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Manuel A. Tellechea

There we go again — more betrayals of those who served America's interests. It is beyond me how anyone could ever believe the U.S. could be a good-faith partner in any plan to liberate Cuba.


If Posada-Carrilles is ever set free, hopefully a good Samaritan will shoot him in the balls & he will die a slow, painfull death. The world will be a better place without him.

Manuel A. Tellechea


Castro's agents once shot Posada in the face, but, as you can see, he survived.

The world would be a much better place without the tyranny of Fidel Castro which fostered and justified the actions of Posada Carriles and others like him.


Gusano Posada-Carrilles makes Castro look like Mother Theresa.


One of the reasons right wing Cuban Americans are not respected by the rest of the American people is because they refer to terrorists as "freedom fighters".

Manuel A. Tellechea

One of the reasons that Curt is not respected by me is that he considers Castro's victims worse than Castro.


Castro never shot down airplanes killing 76 civilians, ran drugs, or was a suspect in the murder of JFK!

Manuel A. Tellechea


Actually, Castro has shot down civilian airplanes, ran drugs and is a suspect in the death of JFK.

Before his death LBJ confided to his biographer Doris Kearns that Fidel Castro ordered Kennedy's assassination. Some day we'll all get to see the evidence that Johnson saw.

The Castro regime's involvement in drug-trafficking is not a state secret. In fact, Raul Castro and other officials have been named as unindicted co-conspirators in several major drug cases. And former Panamanian dictator, Noriega, testified that he sponsored the alliance between the Castro regime and the Colombian drug cartels.

As for shooting down civilian aircraft, Castro has also done that on numerous occasions; most notably when he ordered the shooting down of Camilo Cienfuegos' plane and when he murdered in coldblood the Brothers to the Rescue. Fidel Castro is also credited with the world's first airplane hijacking while still a rebel (or, more accurately, a terrorist).

It is easy to see why you defend Castro: you know absolutely nothing about him.


There is absolutely no evidence linking Castro to drug traffiking, JFK's murder, or the downing of Cinfuego's plane. All these are lies created by the Miami Mafia media. As for the downing of the BTTR planes, the pilots were repetedly warned not to fly into Cuban airspace. T he Cuban government even complained to the Clinton Administration. As far as I'm concerned the pilots got what was coming to them.



you should really get yourself a fact checker before you post on this blog. Raul castro has been indicted for drug trafficking (this ispublic knowledge, check it out). I will not comment on camilo cienfuegos and kennedy, since I dont have facts to support this. Although, castro being involved in the kennedy assination is one of the top conspiracy theories out there (visit the conspiracy theory musuen in dallas, tx.). As far as brothers to the recue goes, the planes were not armed, he knew they were not armed and not even the UN, EU, OAS and any other useless world organizations would condone what happened to that plane. We here in miami do exagerate some things, however, we are right on the money on this one. Its funny how you like to use castro's favorite term for us, Miami Mafia. Also, not only is he guilty for the crimes mentioned above, he also imprisons his citizens for nothing more than disagreeing with his "Socialist Ideology" (I use that term loosely). Even the good for nothing United Nations has condemned him. You really are the wrong side on this one, pal.

a thought...

Castro has killed way more than 76 people and let's not even get into what he has done to the family unit. He destroyed a nation, economically and socially. But Curt seems to think he's a great guy. Let's send Curt over there, but not to the posh hotels. Let's send him to the interior and let him live like the every-day people. Let's see how quickly he moves his Birkenstocks back to the U.S.


Let's make this very clear for all of you Posada advocates, the guy as much a terrorist and a cold blooded killer as Fidel and Raul. Don't come here and try to twist reality to fit your purposes. Fidel has done much more than order Camilo's death and sign off on the BTTR massacre, he is a criminal and a disgrace to our country. Posada, on the other hand not only ordered and supervised the sabotage of a civilian airliner but has bragged about it, he is also a criminal and a disgrace to our country.
Once again do not take advantage of this forum to spread your political agenda and do what is RIGHT, call them both what really are: TERRORISTS. I dont care which side you are on, if your methods include bombing planes full of people you are a terrorist. If your resume lists ordering mass executions or escaping prisons, you are criminal. And if you fit this description and happen to be from the beautiful island where I was born, shame on you and those who support you or try to justify your actions.

Manuel A. Tellechea


Posada Carriles has confessed to nothing. He was thrice tried on these charges by both civil and military courts and found innocent every time.


Manny, which government "indicted" Raul Castro for drug traficking? It couldn't have been the US or the Cuban government. In fact Cuba executed 4 officials of MINET for drug traficking.

Manuel A. Tellechea


Your government, since I suppose that someone who knows as little about Cuba as you do must be an American.

And thank-you for admitting that the Cuban government is in fact involved in drug-trafficking. If the 4 MINET officials were executed, it must have been because they tried to cheat the Castro brothers, who don't only have a finger in every pie in Cuba but both fists.

Mambi Watch

Mr. Tellechea said:

"The world would be a much better place without the tyranny of Fidel Castro which fostered and justified the actions of Posada Carriles and others like him."

Did Fidel Castro justify the actions of Carriles, or have YOU.

It seems that you are justifying terrorism. Don't you believe in personal responsibility for one's own actions?

Furthermore, your confidence that Carriles was thrice "found innocent" is false. Please consider the explanation below.

Luis Posada Carriles is a compatriot by name and a terrorist by action, and standard definitions. Carriles was one of the primary suspects by the CIA before and after the 1976 Cubana airline explosion. The government documentation has been recently declassified and can be seen at the website of the National Security Archives.

Furthermore, the acquittals of Carriles, that are inaccurately repeated by the major media, and inaccurately exagerated by Tellechea, are simple falsehoods.

Let me quote the best description of what happened to Carriles (before he escaped from prison) from a senior research fellow of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, Joshua Soren Graae:


"The complexities of Venezuelan law have helped to confound press coverage of the Posada case for a number of years. While the majority of media accounts have reported that he was acquitted twice in Venezuelan courts, this version of events does not withstand scrutiny. The distinction is quite important, as the merits of Posada’s asylum request would be bolstered were he able to show the acquittals. Though the details of his court records do prove somewhat elusive, this much is known: Posada was first tried before a military tribunal, which acquitted him of the crime of treason. However, a higher military court found that the lower one lacked jurisdiction and annulled the entire case, which was then handed off to the civil courts. They would have prima facie jurisdiction over Posada, as he was at the time a citizen of Venezuela. Initially, the prosecutors in the civil case declined to try him; their replacements, however, saw fit to bring homicide charges against Posada, and it was during this period that he escaped from prison. Since Venezuela does not reach verdicts on defendants in absentia, the litigation was stalled, while a warrant was issued for his arrest.

"To Posada’s potential benefit, many have interpreted this lack of a verdict to mean that two Venezuelan courts have found him innocent of terrorism. However, neither of the legal actions against him carried any precedential effect. The military tribunal annulment effectively wiped the slate clean, resetting the entire judicial process and leaving all parties situated as if no legal action had ever occurred. Nor did the initial prosecutors’ failure to act on the case in the civilian courts have any effect. There are several reasons that prosecutors may decline a case, including lack of evidence, bribery, insufficient resources and political motivation. In the final analysis, Posada was in the process of facing prosecution for a major crime at the time when he escaped from Venezuela. Venezuela now wants to exercise its sovereign right to try him, but first must overcome the bias introduced by the press, whose inaccurate reporting may have inadvertently lent Posada an ersatz veil of innocence."


National Security Archives

Carriles' New York Times confession

Manuel A. Tellechea

Watch (I refuse to address you as "Mambi"):

I take it that you want Posada Carriles returned to stand trial in Venezuela, where doubtless he would receive the "justice" which you think he deserves. The same "justice" which Castro has meeted out in his revolutionary courts to tens of thousands of victims, who were tried as many times as it was necessary for them to be found guilty. Can we expect the Castro caricature who presently rules Venezuela to act any differently? You, in particular, are certainly counting on Chávez to act exactly like Castro. And, if given the chance, he would. But he won't be given the chance.

Mambi Watch

The extradition of Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela is not being called by me. I am not arguing it either. I really don't care much about the man.

But, in October of 2005, the Ibero-American Summit of virtually all the nations of the Latin region (19 countries) called for his extradition to Venezuela from the US. They all signed a resolution, called the "special communique" to end the US embargo towards Cuba and the extradition of Luis Posada Carriles.

That's the Latin Region, not me. It is those 19 nations that believe Carriles will recieve "justice" in Venezuela.

Also, please tell me how you arrived to the conclusion that Carriles was "THRICE...found innocent" for crimes he committed.

I have never seen this reported anywhere. I would appreciate if you could point out where I can find this info.

Manuel A. Tellechea


Are you serious?

The 19 nations of the "Latin Region" want Posada Carriles extradited to Venezuela?

What the hell have those 19 countries ever done to defend Castro's victims or procure justice for them?


They have rejoiced at Cuba's fate and paid any blackmail that Castro demanded in order to avoid that fate themselves.


I hope that old terrorist dies in prison.


Mr. Tellechea said:

"Posada Carriles has confessed to nothing. He was THRICE tried on these charges by both civil and military courts and FOUND INNOCENT every time."

Mr. Tellechea is lying. He has no facts to support his statement. Check above for the real facts concerning Carriles.

Manuel A. Tellechea

Thank-you for the emphasis (not mine). I reiterate what I have already said. THREE TIMES (now emphasis is mine). I am not your research assistance, so educate yourself. I fear, however, that battle is already lost (or was never attempted).

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