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I just came back from Versailles where I had a cafe con leche - I'm saving the bottle of Dom for when the death is confirmed.

I couldn't help but think, as I sipped on my Cuban concoction as hundreds danced to impromptu beats and chants on the streets, that just hours ago President Bush was sipping some Cuban coffee in the same exact place. Coincidence? Maybe he was celebrating in advance - something tells me he can access te news before we do.

Love, Laughter, and Cafecito...

Manuel A. Tellechea


For 47 years he has done nothing but lie to the Cuban people. It is therefore fitting that he should die as he has lived, lying to the end.

There has been no intestinal operation and no formal transfer of power; nor, naturally, will there be a two-month convalescense. Castro is either on life support, with no possibility of recovery, or else he has been mummufied like Lenin and only awaits the moment that Raul Castro has solidified his power to be formally declared dead and put on display for public adulation.

In any case, he has ceased to be the focus of power in Cuba. From now on, when men are murdered, imprisoned, tortured or exiled in Cuba, it shall no longer be by his order but will still be in his name.

The death of Fidel Castro does not mean the liberation of the Cuban people. This can only happen when Cubans shake off both the physical and psychological shackles which he has imposed on them. Today, at least, the psychological shackles have been broken.

And what would Fidel's hell be like?

To languish in a Cuba of his own making, except not as the lord of the manor, but as a miserable serf, enduring on his own flesh everything that he has made his people suffer over the last 47 years.

a different thought

Manuel, the hell you've dreamed up for Castro is particularly appropriate and touching!!!!

Manuel A. Tellechea

Someone please remember to drive a wooden stake into his heart before he's buried.

manny o

Lets not put the wagon before the horse on this one. Yes, it definitely signals that change is near. However, i am not so convinced that he is dead or dying. This could all be one big fire drill. I would not put it past him to do this just to see what would happen. I have taken my cuban flag out of the closet and I will iron it this morning, however, I will not put it up until I see his dead body.

a thought...

Manuel's idea of Fidel's hell is absolutely appropriate...an eye for an eye. I am excited and hope this truly is the end, but Manny is right. That "government" is so corrupt and so full of lies, that Fidel could have died on Friday, or he could be alive and we would never know. My dad was monitoring Cuban radio station's and TV last night through a program he bought for his computer and there was absolutely nothing being said. Those people on the island are in the dark and are probably quite scared. Well, to paraphrase the great Bette Davis: "Fasten your seat belts. It's gonna be a bumpy ride".


It's a great time to celebrate with all Cuban-Americans, because soon they will all get to go home and Miami will be back to a normal American city. What a great day for all Americans!!!

Manuel A. Tellechea

The greatest sacrilege that Fidel Castro has ever committed in his life will come after his death. Raúl and the other sub-cretins will follow Fidel's instructions to bury him in José Martí's mausoleum.

There is already a precedent for this desecration. When the Communist labor leader Blas Roca died 30 years ago, Castro had him buried in Antonio Maceo's mausoleum.

a thought...

Hey, Harry, in case you haven't noticed, Miami's latin population is not only Cubans anymore. Not every Cuban will leave because not every Cuban was born over there. I was born here in Miami and I don't plan on moving to Cuba anytime in the near future. I will visit, but I think that's about it. So you can celebrate all you want about the "de-Cubanizing" of Miami, but what are you going to do with all the Colombians and Venezuelans and Nicaraguans and Peruvians, etc. that are here now? Sorry, Harry, go back to Hogwarts and study up...and remember, you wear black robes at Hogwarts, not white ones with pointy hats...

a thought...

By the way, fellow bloggers, I think John went to Cuba and gave Castro intestinal bleeding. Long live John Longfellow!!

nonee moose

AT: Interesting theory. Perhaps all those "posts"... well, he is a pain in the ass.


Of all the nights in the world, the news came when my family was together for our monthly gathering. Although I would have welcomed the news any other way, last night was certainly the best night for it. As the streets of Versailles filled with cheers, hugs, and tears celebrating the night everyone has always dreamed of, my cousins and I packed in our cars to join the party.
It is a night that will always be etched in my memory, and hopefully one day soon we will be celebrating in the streets of Havana, Santiago, Camaguey, etc. with the same spirit that was present last night on the street of Versailles and La Carreta.


It was definitely an incredible moment in the histort of the Cubans in Miami. So many have died waiting for a moment like this. I was out at Versailles with all my family celebrating last night, not only for myself, but for all the older people who got one step closer to being able to return to there homeland even if it is for one last visit. VIVA CUBA LIBRE!!!

Beny Prado

All you guys are full of shit. If you feel so strongly about Cuban liberation how come nobody ever mounted resistance? Because the rich Cuban like rich American are gonna want the less fornutate do the fighting for them. Do you really really think generations who have grown up with MTV and Mcdonalds are going to pack everything and move down there? Communism doesn't work that for sure but you gotta respect the overall picture of how Cuba has stood up to the US which has been butt fucking Latin America for 200 years.


Couldn't have said it better Beny. Get well soon Fidel.

a thought...

Yes, and may Fidel go the way of Che...straight to hell...do not pass go, do not collect $200.00....

By the way, Beny, people did try to mount a resistence and an invasion....it was called the Bay of Pigs and it failed due to lack of support. I'm not saying we're moving down there, but I am saying we want it for all those who died in the pursuit of Cuban freedom and those who died trying to cross the sea to Florida. And we want it for our family members who did not live to see these upcoming days. That's who I want freedom for Cuba for: those who lived through the dark days of the late 50s and early 60s and lost all they had and had to start over. I want it for those that came in 1980 and had to start over. I want it for the survivors and the believers. And I want it for the dreamers (like myself) who want to visit a land I have only seen in pictures and heard about in stories.

That's who I want it for, Beny. You are not raining on our parade and if you think the U.S. is so horrible, GET OUT!!!


Lastnight was overwhelming! From the moment we heard the news to when we all arrived at Calle Ocho's Versailles, it was a night of celebration.

A celebration like no other!

People were dancing all over the streets and sidewalks, cheering, making music with their kitchen appliances, waving Cuban flags and banners. Others were simply watching while absorbing the emotions. I was one of those people who let it soak in.

After all these years of listening to the stories told by my parents and abuelos, whose lives were destroyed and hurt by this one man, everything made sense. I could think about it for hours and never come up with a good-enough way to describe it.

All those images of Cuba I had created throughout my life from old stories and pictures suddenly became reality. Last night, the Cuban people weren't strangers at all. We gathered to celebrate the “illness” of Castro, and we proved "que buena gente" we really are.


Cuban-Americans have once again proved what a horde of disgusting imperialist sycophants they are. Who else would hold a demonstration supporting the invasion of Iraq while calling for their own country of origin to be "next"? Perhaps you Cuban-Americans should just get over Batista and get a life so you can find something better to have a "parade" about than someone's medical condition.

a thought...

Oye, Anonymous...Che called; he wants his beret back....

a thought...your brain's on drugs

Miami's latin population is not only Cuban anymore...?? Does that upset you??

I didn't realize there was ever a difference...so tell me this, who taught all of you how to be so corrupt and not respect the US Constitution. I guess it's a "Latin American" thing. Oh, by the way, just b/c you were born here the day after your pregnant mom landed here, doesn't make you an American.

Hopefully the rest of the illegals from those other countries will follow the same path home.


What a ridiculous demonstration ... can someone explain what they were celebrating last night ?? ... and why were authorities comparing it to a Heat championship ... No one died ...

Fidel isn't gone and he won't be for a while ... FYI "cuban-americans", your Cuba is reknown for having one of the best medicine practices ...


I, an American Citizen, of European descent, am glad that the possibility of the Communist regime of Cuba could be ending soon. It will allow those who still live there to have a better outlook of life. The things that bother me, however, are:

1- Our local news stations devoted their entire broadcasts to the news of Castro's illness. Channel 10 broke away for a few minutes ONLY because Michael Putney had an exclusive interview with the guy playing the President of the United States (who, by the way, was in town, newsworthy, I guess not). Some news broadcasts talked continuously about Castro from the beginning of their affiliates news broadcast (UPN 33) at 10 PM (they actually started before that) through their main (CBS 4) broadcast (they broke away for a couple of minutes to give the weather and quickly mention a tropical storm that "we shouldn't worry about") and then overran their broadcast right over the nationally run Late Show. I'm not mad that they overran the Late Show, but there is more new in this city, state, country, world than Fidel Castro and his internal bleeding. There is a war STILL going on the Iraq, not to mention one starting up in Lebanon/Israel.

2- I flipped away from the local news broadcasts after watching multitudes of people driving down 8th street, sitting on top of their cars, or waving flags, or showing off their children like Michael Jackson over a balcony (shouldn't those children have a)been in bed and b)at least been strapped into a car seat or with a seatbelt?) Hell, the cameras didn't focus on people driving the streets this much when the Heat or Marlins won (either time). Once the NATIONAL news picked up on the live feeds from the locals, that entire nation got to see the City of Miami via old fat ladies leaning out of their Yukon windows and rocking the SUVs.

3- On my way to work this morning, down 8th Street, I thought that I noticed a very vulgar display sign in front of Versailles. If I’m not mistaken, it appeared to be a picture of an old person, in a hospital bed, almost naked. It seemed to have a Castro’s head superimposed on the body. I’m all for the 1st Amendment, but wouldn’t that be classified as a lewd picture?

I'm sorry if I'm coming off rude or anything but these displays of crass behavior are uncalled for. And, yes it's crass in that even though Castro is not the nicest gut in the world, he's still a human being and he's sick. I know that it's not quite the same, but you don't see me wishing Bush ill will when he falls off a bike.

Thank you,
Anonymous (because I don't want my house egged and worse)

Manuel A. Tellechea


Pay no heed to the morons who are wandering aimlessly, bereft of their lord and master. They will surely find another posterior to kiss. Perhaps Chavez's.


So much noise for nothing. If cubans want a speedy comeback to Cuba they must be prepare for fighting on cuban soil, not at the Versailles on 8th street. Stop the noise and start soing something about it.


Comment--I didn't realize there was ever a difference...so tell me this, who taught all of you how to be so corrupt and not respect the US Constitution. I guess it's a "Latin American" thing.

Response--Probably the same people that taught the non-Hispanics that do the same things. Last time I checked, corruption and lack of respect for the US Constitution is not exclusive to any one group of people.

Comment--Oh, by the way, just b/c you were born here the day after your pregnant mom landed here, doesn't make you an American.

Response--Actually, it does. And, what a surprise, that comes straight from the US Constitution, which you seem only too willing to disrespect with your commentary.

a thought...

I was born in 68 and my mom got here in 60, so no, she wasn't pregnant when she got here and even if she was, I'm still an American by the grace of God.

You can't judge us until you have walked in our shoes

Juan (Pancho) Valquez

Lazarito: exactly.

Responding to a moron

You may be an American citizen as defined by the 14th Amendment, which can and should be repealed, but that doesn't make you an American!!!

Anonymous (because I don't want my house egged and worse)

to: a thought...your brain's on drugs

please check your facts, you're embarrassing us gringos in here.

Anonymous (because I don't want my house egged and worse)


something to ponder ... if and when Cuba decides to embrace a democracy ... would these demonstrators welcome the wave of cubans to south florida ?? Would one want to be part of the transition or move where there's one already established ??

a thought...

Listen, I was born in the State of Florida in the USA. I am American. Get a grip. I won't be "returning" to Cuba because I've never been there. I love this country which is MY country whether you like it or not.

I love how the bigots and racists have jumped all over this as an excuse to vent their hate. Have a great time because like the old bumper sticker said: "Don't worry, the flag will still be here when you get back."

Manuel A. Tellechea

To the FAR (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Cuba):

The historic moment has come for you to decide whether you will stand with your people or its oppressors.

You have one last opportunity to save your honor and your country. You must confront and defeat your country's oppressors, who are also your oppressors, and embrace your people and their right to be free. At this moment only your deliberate action can save the fatherland from civil war and foreign occupation.

There is no government in Cuba to which you owe allegiance; only an outlaw regime that has murdered your brothers-in-arms by the tens of thousands in the service of foreign interests which are alien to our country. Whether in mercenary wars or purges, you have suffered along with your people; now it is time for you to stand with them in this supreme moment of national liberation.

Your courage and your sacrifice will deserve the everlasting gratitude of your countrymen and of all freedom-loving people everywhere.

Patria y Libertad

a thought...

And before any more vitriol gets spewed my way, here are some facts:

1. I am not on welfare, food stamps or any sort of government assistance.

2. I work for a living and not in an illegal fashion.

3. I don't deal drugs nor have I ever dealt drugs.

That is for all you out there who think all Cuban-Americans are drug-dealing, welfare-taking scam artists. There are some out there that give Cuban Americans a bad name, but there are people out there who give a bad name to their countries of origin as well. Plus, I have plenty of "gringo" friends who don't particularly like the term "gringo." So, for all of us that are in a good mood today, good for us. For all who want to rain on the parade, go ahead.

It's a free country...God Bless America.

a thought...

Amen, Manuel.


A lot of ignorance being spewed on here. Nonetheless, I'm just a curious observer wondering about the future state of Cuba. With so many Cuban dissidents in the US that have lost many family fortunes and/or interest stolen by the Castro regime, what would happen to these people or the heirs. Would they try to reclaim those lost interest and if they do, how do you suppose they would go about it, war, diplomacy, legal?? Obviously, there has to be a certain populace in Cuba who would not stand for such a simple grab initiated through diplomacy or ordained by some courts...Obviously I'm not Cuban, but just didn't know if someone had any inisight into this potential development down the road.

a thought...

Jim, the issue you bring up has been discussed at length and the consensus is...no one knows. But it'll be interesting to watch!!!

P.S. Welcome to the jungle..

a thought...your brain's on drugs

How could you say "Don't worry, the flag will still be here when you get back."
When all I see being waived are Cuban flags?? (Which you probably waive too)

By the way, I've never seen that bumper sticker??

It seems like the last American to leave Miami did not forget to bring the American flag. God bless true Americans and the US Flag!!!


What really happened yesterday? I was watching Hell's Kitchen and there was an interruption of some sort of breaking news and here I thought the 3rd World War had been declared and much to my surprise it was that Fidel was transferring power to his little BROTHER. To say that it was confusing to hear is just the tip of the iceberg. I did not process the information I just went to be and boom it hit me this morning. Tears ran down my face as I drove to work and was listening to El ZOL it just seemed appropriate to listen to since I usually am a COAST girl and the song "Nosotros Los Cuabanos" played.
My parents fled 46 years ago I was born in the USA and DAMN proud to say that. My parents have always taught me to love your country especially this one because it opened its arms wide open for all the exiles that came over. So why the tears perhaps the reality or the beginning of it is settling in. No longer will I pass by 8th Street and see the first apartment they lived in or the first job they had but I will once be able to go to their land and see where they were born, where they played in the streets and ate ice cream. I will be able to see the famous white beaches that I have heard so much about be able to embrace a land that has only been imaginary through stories.
Many people think that we are all going back and they are wrong. As a first gen Cuban-American I think that Fidel did something that many don't realize he gave us 2 home lands, 2 flags to be proud of, 2 heritages to embrace, 2 languages to speak, millions of eyes that fight for human rights, freedom of speech. He may have taken our "Home Land" but he has never broken the hearts and souls of the Cuban people whether its 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation. Fidel you have lost in more than one way because just as Willy put it "YA VIENE LLEGANDO" and you have made this young Cuban-American as tears run down her face with hope and pride that we will rebuild what you have destroyed but you have never and will never break the souls of a community so strong here for their brother and sisters. Que VIVA CUBA Y SU LIBERTAD.


I see a thought...What was your feeling, with out having to elaborate, if you want. I'm just concerned with the current situation going on globally (Middle East, North Korea) that if another battle were to erupt in the Carribean, would the US provide resources and/or troops to this fight. We would be stretched so thin, that I would imagine the terrorists in the Middle East and not to mention Mr. Chavez in Venezuela would salivate at this predicament the we would encounter if we were to be involved in all these countries (Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, North Korea)...Scary times people..

You're 100% right, a thought, "welcome to the jungle".

Manuel A. Tellechea

Mercenary people such as you, Jim, who reduce everything to dollars and cents, cannot understand and will never understand, that freedom is what the Cuban people want, whether here or on the island.

Nothing else matters now.

Once freedom is secured, justice will follow.

a different thought

So now we criticize Cubans because they show excitement at a transfer of power that has never before occurred on the Island, signalling the winds of change...

Why don't you idiots criticize sports fans ot others who express themselves with their voice. If you claim to be so American why are you criticizing people for expressing themselves? Remember the Bill of Rights?? It gives us all that right.

And, for all you who don't remember the bumper stickers, A.T. is right they are a part of South Florida history. LEt's bury the hatchet guys we already went through the riots in the 1980's it's time to heal and rebuild.

Que se vea una Cuba libre pronto!!!!

a thought...

Jim, I agree 100% that these are incredibly scary times. Since the 2000s started, there seems to be insanity everywhere (more so than usual). No, I have repeatedly stated that the U.S. cannot "invade" Cuba; that would be the absolute worst thing we could do. Talk about looking like a bully; our stock around the world is already at an all-time low. If the people on the island itself do start to revolt, then MAYBE we will send help; I don't know. Again, like I said before, these are very interesting times we are living in.

Anyway, we are usually quite a friendly bunch in here. I've only been upset because apparently the last 24 hours have brought out the worst in some people. However, honest questions deserve respect and honest answers. So, have fun and please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times....


Manuel A., I don't understand your position...Freedom comes at a price and then how will this "Justice" be meted out or administered?? Do you seriously think that people living on the island will bow down to dissidents who come back to re-claim past interest, as in, oh yeah, here you go we are glad you're back and could wait to get you back this factory or this property or whatever...

Manuel, don't ever forget the golden rule...Now go get your freedom!!!

a different thought

We need to encourage the people in Cuba to re-adopt the Cuban Contsitution of 1940, a democratic and divinely inspired document which was disrespected by Batista.


Fidel Castro sees Filmmaker Luis Moro's movie Love & Suicide -

and ruptures his intestine.

Castro is immediately hospitalized

when he finds out Love & Suicide, the movie is

screenings in Miami at AMC Theatres starting this August 11th.

Cubans in Miami cheer in the streets.

LOVE & SUICIDE, the movie


WHEN: Starting August 11th.


3015 Grand Avenue

Coconut Grove, FL 33133


AND TICKETS www.AMCtheatres.com

Or Call: (305) 466-0450.

Castro said he was delegating power in Cuba to his brother because

"he did not want to be around when Cuban's in Miami see the real Cuba

in the film Love & Suicide. They're going to come and get me when they see
Love & Suicide."

Fidel said, holding his guts in.

"Seeing the movie Love & Suicide caused an acute intestinal crisis with
sustained bleeding,"

said a statement signed by Castro and read out by his official aide Carlos

White House spokesman Peter Piper said he didn't want to speculate on
Castro's physical health. "But mentally, Love & Suicide, the movie scared

"Given the films success, we are monitoring the writer Luis Moro closely as
Love & Suicide screens around the world."

As a country, we continue to work for the day when 'The Cuban Evolution'
Luis Moro started reaches everyone." Mr. Piper also told reporters. "Mr.
Bush will be holding a private screening to educate congress and the senate
on the films theme."

Castro, who's been in power since 1959 and turns 80 on August 13, two days
after Love & Suicide opens in AMC Theatres at the famous Coconut Grove in
Miami, Florida; yelled, "MORO, MORO, MORO!"

Fidel Castro blamed Love & Suicide's profound impact on him as the reason
for his pre-resignation move.

People around the world are overwhelming buying tickets for the upcoming
screenings in Miami.

For show times and tickets visit www.AMCTheatres.com or call (305)

Visit www.TheCubanEvolution.com for updates and additional screening in New
Mexico, Ohio and California.

You're in "The Cuban Evolution."

a thought...

Hi, ADT...I was wondering where you went. Yeah, I guess you remember those stickers as well. Kind of hurtful, if you recall. I don't know why all these people are ticked off right now; the people out last night didn't hurt anyone or anything. But, again, if you haven't walked in our shoes, I guess you cannot be made to understand if you CHOOSE not to understand or care.

By the way, I wave the American flag. When I wave both flags together, the American flag is ALWAYS over the Cuban flag as a sign of respect. So take your racism and your ignorance and go spew it elsewhere. We are here to learn, enjoy and celebrate the dawning (hopefully) of a new age. Racism and bigotry have no place in the future.

For God's sake, do I have to cut and past the lyrics to "We Are The World?"...don't make me do it!!!!

God Bless America and Viva Cuba Libre!

a thought...

Hi, ADT...I was wondering where you went. Yeah, I guess you remember those stickers as well. Kind of hurtful, if you recall. I don't know why all these people are ticked off right now; the people out last night didn't hurt anyone or anything. But, again, if you haven't walked in our shoes, I guess you cannot be made to understand if you CHOOSE not to understand or care.

By the way, I wave the American flag. When I wave both flags together, the American flag is ALWAYS over the Cuban flag as a sign of respect. So take your racism and your ignorance and go spew it elsewhere. We are here to learn, enjoy and celebrate the dawning (hopefully) of a new age. Racism and bigotry have no place in the future.

For God's sake, do I have to cut and paste the lyrics to "We Are The World?"...don't make me do it!!!!

God Bless America and Viva Cuba Libre!

a different thought

A.T. said, "Racism and bigotry have no place in the future."

Ain't that the truth, if we want a better future.

a thought...

By the way, Viva Cuba, we were watching Hell's Kitchen as well. I don't want to ruin it for you, but I found out later who got kicked out.

a different thought

BTW, someone I know who also listens to Cuban radio said that they have been reporting troup movement for weeks....maybe the Beard is dead and they are just preventing a power vacuum, so avoid another military coupe.

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