they stop you from donating - they just do extra tests before you can donate)

Have you lived outside NZ.

Did you live in the UK anytime before 1985?

Have you or any member of your family ever been diagnosed with Creutzfeld-Jakob's disease (Mad Cow disease) or other similar degenerative brain disorder? Moo once for yes and twice for no.

and so on and so on...

Have you or anyone in your househould had vomiting in the last week or diarrhea in the last two weeks?

Do you have/have you had any of the following: stroke, epilepsy, asthma, major allergy, stroke, heart attack, ...

In the last year have you:
had surgery, had a miscarriage piercings and so on..

and now I have to go.. it's a kiddy kind of a day.


*wondering why I just received a soggy box in the mail*

*wondering why that sounds dirty*

Isn't it amazing how rain clouds disperse right when they get over your neighborhood? About 4 drops fell. w00t.

Leetie, fan mail from some flounder?

(OK, who knows where that's from?)

*zips in* (copyright Eleanor)

Thanks for showing me the way to the new Moat El!

I'm sorry I'm so LTTG, RL has been very busy recently, but I wanted to say:

Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday and Congratulations to Mad and Mike!
I'm really happy for you guys, that's wonderful news.


*crawls toward bed*

tamara - I'm sure it will be better than you think. You and munchkin should still go to NY just leave the a$$ in GA. And if you see Punky I know you will have a great Bday.

*skips through throwing handfuls of rose petals hither and thither*

Congrats, Mad & Mike. Yer an adorable couple!

Deon, you are correct, waxwing is of the female persuasion.

*dusts of the pallid bust of Pallas above the chamber door in case she comes back*

oops, now you all know who the idiot posting nonsense at 4am was...

just wanted to pop in and say yayyyyyyyy for mad and mikey :) so exciting!!!

We love to see you here judi - stop by anytime!!! :)

*zips in*

Roll Call for all blurkers

State your name and what you are wearing.

*plops in hammock with
legal pad and prepares to take notes*

We are supposed to be wearing something? Does a toe ring and a smile count as wearing something? Or do I need to find my evening pearls?

I'm blurking, but not a blurker. I'm wearing a coconut bra, grass skirt, and propellor beanie of course, as always.

oh, yes... and my name is Puddentane. Ask me again and I'll tell you the same.

wolfie: toe ring - sufficient. (check)
Puddentane: Standard MOAT uniform - sufficient. (check)

You need not be a TRUE blurker to come forward and answer up. Passerbys are needed too.

*feeling overdressed for the evening*

tshirt, long jumper-type dress thing over it...the odd earring, watch, etc...

And what (may I ask) is our illustrious roll taker wearing?

*taps toes...*

*taps phones*

The roll taker is wearing a see through (sort of)
this old rag she found in the bottom of the closet.

The roll taker is now zipping out to see if Anderson Cooper can find water knee deep to stand in while doing the news!

**wanders in soaked to the bone and shakes himself off**

Good news: New York's 2-month drought has ended.

Bad news: I was doing an outdoor multimedia show tonight.

Let me get out of these wet things and find a MOATarita...

I got posted on the MB!
I got posted on the MB!
I got posted on the MB!

*bounces off the walls*

outdoors + multi media + rain = wet Wurm. Just stay off the sidewalk, please; I've seen too many squooshed Wurms who lay on the sidewalk after a rain.

*lets Wurm get out of his wet things*

Eleanor! I'm pretty sure you need to come record THIS outfit!

*zips in*

It's halftime of the Denver/Kansas City game. I see I've arrived just in time to record (I've got the KibEl videocam a maniacal, almost nekkid Wurm jumping up and down chanting something about posting!

*sets videocam on auto*

This will make good entertainment at the paake breakfast tomorrow!!

Wurm is wet; Anderson Cooper on the other hand is dry :(

*takes her own "I got posted" badge off and pins it on Wurm*

Take over, neo, OK?

*zips out*

Oh, sorry El (or should I be adressing Neo, now?) This is a bad night for me and electronics *snap*fizzle*pop*

Yup ladies, looks like tonight it's live shows only..

Ok this is how far I've caught up......................................(hugs EVERYBODY)

*walks in wearing a hospital gown ... backwards*

Is this supposed to tie in front like this?

It doesn't cover a damn thing!

Posted by: punky brewster | 12:37 PM on September 26, 2005

Punky any way you wear it it won't cover anything because Fishair designed that particular gown

Posted by: Mad "about weasel" Scientist | 12:57 PM on September 26, 2005

Yes. Yes, I did.

Perrvy smirk (tm thingy)*

Punky- It's good to see you confront
your fears and share them with us

(LTTG big 'ol happy birthday smoochgoose, you know, while Mikey's looking over there at something shiny)

*tosses something shiny and tells Weasel, "Hey, LOOK @@!!, over there!! *

pssssssst, hey everybody, Fish is afloat. No, wait that would mean I was dead. Um, how about, Fish is outta water and flopping around like crazy gasping for the big O. And of course by the big O, I mean the mOat.

Posted by: Mr.Fishair | 10:48 PM on September 26, 2005

Psssstttt Fish.. your (not you're) clock is wrong.


Hi, Fish. Wondered where you'd swum off to today. How ya doin'?

Is it a good idea for Wurm to get too close to Fish?

*leaves, wondering if the roll taker (El) was wearing tap shoes*

I'm hoooome.

Currently wearing something a little more casual .. minor warning for those at work.. Of course, I'm modelling it myself.

Did you know that when you put a pot of water on the stove, but neglect to turn on the element, the water doesn't boil? And if you're really spaced out (getting up at midday EDT will do that to ya!), you don't realise this for close to half an hour. Not that I wanted lunch much, given that it's almost 4pm here and I still haven't eaten.

Okay.. I'm guessing Monday night is NOT party night, even on a Medical Moat with all these pretty pills...

*waves hi quickly to Lt. Woman*

Hello, Medical Moaties!

Can't stick around, just ketching up. The only reason I was posting at that ungodly hour yesterday was because I was still awake from werk... tonight I must rest so I can achieve the zen of the cubicle properly, without a hangover ;)

*loves Tony a cubicle-sized Zen garden to help him get through the day*

Notice: This is a copy and paste from the old Telephone MOAt because I.....um....okay, damnit...I'm just too tired to think of anything right now.......OKAY...Ya happy now? You broke me....I'm an open book.....Yeesh. Okay, so here it is....

Hey...nice look, Punky...please don't change a thing...

I mean really, pretty please don't change a thing.

Hi everyone, I'm gonna try to catch up sometime, I've just been really busting my ass the past few days..er.. weeks.

Mikey and Mad, Congrats! You guys give me hope. I wish you many years of joy, happiness...and *sniff* ...damn it, I promised myself I wouldn't cry...*snorf*...and naked twister......

Tony just have some mimosas for breakfast then you won't be hung over any longer and you can face cubicle hell properly lit.

Fish - you can give me smooches anytime hun. Weasels don't eat fish do they? Oh well if they do I'm sure he will understand. Smooches fish back.

Kibby, my man! Yo! We gotta go out and do some testosterone-affirming single guy stuff! Let's play pool and then eat a giant pile of suicide wings while watching that local sports team. And then cruise for chicks! Yeah!

**suspects that he does not score very high on the guyness test**

Wurm! High enough score. Let's go!

kibby maybe you and wurm should try modeling near the peeing statues in prague. Please please please kibby we need this photo for the next moat calendar.

Peeing Statues? Where?

AH! Found the statues on the MB!

A KibEl Agency Report will come out soon!


Polly will be proud of me hiding in the bushes.

Hiding in the bushes near peeing statues could be hazardous as some people could be susceptible to the power of suggestion.

Wear a poncho. And goggles.

Then there's the school of thought that one should wear rubbers when hiding in bushes.

I love opening up the MOAT in the morning and reading a comment such as that first (I start from the bottom when I heinz)! :P


I have a couple friends who not only wouldn't have complained, but might have actually paid to watch this.

Oopps. And proof that I didn't check cbols blog since yesterday morning, see my link above.
Sorry Cbol.
I throw myself on your mercy. Naked. Do with me what you will.
*deep dramatic sigh*

What's that girl in the side bar ad doing with a vibrator next to her ear?

Do is it there just as a social experiment?

Huh. Our web nazi blocked the ad, so I can't see what you are talking about.

When in bushes - poncho, goggles, rubbers!


man, that's what i call "natural" birth control

Good luck "cruising for chicks" in that get up, Kibby.

*snorking at the image*

Should I be using my skiing or diving goggles?


kib - if you changed your rubbers (haha!) to waders, you'd look like Anderson Cooper on CNN - He apparently likes to dive too - NTTAWWT! *snork*

* puts out paakes for everyone to eat while watching the KibEl video of Wurm doing the I Got Posted Happy Dance* (partially nekkid)

Partner! I previewed that video this morning. It's much better if you put it on fast forward!

Morning all!

Question...anyone here having problems with Hotmail? I can't get the login page to show...just keep getting "The document contains no data." I can get the MSN page, but can't sign in.

And I know I have mail.

Good morning, everyone.

*hands Kibby all her extra rubbers*

*grabs a bowl of ramen noodles from the moat kitchen*

*climbs back down into the moat bunker to sleep the rest of the month (all 3 days) away*

Susan, Hotmail does that to me all the time. Used to be down for whole hours at a time. Now is usually never down for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Let's talk about time. All you need is time. Time is a many splendored thing. Time lifts us up where we belong.

I ended every line of my previous post with the word "time". Thought I'd take some time to continue where I left off.

Ooh, it's nap time.

I think Hotmail has gone out in the past for me...I just know I have mail there and can't get to it.

No problem at all with hotmail, Susan.

But then I've never used it. (*snork*)

We had some rain but not Wurm's deluge. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood today.

It apparently rained here last night...I never heard it though. Woke up and I could see it had rained.

Jeff, are you wearing a cardigan while you're channeling Mr.Rogers? *snork*

This just it:

Tamara and I are busy making plans for my weekend adventure in Hotlanta while the rest of the Moaties party hard in Vegas. I've convinced her to take me to a fabulous place... called CHICK-FIL-A!!!

*groans echo from the crowd*

Um, Tamara, we're going to have to find something else to do to spice up the weekend... maybe the moaties have some suggestions?

IN not IT.

*returns to blurking status*

DDi, do you like seafood? If so, try to go here It is a bit pricey but gooood!

I don't know which quadrant (North, East, South or West) Tamara resides but here are some other places to hang out.

Chik-Fil-A? Yummy. I don't get there often enough. Maybe this Saturday...I know I'll be near one. Should have enough time to run by there and still be back in town in time for the football game.

Just remember, they're closed on Sunday.

DDi! I'm to see you two! Spicey enough?

I'm sure Tamara has Stone Mtn and The Atlanata Underground on the list.

I despise Atlanta Underground.

Di & I will be hitting alllll the hot spots! Chik-fil-A! Goody's! Ross'! The library! Sunday morning Mass!

LoL, we just talked about that Susan. They are a very religious group those chicken people come Sundays, but they sure do bread a mean chicken rampart.

Yes Kibby, that will be VERY spicy! I'm going to bring some water in case any of us needs to be cooled off.


But you said we could go to both the Saturday evening AND Sunday morning mass!!!!


Ooops! I guess the Undergrounds out then...

DDi, she said that only IF you couldn't get a hotel room.

What's a chik fil a?


Chick-fil-A: The yummiest chicken in the whole wide...range of fast-food places in the south.

Aww nuts.


wolfie, it is quite possibly, better than even the best-worst slider.


wolfie...never had Chik-Fil-A? Oh my. Sooooo good. I know I'm going this Saturday.

Ooo. Thank you. Now I understand.

Hum, blog said it didn't post me, but I see it did.

Wonder what's in ITS coffee this morning...

We don't have them up here. I'm a Popeye's fan myself.

Susan, I can't get to the hotmail login screen either.

Kibby, I think the blog has a lot of this every morning.

Susan, I can't get into hotmail now either. It was fine this morning and now it's locked up.

*zips in all cleaned up*


Because CG's coming over today - and I don't think he's going to be too happy that I followed all his FF advice and dropped(!) one place in the standings!

So I hope that salad that Albertson's - er - I mean that I make is especially good today...

wolfie - here in su.so.ca. we don't have Popeye's OR Chic-fil-a - bummer!

Slainte !!!

Hey! How can non-FFers check the FF standings?

Why aren't you playing, kibby? I've been wondering about that....

AND if you send me your e-mail, I'll send you a picture of the standings - I've had a couple of e-mails to you returned, so I'm very confused.....

I am eating a Chick-fil-A sammich.

Neener, y'all!

Light request day today...any quick suggestions?

Oddly enough, piping-hot, juicy, crispy-on-the-outside Chick-fil-A sandwiches don't taste very good while you're thinking about STD's, divorce, and the fact that you can never really know anyone.



Bob Dylan. Anything. I watched part of that wonderful documentary on pbs last night and I've been singing bits and pieces ever since. I hope they either replay it or I'm going to have to buy it on dvd. I had to switch and watch Tony Bourdain. He was shirtless. *sighs*

*currently listening to the wacky theme song from Gremlins*

Morning all!

kibby - check your e-mail, there should be 2....

*currently listening to the wacky theme song from Gremlins*

Morning all!

Gremlins had a theme song?
*ignores weird look from bossman* Yup, I can still do that wierd humming purr thing the Gizmo did.

G'morning Weasel. I found you a sign for your office. I was going to leave it on your blog, but I forgot.

Grrrrr. I swear that link worked when I previewed it.
If you are interested, you can copy n paste. It's work safe. Honest

I killed the Moat.
*runs into own hand with face at high speed*
I thought the sign was cute. I didn't mean to scare everyone off.
*slinks off into darkness*

No you didn't kill the MOAT. I just got into my hotmail...and there wasn't anything good there.

I did take the opportunity to clean up my inbox a little bit though...

Today's playlist...

Tuesday 9-27-05 All Request Lunch Hour
Tec report
“Jack and Diane” John Mellencamp, or Cougar, or whatever it was then…
“Take Me To Heart” Quarterflash
“Fooled Around And Fell In Love” Elvin Bishop
“You Should Hear How She Talks About You” Melissa Manchester---Vicky
“Gimme Some Lovin’” Spencer Davis Group
“More Than A Feeling” Boston---Scott
“Silly Love Songs” Paul McCartney
“Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” Jim Croce
“I Got You (I Feel Good)” James Brown
“Like a Rolling Stone” Bob Dylan---wolfie
“Crying Time” Ray Charles

Off to find something for lunch...

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