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April 17, 2003


Here's an eBay site for the whole family!

(Thanks to Gerret Swearingen)


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We're heeeerrrrree...

Returns to pack.


Looks good here to me!!!!!

If anyone complains, I'm blaming you two. Just so you know.

If it's good enough for Eleanor, it's good enough for me.

Short version of a catch-up (I slept through my alarm... arrggghhh!!)

*tries to restrain self*
*fails miserably*

I just want to point out that the correct measurement of a moment is 90 seconds. So 168 moments would be ..... *does the math..* 4 hours and 12 minutes. That's a lot of silence. Which is not a bad thing.

My brother sent me an email yesterday. It was headed up "Darwin award candidate 2005". I thought it was just toooo funny not to heve been blogged. So I checked it out on Snopes. Turned out that it did happen, although not quite as dramatically as it seems to have happened (email is like the rumour mill... sometimes things get exaggerated a little.. for dramatic effect only, you understand.) So I sent a text to my brother to tell him this, and his reply was "It's still damn funny!" And he's right. So Enjoy!

*loves wys an extra large Killer Coffee to help improve his health.. or make him too happy to notice that he's sick.*

Alcohol kills viruses, ya know. That's my excuse anyway.

Gotta go Moatsters... I like the new Moat.. will unpack when I get back from WERK *twitch!*

oops... I should also point out the Snopes thing happened in 1990 not 2005. That is all.

*installs cams in the shadows*

Boy - Dave and judi went crazy! I was gone for 30 minutes and there are 5 (five) new posts on the MB -

Way to Go!!!!!

*hauls neo into shadows to test the new cams*
Kibby F5™, you did bring the pie didn't you?

Shall we Christian this "MOAT o.d. Ramparts"?

Wow! You kiddies are quick! 13 Min, a.k.a. 6 moments.

Maybe this should be the PopeMOAT, in honor of today's big news - and then if we all get CRS simultaneously, we'll have a frame of reference to remember! Or something like that. I know what I meant.

wolfie. I'm still waiting for my WHIPPED CREAM!ing....ing-ie-thingie... yea.

And THAT is why I love you guys so much!!!

I didn't even have to be a nag about the sucky load up times... and I've been told I've developed the tendency to "nag" recently. *grrrrrrrrrrr*

On a completely different subject... I hate... no.. LOATHE apathetic workers.. *especially* in the fast food industry!!! Nothing frosts my cookies more...


*pulls Kibby and his pie into the shadows with wolfie for proper whipped creaming*

So was I. I was the ice cream. But if we find a nice comfy shadow, maybe I can whip up a lil cream for you. Or from you. Yeah. Something like that.
*grabs can of ReadyWhip™*

*realizes that sounds dirtier than intended*

*posts anyway*

FYI, "o.d." is the German abbreviation for "On The".

Like "Frankfurt o.d. Rhein", to keep it from being confused with any other Frankfurt. Like the one in my fridge which would be "Frankfurt o.d. Kibby's Fridge", or better yet, "Frankfurt im Kibby's Fridge".

So, "MOAT o.d. Ramparts"? OR
"Ramparts o.d. MOAT"?

Well it was empty. And it was just a suggestion too. I refuse to try and make any kind of official decision about anything right now. Anyone seen my brain?

pssst - wolfie picked the new MOAT - pass it on!!!

you pick kibby - whatever you want is OK by me!!!!!

*hopes she didn't hurt kibby's feelings with her little silly dessert/desert thingy*

I vote for Ramparts o.d. MOAT...

Although I'm sure some MOATies would like to imagine Ramparts big enough to possess a moat???

.. or not...

*wishes moving in the RL were as easy as it is here*

*returns to pricing crap -- er, gently used and lovely items no longer needed*

No worries Eleanor, I've ALWAYS had problems with the desert/dessert thing. One reason I didn't go take the speling test. You should see how I hange pitchers....

"Ramparts o.d. MOAT" a.k.a. PopeMOAT

Pssssst - Wolfie picked up the MOAT!!! Pass it on!!!

Since the thread has something to do with push-up bras, I suggest something having to do with Ramparts.

*takes a quick zip around "Ramparts o.d. MOAT" a.k.a. PopeMOAT*

Hot Tub: check
Disco Ball: check
Hammock: check
fully stocked frig: check
Susan's radio station: check (with stereo speakers)
Extra zips: check

And all the stuff Weasel brought over!

*too exhausted from doing inventory to zip out*
*collapses into hammock*

Oh - and most important: Cabana Boys!

Cabana Boy: MOATarita to the hammock, por favor!

I already named my bookmark PopeMOAT because it's short. And memorable. So there.

Doc says my knee is doing well. Showed me pix he took while messing around in there. Ewww!

hmmm.. well I was hoping that by the time I made it into the rumor mill, it would be for something scandalous. Or at least involving condiments. Could it maybe say that I picked it using the nekkid twister game and Kibby F5™ was the spinner?

Wait, I almost forgot. It wasn't me that picked it. Nope nope nope.
*slinks back to werk*

Well, I bookmarked the Ramparts one - so...
Our First MOAT dilemna!!!!!!

We need someone sage to make a decision and Marvins's gone off to class!!!

Now what?!?!???

PSSSSSST! Wolfie is playin with Kibby's Spinner!! Pass it on!!!

*wonders why he felt dizzy*

So we moved from jugs to ramparts? Hmmm. Next moat needs to be a Morton moat.

Howsabout PopeRamparts the ??

What moat are we on????

Its not short and sweet, but it has a ring to it...

Y's cookie crumbed (oatmeal raisin ones) to MOAT XX: "Ramparts o.d. MOAT" a.k.a. PopeMOAT

Boy - don't I feel sheepish!

I just killed my kneecap on my desk drawer, and yelled out "OWWW F****" ... I was suprised and it HURT ... I didn't think I yelled THAT loud though... until the Office Manager came running in asking if I was alright!

THAT is why I usually keep my door SHUT!


I got dibs on the Cleavage!

But until it shows itself I'll be checking out the new basement, after I slipe and slide into the shadows for a couple of moanments.

*orders large bowl of cashew chicken for kingw*

I love cashew chicken, kingw, can I have a bite?


*zips out to MB in case he gets kibby's howitzer*

Hmm.. it appears I missed Kingy's reply on the sandwich thing...

I was trying to make a funny along the lines of a shared Turkey Sandwich is more pleasurable than a solo one... but I guess I failed miserably!!!

*sits in the corner sobbing at her un-funniness*

*thinks we should start referring to Lab as Captain Coriolis*

*finishes unpacking and setting up Howitzer and Skeet Shooter*

*Plisken & Fluffy frolic off in joyfulness of the empty MOAT*

You rang?

thx sly.......pecking up breadcurmbs......BURP

O: Excuse me!

Did you call on the Brat phone?

Kibby- Do you realize what kind of Effect that could have on him?

Oh, right. Very, very little.

Nevermind.....(I rarely do.)

thx sly.......pecking up breadcurmbs......BURP

O: Excuse me!

Hmmmm.....interleaved simulposts/multipost

Awwwww whatever.

Just not that nfunny. But I thought my comment need an explanation. I would love a turkey ammich.

Jackie is now grudgingly - very, very grudgingly -setting out to do her least favorite job: ironing the stuff she needs for the trip. That's the one job I've never mastered.

It seems she's always hated ironing so let's things pile up in the ironing closet until she can't put it off any longer. As a teenager her mother told her she wouldn't be able to go to the country the next day unless she did her ironing so she obviously hated it even then.

As far as I'm concerned, permanent press is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century. My philosophy is, if it needs ironing, don't buy it.

Sorry: "lets" not "let's"

Or even a turkey sammich?

Jeff, the only thing I like ironing is handkercheifs.

And even that is bothering me.

They (handkercheifs) should be easy to iron, right? A simple little square. Well, since everything is made so cheaply anymore, all that I have are off grain, so they are not really square.

Everything is cut off grain though. I was trying to fold a pillowcase, lining the seams up, and it was completly off. And my underwear, well, I know I'm not that crooked that I'm stretching it out oddly. At least I don't think so.

*chewing on stale bread crumbs*

How old are these things, Sly??

*spits crumbs out onto floor*

Anyone got a margarita or popsicle (preferable unused) that I can use to rinse out my mouth?

Why, Susan? Why on earth would you iron a handkerchief? I don't get it. I do the "fold-smash-fold-smash" method.

Hi, Punky. How's it hanging?

*realizing I shouldn't have said anything about my underwear*

*posts sign 'Will iron for chocolate' at edge of shadows*

But Capn Coriolis THE Lab Specimen, Why? Why on earth would you own a handkerchief? I don't get it. I do the "pick up a dirty shirt" method. Oh, er wait, was that Natural man? It could've been me.

Punky- Here. *Loves her, a Margarita posicle* They're gooood. And, I really hope nobody picks up those breadcrumbs and tries to eat them.

I may be gross, but I ain't that gross. ;)

*wonders about Susan ironing her undies*

*wonders if she adds starch*

Happy Dance that Punky's here!

I iron handkerchiefs because nice clean, ironed, folded handkercheifs are so nice. Although I have mostly been using tissues lately, so I have not been ironing handkercheifs.


Anyone iron their underwear?

part duex:

Does the Pope wear underwear? if so, what kind?

Ok, yes I'm bored.

Ok. Yes. More so than usual.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled moating to bring you an important announcement: My lilacs are blooming. Therefore, all is right with the world.

That is all.

Id say the pope wears holey ones, but I think theres an entire cloister of nuns who sew them.

I never said I iron my undies. That is ridiculous.

And if I ever did iron them, I certainly wouldn't use starch.

Fishair, that was Natural man with the dirty shirt. I hope you aren't doing that.

I interrupt your regular blogging to announce it's 80 degrees here today. And by Friday, it may be snowing. I love New York.
/dripping sarcasm.

Also, it's really hard to iron something with so little material, so why bother.

that is all.

*lights up smoke she gave up ages ago*
Ahhhhh... I needed that simulpost ty Marvin. I hope it was just as good for you.

Punky - Hi....waves fruiously.

gasp, choke......I miss Joshkr. If he was blurking when you asked for something to rinse your mouth out with......I just know he'd pounce like A duck on a june-bug as we say here in Texas.

*wonders what Susan's trying to hide*

*notices she's NOT denying it, only denying she said she did; and that she wouldn't use starch*

scratch, scratch

*notes that starch really only works on cotton anyhow*

oh yep, I need to go cool off in the shadows for a while. (I notice you didn't specify what you were smoking. nttawwt ;) )

Also, I totally would have offered to quench punky's thirst, but figured she'd already found something yummy...to drink.

*wonders why Kibby's wondering about my underwear*

*wondering why I brought it up in the first place*

Susan- Then would that make you Wonder Woman?

Wolfie- ouch.

Indeed it would, Mr.Fishair.

I am off, I have a thrilling city council meeting.

I wish I could pad my underwear, the seats at the meeting might be a little more comfortable.

I don't know how to ask you there Alex... sooo I'll ask them here.
What's your favorite word?
What's your least favorite word?
If you're in the shower and you have to go, do you get out and use the loo, or go in the shower? (yes you can assume you are alone)
Have you ever ridden an animal other than a horse?

Please don't iron my underwear. As I am not wearing any it would be a little uncomfortable. I am also afraid that not all of the wrinkles will come out.

Well Wolfie, since Alex won't answer, I'll go First!

1. Hitherto

2. serendipity

3. I ain't getting out of the shower, even if I'm not alone. Better spread your feet apart.

4. Yes. (including but not limited to a wolfie)

/being bored.

It's Pivothirty!

Feel free to do something dirty in my absence Moators!
(not that you need any encouragement or anything)

When I was first married, I was doing ironing one day....my ex came in and dropped his newly dried socks on the ironing pile. I said something along the lines of "could you fold your own socks, please?"

He said, "those are for you to iron."

He noticed me staring at him with my lower jaw on the floor.

He said, "Did I say something wrong?" When I could talk, I told him I'd NEVER heard of anyone ironing socks.

He said his Mom ironed them all the time.

I can proudly say to this day, I have not ironed a sock in my life; and the world keeps spinning as it should.

Todays MB count:

UK - 4
USA - 2
M. East - 1
N. Europe - 1

UK wins as the wackiest place to be today!

*wonders if they have Susan's underwear ironing problem too*

*and starch*

I ain't getting out of the shower, even if I'm not alone. Better spread your feet apart.

*Note to self: Do NOT shower with Kibby after he's had a few beers.*

I would say "TMI", but he was just responding to a question.....albeit in a TMI kinda way.

Ah, sly, that was Mr.Fishair.

I'm on the Ironing underwear thread...

I just realied that if this moat 20, that means it is double X. Does that mean we can get rid of the family rating?

Oops, I saw "Pivothirty" and thought it was you, Kibby.

Oh, the "posted by" at the bottom? Apparently I ignored it.



Push-up bras

It could mean that WOMEN RULE on this Moat.

*not that we don't elsewhere. tee hee hee*

*goes to post "No peeing in the shower" on the door*

I think Susan's going to be pleasently surprised her ironing underwear comment has brought out so many positive comments from our fellow MOATies.

And now we're seeing if, just maybe, they have the same issues in the UK - where things were absolutely knuts today.

This has truely been an international experience in the field of underwear ironing - with, or, without starch.

Here's to Susan!

*scratch, scratch*

Peeing in the shower is fine. The kitchen sink, well theres a whole lotta wrong with that.

And to think another 10 MOATs (should be sometime next week) we'll be up to XXX.

Then the ...obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, indecent or otherwise... filter below will kick in.

I only do it to keep my feet young looking.

Not to change the subject or anything--

Jeff, Jon Stewart on Oprah was a hoot. Thanks so much for telling us--never would have seen it otherwise.

I have a question for Daily Show fans--is there a version that's broadcast without bleeps? Where you can actually hear the bad words? We thought maybe they didn't bleep the version broadcast late at night--we record one that's broadcast in the morning. But we tried a later one and it still got bleeped. Just wondering.

Sandy, I don't think there's any version of the Daily Show without the bleeps.

I watch the one that's on 10:00 CST -- the original broadcast-- and it's always bleeped.

82 degrees and I've been hauling stuff to my friends house for the garage sale tomorrow.

I'm gonna need a shower soon.

But I'm gonna pee first -- in the appropriate place.

Jeff Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. If for no other reason than you can.


A LTTG comment for sly;

I loved the book Wait Til Next Year. And I was so pleased to see the author, Doris Kearns Goodwin, being interviewed on the FDR documentary we've been watching on the History channel. Her book about FDR & Eleanor, No Ordinary Time is a great read.

She was the queen of the documentary talking head crowd after that book came out, making frequent appearances on PBS, Ken Burns shows, things like that. But then she got in trouble for not attributing some quotes correctly and was vilified for it. Suddenly no one would touch her with a 10-ft pole. I thought her treatment was way too harsh.

So I'm happy to see she's back, at least on the History channel. (I don't watch Jim Lehrer any more so maybe she's been back for awhile.)

And the baseball book is a fabulous memoir. Enjoy!

Jeff--it was great. Amy Sedaris is a hoot--I didn't recognize her until he said her name.

For the record: the rest of you blogettes can have Antonio Banderas. I'm taking Jon Stewart. Even if he is about 4 inches shorter than I am. (So is Antonio, prob'ly.)

Oh yeah, you asked about the knee, Jeff. I gave a short report pre-MOAT move. Basically, I'm doing fine, sez the doc. I was concerned because it's still swollen but he seemed to think that's normal. Doesn't even want to see me again unless I have more problems. Just keep exercising it without overdoing it. A fine line...

Damn medical update killed the blog. Sorry!

Sandy, I missed an opportunity last month to see Doris Kearns Goodwin here in St. Louis. A friend had tickets to her lecture/speech at Powell Hall, but I was too slammed at work to be able to go.

I do see her on NBC (I think) from time to time when they are talking about Presidential history.

The speaker this month at Powell Hall -- the finale for this years Lecture Series --- Our own Dave Barry.

I'm supposed to go, but I haven't heard from the friend with the tickets -- so we'll see.

Sandy, I have a post coming through sometime. Wait for it....

It should be here soon. Don't know what happened to it.

Omp -- there it is.

Well, you can't let Dave visit St Louis without seeing him! Better rattle the friend's cage.

*wishes he would come to Juneau*

*tries to think up ridiculous fishing trip to invite him on*

Nah, now that the column in on hiatus he probably doesn't do that sort of thing any more.

Jon Stewart - reading his lips is pretty easy! And I agree that the bleeps are for effect! Does the MOAT have a recording secretary? If so, please remind up to buy Oprah's magazine when Jon's house is in it - thank you.

I only do it to keep my feet young looking.
kingw - *snork* I'd forgotten that post - of course you do!!!!

sandy - I have to disagree with you re DKG - she plaigarized and then blamed her researchers/assistants! Very tacky - and I'd always admired her so much - I'm surprised she regained her respectability! IMO only

*goes to put another sign next to sly's*
Put The Toilet Seat Back Down when You Finish!!

New digs - excellent...

*unpacks Twister-Mat-Dispenso-matic, realizes that no-one uses it anymore, packs it back up*

*puts up another sign "Please wash your hands"*

Is it just me or does Pope Benedict the Sixteenth not quite roll off the tongue yet?

*Happy Dance, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Dance*

I got my next contract! With a healthy rate increase AND all I need to do is wander about looking for problems and suggesting what can be done about them! What could be easier?!?

NO miserable project team to manage

NO responsibility for deadlines

NO writing long winded project plans/business cases/blah blah blah

AND I start Friday!


*bounds around the MOAT like a gazelle*

And BEST of all, I hand off everything this afternoon and so will be free for a game of golf in the morning!

*bounds around the MOAT like a gazelle speed*


El, DKG is way too smart to plagiarize in such a little league way. Her works are so enormous that they got out of her direct control. People took shortcuts they shouldn't have. You can bet she'll never let that happen again.

But her writing is fabulous and fascinating. It takes a great writer to get me through a history book. She introduced me to the other Eleanor. (Your namesake?)

IMO, she's more than atoned for her sins.

To start the Pope/Rampart MOAT off on a good note:

Josh just called - he sounded great! I told him we'd moved (I sent him an e-mail) and he pointed out that this was the second time we've moved since he's been away!

I told him that I suggested the name "PopeMoat" but that kibby wanted "RampartMoat" and he said, "I like kibby's thinking!"



*tries to bound around the MOAT after wys but knee hurts too much*

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