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August 31, 2003


The shoe-stealing foxes.

(Thanks to Linda Anderson)


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Put on a pair of sandals and slide in!!!

Does FIRST count on a new MOAT????

Only once we decide where we are. I posted a link to a different place. *giggles* I should have called you first.

So are we here? Or over der?


Thanks for thinking of me, El! :)

tries to post for the FOURTH time!!

I guess it's oK, the blog just kept losing my name and e-mail!

*takes a deep breath*



1. It's raining in Fairfax!!!!!

2. Trojan's new vibrating "ring" (*snicker*) is not for sale in Virginia. Who decided THAT???!!!

Follow these bread crumbs!

But don't get eaten by a wolf - oops, wrong fairy tale!

Are we allowed to return?

*puts out welcome mat for the brave*

*settles back... waits for followers.*


*takes off socks*
*wipes feet on mat*
*puts socks back on*

Yay!! Welcome to (as I have dubbed it) the Vixen Moat!

I've put a link on the Y group just in case...

Oooh.. that reminds me... better email as well...

*zips in*

I don't understand, but I'm going to the bank right now - please have this sorted out when I return.
Thank you.

*zips out*

Okay.. I've sent the email.. it took about three times as long to find all the Moaties in my email as it did to send the Moat move letter, but it's done.

Having thrown everything into an uproar, I must depart.

Later, taters!

Vixens R Us...

Well, not most of us, maybe....

*attempts to sort Eleanor out*
*decides to cop a feel instead*

Thank you Lt. Woman! I got lost and the breadcrumb trail disappered in all the rain we've been having and I stood all by myself yelling for you guys but got no response other than the nice police who didn't know where you were...

*sob* Vixens r us. I like that.

SN... are you a member of the Yahoo group? There's usually a link to us over there. If not, you can put out a request and you will be led to the Moat by someone who wants to corrupt you..

Join the ReMoat - sign up here!

I did join but then I lost my password and havent' gone back in since. I have about 18 passwords that are work related and about another 5 that are personal and sometimes I just go back to my typewriter and pretend I'm on the net rather than try to figure out which one is for what.

Thanks, Kaf. I was hoping we'd move soon as it was getting a little slow in loading.

They're (not their) predicting the rain to arrive here sometime tomorrow, Leetie, with Saturday looking very wet and Sunday being iffy. And by then Wilma could be close enough to affect us.

I hope Kibby is far enough north to miss it.


Peri - hugs! Thanks for the hugh compliment. You haven't even seen the raciest pictures from Vegas. There is one of me spanking Polly - Oh but I said too much and Weasel is going to auction off those pictures. Polly also convinced me to flash everyone - she was complimenting my lengerie and Higgy wanted me to model it and I really don't know how it all happened. Anyway you so have to be in Vegas next year. *SMOOCHES*

El- I had to limit myself to one album or 14 songs/month on itunes. I haven't bought anything in awhile I ahve been too busy so I guess I can go crazy again soon. You probably don't have to worry about itunes slowing your computer down, but for those of us with older computers Mp3's will eat into your memory fast.

Ok everyone I will try to stay abreast, but send an email if you need something because I might not be able to keep up here.

Oh Hello Trinity and Good to see you Brat and Lab

*zips in back from bank*

OK, I'm here - (motto: grope me and I'll follow you anywhere)

*zips out to see who Kaf e-mailed*

hmm I don't know what lengerie is either

Maybe it's like linguine, Mad?

I meant to say earlier...Peri...wow. Sounds like things are really going well.

Since this is where we are now...I'll put today's playlist here.

Light request day...but even if I didn't put names by most of it...I'm sure it was all enjoyed.

Thursday 10-20-05 All Request Lunch Hour
“Sharp Dressed Man” ZZ Top---Thomas
“Beautiful Loser” Bob Seger
“Day Tripper” Beatles
“In The Air Tonight” Phil Collins
“You Are The Woman” Firefall
“Veronica” Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney
“Big Yellow Taxi” Counting Crows
“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” Rolling Stones
“Give Me Just A Little More Time” Chairman of the Board
“Hello It’s Me” Todd Rundgren
“Uptown Girl” Billy Joel
“I Need A Lover” John Cougar

*goes back to burning a copy of Friday's game on cd*

(not as interesting as iTunes music, though)

Susan - no matter how many iTunes I have, I'll always be at the All Request Hour - WCRE has given me so much pleasure, I'll never leave you. :)

So... about that vibrating ring...? :)

Jeff, that post was about 2 weeks old, but we're expecting some more rain here too.

My new werk *twitch* motto:

Doing a good job here is like wetting your pants in a dark suit. You get a warm feeling but no one else notices.


*zips in scowling*


I'm not too happy about the fact that each time this loads it starts with an html error that I made....

I mean, it IS all about me, isn't it? Or is that someone else? It's so hard to remember who's who and who's where and I'm just rambling so I'll stop now...

*zips back over to old MOAT to get KibEl stapler* Sheesh!

"OSHA has determined that the maximum safe load capacity on my butt is two persons at one time, unless I install handrails or safety straps. As you have arrived sixth in line to ride my a$$ today, please take a number and wait your turn"

oh crap. *hides in moat* my boss has been gone for several days. when she camed back, I discovered I had made an error, misread an acceptance date. Yeah. This one error will cost my boss approximately $15,000. *goes to hide under my covers instead*

Having a bad day, BigD??? {{{hug}}}

You too, neo???{{{hug}}}

Will this help?? :)

BigD ~ I have that sign on my wall at work. I've been known to point it out to people who come in to yell at me while I'm on the phone getting yelled at by someone else.

*collapses into a writhing pile of cats*

neo, can I hide under there too? I just sent a nasty email to bossman telling him that I don't appreciate him hiring the newbie. After I hit send, I realized that it might not have been the best thing to do. Damn PMS!

Today's entry in the "Oh, THAT'S why our Judicial System is so F*cked Up" Column:

Michael Jackson called for jury duty

Something tells me The Gloved One will be dismissed even faster than the woman who showed up for jury duty dressed in a Star Fleet uniform.

Whee, a new moat! Say, what's the male equivalent of a vixen? Voxen?

they talk about the woman in the star fleet uniform in the movie Trekies. what i don't get is, why did she wear her regular uniform? seems to me that jury duty would require dress uniform.


Trekies is damn funny movie, though

Have I mentioned how much I love my new wireless router? I LOVE IT!!!

*kisses router too and fro*

What? Why are you all looking at me like that? This thing has increased the speed of my connection by like a gazillion somethingorothers. I can fancy catsup faster than a speeding dump truck now! Wheeeeeeee!

Wurm: I sent that Michael Jackson jury duty thing to Dave this afternoon but he hasn't used it...yet.

Susan, you should have given Judi a heads up about Counting Crows. Adam Duritz is her life, along with Hugh Jackman.

Yes El, it's you. I'm fine.

Thanks Jeff, I can't begin to tell you how happy it makes me to hear that.

It's very erratic - of course if it were erotic it would be a whole different story.

Whether this will post or not is a "who knows" kind of thing, and even if it does post, I may or may not be able to see it...

So, if I'm not back, Thanks For All the Fish :)

The male fox is a dog.
The female fox is a vixen.
A fox's tail is called a brush.
A group of foxes is called a skulk.

AND this interesting tidbit:

Vulpines (foxes) look like dogs, wolves and coyotes, but they are distinctly different and share little or no common ancestry. Dogs, wolves and coyotes can (and do) interbreed. Foxes do not. From a veterinary standpoint, foxes are more similar to housecats than to dogs.

Well, I thought it was interesting! Didn't mean to break the moat. Sowwy :(

Zoodle...I don't think you broke it...I just got here, and have to go again...my boss came in to install a venetian blind...

But Jeff...I would have let judi know about the Counting Crows...if I had thought about it early enough. It was a spur of the moment thing.

Zoodle, I'm here too. Kind of. Just busy being in love with my router. ;)


DDi ~ the sock thing....13 pairs. I like them to match my ensemble. :) Maybe we should form a support group.

lol - absolutely Zoodle. We should start writing out our 12 step program now, aye?

Lil Fish turns 11 months old SUnday the 23rd. Wow.

This morning he had to have tubes put in his ears, because the fluid in there wouldn't drain or dry out. He's been on eleventy hundred different anti-biotics in the last month and half, and nothing worked. I think this will solve his problems. (hopes)

He was in and out, in an hour or so and is doing great. Fluid is draining like crazy so it's working!

My Eyelids are HEAVY and I can barely type. (one too many pain pills perhaps)

Ladies (and gentle men) Check for chest if you get the chance. :)

I gotta go before I fall asleep at the

Mr. Fisher, I hestitated about tubes for my little one's ears. It was the best thing I could have done for him. Trust your doctor. It is always scary to have your baby in surgery, but ear tubes make a HUGE difference. *SMOOCHES little Fish*


Fish is taking a shower!

Hey everyone! I've come back to harass...hopefully on a more permanent basis. YA know I always say that and then life gets in the way...

Anyone have facebook that isn't already listed as my friend? I'm addicted what can I say.

And how is everyone?!

Hi-de-ho Moatarinos!!
/channeling Ned Flanders

Big D *SNORK!* You've been reading the Big Book Of Word Jokes again haven't you? The first one woulda been dangerous had I been drinking a coffee.. speaking of which...
*wanders off*
*comes back a while later..*
Still haven't made coffee, but will have to soon, the caffeine headache is beginning.

If anyone has valid email addy's for Deon and Jamester, I had my emails to them re: the new moat returned as undeliverable, and if you could let them know where we are I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

I went for my job interview this afternoon, and I walked away with the job!! I'm not sure what I'm letting myself in for as there are 6.. yes, count em, the 6 was not a typo.. kids, all boys. It's only for three months while the mother recovers from surgery to her foot, and most of the day, I'll only have the two little ones (22 mths and 3.75 yrs) to deal with. Monday this coming week is a public holiday (Labour Day), so I start on Tuesday. Psyching myself up begins now.

Mike (or whoever it was who asked about male vixens) - I picked vixens because I thought that a shoe-stealing fox (see the thread header) was not going to be a male. Also, because I'm feeling particularly vixenish at the moment. Any foxy Moatmen out there?

There you are!!

Dad got out of surgery a little while ago and I'm heading to bed; but am strangly wide awake.

Basically, all is fine.

He was scheduled for 3:00; but by 7:30 pm still was waiting. I think they finally started around 8 pm. His was the last procedure today and there were complications on one before his, so.....

AND then there were complications with his. After a couple of hours, the doc came out and told us that the cancer wasn't where the reports said it was (and also where the pain had been). It was on the OTHER side. So, they were going over there to get it. An hour and a half later, the doc came out and said they got it; it had been hiding in a layer of fat. They removed more colon than they anticipated, but he should be OK.

Of course to prepare for all of this, Dad couldn't eat since last night. As we were waiting, he was indulging in good natured complaining about starving. By the time they were taking him up, he was saying it's been three weeks since his last meal. He had told Mom and I that as soon as he was given the okey dokey to eat, we were to immediately go to the cafeteria and get him something. He said he has experience with this sort of thing and hours can pass from the official okey dokey to when food services brings you something to eat and he has no intention of waiting that long.

Mom told him that he was going to be so tired after his surgery he wouldn't care about eating. He just opened one eye and said, "wave a pork chop under my nose and you'll see how wide awake I can be."

As we were waiting .... waiting..... waiting for him to be taken upstairs for his surgery, he was bored. Mom and I were reading and every once in awhile he'd start moaning. "Woe is me". Then he'd shoot glances back and forth between us to see if we were reacting. I saw Mom stick her tongue out at him. He sighed and said, "Woe is me. This bunch doesn't give a crap about me starving here."

Afterwards, as we were walking out to the car, I was making phone calls to my sisters and daughters. I was explaining to my younger sister about them taking out more colon than they planned, and she was asking if they took it all out. (She had been sound asleep). I switched to a British accent and did the Carol Burnett as Queen Elizabeth bit and said "Yes, he's now completely hollow." (anyone remember that skit?)

AND....I'm coming down with a cold. All of the throat scratchiness and sniffles started tonight in the waiting room. Damn. I'll just have to hang around the doorway and not go in to see him.

OK....that's it. Good night; catch all you vixens, voxens and volpines tomorrow.

{{{sly and the family}}}
*wants desperately to finish that thought with "stone"*

I'm so glad that everything went well and it sounds like they got the lot.

*loves sly some Coldrex Day & Night to ease the misery*

Slyeyes- {{{HUGS}}} I have been through a similar set of surgical worries with my grandmother. When did "modern medicine" become so advanced that it started treating patients like objects instead of people?

Ooooh, I am so drunk, I can't believe it. I was summoned to a fundraiser dinner tonight and sat at a table with 4 rich people and tried to convince them that my department is so great that they should donate big $$.

They all had to pay to get into the dinner, in addition to that, two of them pledged more $$, one wrote a check tonight.

There are parts of my department which are very good, but my experience with the sum total of it has made me fairly miserable for chunks of the last 2 years. Did I do right to support the department that has given me financial aid and will presumably give me a degree in May? Or did I do wrong to overstate the good and understate the bad about a troubled organization to potential donors?

Oooh, I have a headache...I am off to drink a bunch of water and go to bed for what will be rather a short night.

*smooches His Wurmness*

Don't forget to hang under before you wake.

They're playing "Sweet Caroline" on the radio. I don't know why people like that song so much.
About half an hour ago, when I first turned the radio on, they were playing "That's Amore". Why am I listening to this crap instead of cranking up the Shrek soundtrack like I meant to when I turned this on?

PS.. Visit Nessie - she's getting lonely and she could do with the visitors. Contributors welcome too.

how u doin?


( srry trillian fer bein so late)

*hands over Tarzan Rope*--here have a swing guys.
watch out fer the squirrels.


Good morning MOATies!

{{Fish and lil'Fish}}

Awwh, heck...

{{the entire MOAT}}

Hi'ya Bangi :)

It's Friday! Wooohoo! Thats all I've got for now. Be back later... ciao!

I made it to Friday. Mostly intact.
Kat~ congrats and nice new chapter. Think we should tell Kibby, DDi and Tamara they have become a part of the story?
*giggles and slinks off to her shadows*


Chapter? What chapter?
Whatcha talkin about wolfie?

PS: Congrats on the new gig Kaf! *smooch*

*sloshes in with flippers, mask and snorkle*

Well, I'm ready for Wilma!

Looks like she's going to pass WAY below here anyhow. We'll only get the rain.

Well, there goes more golf? NO!

MeL!!!! psst! MeL's back! We'll be expecting Crib Notes of your departed time.

sly. - good to hear your Dad is doing better...

hiding in a layer of fat

pretty much decscribes me, too.


Thanks, guys.

*checks one of her layers*

Insom!! There you are.

DDi~ don't you know about the neverending story? We stil haven't found nessie. *sighs*

Sly, JU's mom went through a similar situation with her surgery, but hers got pushed more than 24 hours behind schedule. She was so weak from not eating. Luckily they were smart enough to at least get her on an I V as soon as she walked in the next day. Best wishes for your dad's recovery. And yours.

Pssttt.... Leetie...

I dont think I ever said congrats on the gigs, so, CONGRATS! And I'm glad you got your puter workin again.

Wolfie - WHAT are you talking about?

*looks at the cabana boy*

Cabana Boy, I'll have whatever wolfie's having! And make mine a double!

I still haven't found spell check.
Nor do I remember to shut off read receipt before sending out a memo to every p.c. in both building. Let's see if I can crash my email again. *sighs*
Bossman told me to let'er rip. While I was standing in his office. So I did. The smell reached his desk by now. I can hear the gasping for clean air. Then I sent out the memo he really meant for me to let rip.

DDi ~ neverending story. Yahoo group. Started by Kat. One story, next to no plot line (we misplaced it ages ago) anyone who wants to can write a chapter.

On a completely non related to anything note... I was planning on taking the Colts with 13 this weekend, but someone I know is doing that. He is the ultimate maloykia (can't spell that.. El??Yiddish for evil eye?Curse?) So I fully expect that game to be a waste of time.
I soooo did not just type something sports related btw. The second half of this post is a figment of everyone's imagination. Yup yup yup.

*hugs wolfie*
*races to the Y! to see whazzup over der*

Di, thanks!

I'm so far behind on congratulations, wishing happy birthdays, giving hugs and whatnot, it isn't even funny.

*hugs MOAT*

We're going to have a busy fall, that's for sure. It starts tomorrow. After bringing the p-nut to gymnastics, we need to zip into D.C. to have band photos taken. Needless to say, the toddler mom Leetie looks a bit different from band-presentable Leetie. I'll either have to dress up in full "ho" regalia for gymnastics or take my sack-o'-"ho"ness with me to change. After pix, we're practicing again, then again on Tuesday, hopefully to be ready for our gig next Saturday.

Stupid 'puter police have deemed the Y! group to be pornographical schtuff. What kind of pic's have you guys been posting there recently? Hee hee. I'll have to check from home.

Leetie, take pictures!

... and post 'em!

Thats what the rest of my thought was. Dang fingers are drunk this morning.

Neverending story group DDi. Not the ReMoat group. I can't get into that either from work.

*sits in lotus position and chants chanelling mantra*

And I'm not going to get to the MOAT right now...but if you could channel
(Pleeeaaaaaaaasssse?) me, you could mention the lunch hour is a spotlight on
Dizzy Gillespie.

Night In Tunisia seems to be a favorite...but I will play others as well.

I know Eleanor wanted We Didn't Start The Fire...but I'll play it Monday...

*hangs head in shame*

I haven't had my V8 yet. Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it. Thank you, again wolfie. Can someone please hold me hand today? I might put it down and forget where I left it.


*duct-tapes DDi's hand to her wrist*

I finally remembered to add two photos from the Kibby, rita 'n' Tom Meet-n-Grope from last Saturday.

Oh. On the Y-ReMOAT, More Bloglits folder.

*zips in*

I woke up at 5am su.so.ca. time and couldn't go back to sleep but what's the point of whining about it...:(
/end whine

I sent e-mails to Deon and Jamester re new home.

sly - I'm so glad that your dad came through OK, I was thinking about him at 5am this morning (see above).

Give that man a good dinner! And don't ask me why the quarter is on the plate - I've been up since 5am (see above).

Wurm, yes I think you should tout your department. As they say, (this is my new favorite expression) you have to dance with the one that brung ya!

*waves hi to bangi*
*and to MeL*

*and to everyone else*

Sly, I'm glad too that your dad came through the surgery so well. I bet he's not too hungry today, though. Give him a couple of days and he will be.

Getting caught up on yesterday's posts, and this LEPT out at me.

Actually the "next door" is the stop light just south. (1/4 mile) I'm staying at a friend's house 500 ft from the Bardmoor Elementary School (MY house is across the street from said school). Like may FL home owners, she has a pool.


*pours second cup of coffee and gets comfy*

I think there's more to this story. I'm all ears.

Sly - yeah, I was curious about that too...

Kibster? A little info?

Kaf - way to score the job! Sly - give your dad a pork chop from us - poor bugger. Oops, I just said Polly's favorite word....

Wolfie - one of these days you'll make a sports comment and forget to disassociate yourself from it. Can't hide from us, you know....

Morning MOATies!

Jeez, I go out of town for a couple days and you guys ch at up a storm.

Welcome to the nuthouse that is the MOAT, Trinity! I'm Brian B. Our resident.....well something or other. Anyone got a good "title of the month' for me?

Little Rock was OK. A lot of driving. Between 9:30 am Tuesday and 7:00 pm Thursday, I spent about 23 hours on the road.

Happy to be back and will now begin searching for a song with my name in it.

A "She" with a swimming pool????

Tell us more, tell us more
Did you get very far?

(Thanks to Grease!


OK! Ok, ok....

I'm staying at a GOOD friend's house, WHO HAPPENS TO BE MARRIED (husband lives here too). I've known her for 15+ years and she worked for me in Germany for a few of them. I've watched her son grow up and maybe starting to fly right.

sorry, nothing# juicy in kibby's life

*deciding to continue on property taxes or head to the pool*


# much to the disappointment of Ma Kibby.

*loves kibby a nice, juicy orange*

sorry, nothing# juicy in kibby's life

This said by a man wearing a thong on his shoulder in a restaurant drinking margeritas with Rita.

We could send that photo to kibby's ma......

I liked the comments on the shot of Kibby with the thong - the "Pass the smelling salts" had me laughing....

Of course, I didn't know if that meant larger or smaller....

Barenaked Ladies - Brian Wilson
Monty Python - Brian Song

Mad Hatter? Newbie or name change?

Holly songs? Aside from 'Boughs of Holly' cause I don't think Susan is up for Christmas tunes this soon.

oops. that was me. forgot to change my name back.

*does the macarena*
*swings off to study some more*

"my aim is to be present on the Moat--not to be relevant."...............Eleanor Roosevelt*

um...i'm far behind on all things Moat.
wat happened to Fish n lil fish? r they ok?

* or sth

This said by a man wearing a thong on his shoulder in a restaurant drinking margeritas with Rita.

Ok, flashes of inspiration. MOATivated!

(my lie, I'll tell it the way I want)

Zoodle...I don't think you broke it...I just got here, and have to go again...my boss came in to install a venetian blind...

"How do you make a Venetian blind?"

Poke him in the eyes.

Sorry, couldn't resist. I'll be here all week, folks.

Sly, great news about your dad, though it is troubling that they had the wrong side. Those pesky x-rays! I always worry when you hear these stories about taking out the wrong kidney or cutting the wrong leg. The old "cut here" in Sharpie might help.

Anyway, sounds like it went like my aunt's surgery and let's hope it's all over...and he can eat!

And Jackie is feeling sick too. Don't know if it was: the recycled air on the planes; the Vegas hotel air conditioning; the smoke-filled casinos and damn near everywhere else in Vegas.

And Monday is our anniversary. #35 believe it or not.

Leetie: LOL for sack-o'-"ho"ness


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