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April 17, 2003


Amish buggies racing out of control!

(Thanks to Crystal Weaver)


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I'll be here if anyone's looking for me *snork*

You're still back at the other Moat El... and I'm not sure where to post now.... Maybe I'll post there, copy and paste to here.. waste some more space!

We could always move back to the failed Moat at some stage... has it been spammed yet?

wolfie - T@rget is where you Commando-shop? Do you have a pair of underwear in your purse for when you leave Target and go somewhere else?

Jeff.. I posted that "list" because it gives me hope. Today's high is about 52F, and overcast.. cold winds. I'm putting out washing anyway, despite the fact I won't be home until almost 7pm and by then it will have dried and gotten wet again. Grrrr.

The "Welcome Mat" link looks almost cross-stitched. No nekkidity of feet though, so I guess it's not porno cross-stitch.. *ponders a bit* although, if you leave the shoes on the doormat, isn't that encouraging pedi-pornography in the house? Cross-stitch has a whole moral side that I never even considered...

Bangi.. why does Alan get penguin thongs plural? I thought standard issue was one and one only.. going commando if that one ever needed washing. If Alan has a spare, the others will all want one!

An Amish-themed Moat? They have really kinky outfits! Wooo hoooo!

oh.. and MiB...

The sister that sent me that is one of my many foster-sisters. She lives on the Gold Coast. She's not the sister in the pic, although she also has 3 kids and turns 30 this year (Not till Sept though)!

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