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April 21, 2003


An email from Abhimanyu Radhakrishnan:

Hi Dave, I saw your blog entry about the college in Notre Dame whose initials are CONDOM. This is even better ... I study in India and there's a very famous engineering school in the southern state of Tamil Nadu (of which Chennai, formerly Madras is the capital city) in a town called Tiruchirapalli (called Trichnoply or Trichy in British times). The school is popularly called REC Trichy (Regional Engineering College, Trichy). However, I once went for an inter-varsity sports meet where in order to avoid confusion with the local University in Trichy, to which REC is not affiliated, the college was referred to, throughout the meet on the scoreboards as RECTUM (Regional Engineering College Tiruchirapalli, University of Madras). The local papers carried headlines : RECTUM pips Loyola for title! I couldn't help but commend the students for being part of such a kick-ASS school. We took digs at the budding engineers for their ANALytical skills and ...you get the picture!! Cheers Abhi


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