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July 09, 2003



(Thanks to Mike Not Mark Seidel)


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Imagine all the people
Living in the world
You can say I'm a dreamer

RIP John Lennon

E! Are we all alone with the disappointed men? Let's get busy and make them happy!

Oh yeah, before we go.

Anyone see Letterman last night??? Or I guess I should say Miss Zeta?

Classic! Dave asked her to show us how she could hit a golf ball, and she walked over to the prepared are and took the Driver from Dave and said

"I've never played golf in high heels with my boosoms hanging out, but what the heck."

And then she swung and [[POOF!]] the golf ball exploded on impact! (they were exploding golf balls so I guess that would make sense) It was a very uhm, educational segment.

GO WALES! (Higgy would've been proud)

*readies self*

OK, but I'm NOT calling this the Bush MOAT>

Mr Fisher, shouldn't that have been "Oh yeah, before we come"? You went on the Fat MOAT and came on this one.

I SO want to take my last post back. Never mind, k?

I guess this could be the Weasel MOAT as it is one of his. Or was there already one of those?

Great way to start a new MOAT - bushes and boobies!!!!!

And Peri and I have Mr. Fish all to ourselves....

Come to mama, fishie...
Let Peri help you with those uncomfortable clothes you're wearing...

The KibEl Detective Agency is open for business in its new location. Additional 5% discount today only to promote new place!

Fishair, got my mind made up on "that's what I want to do". Don't know if it's practical yet.

It's easy to think of all the reasons YES, but then the NO stuff needs to surface and be worked through.

So far the NOs, unfortunatly, out number the Yes's.

*is dissapointed*

*disappointed too*

But kibby, if the "no's" seem to outweigh the "Yes's", there's the "Why Didn't I" down the road to be factored in.....
just sayin'

5% discount!?

hey, partner, business a little slow already. suppose after we're done with TCK AND this discount things will pickup?

(pssst....way to act disappointed there Jeff! I think our plan is working...bwahhahahaa)

Peri- you're absolutely right, sorry if I got any on you, I was only trying to Honor Leeties annide-flowersary.

Why Didn't I" down the road to be factored in.....

Yea, there's that too...... and with those shoes you're ALWAYs invited. (I don't have to sail to San D to pick you up, do I?)

Weasle MOAT's already taken - MOAT XIV, Weasle WarMOAT.

We could call this the HOLIDAY MOAT, what with being PC and all *snork*.

Partner, business will pick up right before all the office Christmas parties that spouses and significant others are not invited to. They will want to know who ducked out of the party with who, etc. No discounts then, OK? :)

*plots course to pickup up Partner*

Ok, Hamburg, down the English Channel, across to the Canary Islands, pickup the ARC (Atlantic Race for Cruisers) to the Carabean, Panama canal (need a pilot), tack to Hawaii and back to San D.

note to self: just because the spelling's off doesn't mean they'll be missing from the globe once you get there.

Hum, ok, should be about Dec, Jan 2008, 2009 at the earliest.

How about the Bushmess MOAT?

We could all go around wishing everyone a "Merry Bushmess"?

Sounds great partner! I should be over my agoraphobia and ready to leave the house by then! :)

Sailing, sailing
Over the bounding main

Ok, I should be able to make that on a Snickers, a roll of quarters and two dozen microwave popcorns.

... oh, I might not be blogging for awhile during transit.

*notes Kibby hasn't charted a course up the Mississippi*

*puts topsiders back into storage*

I'm guessing Kibby won't be coming up the Pee Dee river either...

Well, the levels are a little low...still.

Cold cold cold. Ok, it is about 48 outside...however I'm not outside. I'm inside...with the heat set on 75. However it's not more than 62 or so in here. That's what it was in here yesterday...it seems the heat may not be working.

sly, I was thinking you're more accessable by the Great Lakes? If you could meet in Chicago (see Polly) or some where up there?

However my brother in PA (near Pitts) wants me to visit, but I was going to recommend he go up to Erie.

Let's face it, headed UP the St. Lawrence, across Lake Ontario, through Niagra, across Lake Erie, Lake Huron and down Lake Michagan's MUCH easier on the diesel than motoring UP all of the Mississippi.

On the UP side, I'd be able to blog more!

Ah, TCK, Montana's OFF the list. Sorry.

if I go look out the window, I can see the Ohio...

*considers it a good thing kibby's geography skills are up to par*

Hey, NO FAIR - we've got rivers - course, they're kinda frozen right now, but I'm not goin' there - discussing the weather has already got me under investigation...

*goes back to stockin' the bunker with beer and parfait fixins - oh yeah, and cheeze-its*

Four inches (of snow) in Ohio....

El- You'll have to give me a few minutes here, according to Peri I already did. ;) you Hot mama you.


Oh Mr. Fishair, you're such a tease...:-)

Kibby - if you sail around Michigan, you'll pass by my office. we're along the st. clair river across from harsen's island.

TCK - I'll just have the parfaits and the cheese-its, please, and then we could watch TV. Do you have television in Montana??? :-)

No in Montana they only have that Big Blue Sky.

And I just tore the side of my finger off scraping labels on a letter sortation case. Lot's of people in Eastern Canada are going to get bloody mail in the next couple of days.
I want parfaits too, please, but I think the cheez-its will make my booboo sting. And leave some of that Moosehead for me, eh?
Merry Bushmess.

I have an ornamental lake by my apartment building. Think you can navigate your way there, kibby? Here, have a Montana parfait, it'll probably make the 'portage' easier.

SUsan- Can ya maybe play us a little BRUCE, Santa Clause is Coming to Town??? Hmm?? Can ya?? Huh?? Huh?

*dumps coffee into the Moat*

I'm done.

Peri...you have another hand, right? Just use that one to eat...and you won't get cheez-its on the booboo. *loves Peri a band-aid for her booboo*

Please blame any mistakes on this horking great bandage I had to put on myself, using my left hand. Do you think I need a tetanus shot?

(I just about bandaged myself to the first aid kit. I pulled my hand hard to free the tape and spewed the entire contents of the kit around my office.)

Cheers, Susan! But I plan to have my spare hand fully occupied with beer.

I've only been here for an hour and a half. It's looking like being a long day.

AAAHH I found a song I've been searching for forever!

Yes Peri, you need a tetanus shot! I am a big proponent of tetanus shots for almost any cut that causes bleeding, expecially if it's from an object that is NOT in your house.
I'm serious here....:)

*loves Peri a Bandaid*

*goes to get GPS coordinates for Latitude Buddy's ornamental lake*

*looks for ornamental boat for ornamental lake*

E, I told my boss I had to go to the clinic for a shot but she said I just got one a few months ago when I cut off a piece of another finger with an exacto knife.
I'll know it's time to retire when I've whittled all my fingers down to nubs.

Well, OK then. They do last for a while.


Hello New Moat! (thanks El)

For 2 hours now I've been a proud HOMEOWNER!!!!

Well it's a lie, I'm not proud I'm just exhausted and I have a migraine... I have to pay a mortgage (?) for the next thirty years and that's a bit overwhelming, but I'm not complaining, I know it's a great privilege to be able to own your home.

*Off to give the keys to the guy who'll be doing the painting & put down a wall etc etc*

I miss you Moaties, will try to come back soon!

Yes, Peri...every 10 years or so is about as often as you need a tetanus shot. And I forgot about the beer in your left hand. Although, you might be able (if the bandage isn't toooo big) to hold the beer in your right hand...


That's terrific, Marie! Congratulations!

Sorry about your hand Peri. Can't you sue your employer since you got this injury at work?
No? Or at least get a day off?


*wonders if she'll want to by a boat in a few years*

That's wonderful Marie!

Sorry Kibby but I tend to get seasick so that's not likely :-)

Thanks Crash!

*really going this time*


This is a really big day for you Marie! Full of joy (and a teeny bit of anxiety, oui?) It's wonderful, congratulations!!!

Susan, did you get my e-mail???

Kibby - here's a quote from a boat owner:

"The two happiest days of my life? They day I bought my boat, and they day I sold it."

That being said, I have a little ski/fish runabout (ours is the '04 model, so it's not quite the same as this one, but you get the idea) that I take to the lake and I LOVE it (when it's not giving me headaches). Since the boat you're looking at is not a Tahoe brand, you probably won't experience all the crap that we had to go through.

Hey Susan?! Can I hear No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature?
Puleeez? If you've got it of course.

Looking at this request I seem to favor one band that I don't even have in any of my playlists.

You know Sarcasmo, truer words were never spoken. Unless of course you then buy your old boat back after 13 years. Then that was another (sort of) happy (also confusing) day.

Susan- Thanks and Merry Bushmess!

MarieP- Congratulations! You'll be a great Homomoaner, I just know it! Call it a hunch. ;)

Wolfie- Feel Better Babe.

*Flings Flu to Philly's Foe for Sunday's fight, however, I fear they'll find a way to F@#$# it up*


The longer I have this boat/deal with Tracker Marine, the more I believe it Crash.

whoops, I put an extra mo in there. (nttatwwt)

Hey, anyone see Zeta on Letterman last ni......

sorry, just daydreaming again

In case you didn't....


high heels and bosoms hanging out, indeed.



I was all of 13 twenty-five years ago. I can't remember paying all that much attention then.

So now...Imagine makes me tear up.


Ah ha! I've found you all. And you thought you could sneak off and leave sick ol'wolfie to die a sad, phlegm riddled death on the last Moat by herself.

Kibby ~ according to my father, a boat is about the worst investment a person can make with their money. That being said, I spent a good amount of time on my dad's bad investment as a child and enjoyed every minute of it. And he's had boats pretty much all his adult life of varying sizes. Still has one today in fact.
If you want it, go for it. And when you swing up thru Lake Ontario, I know the perfect place to meet up for drinks. They even have a dock for your new toy.

Hey wolfie! We've got a silverton too!
I'ts currently dry docked in the Everglades.

No wonder you're drooling, Fish. That's some late night cleavage!!! And she is beautiful, IMO!!!

He's downgraded since then Crash. It's a shame too cause nothing said boating in style like a boat with a full bathroom on it. Now it's back to the tin can or hanging your butt over the side.
*has flashback*
It made one hell of a party barge when I was a teenager. Oh yeah.. Kibby, when she's F18.2, don't let her have the keys to take it out for a spin herself. Trust me on this one.

Excellent show today, Susan!

Hahaha Oh man, good advice.
I never liked hanging my rear over the side. I't easier to tell the boys to turn around and then use the bait/water bucket.

Sarcasmo, did yours come with that accessory on the back? I don't think mine will.

Let's see, another boating quote was something like trying to live in a shoebox and taking lots of cold showers.

Crash, why's yours in dry dock!?

wOOt.. I've arrived...

*drags in Hunk Wall*

Leets... perhaps these can replace the ones that you lost? Happy anniversary, sweetie.

Marie - Happy Housewarming - enjoy your new house - fill it with love & laughter.

Laynie - Thanks for this move.. This loads far more easily. I still have another link we can use.. 0 comments as well. I think DB got mass spammed. I've got it bookmarked if we ever need it..

I think (although I was only 6 at the time...) that John's death hit most people harder for several reasons...

l. He was only 40
2. a bullet in the back is NOT natural causes
3. He was the FIRST (exclamation mark) Beatle to die, and it reminded a lot of still very young at the time people that it can happen to anyone anywhere and it happened to on of their musical heroes.
/my analysis.

Merry Bushmess everyone.... (does Bushmess cover his entire tenure as president, or only this year?)

Oh, wolfie, it wasn't going to be an investment. It was going to be a toy! (And maybe my home for awhile.)

I've always like the idea of freedom. I can't think of anything more "free" than being able to pull anchor and find a new place to call home.

*end dream sequence*


IT HAS MARTYR'S DAY!!!! (21st Feb)AND Shoeab's B'day!!U guys r just so thoughtful--it's amazing!!!!

Peri, Kibby El--u guys made me extremely-happy-im-jumping-up-n-down crazy! I showed it off, tried explaining to ppl why this calender was SO special, why the ppl on the calender was SO special--they dont get it. Or i couldnt explain it. it's hard to explain the Moat.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of Lennon, and because it's my favorite album of his, everyone will be getting one of these in their stockings.

Well, ok, maybe not, but it's the thought that counts, right?


An assine Haiku, brought to you in part by Fish Everywhere, we're all deliciously dimented!

Boat on dry land
needs equipped with little man
slippery when wet


... my business here is finished.

warning: politically sensitive material...


I like the 'red twisty thing' myself.

And how asinine of me to mis pell that.

Ain't I an Asshat?

TCK- yu steel werkin onat spil chackr instolashun?

*snork * Insom.. are you going to send that to Dave?

My...Fox news announcers aren't too terribly bright. Just had a thing on about something in FLA...a Santa hanging from a tree. "Hands tied, gag in his mouth..."etc. Well, looking at the image...the mouth is the thing between the beard and the mustache, right? Aren't the eyes the things below the eyebrows and above the nose? Well, then...that would be blindfolded.

Of course the commercials irritate me too...the one for Aleve, I think it was. People offering the pain medicine to others...handing it to them in the box. Well, I may have pain releiver of some kind with me...but it's not in the box.

/cranky mood.


Off to get lunch...and warm up a bit.


The MOAT calendar made it all the way to Bangladesh!! And Paris!! And Prague!! And NZ!! And other far away places!!

The MOAT has gone GLOBAL - we rock!!

Bangi, CG doesn't understand us either, but he thinks it's pretty cool!
Me too...

Fish.. assinine.

*slaps spellchecker*


Kibby - Renovations.
Also it needs to float before it goes in the water.

Asshat asshat asshat...
That word never ceases to amuse me.

Renovations? Oh, that's legit then. Floating good, sinking bad!

I learned that from Bush Sr.

Hahaha Fox makes up their news.
Didn't you know that. OMG Especially in Florida!

Good point there 'F5.


YOU made allot of people very happy.

Thank you.


You make allot of people very happy.

Thank you.

tiptoes back in with the playlist

Oh who am I kidding? I can't tiptoe anywhere...well, I can...but it's kind of defeated with the loud jinglebells on my bracelet...

The playlist...

Thursday 12-08-05 All Request Lunch Hour
“Hey Nineteen” Steely Dan
“Brown Eyed Girl” Van Morrison
“I Heard It Through The Grapevine” Marvin Gaye---Foris
“Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” Bruce Springsteen---MrFishair
“No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature” Guess Who---crash
“Imagine” John Lennon
“Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” John Lennon
“Downtown Train” Rod Stewart
“Arthur’s Theme” Christopher Cross
“Only The Lonely” Roy Orbison
“Same Old Lang Syne” Dan Fogelburg
“Roll With It” Steve Winwood

jingles off to lunch

Kibby, have you been listening to Dido today?

Insom; "resoundingly average child"... snork.

Eleanor - like I would build a bunker without a satellite dish

Peri - I'll stock some chocolate chip cookies - shouldn't burn your booboo

Crash - the GUESS WHO ROCKS!!

I knooooooooow.

Kibby, I'm pretty sure that "accessory" would have been a deal BREAKer for the wife, so NO I did not get that particular attachment.

Aunt Nancy, I may need your snow thrower.

This is a picture of the Arch I just took from the hall window with my CrapCam. Don't see the Arch? We haven't seen it either for the last two hours.

We were supposed to get 1 - 3 inches, stopping at noon. Now they are saying 2 - 4, stopping at 4:00.

Hang on...gotta fix that link

The Arch in a Snow Storm

This is the New Busch Stadium.... in the snow.

The ends of our building have large cross beams forming "X's".... I took this through the bottom of one of the X's and that's what is framing the pic.

The Arch at Christmas Time

Let it snow, let it snow, let it go already, they've heard enough......

Hey, who let him in here?

Awww shucks! Now I'M so happy =)

If you guys don't hear from me anymore you can tell the authorities that a vicious wind probably blew me off the roof of the Post Office. It's a very strong wind - tell them to check the roof of the Richardson building for the remains.

after Sarah J's comments about Colin Firth yesterday, I felt incredibly guilty because I realised it had been weeks since I had last emailed MiK. So I set out to change that.. & I go this reply from her this morning...

Yes, I'm fine. It's just that since we don't have a connection at home, I don't write as often as I should, sorry.
It's great to hear from the MOATies. 2005 is turning out to be a great year, and 2006 looks good, too, with a wedding and Blogchik's getting into grad school! I got the MOAT calendar last Saturday but haven't put it up yet. I can't decide where to put it because the computers constantly change place. Giant Frog is always moving them from one room to another as he works. Maybe I'll stick it to the wall when we get the internet connection up and running. We've had the modem for two weeks now and France Télécom still hasn't connected us, aaaaargh! I'm desperate to talk to all my MOATie friends again!
Another Colin Firth fan, eh? I'm sorry I didn't save the nekkid photos on a CD during the move, otherwise I could send them to this newbie. :-P She sounds like fun. Does she like Mathieu Kassovitz, too?
Giant Frog and I are OK, though every once in a while I get depressed because I can't go to school or work. I miss you guys, you cheered me up a lot when I was in Spain waiting for the papers. Oh well... let's see if we get connected this weekend.
There are a few new pictures of me, but on the other computer. I'll be sending them along soon so you can post one on the Yahoo group or on a MOATie's blog.
Congratulations to Higgy and TCMH for the mini-MOATie. Make sure to keep the little one away from the computer or he'll be corrupted within... well, a very short time.
Give a biiiiig hug to Rita and Tom for me. They sound very happy together and I wish them all the best.
Right. Kisses and gropes all around (and a dirty picture for Josh), MOATaritas, too.

anyhoo.. call from the boss.. she's dropping the kids here instead of me going to her place, because she has to come through town today anyway & I had a Christmas breakup to take them to today, anyway. Now I have to clean my house... aaargh.... it is Waaaaay overdue for a tidyup.

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