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April 15, 2003


And shouldn't it be spelled "Devastator?"

(Thanks to Dan Koss)


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For Punky! He rings my bell too!


echo, echo, echo....

D'Art - here's to Kevin Federline keeping Britney in the family way, if it will keep her out of the studio.

on Conan last night, John Lithgow said that when in Paris he met a gentleman who was his Italian dubbed voice, and who wanted to know ,'Why don't you make more movies?'

a genealogy website I visit is run by a woman whose brother, Norbert Gastel, is the German Homer Simpson. (now there's a good gig!)

Is this the DevaSpader MOAT?


Bis and insom are here!!!!

*does the DevaSpader New Moat Happy Dance*


Susan's gone!!!! What happened??????

It should be back on...we tried to increase the number of listeners we can get...it should be back, so let me know.

It is Susan. Stop scarin us and kicking us all without warning.
*slinks off to calm 'lost wcre omgomg' erratic heartbeat*

It's back on, Susan!

Sorry...I didn't know Whitt was going to play with the computer.

I was in the office talking to someone, and he came in and told me he was going to increase the number of online listeners...

we have increased, so far...


Exactly, Jeff, exactly!! Anyway, I know you would follow me anywhere *snork* :)

Whitt must be punished now Susan.

Susan - I love, love, love this song!!!!!

Thanks, El! I couldn't read half of what people wrote on the other MOAT, and I'm too lazy to scroll!

Lab - it's The Wallflowers!!!!

Dammit, you people move too quickly. I just e-mailed judi with the post that was doing the stretching, apparently nobody told her which one it was so she couldn't fix it.

Wolfie, does that mean that I, as the only person here, should do the punishing? Hehheh. Might need advice...

I had noticed in Mozilla I had to scroll sideways, then went online with another computer using IE, and had no problem. So I've just been using IE for the MOAT, and had no problems...but there's nothing wrong with a move.

Susan ~ yes. But feel to call me for advice if you want too. Or just so I can listen and offer pointers. Remember, it's about the wrist snap when you get to the paddle.

I say we move the MOAT once every six hours or so, just to keep things fresh.

What say ye?

*sheepishly enters new Moat*

I promise to preview before posting a link.

Most of the time.

Wow - our MOAT lifespans are getting shorter and shorter....

Happy Birthday Kibby!

Happy birthday, Kibby
* hit F5 *
Happy birthday, Kibby
* hit F5 *
Happy birthday, Kibby
* okay, you get the idea *

There, there, sly, twas an honest mistake.

Happy Birthday, Kibby!

D'art - I vote we move now!


DJT is being a smart a** today - (but in a good way *snork*)

HI, MOTW. Good one.

Ok, everybody, let's head over to the NEW MOAT

(shh, don't let on that it's the old moat!)


*moved again*

Man, that Metamucil's some strong stuff.

D'Art- I say Ey, to your Ye.
*pours a shot of tequila*
Where's the salt and lime, I need to lick thee.

That was not a birthday haiku.

*would rather not be licked by Mr.Fishair, if it's all the same*

When we move again next week, when I am in Moscow and Armenia, could somebody email me the breadcrumbs to my email address linked to here? There will probably be TWO MOATs come and gone in that time.

grumblegrumblegrumble some of us can't just bookmark you know grumble grumble grumble grrrr

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Kibby! I look forward to your apple pie! I haven't had that in ages.

I have to call my dad's cousin who lives in Yerevan, Armenia, but the number I have isn't working and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. The only thing I can think of is to go to the kiosk I buy my phone cards from and beg for help.

Oh, and has this ever happened to you? I woke up at 9, thinking "I have things to do, I should be up" but I couldn't remember a single one. I decided to go back to bed for fifteen minutes. I even reset my alarm. I woke up two hours later! I had forgotten to turn the alarm on. I had reset it, but not turned it on. Curses, foiled again!

I wish I could sleep...Rach left me a message again tonight. Wondering how I'm doing, etc...

She must not know how the sound of her voice tears me up inside. We always hear of the ex being evil and mean. I think it is harder when the ex is wonderful and sweet and charming, and you know it didn't work but you sometimes wish it did.

*sigh* this could be a long night

Dude, I feel for you. It is so true. I feel the same way about MY ex (who I did the breaking up with, which in some ways makes it worse). I got an email from him- just an ecard- yesterday, and now I can't stop thinking about him. Here I'd gone a whole two weeks without woe-is-me-did-I-make-the-right-decision song and dance....sigh...I think, actually, the main thing keeping me out of wallow-land right now is that I am trying to nail down a zillion logistics and am instead in anxiety-land.

Fortunately I have myot-pivo waiting for me at home. That's honey-beer, darlings. :)

*scribbles 'the salt and lime' on postit and sticks it to forehead*

El - {evil grin} Whatever do you mean? Me, a smart a$$? O:)

Blogchik - We won't forget you, I've got you in my address list!

Rats, Sunny South Florida has turned into Swampy South Florida... The rainy season is officially here!

*runs up onto the roof to prepare anti-mosquito missile launchers*

On getting up with the alarm...

I am not by any means a morning person. I hate getting up...but I do. Eventually. I learned a very long time ago not to leave the alarm clock by my bed, or I'll just reach over in my sleep, turn it off and go back to sleep.

It now stays on the far side of the room. This does have the advantage that unless I put on my glasses after I've gone to bed, or sit up and squint really hard, I can't see the time so I don't know exactly how late I'm staying up. That is a good thing.

I do like the snooze function though, and my new clock has a 4 minute snooze feature. That is not worth the agravation. But my watch has a timer, so I have that set for 10 minutes. After the main alarm goes off, I can doze for a while with the timer going off every 10 minutes. I should just set the alarm for the time I need to get up and get up then, but most mornings I'm getting the child up too, and have to start calling her far earlier than I want to get up. So I just call her every 10 minutes until she finally gets up.

My bout of early morning insomnia is catching up with me.


I'll just lie down over here in the corner and take a nap. Someone wake me if we move again.


*covers sly with a warm fuzzy blanky*

psst, djtonyb, I think you just covered sly with wolfie! ...oh, on purpose? I see...nice

*covers sly with a blanket*

Perfect napping weather here...oh well, work to do.

The playlist for today...

Thursday 6-2-05 Sharecroppers All Request Lunch Hour
“Only The Lonely” Roy Orbison---Ken
“Brandy” Looking Glass---David
“One Headlight” Wallflowers
“God Only Knows” Beach Boys---MiB
“Ticket To Ride” Beatles---Eleanor
“I Will Survive” Gloria Gaynor---Tamara
“Love Hurts” Nazareth---wolfie
“My Guy” Mary Wells
“I Want A New Drug” Huey Lewis and the News
“Coming Up” Paul McCartney
“(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman” Aretha Franklin
“Loves Me Like A Rock” Paul Simon
“Only Wanna Be With You” Hootie and the Blowfish

*takes a blanket off sly*

Ooops, DJT, didn't see your blanket there. It's not quite cold enough for two blankets right now.


judi fixed sly's post on the old MOAT. I'll be over there for a while.

*leaves, to the sound of celebrations*

o0O(I'm sure it's just their way of expressing grief)

OK, Kids, judi fixed the old MOAT. Do we save this one for later or are we officially moved?

Susan, I think people are recongregating on the old MOAT. judi (THE judi!) fixed it. She's even on the MOAT.

Your alarm clock trick won't work for me, though. Lately I've been dozing off while sitting on my bed to change into my clothes. I suppose what I could do is get a change of clothes ready the day before in the next room. And a morning to-do list. I swear, my brain was nonfunctional. This was not the average morning of usual things to do. That I can, sort of, handle....

*wakes sly up*

Erm... I'm not sure where we are. Just curl up on this here gurney and we'll wheel you around 'til we figure out where we're going.

*forgets to set brakes*

*watches as sly wheels off into the shadows*


*dives out of the shadows.. hooks corner of the gurney with foot as it careens past her.. turns it in direction of old moat*

Careful with those things. Some of us live in them thar shadows.

*begins packing shadows for trip back to other moat*

OK - whatever - I just want to be one of the cool kids, wherever they are!!!

Blogchik ordered us back to the Old MOAT so let's go -

bye, bye new MOAT - it was just too hot not to cool down...

I can be in two places at once, no prob.

Does anybody really know where Mr. Fishair is?
Does anybody really stare? (ok, maybe some blogettes do)
We've all got pie enough to try,
We've all got pie enough to fry...

An entire moat came and went and I was only away for 7 HOURS?

Ditto, Fish.

Did you see Jennifer Runaway Bride got probation? I just keep thinking of the old I Love Lucy episode in Connecticut:

Lucy: "Don't pop your eyes out like that."
Ricky (with Cuban accent): "I can't help it. When I get excited my eyes pop out."
Lucy: "Well not so far, then. You look like you stuck your finger in a light socket."

Geezer Bus leaving in 10 minutes.



MOAT says, I never even had a name *sigh*

*cranks up Moatarita blender and Martini Bar in anticipation of the arrival of the others*

Since one of the last posts, earlier this month, was about this Moat having no name...I propose the name for this be The No-Name Moat.

*fixes herself a chocotini and stretches out on lounge chair to await the others. Hopes someone remembers Fluffy and Pliskin this time. They've been left behind on some of these moves.*

Staggers in with Fluffy Pliskin, the inflatable Cabana Boys, Jello molds, elle's crown and septer

Sly - this better be official. If we've moved again before I get back with the next load....

Pow - Zoom.....straight to the MB with you.

Does that mean we should all post without a name?

If I had time, I'd do an anthem for this Moat, parodying "Horse With No Name".

So.....I'll leave that to others. Kibby, you've been prolific today, wanna take on another song? Insomiac? Wurm? Anyone?

I guess so, Lab. might make it tough on those without characters in their name.

Brat, are you channeling Ralph Kramden today?

I dunno. But it might become confusing.

Brat, are you channeling Ralph Kramden today?

oo, anonymous simulposting with sly and someone else! Kinky...

Is this the bastard moat-child no one is allowed to talk about?

This moat is full of wiseacres!

Which is why I love it!

This moat is full of wiseacres!

Which is why I love it!

*runs through wearing only a Zorro mask and silver cowboy boots*

I love annonyminity.

HEY! I recognize those boots!

HEY! I recognize those boo- erm, I'll just go along and say boots.


Somebody loves me!!!

I once was lost, but now am found...

Good pics, Brian! He's getting big! (I know, that's what everyone says about babies, but he is!)

also, Blue Fleck Berkeley Power Worm WBAGNF...umm, to be honest I have no idea...

I live in an overdeveloped area. All I can be is a wisehalfacre.

*shakes her booTs in Joskrk's general direction*

Ahhh, new MOAT.

Thanks Josh! Yeah, last time you saw him, he was only about 3 or 4 weeks old! It's been a long almost 6 months since then!

Some other WBAGNFASomething that we used were the:

Watermelon Seed Zoom Baby Brush Hogs

or the

Tequila Sunrise 7" Yum Ribbontail with LPT (Live Prey Technology) now impregnated with Salt!

By the way everyone, please forgive my typing today. Catfish are not generally easy on your hands especially when holding or filleting them. So, I've got bandaids on three of my four finger tips on my left hand. It looks like I attacked myself with some 60 grit sand paper.

Ha! You're lucky we were actually declawed.

*directs moving persons to set up KibEl office close to Hot Tub*

*drags in huge folder containing eleventy-hundred
pictures of AB to wallpaper KibEl wall with*

Eripay- If I do not go away! will you please taunt me with your booTs a second time!

Go Go Gadget Moat with No Name!

I am back. For the moe mint. I just worked for 4 LONG days (12 to 14 hours) and made two months salary! BooYa!

And starting tonight and on through the weekend (the fourth, yes {which is also the Fishes Anniversary btw}) we will be leveling the ground in our backyard, wheel barrowing in 4 tons of sand and leveling it, running new electric for the pump, and putting up the walls and a new liner in a 16 x 32 oval above ground pool.

So coming soon, a POOL party at the FISHES! (no fishing allowed, at least until the kegs empty)

And we have another Boss around here? Great, Perfect, just what I needed. ;)

Welcome to the Madness AlanBoss.

*burps the A,B,C's all the back to the basement*

Hey SLYEYES! You forgot your uhm, uh, not sure, what.... this .....is.....

Where was this picture taken? Afghanistan? It looks like AB snorting a little nose candy.
Just Saying.

gee whiz, igloo, I thought he was just being shy, but now that I look again, through your experienced *snork* eyes, it does look like there may be some kind of white powder on the tops of his hands!! Interestingly enough (to me anyway) the picture came from a web site highlighting "celebrity feet"!!! (true)

I is confused
are we here, or not here?

Bangi! We're wherever you are!

*peeks over shoulder*

*waves to Bangi*

Over here, over here - come sit in the hammock with me!

*jumps on hammock*
*twists hammock*


Learning your ABCs is fun!

***warning...of course***

*is torn between ogling Peri's 'boots' or the Bangi/El entanglement*

Uh...Peri, want to, um, help them out? ;)

Bangi Bangi Bangi Beer Bangi Bangi Bangi Beer

Great Pics Twin. I have some very similar of Memorial weekend. I can't wait to go back again either.

Joshkr- Long time no Smut buddy! How's it hangin?

Slyeyes- This thing you forgot, it's jiggly. hehehe.....

Higgy- In case you didn't torture yourself by reading through my long winded blatherings, I wanted to formally wish you and the misses a very Fishy Congratulations on the upcoming endeavor. You guys will be great. And you will enjoy the crappie out of it.

D'Art- OMG, OMG like, is it like possible to have like, Britany withdrawls? Like, I think I like, may, OMG, I think, like I might, wish upon a pop star tonight. or like something. like.

*tosses Fishair some beer*

g nite moaties
may da force b with u

MOAT with no Name

On the first part of our story
I was looking at all the life
There were coconuts, long&talls and links and things
There ware bennies and thongs and rings (hey, it rymes!)
The first thing I met was a kiwi with a buzz
And the aussi with no clouds
The b-butter was hot and the MOATinie was dry
But the air was full of 2nd rate actors

I've been through the blog in a MOAT with no name
It felt good to be out of the Main (B)
In the MOAT you can have your Fame
'Cause everyone here knows your name
La, la ...

After two beers in the desert blog
My jello began to turn red
After three tries on the slip(e) & slide
I was looking at a river bed
And the story it told of a MOAT that flowed
Made me sad to think it was dead

You see

I've been through the blog on a MOAT with no name
It felt good to be out of the Main (B)
In the MOAT you can have your Fame
'Cause everyone here knows your name
La, la ...

After nine 'ritas I let the hot tub run free
'Cause the hammok had turned to sea
There were plants and birds and rocks and things
there was sand and hills and rings
The MOAT is a desert with it's life underground
And a perfect disguise above
Under their monkiers lies a heart made of gold
But mere humans will give no love

You see

I've been through the blog on a MOAT with no name
It felt good to be out of the Main (B)
In the MOAT you can have your Fame
'Cause everyone here knows your name
La, la ...

Lab .. that Laney's link made me snork too.. mostly because it had longitude and latitude on the website, in case you can't find it with the address they give you!! I presume that's for GPS junkies.

Mr & Mrs Fish.. happy early anniversary!! (I'll forget before the weekend).

*hums to self* I've been through the desert to the Moat with No Name, it felt good to get out of the rain...
Those are the only words of the song that I ever remember... so someone else will have to do the hard work with that particular homage... and TYVM for the earworm!

Today will be a good day... late start (9am), and "my girls'" Dad asked me on Friday if we should take the girls to see "Madagascar" on Tuesday (which is today now), as they had nothing planned. So we're off to the movies...

Going back now to try and finish reading my email... the programme crashed on me .. dang ancient computer.

*sigh* Work prevented me from becoming involved in the hammock tangle and now I have to go.

I like Alton Brown.

Kaf, P.E.R.I. did indeed see the bombing but they like that kind of stuff so no worries.

i forgot sth!!


( coz i'll forget as well)

A Big BRAVO to kibby!


A BIG *sigh* for Lab - really, how low can you go? Now, if you're into "food guys" and there's absolutely NWWT, then go for the
the good ones!

Thanks Bangi! Miss ya!

I understand totally Lab - and we all know that your favorite is
this hot potato!

p.s. Thanks for putting my FF team logo on the Y site! And for your help as well!

get (on your) Back
I'm alright (with) Jack
Keep your hands on my stack.

Money, so they say........ buys a lot of beer.

But who needs it? When ya got your very own Bangi Toss.

My pleasure, El.

I'm having a Fiona Apple day.

(("This world is BULL$HIT!"))

Feeling jaded today, I suppose. About life, and humanity, and blah blah frickin blah.

Must... shift... thoughts... away... from... negativity! ARRRRGGGGHHH!

My son was telling me this weekend about how an Irishman was instrumental in making and marketing outdoor seating. His name was Patty O'Furniture.

Bumper Sticker:
"Blah, Blah, Blah... Who gives a $hit"


But El's my pleasure, Lab!

Well, Ok you can have El, but you can't have my last list.

I'm not touching that. Er... her. I would sure like a list, though.

BigD - My daughter asked my why the broom was late for breakfast?

Apparently it overswept.


Josh, that's not the traditional ABC! At the end, you're supposed to sing "Now I know my ABCs, next time won't you sing with me?"

About the self-checkout lanes, here in Europe I have not seen any at all. It would be nice to have some at the supermarket, though. Sometimes you do get dumb cashiers who can't go without scanning every single bloody bar code of 20 identical items.

Kaf, I'm surprised Josh hasn't made any lewd comments on your naked slip 'n sliding yet!

Just for the record, as a child I never used a slip 'n slide. *hears gasps from the MOATies* Well, it was because I was too scared it would hurt when I launched myself onto the plastic (there being no padding underneath at all), OK?

Welcome back, Fishy! All that overtime paid off, eh?

Kibby, bravo! I love the songs.

Okay, okay, okay... I got one... okay...

Why did... How...

wait... uh...

How can you... How did the...

Oh... I got it...

Knock, knock!

Goose hare?

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